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The Other Advent Calendar

7th Dec, 2010

Author: Peter Tennant

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Hidden in the Marble

13th Jul, 2010

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Andy Hedgecock talks to Stephen Volk, writer of Ghostwatch and Afterlife, explorer of Dark Corners.

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David Peace interviewed by Andy Hedgecock

12th Mar, 2009

Back in the autumn of 2004, we interviewed David Peace (issue 39 of The Third Alternative). At that point Peace's reputation was growing: he had been nominated as one of Granta's 'Best of Young British Novelists of 2003'. And he had published his first five books – a dark and disturbing quintet consisting of gothic misadventures in a Yorkshire landscape related in the 'Red Riding' quartet and GB84, Peace's visionary inquest into the miner's strike of the mid-1980s. Together they constitute a secret history of a decade of corruption and upheaval which redefined British society, politics and culture, and which continues to influence – and to limit – the way we live now.

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