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Black Static


Getting To Know John Connolly

17th Jun, 2010

Author: Peter Tennant

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John Connolly was our featured author in the Case Notes section of Black Static #17, with an overview of the Charlie Parker series, plus close-up reviews of The Lovers, The Whisperers and The Gates, a bibliography, sidebar factoids and an interview. There was even a competition to win some of the books.

For the online side of the whole Case Notes experience, I like to take a somewhat light hearted approach, and so here is John Connolly answering the kind of questions that you won't find being asked in The Independent or any other of those po-faced broadsheets, but which are probably a bit upmarket for the tabloids.

Q: Whisky or brandy?

A: Um, neither really. Not much of a liquor drinker, but if a gun is to my head I'll opt for a Midleton Rare

Q: Memento or The Usual Suspects?

A: The Usual Suspects, perhaps because I saw it as the Surprise Film at the Dublin Film Festival and, knowing nothing about it, had that wonderful, rare shock of the new.

Q: Picasso or Dali?

A: Picasso. Poor old Dali rather oversold himself.

Q: Cat or dog?

A: Dog. You can trust a dog.

Q: 'Oh Whistle, and I'll Come to You, My Lad!' or 'Casting the Runes'?

A: 'Casting the Runes', perhaps because I doffed my cap to it (i.e. imitated it shamelessly) in 'The Shifting of the Sands'.

Q: London or New York?

A: New York. Worked in London once, and lived in Tooting. Hated it.

Q: Continental breakfast or fry up?

A: Fry up, but I always hate myself later.

Q: The James Whale Frankenstein or Tod Browning Dracula?

A: Frankenstein, but only as a prelude to Bride of Frankenstein

Q: For a portrait - prefer painting or photograph?

A: Photograph, but only as long as I never have to look at it.

Q: Twitter or Facebook?

A: Facebook. We'll look back on Twitter and think it was madness.

Q: Short stories by Roald Dahl or Saki?

A: Saki. There's nastiness in Dahl.

Q: For an evening out - live music or live theatre?

A: Live music. Theatre is a bit of a blind spot for me.

Q: Cuisine - Chinese or Indian?

A: Rather depends upon what kind of Chinese.  Hunan or Szechuan is fine, as I love spicy food. In the end, though, probably Indian.

Q: The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise or the Indiana Jones franchise

A: Indiana Jones. Come on, be serious.

Q: Tchaikovsky or Beethoven?

A: Beethoven, but I'd prefer Mozart.

Q: To play - Monopoly or Cluedo?

A: Monopoly, but I rarely play board games as I'm a terrible loser.

Q: Dashiell Hammett or Raymond Chandler?

A: Neither. Ross Macdonald.

Q: For a holiday - city or countryside?

A: City. To relax, I need things to do.

Q: Your steak - rare, medium or well done?

A: Medium-well. If I want something to bleed on my plate, I'll kill the waiter.

Q: The work of Francis Ford Coppola or Martin Scorsese?

A: Scorsese, but excluding Casino, which is a repellent film. Oh, and Shutter Island, which is just terrible.

Q: Rolling news on TV or a daily paper?

A: Daily paper. I come from a newspaper background, so I love the physical object of a newspaper.

Q: Favourite flower - rose or orchid?

A: We have orchids on the windowsill. They thrive on gentle neglect.

Q: The Shining - prefer the book or film?

A: Hmmm. I rather like the film, and Salem's Lot is still my favourite King book.

Q: Soccer or American football?

A: Football. It's not soccer: it's football.

Q: Sweet or savoury?

A: I guess savoury. Kind of depends on the food, though.

Q: Who, in their prime, would have made the best Philip Marlow - Al Pacino or Robert De Niro?

A: Pacino, I think.  He was more rumpled.

Q: Rock music or punk?

A: Rock.  It's a big wider in scope.  

Q: Like the least - DIY or gardening?

A: Hopeless at both, but at least gardening gets you out of the house.

Q: Margaret Atwood or Toni Morrison?

A: Blimey. Neither. Atwood with a gun at my head.

Q: The CSI franchise or Law & Order?

A: Happy to say that I've never watched either.  


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