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Crimewave 10: Now You See Me out now!

15th Sep, 2008

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Item image: Crimewave 10 cover

160 pages of gorgeous Demy paperback, with cover art by David Gentry and the following stories:

2pm: The Real Estate Agent Arrives by Steve Rasnic Tem
Even the Pawn by Joel Lane
Last Man by Mick Scully
Unlucky by Lisa Morton
Appearances by Murray Shelmerdine
101 Ways to Leave Paris by Simon Avery
People in Hell Want Ice & Water by Nicholas Stephen Proctor
Black Lagoon by Alex Irvine
Your Place is in the Shadows by Charlie Williams
Saudade by Darren Speegle
The Montgolfier Assignment by Kay Sexton
The Opening by Daniel Kaysen

Luckily we don't have to promote Crimewave, other people do it for us:

Crimewave goes further, and the quality is higher” The Times

“A must-have collection of the hottest crime stories around” Ian Rankin

“The best in cutting edge crime fiction” Ed Gorman

“Head and shoulders above every other mystery magazine in look, content and tone” Ellen Datlow

“The best crime magazine ever” Mystery Scene

“It just keeps on getting better, maintaining its capacity to both please and surprise” Crime Time

“Great, thought-provoking fiction” Shivers

“Wave goodbye to other crime anthologies because this is where it's all happening” Terror Tales

“No matter how high the expectations, Crimewave always exceeds them. There truly is no other magazine that brings you the kind of stories you see here” SF Site

“You absolutely cannot hope to find a better collection of razor-edged roses anywhere on the planet” Agony Column


NB: Crimewave 10 has sold out, but please subscribe anyway because Crimewave 11: Ghosts is out soon.


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