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Identikit Interviews

16th May, 2013

Author: Peter Tennant

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I want to do some more interviews on this blog, and specifically I want to do them with people whose work I'm reviewing in the latest issue of the magazine, though I don't rule out the possibility of dragging innocent bystanders in off the street, or whatever the internet equivalent of the street is.

The plan is to still run the feature interview in Black Static, space permitting, but to supplement that with several mini-interviews on the website of other people I've reviewed in a particular issue.

For the interview I'll ask three or four questions based on my reading of whatever work I happen to be reviewing, plus four more generic questions taken from the list below.

One of the four questions will always be the first one, as I think it only fair when interviewing somebody to give them a chance to promote future releases, and the other three will be chosen by a throw of the dice so that there's an element of the random to proceedings.

The twelve questions are:-

1) What can we expect to see from you in the near future? What work do you have in the pipeline?

2) What software or devices do you use for writing? (Stephen Theaker)

3) Literary awards: a good thing or a bad thing? (Stephen Theaker)

4) Why do you write horror? (Chris Roper)

5) Does mental or physical pain affect or influence your writing? (Chris Roper)

6) Does music inspire your work? (Chris Roper)

7) Do you ever find aspects of the behaviour of a character you are writing about come through in your own behaviour or attitudes? E.g. if you wrote a very left or right wing character do you think that might temporarily affect your own politics? (Roy Gray)

8) Do you ever test out actions in your fiction by trying or simulating them yourself? (Roy Gray)

9) Who has had the biggest influence on your work and how?

10) What does the phrase 'horror community' mean to you, if anything at all, and do you consider yourself a part of that community?

11) Tell us about the best and worst experience you've had as a writer?

12) How do you deal with negative reviews and other criticism of your work?

When it comes down to actual interviews, I may have to tinker with the wording of some of the questions as I hope to interview editors and artists as well as writers, and will adjust as necessary.

As indicated, several of the questions were posed by other people via a dedicated thread on the Interaction forums, to which I've linked below, and as I'll be 'retiring' some of the questions after they've been used a number of times, please feel free to visit that thread and suggest more questions for future interviews.



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