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Black Static


Black Static 15 Out Soon

2nd Feb, 2010

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Item image: Black Static 15 â Cover Art by Ben Baldwin

Black Static issue 15 has gone to press and will be on its way to subscribers and contributors shortly. There'll be a full and detailed entry in the Current Issue section a bit nearer release date, but here, briefly, is what you can expect…

Cover art by Ben Baldwin.

New horror stories by James Cooper, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Sarah Singleton, Daniel Kaysen, Alan Scott Laney.

Illustrations by Ben Baldwin, Jim Burns, Rik Rawling, David Gentry.

The usual comment columns by Christopher Fowler, Stephen Volk and Mike O'Driscoll.

Peter Tennant's Case Notes includes reviews of novellas, Australian Horror, and an interview with featured author Alexandra Sokoloff, with an easy to enter competition to win copies of her novels.

Tony Lee's Blood Spectrum reviews a great many recent and forthcoming DVDs and Blu-rays, with easy to enter competitions to win The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, Surrogates, The Long Weekend, Cabin Fever 2, Wolfhound, Triangle, Paranormal Activity.

White Noise: news compiled by Peter Tennant.

Please don't miss it. Check for a subscription reminder in the current issue and renew if necessary, or begin a new subscription now by clicking on any of the Buy Now/Subscribe links on this page or the Shop link in the top bar. Thanks!



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