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Black Static


Desert Island Anthologies: Ross Warren

15th Oct, 2010

Author: Peter Tennant

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I'm reviewing anthologies and nothing but anthologies in Black Static #19 and to complement that we'll be talking about them here throughout October. As part of that I'm asking various editors what their favourite horror anthology is, the one they would take with them to a desert island, and today's contributor is Ross Warren, a first time anthology editor, with Dark Minds slated for a December release, just in time to catch the Christmas trade.

This is Ross' contribution to our 'Anthology Month':-

A Little About Me
I am a Publican from Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. I am married and have a five year old son. I like to write in my spare time and have had several stories published in non-paying markets, most notably in the Estronomicon E-zine's Sketchbook Edition from Screaming Dreams Press. I have helped to put together the forthcoming Dark Minds anthology from
About the Anthology
I took over the project when the original editor dropped out. The book has evolved considerably from the original brief but has led to a nicely streamlined collection of twelve horror stories that encompass both historical and contemporary settings. We have a good mix of established names and newer writers with the stand-out being an original story from the amazing Gary McMahon. The cover artwork is by the incomparable Vincent Chong.
My Favourite Anthology
Like most of the writers in my age group I can recall finding copies of the Pan Books of Horror thoroughly engrossing in my early teenage years but they don't always hold up to repeat readings so I have chosen an anthology that I bought only a few years ago but which led to both a renewed enthusiasm towards my own writing and the discovery of a few writers I now read on a regular basis. The First Humdrumming Book of Horror Stories, edited by Ian Alexander Martin and from the sadly defunct Humdrumming Press, introduced me to two writers well known to readers of Black Static: Gary McMahon and James Cooper. The former is, I believe, the next breakout star of UK horror and set to take his place up in the higher echelons of the UK horror market with Ramsey Campbell and Clive Barker. James Cooper is my favourite short story writer, and his recent collection The Beautiful Red was a wonderfully composed book that demanded to be read in order to get the full effect of its themes and motifs. In addition to these two writers who have become must-buys the Humdrumming Book also gave me my first taste of work by Gary Fry, Rhys Hughes and Carol Weekes.




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