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Author:  Marion Arnott [ Mon Jan 22, 2018 11:41 pm ]
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]Jordan Or Mother Theresa

It was a very lively morning- Ann and John Barnes were first up. John, bright as a new coin, launched into
a detailed account of his life's philosophy.
Have a heart, John, it's only 5.30 in the morniñg.
Jess too was lively - she ran about in the snow, wild with excitement while Wayne led a group in dance exercises.

Ginuwine was unusually talkative, telling of a daring kidnapping attempt on him. He barely escaped and now has three Glocks, each loaded and ready for action. Ashley, forget this guy.

Malika was more thoughtful in the DR. She is impressed by Ann and Amanda's determination to win the power tasks. She realizes that three women have been evicted and no men - it is vital to toss out a man or they are going to be hopelessly outnumbered.

Wayne diced with death by bringing his dance troupe into the living room where Ann was having a nap. Some time during the pirouettes she awoke, snarling.

Andrew and Shane cuddled under a fur rug. They discussed Andrew's habit of sleeping in his boxers and how easy it to be stimulated even when they were only sleepng with a friend. Both admitted being in a state of stimulation.
What is Andrew playing at? He so obviously is in this relationship to 'win this' as he put it the other night.

After admitting his attraction to Shane, Andrew bragged that if he was single, he could have a different girl every night. The secret of his success is talking to women 'as if they're human.' This bragging would be a dagger twisting in Shane's heart were it not for the fact that he's as big a game player as Andrew. Not all his cuddling or draping himself across Andrew will persuade anyone that he's sincere.

The task was in three parts - building blocks, colours, counting the BB eye movements, It was like the old days of BB, tense and exciting. The girls won and so Ann and Amanda were saved. The women had then to decide whether John Barnes or Dapper should be evicted. They chose to save sleazy Dapper on the grounds that he was vulnerable and that John was not. So bye bye a legend and hello Dapper ofthe filthy mouth.

Dapper actually cried. Ann told him that he was being given a second chance and that he had to live up to it. It was all very head girl at Malory Towers but it brought out an emotion in Dapper. I'm not sure what emotion tough. '

In conversation with Amanda, Ann revealed that she had asked sixth formers who they would rather be: Mother Theresa or Jordan. Only Ann could be stunned at their choice.

John's departure meant that bed arrangements could be altered. One suggestion was that Shane and Courtney should share a bed in Ann's room. Ann nearly had a fit she was so disgusted. And who can blamed her as the couple frolicked on the floor, yelping and giggling. Wayne, she said, is a noisy brute, but him rather than Sean and Andrew.

There is another eviction tomorrow night but no one knows as yet who has been nominated.

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Wed Jan 24, 2018 12:25 am ]
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A Piece Of Cake... Ann christened tonight's nomination process, straightforwardly done in the DR and the public having the final say - so different from yesterday's crushing process. In the end! five people were up for eviction: Ann, Wayne, Ginuwine, Jonny and Dapper. From that group, it was clear that Ginuwine would go. He does nothing but lie about the house or pet Ashley.

The best part,of the evening was when the Young Brats decided to (good humouredly) bait Ann about her inability to swear. They tried to teach her how to say the F word but she insisted that the strongest language she used was 'darn' or 'you silly burger' and laughed uproariously. I suppose the Brats' intention was to mock her for not being uo-to-date. But Ann's stance will have resonated with anyone who has an elderly Mum or Granny. These old ladies did not swear, ever, and the Brats ended up looking foolish. They try to exppose her as a puritanical dinosaur but shevaĺways ends up looking better than they do.

Andrew and Shane could do nothing but find a worthier target. They went into the hot tub and called Ashley over - then they promptly mooned her, pulling down their shorts to display the lipstick kisses they had drawn on each other's buttocks. Ashley didn't seem thrilled. This is the price she pays for swearing, boozing, and being one of the lads. Safer to be with Ann, Amanda, and a packet of chocolate digestives.

John Barnes had an interview tonight and he spent the whole time defending himself from allegations of homophobia. When is the nation going to tire of people being held to account by the twitteratti for speaking their mind and ignoring the conformity of thought which social media demands?

