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New Science Fiction & Fantasy INTERZONE 290/291 DOUBLE ISSUE COMING SOON!


23rd Feb, 2021

Item image: Interzone 290/291

Interzone 290/291 is still a work in progress but it is available to pre-order now at a discounted price (for a limited time), with free postage in the UK and overseas airmail just an extra £2. We are no longer taking new subscriptions for Interzone so pre-ordering is very important. If you're a current subscriber you will continue to receive new issues automatically until your subscription expires, and you'll receive notification of that.

Thank you for your continued support!

So far we have new stories by Alexander Glass, Cécile Cristofari, Lyle Hopwood, Tim Major, Matt Thompson, and others, with plenty more to come in the near future, adding up to at least 192 pages of groundbreaking modern science fiction and fantasy.

The American Royal paperback has wraparound cover art by Vincent Sammy called 'The Street of Our Lady of the Fields'. As well as the work-in-progress front cover, you can see the wraparound art in all its glory on the Shop.

Please click on the link below to order and get the discount.


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