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Author:  Stu [ Fri Mar 06, 2015 10:08 am ]
Post subject:  It Follows

I enjoyed It Follows. It's moodier and more slow-burning than most Hollywood horror films and, being an indie flick, doesn't have that glossy MTV look; the cast actually look like real people instead of extras from the latest teen drama. The film also boasts an effective 80's style synth soundtrack (although this is fast on its way to becoming a cliche after Drive, Cold in July and probably some other films I'm forgetting).

On the downside the script has some plotholes. And the rules governing the monster seem to change halfway through the film, leading to a crunching of gears as the tone switches from inexorable dread to a slightly more actiony "Kill the monster before it kills us" vibe. I can't help thinking that writer/director David Robert Mitchell could have used some help on the screenplay to iron out some of these problems. As it is, although the script is better than the typical Hollywood horror film, and has a great central concept, it's the direction and performances that elevate it above the norm.

Overall, an entertainingly creepy film, if not quite the masterpiece that some people are claiming.

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