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Black Static


Coming Attractions

29th Jul, 2010

Author: Peter Tennant

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This is the regular bi-monthly posting I make in which I reveal that the next issue of Black Static is imminent (#18, and due to start mailing out on 13 August) and then, like some latter-day Salome abandoning her seven veils before asking for the head of a rival reviewer, let the cat out of the bag about what books I'll be reviewing in that issue's Case Notes. Only this time around I don't have as many veils as usual to discard and most of them are moth eaten.

I had plans for this issue, indeed I did. We were going to have an interview with the UK's leading anthologist Stephen Jones and an in-depth review of twenty year spanning volume The Mammoth Book of the Best of Best New Horror, and Stephen Jones was up for it, indeed he was, but then he mentioned another anthology or two that would be coming out in the next month or so, and as I am somebody who cannot resist the temptation of freebies and a feature on three or four books is much more appealing than a feature on one, it was decided to push the interview back to the October issue. And we were also supposed to have a feature on anthologies other than those edited by Stephen Jones, and I was good to go with that, indeed I was, but then people started sending me in even more anthologies, one, two and three, four and more anthologies. At this point I had a vision, an issue of Black Static in which the Case Notes section was made up entirely of reviews of anthologies, an all-antho edition, and I decided to make it so, but to do that we needed to push things back to issue #19. There was no problem with that, as I still had plenty of books read for review, but then space began to run out as Andy slotted his story selections into place. We considered dropping White Noise, but we did that last issue and it's not fair to keep asking people to send in news and then not use it, so that was a non-starter, which meant less Case Notes, no other choice I'm afraid.

And so, to cut a long story short, this issue we only have twelve pages of Case Notes and a mere seven books reviewed, but they're good uns.

Something in the Air: Adam Nevill

An in-depth review of Adam's new novel Apartment 16 and a substantial interview with the author. Adam used to be the editor of the Virgin horror line, so this was a chance to get to grips with somebody who has seen the industry from both sides. Andy has also fixed up a free to enter competition in which there are ten copies of Apartment 16 up for grabs.

Three Short Story Collections

Reviews of Metrophilias by Brendan Connell, A Thread of Truth by Nina Allan and Animythical Tales by Sarah Totton. The latter two writers appeared together in Black Static #12. Totton's story 'Flatrock Sunners' won the Editor's Choice: Best Dark Scribble Award in the 3rd Annual Dark Quill Awards, while Allan's 'My Brother's Keeper' is in contention for a 2010 British Fantasy Award in the Short Fiction category. Allan's story 'Orinoco' will be in #18, and I interviewed her for the blog post before this one, in case nobody noticed.

The Others

Books that I couldn't shoehorn in under any other heading, and this issue we have Gods of LA by Tim Lees, Decay Inevitable by Conrad Williams and Lovecraft Unbound edited by Ellen Datlow. Lovecraft Unbound was intended to be part of the anthology feature, but I didn't feel I could hold it back for another issue as by then it would be getting really, really old in the tooth, and Elder Gods are enough to cope with without Elder Reviews.

Other stuff got dropped (I seriously need to think about writing shorter reviews), but we'll use it at some stage, either in a future issue or posted to the blog if time looks like running away from us. It's good to have some reviews in hand.

That's all folks!



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