There will be a triple eviction on Friday. This will be a dangerous week for Ann and Amanda.

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Thu Jan 25, 2018 1:23 am ]
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Not creepy. Really...


The HMs are still engaged in a series of tasks to win the sole right to nominate. Wayne and Ann were team leaders. Their first chore was to select supplies from the store. Food was mostly of the canned variety. Even the porridge had to be made with condensed milk from a can. Now that really was a horror. The HMs were resolute, however, and ate it. With the exception of Malika who told BB s he wouldn't even pretend to eat the food supplied She does not eat canned food a nd as for the porridge... She told BB she was leaving if she doesn't get her customary fresh food and high protein diet.
BB should have let her go - if she had left, theme other HMs would have beenspared a triple eviction come Friday. As it was, Ginuwine tried to comfort her for the lack of berries and nuts. Eventually, she changedmher mind and decided that it would be selfish to leave her fellow HMs and Ginwine who had been such a comfort and help to her. She announced this to the house - no one seemed much distressed by either her absence or her continued residence.

The first task tonight was to build a raft with assorted odds and ends and to fill it with letters from home and sail it The snag was that each letter was weighted by a sandbag across the pool. Both teams succeeded and the victory was awarded to the team which won a game of paper,rock, svissors. Ann won that and the ladies had a wonderful emotional splurge when their letters were read out.

After Ginuwine's eviction, Malika rushed to Ashley's side but Ashley was coping very well wih his departure. She managed to produce a tear and a sniffle in the DR and then she was back to her usual cool self.

Malika sat wìth Ashley,Jess and Courtney and began her conversation with 'I like Ann but...'
She went on at some length about having to live with someone who made people feel so uncomfortable
but apart from a comment or two from Courtney, she got no takers. When she queried Ann's dislike of being touched s being a British thing, Ashley chirped 'Oh, we're all like that up north'. Thus were poisonous Maliki and venomous Courtney silenced.
It was refreshing not to have to listen to a tedious bitch- fest.

When Ann woke from her nap, she had to rally her troops for the next task. Jess enthusiastically joined in and then launched into a paean of praise for Ann who had taught so much, enlightened was fulsome to say the least, unusually fulsome; but then Jess has made comments about Ann's influence before. No matter, Ann was pleased.

It was out to the Garden with Courtney and Andrew next for another of their chats about how special their friendship is. Courtney wished that all straight men were like Andrew, not afraid to show the depth of their relationship on tv.

Then came the worm in the apple. Andrew says he really likes Ashley. Not in a creepy way, you understand. She's the type he wants to protect. Not in a creepy way, of course. She's beautiful. He'd like to smash that.
You can see how he managed to get a different girl every night. Charm, endless charm.

Courtney was quiet through all this although he looked stricken. But of course after a couple of weeks agreeing that he and Andrew only had a deep friendship, there's not a lot he can say. 'I don't want to be the jealous girlfriend...' he said firmly.
He's a gay man. He can't be a girlfriend in spite of all the romping and cuddling they've indulged in. I think Andrew has to go for Ashley to avoid the escalating romantic situation with Courtney. Which if Courtney really has an emotional investment in Andrew is very hard on him. If he was using Andrew as a story-line
as Andrew has used him, he's been outplayed.
They are not a nice couple. Ashley and Gin weren't a nice couple for the same reason.

Where are the real relationships in the house? Amanda and Ann. Amanda and Wayne. Why will BB not show us more of the real friendships?

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Fri Jan 26, 2018 1:28 am ]
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Oh, What A Night!

Tonight was a return to the Glory days of CBB when so much of a personality was inadvertently revealed by a situation and not manufactured by BB in hope of provoking conflict. The usual warning abou offensive language at the beginning of the show - I thought Ann must be saying 'darn' again but it was much wore and more telling than that.

The HMs were still on miserable survival rations which prompted Ashley to ask Ann about war time rationing. Ann responded with a lovely story about when sweets cameo off the ration.

Shane and Andrew snuggled .up together in the garden where Andes, afraid to lose Shane's support but anxious not to build up his hopes, laid down the boundaries. The garden affection is ok, but there will be no bed. Shane agreed. But he was thoughtful.

