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New Crime Fiction CRIMEWAVE 12: HURTS OUT NOW!

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Crimewave 6: Breaking Point


Stories by Marion Arnott, Martin Edwards, Steve Rasnic Tem, Conrad Williams, Ryan Van Cleave, Mat Coward, Gary Couzens, Shelley Costa, Simon Avery, Barry Fishler…

Crimewave 5: Dark Before Dawn

Sold Out

Stories by Sean Doolittle, Antony Mann, Brady Allen, Shelley Costa, Jason Gould, Michel Faber, Andrew Humphrey, Tim Casson, Ceri Jordan, Christopher Fowler…

Crimewave 4: Mood Indigo

Sold Out

Stories by Sean Doolittle, Shelley Costa, Simon Avery, Cliff Burns, Marion Arnott (winner of the 2001 CWA/Macallan Short Story Dagger), Sten Westgard, Chaz Brenchley, Ray Nayler, Brian Hodge, Susan Sonde, Antony Mann…

Crimewave 3: Burning Down the House

Sold Out

Stories by Chaz Brenchley, John Moralee, Lev Raphael, Patricia Tyrell, James Lovegrove, Ceri Jordan, Peter Crowther, Paul Marshall, Garrett Russell, Martin Simpson, Tom Piccirilli, Antony Mann, Sten Westgard…

Crimewave 2: Deepest Red

Sold Out

Stories by Peter Crowther, Molly Brown, Simon Morse, Ian Rankin, Tom Piccirilli, Michael Z. Lewin, Alan Austin, Mike O’Driscoll, Martin Edwards, John Moralee, Steve Rasnic Tem, Antony Mann (winner of the 2000 CWA/Macallan Short Story Dagger), Margaret Walker…

Crimewave 1

Sold Out

Stories by Ian Rankin, Maureen O’Brien, Martin Simpson, Julian Rathbone, O’Neil De Noux…

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