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Black Static


Getting To Know Alexandra Sokoloff

31st Mar, 2010

Author: Peter Tennant

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Alexandra Sokoloff was our featured author in the Case Notes section of Black Static #15, with reviews of The Harrowing and The Price plus sidebar factoids and an interview in which we subjected her to some probing questions.

Past experience though has shown that what people really want to know about the writers we feature is things like their favourite pizza, if they're a cat or dog person etc. And so we sent Alex a huge list of totally random pairings and asked her to choose her favourite from each.

What follows is the result.

Q: Clowns or mimes?

A: Are you serious? Thanks, I'll have nightmares for a week, now.

Q: Shakespeare - the comedies or the tragedies?

A: Tragedies. But that's not a fair question. You can't say comedies ever because that would eliminate Hamlet, the greatest story ever told, but what would life be without Much Ado About Nothing and Midsummer Night's Dream? And either choice leaves out The Tempest. No, I don't like that question.

Q: The Yellow Wallpaper or The Lottery?

A: Brutal choice. Shirley Jackson is practically my personal deity, but in this case I have to say Yellow Wallpaper. I feel somehow that story is my life. One of my most significant influences ever.

Q: Eating out - Mexican or Italian?

A: Mexican, baby! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, leftovers, there's nothing better.

Q: CSI - Miami or New York?

A: Uh...

Q: Peter Straub or Clive Barker?

A: For choices between brilliant and talented men, the answer is always BOTH.

Q: Burger or hot dog?

A: I don't eat of the cow. Or - whatever animal goes into hot dogs. California, you know. I'll do fish, though.

Q: Whisky or brandy?

A: Whisky. Jack Daniels or Knob Creek, if you're offering.

Q: Blade Runner - the theatrical release or the director's cut?

A: Director's cut.

Q: Museum or art gallery?

A: Museum., definitely, there are whole worlds in there. Would live in one if I could.

Q: Zombies or vampires?

A: Vampires, but I'm not a real fan of either. There's just this neck thing I have...

Q: Classical ballet or modern dance?

A: The answer to dance is always yes. I would five million times rather do it than watch, though. And in that respect I prefer ballet to modern, and jazz and swing dance to everything.

Q: Mass market paperback or limited edition, signed hardback?

A: Whatever the reader wants.

Q: I Am Legend or The Omega Man?

A: Um, the book, right? But between those movies - Omega Man for sure. That was some inspired craziness. One of those films like The Blob that is terrifying when you're a kid and high camp when you're an adult.

Q: The Beatles or The Stones?

A: See the Straub/Barker question. You could torture me in any medieval way you want and I still wouldn't be able to answer that. Can't imagine life without both. I'm not very good at this either/or thing, am I?

Q: Stephen King - his short stories or his novels?

A: Everything. Anything.

Q: Coffee or tea?

A: Coffee. Hah. That one I can say for sure.

Q: Cat or dog?

A: I love big sloppy dogs, but I understand cats. I am much more of a cat, myself.

Q: Near Dark or Strange Days?

A: Near Dark. What a sexy, haunting movie.

Q: Ginger Rogers or Cyd Charisse?

A: Oh, impossible. If I am really good this lifetime I will reincarnate as one of them.

Q: American football or baseball?

A: Football, but just because I like the thighs.

Q: Frankenstein or Northanger Abbey?

A: Frankenstein.

Q: London or Paris?

A: I can't argue with either, but London just kills me, I can't begin to say how much I love that city.

Q: Chocolate or ice cream?

A: Ice cream. I can't even have it in the house.

Q: True Blood or Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

A: Buffy, but again, vampires just don't do me.

Q: Facebook or Twitter?

A: Facebook is evil. I like Twitter because I can say whatever random thing I think and be done with it, but really I don't have much time for either because extra moments go into my own Screenwriting Tricks blog or Murderati.

Q: Road trip or train journey?

A: Road trip, but that's a hard one. Anything moving, basically.

Q: The Haunting of Hill House - the film or the book?

A: Book, but what a film!

Q: Most important for holiday destination - scenery or climate?

A: Companion. Definitely. The rest takes care of itself.



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