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New Science Fiction & Fantasy 2023 BRITISH FANTASY AWARD WINNER


14th May, 2020


Item image: Interzone 287

Interzone's 2020 cover artist is Warwick Fraser-Coombe. Click on the image to see the full wraparound version.



Item image: IZ287 Contents



Night-Town of Mars by Tim Lees
illustrated by Richard Wagner 

Item image: Night-Town of Mars

He was my mentor, my role model, my guide.

I doubt he knew this. Genius is a peculiarly specific thing, and seldom touches all parts of a life in equal measure. So my Uncle Edward could be stunningly obtuse with simple, ordinary interactions; the obvious eluded him, while the abstruse, obscure – even the merely vague – would focus him to an astonishing degree. He was the sort of person who could stand upon the lip of the Grand Canyon (for example) and exclaim over the pattern of the ant-trails at his feet, or point to some small cloud on the horizon, shaped – hilariously! – like a duck. The vista itself, though, would go wholly unremarked.


Those We Serve by Eugenia Triantafyllou
illustrated by Martin Hanford 

Item image: Those We Serve

The image came to Manoli when he switched to his summer settings. It had become his secret ritual. Summer always began with Amelia.

Hers was his most vivid memory.


The Transport of Bodies by John Possidente (a Humboldt Station story)

couple of hours ago, I was in the medical center, waiting to pick up Artemisia’s body.

The MC is out on the rim. It’s not a place where I spend time by choice. Don’t get me wrong; I kind of like the gravity. The floor in the MC is the last bulkhead inside the rim hull, so you get something near zero point five centripetal faux-gee. What I’m uncomfortable with is the company.


Make America Great Again by Val Nolan
illustrated by Richard Wagner 

Item image: Make America Great Again

“What’s a black boy like you care about little green men for?” The cop was rifling through the books and papers in the back seat of Jefferson’s car. One by one he threw them out on the shoulder of the I-94 where the looser pages shone briefly in the lights of the police cruiser before blowing away into the evening, just more trash along the highway.


Black Static #75 Out Now

Item image: Black Static 75

Black Static is published at the same time, and in the same format, as Interzone. Issue 75 contains new dark fiction by Simon Avery, Danny Rhodes, Kristina Ten, Cody Goodfellow, and Danile Carpenter. The cover art is by Ben Baldwin, and interior illustrations are by Richard Wagner, Vincent Sammy, Ben Baldwin, Kai Martin, and others. Regular features: Notes From the Borderland by Lynda E. Rucker; Into the Woods by Ralph Robert Moore; Case Notes book reviews by Mike O'Driscoll, Laura Mauro, David Surface, Georgina Bruce, Andy Hedgecock, and Daniel Carpenter who also interviews Kay Chronister; Blood Spectrum film reviews by Gary Couzens. To take out a subscription to Black Static, or Black Static + Interzone combined, please click on the Shop link above or below.



Guest Editorial
Warwick Fraser-Coombe


Future Interrupted: An Ingenious Substitute
Andy Hedgecock


Climbing Stories: Garden Rattlings
Aliya Whiteley

Ansible Link
David Langford



Book Zone

Jack Deighton: The City We Became by N.K. Jemisin, Echo Cycle by Patrick Edwards • Duncan Lawie: War of the Maps by Paul McAuley • Duncan Lunan: Beyond Time edited by Mike Ashley • Andy Hedgecock: Docile by K.M. Szpara • Maureen Kincaid Speller: Creeping Jenny by Jeff Noon


Mutant Popcorn
Nick Lowe

Films reviewed include The Invisible Man, The Hunt, Bacurau, Fantasy Island, Bloodshot, Onward, Trolls World Tour, Color Out of Space


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