In the DR, Jonny suggested that Andrew was coming across as a douche bag.
There's no arguing with that.

Andrew grabbed Ashley to himself, offering a friendly ear if she needed to talk, or cuddle and so on. Ads she walked away, his expression changed - it was suddenly very cold and calculating. Not nice at all. To cheer himself up, he instigated a game where you had to describe your sex life in a couple of words. He chose 'deep impact'.

In the DR, Courtney/Shane expressed his mental perturbation at Andrew's behaviour which had caused him to meditate. Then he fell to boasting again about all the straight men he's had. He really is a one- trick pony.

Later in the DR, Ann said that Westminster had been good training for BB: rowdy and out of order.
Well, Ann, you're more than able for them in the house or in Parliament.

Ashley made some sardine concoction in the kitchen and offered some to Andrew. He made a disgusting remark and she replied 'Gross'.
More of that later.

The first task today was to build a fire in the rain, the next to find hIdden objects. The girls won overall and can nominate.

Then a BB gem. Shane/Courtney slithered into a chair beside Amanda and began to put poison in her ear about Ann. He blames Ann for the girls not wearing low cut tops or short skirts. Ann teaches Jess to be ashamed of her body. Amànda wasn't buying it. She said that Ann and Jess were close and sat chatting for hours every night.
But Shane thinks Jess should be free, whatever that means. She wears her own clothes in th house and she chose not to bring more glamorous things. Shane's clothes are circa 1970 tarty. I suppose he finds all women dull beside his fabulous self.
Anyway, well done Amanda for shutting him down and for letting him know that there is another way to be than boozing, misbehaving, and talking sex.

The nominations were face to face which usually means watered down reasons but not tonight. Whether they're an unusually candid group of women, or whether Ann is setting a new forthright style I cannot say, but nominations were brilliant tonight.

Ann nominated Andrew because of is frolicking on the floor with Shane. They were getting wilder and wilder, she said, and bringing the house into disrepute.
You could have knocked Andrew down with a feather: he was only being trendy and progressive and leading Shane on and Shane was escalating...
Ann promptly nominated Shane as well which was only fair. Ann is a Trojan. Who but she would come right out and say tat she doesn't want to watch anyone else's foreplay? Well done, Ann.

Amanda nominated Shane as well because of the allegations he'd made about Ann and the girls.

Ashley nominated Andrew because of the gross comment he made about the fishy smell of sardines being like he smell of womens'vaginas.
Endless charm.

Ashley also nominated Shane for questioning her about Ginuwine because she didn' know whether he was concerned for her or just after the gossip.

Jess also went for Andrew because he broke wind in an area he should not have, He was disrespectful.

Good for the girls but of course Andrew was less than happy. Of course he blamed Ann for it all. He ranted and raved and called her the C word... He really was foul. Jonny was not impressed and thought of his own Nan. Jes and Ashley were unimpressed also. Jonny pointed ou that Ann was asleep and unworried by all this so what was the point of ranting.And who uses bad language to an old lady anway?

Andrew stalked off to the stroke closely followed by Shane who tried to calm him down. But he only got worse. Finally Shan told him off for calling Ann a birch - it was clear that he'd had enough of Andrew and also he calculated how much damage Andrew's puerile rages would do to him.

So well done Amana for your loyalty and ensue of fairnness; and well done Ashley for not putting up wit the casual offensiveness Andrew hurls at females; and Jess for not tolerating anti social bhaviour; and Ann who does not accept the concept of public sex.

Three to go tomorrow. I think Jonny is doomed and Dapper. I hope Andrew is doomed.

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Fri Jan 26, 2018 10:43 pm ]
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Andrew Forgives...

Ann wished Andrew a good morning. But he is not interested in the niceties. He wants to challenge Ann, make her see the error of her ways. Only then will he be able to heal his aching ego. But alas for Andrew, she defended herself robustly from his guilt tripping and from his demands for an apology. Seeing at last that Ann is incorrigible, he embraced her and forgave her. Wasn't that nice? The effect was somewhat spoiled because Ann looked puzzled, as well she might, and Andrew, once safely out of earshot, called her a F****** witch. That charm again...

