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8th Dec, 2011

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Item image: Black Static 26

The original art on the cover is taken from Rik Rawling's illustration for 'The Demon Laplace' and Mark Pexton's illustration for 'Remains'.



Item image: Black Static 26 Contents



Item image: I Have Heard the Mermaids Singing

I Have Heard the Mermaids Singing by Ray Cluley
illustrated by Ben Baldwin

I have a fragment of poetry in my mind, looping like a snippet of song, when I go to meet Eliot at the mission. Maybe it’s because of his name, maybe it’s because of the stories, but it resonates so appropriately with everything that I can’t help but think it’s something more. Maybe not God, but something neat and ordered in the universe telling me this is all as it should be, me being here.

Item image: The Demon Laplace

The Demon Laplace by Mark Rigney
illustrated by Rik Rawling

Alan didn’t mean to speak, but as the display started to tumble, as the ten thousand supermarket candies cascaded over themselves in their holiday hurry to reach the floor, reflex took over. He shouted “Look out!” to the woman just rounding the corner, and in so doing, his fate was sealed.

Item image: Remains

Remains by Gary McMahon
illustrated by Mark Pexton

“See you later, mate. Next time the pizza’s on me.” Rob waved at his friend Harry and closed the garden gate behind him. He heard Harry’s front door slam shut as he turned left onto the quiet street and headed towards the playing fields, which would provide a short cut home.

Item image: Dizzy Land

Dizzy Land by Andrew Hook
illustrated by Paul Milne

It was California. But it wasn’t California. The sands stretched into the distance, flat and wet as drying cement. They reached the sea slick. Gulls arced upwards then fell like confetti at a poor man’s wedding. Close to the roadside two children stood with yellow plastic buckets and spades, wondering whether they should venture onto sand which would suck at their feet as though it owned them. Nearby shops were boarded up, graffiti adorned the shutters, crenulated messages. Hunter took it all in. It wasn’t much. But it was all he could afford.

Item image: The Monster of Venice

The Monster of Venice by Carole Johnstone

Pain is the root of all evil. Common consensus has the world believing that it is money, but common consensus is wrong. Gold fosters greed, selfishness and want. But while I am certain that many throats have been slit over the mere possibility of gain, it can also bring happiness and charity. Pain brings nothing into the world but more pain. It is a parasite that takes and takes until nothing is left. Nothing worth saving.



Item image: White Noise BS26

White Noise
horror news compiled by Peter Tennant

Item image: Coffinmaker's Blues BS26

Coffinmaker's Blues by Stephen Volk

When one of the producers of The Awakening, the new movie I wrote with director Nick Murphy, rang to tell me that a test screening had gone well, and that the “scare moments” were all working, my reaction wasn’t delight but a kind of relief, tinged with deep irritation. 

Item image: Interference BS26

Interference by Christopher Fowler

When the London Frightfest began, it was a risky enterprise staged at the run-down Prince Charles repertory cinema off Leicester Square, but it became the largest and most successful event of its kind in Europe. This year was its twelfth, and Channel 4 supported it in its huge luxurious home, the Empire Leicester Square. 

Item image: Night's Plutonian Shore BS26

Night's Plutonian Shore by Mike O'Driscoll

It was easy to miss The Fades (BBC3), what with the launch of bigger budget, higher profile shows like Falling Skies, American Horror Story, and Terra Nova. But if you did you missed a treat because, along with E4’s Misfits and BBC3’s Being Human, The Fades was far superior to the latest crop of US Fantasy imports.



Item image: Case Notes BS26

Case Notes: Book Reviews by Peter Tennant

Books by Roman Dirge, John Landis, Anne Perry, M.R. James, Brian J. Showers, John Hirschhorn-Smith, G.A. Pickin, Christopher Kenworthy, Stephen Bacon + Mark West + Neil Williams, Stephen King, Peter Straub, William Peter Blatty, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Alexandra Sokoloff, John Connolly, Sarah Pinborough, Gary McMahon, Adam Nevill, Joel Lane

Item image: Blood Spectrum BS26

Blood Spectrum: DVD/Blu-ray Reviews by Tony Lee

Coverage of current and forthcoming releases including Umbrage: The First Vampire, Helldriver, Smallville Season 10, The Human Centipede 2, Guilty of Romance, Conan the Barbarian, Frankenhooker, Cowboys & Aliens, Kill List, Super 8, Troll Hunter


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