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“Islington Crocodiles” by Paul Meloy

Item image: Islington CrocodilesPaul Meloy published his first story in The Third Alternative (now Black Static). 'The Last Great Paladin of Idle Conceit' was a truly remarkable debut, and he followed it with stories like 'Raiders', 'Don't Touch the Blackouts', 'Dying in the Arms of Jean Harlow' and the British Fantasy Award winning 'Black Static'. We decided to publish a later story, 'Islington Crocodiles', in Interzone, which gained Paul a lot of new fans (as well as, it's fair to say, leaving some IZ readers slack-jawed!).

All these stories are collected here, along with several others published elsewhere and three that are previously unpublished: 'The Vague', 'The Last Place on Earth for Snow' and 'An Ocean by Handfuls'.

Cover art is by Vincent Chong. Introduction is by David Mathew. Foreword is by Graham Joyce.

The first and second editions sold out and thus book is now out of print.


Praise for Islington Crocodiles:

"Paul Meloy is unique. No other writer plumbs the dream pool to such depths and sculpts addictive fiction from the awful things he finds there. He is the comedian that Hieronymous Bosch never was, the philosopher that Tommy Cooper failed to be. Make no mistake: Meloy is one of the most relevant writers in the world today. And these stories are pure gold. Treasure them" Charlie Williams

"Meloy's voice is startlingly original, his stories both shocking and beautiful, and this book is destined to become a classic" Tim Lebbon

"In the stories of Paul Meloy – where walk the living dead, genetically modified pandas, and the mad and terrible Nurse Melt, among others – raw, tell-it-like-it-is comedy brawls with trippy horror in a cage match for the human soul. Take a front row seat. Try not to get any blood on you" Joe Hill

"Crisp and inventive, fresh and distinctive. Really, an unmissable gig!" Graham Joyce


Author Interview:

Paul Meloy was interviewed by Douglas Hoffman on The Fix.


Item image: Paul Meloy

Author: Paul Meloy

Paul Meloy has published most of his stories in The Third Alternative and Black Static, plus Interzone, Nemonymous and anthologies such as The British Invasion and Paper Cities. His story 'Black Static' won the British Fantasy Award. He works as a psychiatric nurse in Cambridge.

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