Jess caused a hilarious riot when she told how cucumbers had been infected with salmonella (or perhaps it was gonnorhea ) and no one believed her. Even Ann was shaking with laughter. But the joke is on them as Emma later announced that her story was true.

The eviction, of course, was on everyone's mind. And there is a God because Andrew was first out, trying to charm and failing miserably. He was followed by Jonny who gave a much better interview because his smile and his chat were sincere. If Jonny had had another month, I'm certain he would have made a bigger impression. However, at least e came before Andrew.

Predictably, Dapper was out next while Courtney survived. Dapper babbled his way through his interview. relieved that BB was all over and pleased he had a good reception. Carried away by his success, he proposed to his girl friend. And, Reader, she married him.

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Sun Jan 28, 2018 1:33 pm ]
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The men were nervous about the upcoming eviction but putting à brave face on it. Apart from Courtney who agonized over them possibility of being separated from Andrew.

Andrew, meanwhile, knows he went a little far last night wìth his abuse of Ann but he is sure that the public will understand. He then approached Ann and wanted to know if she believed in the Second Coming. Shane reckoned that the returning Jesus would be menstrual.
Ann rolled her eyes. She is not impressed by their wit and intelligence; they think they're a scream. They also had a laugh at those who had already been evicted.
That's what I call tempting Providence.

The task tonight was for the male and female teams to don nightshirts and nightcap in the Land of Nod, there to encounter a BB nightmare. BB assailed them with flickering lights, eerie voices, a zombie in the wardrobe, and a creature under the bed. Unbeknownst to HMs, three of them were tasked with seeing who screamed most often, the winners of the task being the least scared. The women got off to a wonderful start because Ann laughed and laughed. In the end, it transpired that the girls screamed 6 times to the men's 71, and so won the game.

Later! Shane Lynch and Ann fell into a conversation about a horror film Ann had seen where the protagonist turned into a bat. Right after the film, she came upon a bat at her window. Anyone else would have made the story scary, but bless her pragmatic little socks, Ann shrugged it off as she had at the time.
She did not find it so easy to shrug the other Shane off. He was dared to run in his underpants or bathing shorts (there wasn't enough of them to be sure of what they were), which he duly did, waving his arms about to be sure she saw him. He's very fond of displaying himself, is Shane, skirts fall down, buttocks must be bred, Ann must see him - will he ever grow out of it? She rolled her eyes again.

In the DR, Ann confessed that she would be glad to see Shane/Courtney go because Courtney is brassy and a bad influence on Andrew whom he eggs on in misbehaviour. Conversation in the house would be cleaner in the house without her.
Oh, Ann, you've called that one wrong.

As we know, Andrew was first out - the public diďn't understand his abuse of Ann after all

In the DR, a heartbroken Courtney spoke again about straight biys and how unique her relationship was with Andrew,. Then she hid under a fur throw and wept. The sobbing was ever loud to ensure that everyone knew she was weeping but her thick layers of make up were undisturbed by any tears. Everything about Courtney is false.

She jibe at Ann about her emotional repression but Ann gave her her answer. Shane fled to Malika who is always willing to hear evil of Ann.Shane very dramatically demanded to know which part of Ann's heart is missing and said she didn't understand feelings. Malika was with him all the way.

Coutney, now that she's Andrew free, needs new allies.. The only ones available are the girls so he got in th pool with them
.I have noted before that it's a mistake for him to stand too close o girls - his body shape is wrong, his glamour lessens, he becomes more masculine.

Wayne organised some synchronised swimming in the pool and then, drunk, sat with Courtney and Malika and listened to them dish the dirt on Ann.
So treacherous and sly. And the worst is Courtney.

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Mon Jan 29, 2018 12:01 am ]
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A Womble On Speed

A wonderful episode tonight. It's years since I last looked forward to BB so much and in the end not to be disappointed...
Shane got desperate; Amanda got real; Wayne got bored; Ann got her choccie biscuits at bedtime.

In the DR, Ann was irritated with Shane - she refuses to acknowledge Courtney since she is a performance, not real. But she does see that Shane is sad at losing Andrew.

