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Black Static


What Will Be

30th Nov, 2010

Author: Peter Tennant

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Black Static #20 is now sashaying its way to the printers and should be mailing out to subscribers on or about the 12th of December, and so it's time for me to reveal what I'm reviewing in this issue's Case Notes section. And this time it's an all-review issue, with no interviews, no features, no competitions, just oodles of reviews in an attempt to catch up with some of the backlog. Here's what we've got:-


  • The Last Deep Breath by Tom Piccirilli
  • Within His Reach by Steve Gerlach
  • Phoenix and the Darkness of Wolves by Shane Jiraiya Cummings
  • The Night Cache by Andy Duncan
  • One for the Road by Stephen King
  • 100 Months by John Hicklenton
  • Family Bones Volume 2 by Shawn Granger
  • A Revelation of Cormorants by Mark Valentine
  • The Beautiful Room by R. B. Russell


  • Flirt by Laurell K. Hamilton
  • Mr Monster by Dan Wells
  • Little Hands Clapping by Daniel Rhodes
  • Last Rites by Shaun Hutson
  • Deadfall by Shaun Jeffrey
  • Alraune by Hanns Heinz Ewers
  • Neverland by Douglas Clegg
  • "Remember You're a One-Ball!" by Quentin Crisp
  • The House of Canted Steps by Gary Fry
  • Ponthe Oldenguine by Andrew Hook
  • The Empathy Effect by Bob Lock

The last title is reviewed by Stephen Theaker, who can usually be found exercising his critical faculties at Theaker's Quarterly and Paperbacks (check the link below), as I'd helped out in the editing stage of the book and so couldn't claim to be an unbiased party. Many thanks to him for the assist.

Short Stories

  • What Will Come After: The Complete Zombie Stories of Scott Edelman
  • Literary Remains by R. B. Russell
  • Lost Places by Simon Kurt Unsworth

Looking further ahead, February is Women in Horror Recognition Month, and to mark that I intend devoting the Case Notes section of #21 to work by women writers. Already lined up for review I have six short story collections, three anthologies and four ghost novels, all written or edited by women, and there are a couple of women writers whose names I have in the frame for our featured author. That's pretty much filled up all the available space, but I might be able to squeeze in one or two more, so if you're a woman writer with a horror(ish) title out now and that won't be too old by the time February rolls around, and you can get a copy to me by the 20th of December, now is a very good time to query me via about the possibility of a review in Black Static.

I'm also planning to turn this blog over to our female contributors in February (I dodge work and get to look good - win, win), so if there are any female writers who've been published in Black Static reading this, and you fancy having a blog post here in February 2011, please drop me a line to book your place.

In the interests of fairness, I'm replacing my usual nine months time frame for a review with a twelve month one for a while, as there are some very good books by men in my TBR pile that will slip off the radar otherwise.

One other thing - I'm a bit short of submissions for this year's Advent Calendar (see previous blog entry for details). From comments being made, a few people seem to be under the impression that I'm exercising some sort of quality control and will reject stories that I don't consider good enough. Not the case. This is for Christmas and it's never been envisaged as anything other than a fun thing - I post the link, and hopefully the writer gets extra traffic to their site and feedback on our forums. While I will prioritise writers with a TTA connection, the only people I'll ignore submissions from are those who have sent me stuff that's obviously not seriously intended (the Wagner Factor) or those I recognise as the plagiarists, homophobes, misogynists and other louts who stink up the internet with their crap and won't get a foot in the doorway here.

Oh yeah, and submissions don't have to come from writers. Any enterprising editors looking to increase traffic to their site are welcome to send me links.

Okay, that's all folks!



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