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New Science Fiction & Fantasy 2023 BRITISH FANTASY AWARD WINNER


2nd Sep, 2014

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Item image: Interzone 254

Interzone 254 contains a new novelette by Nina Allan who with this issue also joins the magazine with a regular column called 'Time Pieces'. Other fiction is by Jay O'Connell, Julie C. Day, Sam J. Miller, T.R. Napper, and S.L. Nickerson. The cover art is by Wayne Haag, and colour interior illustrations are by Tara Bush, Daniel Bristow-Bailey, and Richard Wagner. Features include David Langford's 'Ansible Link', Jonathan McCalmont's 'Future Interrupted', Nick Lowe's 'Mutant Popcorn', Tony Lee's 'Laser Fodder', and of course several books are reviewed in 'Book Zone'.

Item image: Black Static 42

Black Static 42 contains new stories by Matthew Cheney, Kristi DeMeester, Stephen Hargadon, David D. Levine, Sara Saab, Noah Wareness, and Alyssa Wong. The cover art is by Dave Senecal, and interior illustrations are by Vincent Sammy, Ben Baldwin, and Richard Wagner. Peter Tennant reviews many books and includes an extensive interview with Carole Johnstone. Tony Lee reviews lots of the latest and forthcoming DVDs, Blu-rays and Downloads. Lynda Rucker and Stephen Volk supply their usual comment columns.

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