Later, she told Shane to dress Courtney more comfortably in future but Shane said he needed the corsetry to give him a womanly shape.
But he wasn't happy with Ann who will not
In the DR, Shane said he had been delighted to be saved by the public and cheered. But hevwasn't happy with Ann who will not call him Courtney, only Shane, which he finds disrespectful.

What tosh. Courtney is an invention, Shane's profession. She is not a person with her own identity. In addition, Shane, at the beginning of the series, Shane made it clear that he was not another India, resentful of being called the wrong thing.

The task tonight was to locate buzzer which wouldswitch off randomly sounding alarms. Ash and Wayne won 10 layers of tan which turned them mahogany., as well as some of the men's letters from home. Shane L wouldn't have his letter read out because to hear from his children would break him. Shane/Courtney was proud to hear in his letter that the LGBTQI community was right behind him. This promise was perhaps the stimulus for a catastrophic course of action from him. More of that later.

Jess had a difficult task - to search for the jelly to the reward box in a bath filled with cotton wool balls which she has a phobia of. Shane/Courtney was sneering of this phobia - he didn't believe in it. Ann and Amanda both turned on him (Jess is a favourite of theirs), Ann pulling him up sharply for lacking compassion as she thought the task was cruel. Jess won for the house a meditation hour. Both Ann and Shane refusing the treat because he didn't like someone talking to his psyche and she for religious reasons. Shayne thought her religion must be fragile if it could not survive a meditation.
He is getting repetitive - fragile is the word he uses for heterosexual men who don't like to get too close physically to gay men.

Ann and Amanda both felt that Shane was constantly sniping at Ann. He was. Is it because she led the nominations for Andrew? Or is it because he knows she as the one to beat?

Ann, Amanda and Shane L were put into a silent disco to dance and won a glitter party for the whole house. Ann was a good sports recounting how one of the Strictly Come Dancing people referred to her as a Womble on speed.

Once he'd had a drink, Shane decided to finish Ann by turning the whole house against her. He approached Malika first who is never averse to dissing Ann. She got Shane fired up and he approached Wayne with tales òf Ann's voting record in parliament, wanting Wayne to challenge Ann. But Wayne didn't feel that BB should be a soapbox for political activists. Disappointed, Shane made a bee line for Ashley but she regards Ann as a second Granny and even calls her that.

Amanda is a woman who takes people as they come and thinks you can't judge a whole person on one belief. Yet Shane still approached her. He dtood and recited his mantra '23 years she's voted against pro-gay legislation...'
Now, we've heard all this before and thought it had all been laid to rest. But to people kike Shane, who chant their beliefs, it will never be laid to rest until everyone agrees that he's right. Amanda spoke and he just kept upnhis recitation. She finally halted him by reminding Shane that she was a gay woman and Ann had no objections. She said most emphatically that She liked Ann and that was that. He finally changed the subject to Ann's views on abortion. 'I believe that women can do what they like with their own bodies.'

Amanda was already on her way to the door - she saw that he thinks in slogans, had no depth, only fashionable thought. Then she turned and said that she had been suspicious of him since the first night when his skirtmfell down - twice, She says drag queens are perfectionists and would never appear with a costume so insecure, She told him there was only so much bullshit she could take.

This was the first we saw him without the ingratiating smile on his face as he lost his cool. His face was contorted, unrecognizable.
Amanda has just won her ticket to the final, possibly the win. Good for her.
She and Ann got ready for bed and shared an uneasy laugh over the chocolate Digestives.
I am looking forward to tomorrow already. How will Shane handle this now?

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Tue Jan 30, 2018 12:07 am ]
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The number of people affected by Shane's weasel tactics is quite shocking: Wayne feels inadequate because he won't be a crusader like Shane and appoint himself spokesman for every gay in the world; Amanda was quite upset after her altercation with Shane last night but Ann summed up their joint position in the DR: they beliefe in people's rights, they judge peope by their kindness and decency, Neither sees BB as a platform for any kind of propaganda. Ann, speaking for herself, objects to Shane whispering poison about her to other HMs - she would rather he spoke to her face to face.

But Shane can be trusted to mend fences - he realized that when no one he approached about condemning Ann was on his side that he had better change his approach. Amanda first. She told him that people will not believe and behave as instructed. He let her speak and then they made up. Sort of. Think she knows that he is manipulating her and plays along fo the sare of peace.

