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Black Static


Cheltenham Festival of Literature

3rd Oct, 2010

Author: Peter Tennant

There's an item about this in the White Noise section of Black Static #19, but as the Festival kicks off on the 8th of October that might not reach some of you in time, so I thought I should post something here as well.

The Cheltenham Festival of Literature runs 8-17 of October, and has a strand called Hauntings which should be of interest to Black Static readers.

Among events scheduled are talks by Peter Ackroyd and Guillermo del Toro at the Town Hall on Friday the 8th. Classic Chills at the Parabola Arts Centre on Saturday the 9th has Nicholas Royle and others discussing and reading from their favourite tales. Back to the Town Hall on Tuesday the 12th for Frankenstein with Kim Newman and friends expounding on the enduring appeal of Mary Shelley's seminal novel. Newman is back at the Town Hall on Wednesday the 13th for Vampires Bite Back with Tina Rath. Horror Stories at the Town Hall on Thursday the 14th has Ramsey Campbell, Sarah Pinborough and Lisa Tuttle discussing 'why scaring ourselves to death makes us feel better'. On the afternoon of Sunday the 17th at the Garden Theatre there's Writing Ghosts, with Susan Hill, Penelope Lively and others dissecting what makes a ghost story work. Finally, back at the Town Hall on Sunday the 17th Audrey Niffenegger will be one of those exploring the appeal of London's Highgate Cemetery.

There are also strands dedicated to Future Fictions and Dreamworks, so the science fiction and fantasy aficionados needn't feel excluded, and discussion with or about a whole raft of authors who may be of interest (Roald Dahl, James Ellroy) even if they haven't written any horror fiction. With 450 events chances are there'll be something to float everyone's boat, so for all the information you need and more information than you want click on the link below.


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