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New Science Fiction & Fantasy INTERZONE ISSUE 287 OUT NOW!

Amazon Kindle and other E Book Editions

20th May, 2012

Author: Roy Gray

TTA are now established on Amazon Kindle with the January and March 2012 editions of Interzone (#236, 238 & 239) and February's Black Static (#27). You'll also find Black Static 26, the Dec 2011-Jan 2012 issue. I'll probably upload a couple more back issues to Amazon while waiting for Andy to send me the IZ 240 and Black Static 28 files.  So readers can now obtain ebook editions of TTA Press magazines from 3 sources; Amazon, Fictionwise & Smashwords.

There are back issues aplenty on Fictionwise, where they go back to IZ 211 (Jul 2007), and Smashwords where IZ 230 (Sept 2010) is the earliest. Both sites do provide versions suitable for Kindle. All our ebooks are free of digital rights problems to allow transfer to many different reader devices. Let's hope no one abuses that.  Some of the sites charge VAT others don't, so prices do vary. 

Smashwords has a free copy of Interzone 230 and an 'optional price' copy of Black Static 19 - meaning it's free if you want - so anyone can try them. We can't set Amazon prices to zero, $0.99 is the minimum. Smashwords supply copies to other Ebook sources like iTunes, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.  This can take up to 3 weeks from its 'going live' and an ebook that is free on Smashwords may not be on those retailer sites.

We can list up to 10 contributors to each magazine on Amazon so the authors and editors plus illustrators will fill all slots. It seems a pity to leave people out so I'll try to spread the credits when names appear frequently, Andy excepted - as you can search Amazon on his name to find issues.

You can 'look inside' most of the Amazon editions but not Black Static 27. I've no idea why. If anyone does look inside the order of contents is close to that of the print edition. With Interzone that means you can see Ansible and the beginning of the first story. With Black Static you can see Coffinmaker's Blues and Interference but no fiction. I could change the order of contents in either case to show, say, fiction in Black Static or reviews from Interzone. I'd be interested to hear your views on that.

With each E edition I have to post a 'blurb', a few sentences (Smashwords' limit is 400 characters) to sell the magazine to hesitant purchasers. I'd welcome ideas for blurbs and, as I'm unlikely to upload a magazine until at least 2 weeks after the print editions arrive, some of you have the chance to contribute a blurb should you feel creative. Let me know if you fancy trying your hand at blurbing.

If you don't have an e reader but would like to have a look you can use these links to download an emulator:

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