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About TTA Press Books

Last Rites and Resurrections was a best of The Third Alternative anthology that appeared in 1995 – after just ten issues of the magazine! It featured slipstream stories by Martin Simpson (the title story, which won the British Fantasy Award), Rick Cadger, Julie Travis, Lawrence Dyer, Kim Padgett-Clarke, Joel Lane, Nicholas Royle, James Miller, Simon Avery, Hick Turnball (Jamie Barras), Christopher Kenworthy, Roger Stone, Mat Coward, Mike O'Driscoll, Neil Williamson, Conrad Williams, and cover art by David Checkley. The anthology won the British Fantasy Award that year, and has been out of print for years.

"An unusually rich and varied anthology, covering everything from gross-out horror to moments of great humour and tenderness. This is definitely not just for genre addicts – there's plenty here for anyone whose interest lies in good writing, period" Jonathan Coe

Allen Ashley was a regular contributor to early issues of The Third Alternative and his debut novel The Planet Suite expanded on some of those stories to take us on a startlingly original sf/slipstream tour of the solar system.

"Any novel that sails the rough seas between mainstream and genre is to be welcomed – this is the course of the future! Allen Ashley, with Gustav Holst aboard, keeps a firm hold on the compass" Brian Aldiss

Ray Nayler’s dark and brooding homage to the private eye novel American Graveyards was the first and last of a proposed series of Crimewave Specials, longer works that would otherwise be perfect for Crimewave

"Ray Nayler's crime fiction claws its way into your mind and won't leave. He writes like Jim Thomspon on crack, only his prose is twenty times better" Plots With Guns

Mat Coward is a real freelance writer. He decided to put his experiences into Success…And How To Avoid It and at the same time give new writers the sort of valuable advice they actually need. This is a writers' book written by a writer. It also happens to be – for the general reader as well – hilarious!

"Freelance writing is not a lifestyle choice, it's a masochist's pastime, and in exploring this contention Success…And How To Avoid It brings truth to the old axiom of the desperate: 'You've got to laugh!'" Tim Lebbon

Alison is the debut novel by successful short-story writer Andrew Humphrey, that builds on his fascination with dark desires to create a compelling mystery that holds the reader in its grip as the disparate threads of a man's life unravel amid revelations and recriminations. We published this superb novel in both paperback and hardback.

"One of the best crime novels I have ever read" Gary McMahon

Paul Meloy's short stories have picked up rave reviews and awards since we published his very first in The Third Alternative. Islington Crocodiles is his long overdue first collection of Quay-Endula stories, a collection that is far more than the sum of its parts.

"In the stories of Paul Meloy – where walk the living dead, genetically modified pandas, and the mad and terrible Nurse Melt, among others – raw, tell-it-like-it-is comedy brawls with trippy horror in a cage match for the human soul. Take a front row seat. Try not to get any blood on you" Joe Hill 

We hope to publish a lot more book if we can, and a lot more often. If there are any books that you think we should be publishing, eg a collection from a popular magazine contributor or the resurrection of an idea like Crimewave Specials, then please don't hesitate to contact us, either direct or via the forum.

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