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Books Received - An Update

31st Jan, 2015

Author: Peter Tennant

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Listed below are the books received for review since the last update, which was back on 30 December 2014.

And, although some of them first appeared in 2014, I'm going to include them all in the figures for 2015.

One change I am going to make for 2015 is that I will no longer list Science Fiction titles that, for whatever reason, publishers have elected to send to me instead of to Andy for possible review in Interzone. They're distorting my figures.

So, we begin the 2015 campaign with fifteen new titles, of which one and a half have been written or edited by women (10%). We kicked off 2014 with 32% female contributors, a figure that steadily declined throughout the year, and on this showing that downward trend looks set to continue. I hope not.

Standard Disclaimer: As ever, people are welcome to query me regarding the possibility of a review by writing to with the usual caveat that an expression of interest does not guarantee if or when a review will be done.

June 2015

  • Sascha Arango - The Truth and Other Lies - Simon & Schuster hardcover (ARC)

April 2015

  • Mark Morris - Albion Fay - Spectral Press hardcover (PDF)
  • Tim Lebbon - The Silence - Titan Books paperback

March 2015

  • Tim Curran - Doll Face - DarkFuse eBook
  • James Goss - Haterz - Solaris paperback
  • Elizabeth Knox - Wake - Corsair paperback (ARC)
  • Stephen Volk - Leytonstone - Spectral Press hardcover (PDF)

February 2015

  • Ray Cluley - Probably Monsters - Chi-Zine Publications paperback (Word.doc)
  • Jonathan Barnes - Cannonbridge - Solaris paperback (PDF)

January 2015

  • Edited by Anthony Rivera & Sharon Lawson - Death's Realm - Grey Matter Press paperback (mobi)
  • Rhys Hughes - Orpheus on the Underground - Tartarus Press hardcover
  • Guy Adams - For a Few Souls More - Solaris paperback (PDF)

December 2015

  • John Llewellyn Probert - The Hammer of Dr. Valentine - Spectral Press hardcover (PDF)
  • Michael Aronovitz - The Witch of the Wood - Hippocampus Press paperback

August 2014

  • Darren Gallagher - Strings - Create Space Independent Publishing Platform paperback (mobi)



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