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Black Static


The In-Between Times

9th Nov, 2012

Author: Peter Tennant

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It's that in-between time here at TTA Press, when work is finished on the latest issue Black Static and it's been sent off to the printers, prior to being sent out to subscribers and other interested parties. As usual at such a time, I will try to drum up interest by revealing what books I've reviewed in the Case Notes section of Black Static #31.

Here's what we have:-

Dark Regions Press

Reviews of Crustaceans by William Meikle and The Dark Side of Heaven by Gord Rollo.

Sinister Grin Press

Reviews of Sacrifice by Wrath James White and Down by Nate Southard, who some readers are going to remember from his story in #20.

Two Anthologies

A couple of titles that I've been sitting on for so long we needed to get them reviewed now or wave goodbye forever - 13: Tales of Dark Fiction edited by Adam Bradley and the part palindromic Chilling Tales - Evil Did I Dwell: Lewd I Did Live edited by Michael Kelly.

The Book(s) of the Film

Reviews of two books devoted to cinema - an appreciation of Saw by Benjamin Poole and of Hulk by TTA's own Tony Lee.

Eibonvale Press

Reviews of three titles - Feather by David Rix, A Glimpse of the Numinous by Jeff Gardiner and Where Are We Going? edited by Allen Ashley.

 Watching the Detectives

Reviews of four novels that involve detectives, three of them by past Case Notes featured authors - Dark Room by Steve Mosby, The Chosen Seed by Sarah Pinborough, The Wrath of Angels by John Connolly and Terribilis by Carol Weekes.

Chômu Press

A feature on the British Fantasy Award winning small press, with reviews of The Orphan Palace by Joseph S. Pulver, Sr., Dadaoism (An Anthology) edited by Justin Isis and Quentin S. Crisp, I Am a Magical Teenage Princess by Luke Geddes and Crandolin by Anna Tambour.

That takes my total of books reviewed for the year to eighty three, of which twenty three were written or edited by women, 28% compared to the current figure of 21% for books received. This is the last issue of Black Static as far as 2012 is concerned, though books will continue to be received for the next seven or eight weeks, so the second figure might change.

Looking ahead to #32 in January 2013, we'll be doing author interviews again and the first writer in the spotlight will be Steve Rasnic Tem, with reviews of Deadfall Hotel, Ugly Behavior and career spanning collection Onion Songs. We're also long overdue a serious look at Gray Friar Press, and as they've just sent me their four latest releases and I've already read three of them, I'll be very surprised if there isn't a Gray Friar feature in #32, and I hate surprises.

Finally, just a reminder, if you're a subscriber and you'd like to pick some books for me to review in Black Static #33 (March 2013), don't forget to enter the 'I want to choose' competition, full details of which can be found by clicking on the link below.



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