Next for his practised charm was Ann. He admitted that he was passionate about certain topics and that this could lead to some heavy conversations - how patronising to speak to a woman who was right at the heat of government and familiar with tough convserations as if she couldn't handle Shane's light weight efforts.
Who does he think he is?
However, courteous as ever, but very much with an edge, Ann judged people by their kindness and decency, not their sexuality. Shane left with her final words trailing behind him 'Just be kind,'
Nominations were normal, thank goodness.

Just about everyone nominated Shane , mostly for his backbiting and his victimisation of Ann.

He was having a powerful pity plea in the DR while out at the pool, Ann stood at the side in a Black Watch tartan nightie, then peeled it off to reveal a Black full length one die, suitable for having a dip. Shane should have been there to see the affectionate encouragement Ann had from the others and the cheers she got when she entered the water. He'd nver whisper against her again.

One task tonight must have devastated Shane. Wayne and Jess had to line HMs up in order of most entertaining, most honest etc Shane got near the top in nothing. He was rated least honest ,least entertaining, and low in the popularity ratings. He headed for bed and his sleepadk with the painted on eyes.

In the end, Ann, Amanda, Shane J, Shane L Ashley and Malika are all up for eviction. Three to go again
on Friday. Ann and Amanda would make a bad combination in the final as they would split the vote. Good grief, must wish an eviction tomorrow night on one of these fine women?

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Wed Jan 31, 2018 12:11 am ]
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Many A Chocolate Biscuit Shared

There wasn't much house action tonight seeing as how a triple eviction + interviews was looming. There was a task which was quite fun. Two teams had to compete to be the best group Ann and others were to be the Spice girls and Malika plus backing singers was Beyonce, the competition. Malika's efforts were reasonably good but the Spice Girls were hilarious. Shane wanted to be Gerri Spice girl in a ludicrously short skirt (and yes, he managed to get a bum flash in) and tattered round the stage, taller, broader and graceless beside Jess and Ashley. Ann was Scary Spice and hissed and clawed her way through the performance.

Malika was missing her own life and friends in the US and wept buckets, especialĺy,over her best friend.

To comfort her, Ashley recited an affectionate poem she had composed about Malika. Malika thought Ashley was the cutest girl in the world and regrets that she hadn't shown her own best side in the house.

In the DR, Shane remembered now wild he had been in his Boyzone days. Nowadays he collects potato p eelers.
Yes, well...

Shane J summoned Courtney by trowelling on makeup and positioning falsies to his chest.Ann fretted a little about his welfare in an uncomfortable outfit and made him pull his skirts together to be almost a lady. He delivered a lecture about women in 2018 which prompted Ann to drink to no tilted playing fields. Shane enjoyed lecturing so much that he continued in the DR. He demanded equalisation of the sexes.
I thought his idea of womanhood was to get as close to a Barbie doll as possible - then he can speak for all women just as he speaks for all gay men.
Such a self important creature.

Ashley wondered if there could ever have been a man for Ann. Ann said no. She's too set in her ways at her age and she did not meet the 'one' when she was young but didn't look for him either. Ash then delivered a fulsome address praisingg Ann's dignity and morality. It was embarrassing, Ann certainly thought so but she was kind to Ash and thanked her. HMs toastedthe Wonan Of The Year.

The eviction was tense. Ann and Courtney were declared safe from eviction and Ashley and Malika were shown the door. They were nice enough in their interviews but very dull. Their eviction left Amanda and Shane L waiting for the viewers' decision. Astonishingly, Amanda was evicted and Shane L saved. Shane has contributed very little to the house; he should never have stayed over Amabda.
On the other hand, Amanda's staying would have split the vote and deprived Ann. Never mind, she gave a wonderful lively interview and demonstrated much affection for Ann. They bonded over many a chocolate biscuit shared. She can rightly claim that she acquitted herself well in the BB house.

