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Black Static


Lightening the Load

4th Dec, 2015

Author: Peter Tennant

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To repeat what I said when I last did this, despite all my best efforts we can't review everything we get sent, and so it's that sad time again when I take a long, hard look at my TBR pile and decide which books are no longer realistically in contention for a review in the pages of Black Static.

There are twenty four also-rans this time around, all of which are now over a year old and some of which probably shouldn't have been sent to me in the first place.

We wave goodbye to:-

  • Janeen Webb - Death at the Blue Elephant - Ticonderoga Publications paperback (ARC)
  • Benedict J. Jones - Skewered And Other London Cruelties - Crime Wave Press pb (PDF)
  • Edited by Michael Kelly - Shadows & Tall Trees Volume 6 - Undertow Publications paperback (PDF)
  • Edited by Ellen Datlow - The Best Horror of the Year Volume 6 - Night Shade Books paperback (e-copy)
  • Colleen Douglas - Origin - Cosmic Egg Books paperback (PDF)
  • Peter Stenson - Fiend - Windmill Books paperback
  • Mark Morris - Zombie Apocalypse! Horror Hospital - Robinson paperback
  • Mara Leveritt - Devil's Knot - Simon & Schuster paperback
  • Taylor Stevens - The Innocent - Arrow paperback
  • J. G. Mesa - Dead People - Ediciones a Contracorriente eBook (PDF)
  • Edited by Anthony Rivera & Sharon Lawson - Equilibrium Overturned: The Heart of Darkness Awaits - Grey Matter Press paperback (Kindle edition)
  • Edited by Liz Grzyb - Kisses by Clockwork - Ticonderoga Publications paperback
  • Andrew J. McKiernan - Last Year, When We Were Young - Satalyte Publishing paperback (mobi)
  • Peter Beresford Ellis - The Shadow of Mr. Vivian - PS Publishing hardcover (PDF)
  • Lou Rera - Sign - Netherworld Books paperback (PDF)
  • Greg F. Gifune - Rogue - DarkFuse eBook
  • Simon Strantzas - Burnt Black Suns - Hippocampus Press paperback (PDF)
  • Clint Smith - Ghouljaw and Other Stories - Hippocampus Press paperback (PDF)
  • John Schoneboom - Fontoon - Dedalus paperback
  • Adam Nevill - House of Small Shadows - Macmillan paperback (ARC)
  • Stephen King - Doctor Sleep - Hodder & Stoughton hardback
  • John Ajvide Lindqvist - Let the Old Dreams Die - Quercus paperback (previously sent as hardback)
  • F. R. Tallis - The Sleep Room - Macmillan hardback (ARC)
  • Benjamin Percy - Red Moon - Hodder & Stoughton hardback



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