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31st Oct, 2016

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Item image: Interzone 267

The Orion Crusades: Infection by 2016 cover artist Vincent Sammy



Item image: Interzone 267 Contents



Alts by Harmony Neal
illustrated by Richard Wagner

Item image: Alts

The letter said Cat had to join the support group or lose her monthly stipend. The paper tasted of bureaucracy, skin flakes, and Jovan Sex Appeal. She tossed it in the trash. She’d received the email version earlier in the week and had already confirmed she’d attend, but StateCorp made her sign for a physical copy mere hours before the meeting anyway. She took a deep breath, making the sides of her neck ache with longing. If only she had gills, she’d disappear and never need money again.


Dogfights in Olympus and Other Absences by Ryan Row
illustrated by Jim Burns

Item image: Dogfights in Olympus and Other Absences

Diego’s chasing some punk through wisps of cloud so white they almost don’t exist. His console shows that flat heart of an EM storm. Sensor fry. This planet is all cloud and electricity. There’s something special at the center of it all, some flower of superdense element or highly radioactive, sub-alive titan bioform. It doesn’t concern him. Why should it? The white nothing billows by him. His eyes feel sharp and animal. He twists the Nimbus fighter through the slipstream left by the punk. It rapidly closes in front of him until there is no evidence of this crime left except for the empty places of the spent shells in his forward Les guns.


The Hunger of Auntie Tiger by Sarah Brooks
illustrated by Jim Burns

Item image: The Hunger of Auntie Tiger

Auntie Tiger has gobbled up my brother again. Auntie Tiger is always hungry. She waits in the forest for lost children and she hides her bright fur under human skin. She is careful not to show her yellow eyes and sharp teeth. She is careful not to show how her hunger has claws.


You Make Pattaya by Rich Larson
illustrated by Dave Senecal 

Item image: You Make Pattaya

Dorian sprawled back on sweaty sheets, watching Nan, or Nahm, or whatever her name was, grind up against the mirror, beaming at the pop star projected there like she’d never seen smartglass before.


Rock, Paper, Incisors by David Cledem
illustrated by Martin Hanford
The 2016 James White Award Winner 

Item image: Rock, Paper, Incisors

First, the quickening. Then comes the hardening. I forget now which is worse. Each bears its unique price, redeemable in pain.


My Generations Shall Praise by Samantha Henderson
illustrated by Richard Wagner

Item image: My Generations Shall Praise 

The woman on the other side of the glass must be very rich and very sick. I study her face, looking for any kind of resemblance. If I’m a Jarndyce candidate, we must be related. It’s the only way she could ride my brain.


Black Static 55 Out Now:

Item image: Black Static 55

Black Static is published at the same time as Interzone. Issue 55 contains new stories by Lisa Tuttle, Stephan Hargadon, Simon Avery, David Hartley, Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, and Jeff Bowles. Cover art is by Martin Hanford and interior illustrations are by Richard Wagner, Ben Baldwin, and George C. Cotronis. Features and reviews are supplied by Stephen Volk, Lynda E. Rucker, Gary Couzens (films) and Peter Tennant (books, plus in-depth interview with V.H. Leslie). To take out a discounted subscription to Black Static, or Black Static + Interzone combined, please visit this website's shop.

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Editorial: The James White Award
Martin McGrath

Often, when faced with a challenge that seems overwhelming, the hardest thing to do is to find a place to start. A traveller, even one who knows the exact location of their destination, is lost if they can’t work out where they are right now. The most detailed map is useless if you can’t find your place on it.


Future Interrupted: More Than Fools. More Than Fodder.
Jonathan McCalmont

Recently, this column has devoted itself to first novels in an effort to force me from my comfort zone and into a place where I can help to challenge the field’s tendency to focus its attention on the work of people who are already widely known and beloved. However, while I do intend to return to first novels soon enough, it occurs to me that any attempt to shift the focus of genre culture must involve both a celebration of the unseen and an honest evaluation of the familiar. This desire to confront the successful, the commercial and the overly-familiar led me straight to Paul Cornell’s Shadow Police series, the latest instalment of which was published earlier this year.


Time Pieces: High Road to the Future
Nina Allan

Last month, I had the pleasure of reading the draft manuscript of a new novel by the Glaswegian speculative fiction writer, Douglas Thompson. Entitled Barking Circus, the novel uses a variety of narrative techniques to offer a compelling and original portrait of Glasgow through time. Part memoir, part satire, part personal crusade, Barking Circus is a high point of Thompson’s work to date, building upon and strengthening the metafictional approach he uses in earlier novels such as Ultrameta and Sylvow to create a tapestry effect – or, in Thompson’s words, a quantum narrative – that is simultaneously intimate and vast.


Ansible Link
David Langford

News, obituaries.



Book Zone
Maureen Kincaid Speller, Juliet E. McKenna, Stephen Theaker, Lawrence Osborn, Jonathan McCalmont, Jack Deighton, Duncan Lunan, Barbara Melville

Item image: Book Zone IZ267  Item image: Book Zone IZ267 Part 2

Books reviewed include Making Wolf and Rosewater by Tade Thompson (plus interview by Maureen Kincaide Speller, Daughter of Eden by Chris Beckett (plus interview by Juliet E. McKenna), Wicked Weeds by Pedro Cabiya, Isra Isle by Nana Semel, The Kraken Sea by E. Catherine Tobler, Europe in Winter by Dave Hutchinson, The Tourist by Robert Dickinson, Invasion by Luke Rhinehart, Slipping by Lauren Beukes


Mutant Popcorn
Nick Lowe

Item image: Mutant Popcorn IZ267

Cinema releases reviewed include Doctor Strange, Swiss Army Man, Trolls, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, Kubo and the Two Strings, Storks, Sausage Party, Morgan, The Purge: Election Year, Under the Shadow, Set the Thames on Fire


Laser Fodder
Tony Lee

Item image: Laser Fodder IZ267

DVDs and Blu-rays reviewed include Arrow Season Four, The Flash Season Two, Dr. Strange (1978)


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