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Black Static


Black Static 1 out now. Again!

29th Sep, 2007

The reprint of the reprinted first issue is now on its way to subscribers and contributors.

Black Static One

As readers who regularly visit this site and the forum will know, the printing of the first issue threw up some unexpected problems that would've badly affected your reading experience, so we opted for a reprint, from new files that avoided all risk of the same thing happening again. Unfortunately, the printer reprinted the original files, an error only discovered as the copies were about to be delivered to TTA Towers. So we had to wait for another reprint. This third printing was correct and the issue has now been posted to all subscribers and contributors. Apologies once again for the delays, and thanks for bearing with us.

Because of the unexpected printing problems caused by the unusual mix of certain transparencies and filters used, which we then had to strip out, the issue doesn't look quite as intended but at least it works, and thanks mostly to David Gentry's design input and images the 'concept' remains strong and often startling. Most importantly, now that we've finally got going again, I'm confident that we can continue to improve in all departments.


Bury the Carnival by Simon Avery
Pale Saints and Dark Madonnas by Jamie Barras
Acton Undream by Danile Bennett
Votary by M.K. Hobson
My Stone Desire by Joel Lane
Lady of the Crows by Tim Casson

Features cover films, DVD, TV, books, news media, Japan...

Electric Darkness by Stephen Volk
Night's Plutonian Shore by Mike O'Driscoll
Interference by Christopher Fowler
Blood Spectrum by Tony Lee
Japan's Dark Lanterns by John Paul Catton
Case Notes by Peter Tennant
(includes interview with Michael Marshall Smith)

A review has already appeared on Tangent Online (from an advanced PDF copy ? the timing would've been perfect if the first printing had been perfect). The reviewer didn't get on with 'My Stone Desire' and I think 'Acton Undream' is a very long way from pure sf, but it's still a very positive review.

Coming up we have stories by Melanie Fazi, Steve Rasnic Tem, Scott Nicholson, Matthew Holness, Lynda Rucker, Tony Richards, Cody Goodfellow, F. Brett Cox, Trent Hergenrader, Bruce Holland Rogers and others.

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