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Wed Jan 31, 2018 11:15 pm ]
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It Must Be Love

BB organised a love- in of sorts this morning. They all had to toast one another...frankly it was icky when Ashley praised Ann or Shane J struggled to praise Ann. But she is a good antidote to slushy speeches - she gave BB what for - BB should not have provided them with Buck's Fizz and loud pop music first thing in the morning. Quite right too.

Emboldened by Fizz, Malika asked Wayne about how he met his husband. It was a tale of much liquor, much Wayne shenanigans, and a romantic pursuit. And they're very happy.

I thought we had escaped the questions-to-cause- conflict but BB could not resist a discussion panel hosted by Ann. The killer questions we're about reality tv shows. Are they a good influence on young women. Shane had much to say about boozy sex - Jess began to look uncomfortable She was nearly hiding under the table when the question was are women judged more harshly than men for having public sex on tv. Shane, of course, made the topic about him by saying he would have sex on tv because he's not a prude. Ann brought the discussion back to women and sex

Jess said women are judged more harshly. Ann and Amanda were quite clear that sex on tv was a no-no and only performed to get on another show or get camera time. Ann declared that kind of behaviour moral anarchy. Shane said he-d managed to get some chats with Ann about abortion and assorted rights. She must have been thrilled,

While the others were getting ready for the eviction, Jess was in the DR crying her eyes out. She, of course, has had sex on tv and now she fears that she will lose the good opinion of her friends in the house.

After the eviction, they all congratulated one another on getting to the final. Ann in particular was surprised that she had, considering her views. Jess thought the house had reignited her ambitions when she had lost her way. Wayne and Shane L and Wayne were very kind to Jess. Shane J, dressed as Courtney which always gives him courage, tried to Wayne onside again in his campaign against Ann. It was a real onion-under-the-arm plea. He postulated a 14 year old boy driven to suicide by Ann's view that he wasn't good enough. Not good enough for what he didn't say but silly drunken Wayne nodded and ummed throughout the rant; silly Shane didn't realise that Wayne won't remember a word of the conversation when he's sober.

I think Shane played that wrong. His was the only sour note in a friendly night and it was a hysterical one at t.hat. He also had a Cruella de Ville look about him - it was the ton of gold glitter on his eyelids which added to the sinister gaze while he stared at Wayne.

One full night to go. I have actually voted this year. For Ann. Fingers crossed.

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Fri Feb 02, 2018 12:17 am ]
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All Together Again

Every year they do it - bring evictee back to the house for a visit. Ginuine was the first to make his presence felt, as a DJ. Gently he roused HIs individually and sent them to the kitchen for a grand American breakfast whilst male strippers entertained them. The strippers targeted Wayne and Courtney, much to Wayne in particular's delight. He bumped and ground and removed his top so easily. Not. Ann , in her flowery flannel nightie, fled to the protection of the bedroom and stuck a towel over her head.
Year of The Women and two gay men get three strippers as a treat.

John Barnes took revenge on Ann for nominating her by sending her to football boot camp. She was very business like in her red football strip warming up with Jess. She managed to score two goals - good for herAlone in the gardn later, Ann spoke to the camera and told it she would miss it. Would it be lonely when she went home?
The camera dipped and seemed to wink. Ann has cast her spell on even there.

India appeared to read the house news of HMs, complete with replays. All segments were nice except the one about Ann. India claimed to have been sent to Coventry Ann reminded her that she, and others, had been rebuffed by India when they tried to help. India denied this - it was as if she didn't realise viewers had seen the relevant episodes and that it was not possible to rewrite history. India went on to complain of being misgendered again and then to bring up once more Ann's views on NHS resources and the cost of gender reassignment. She was awful, boring and spiteful, sulky and bitter when Ann fended off her malice. She ended by hoping Ann wouldn't win. Ann merely remarked that India always found offence and she should get back to reading the news.

All the HMs had a visitor. Jess was challenged to play the yes/no game by Dapper, Shane L to decide
whether he would prefer to live with Ann or eat salmonella cùcumbers.

Andrew was able to contact Courtney through the HMs gallery of photos. He gave her somè lightweight tasks, includinģ persuading Ann to wear one of her wigs. Their romantic reunion was spoiled by Andrew making rude gestures whenever he saw Ann.

They all got together. Shane was impressed by India's contribution to the causes he himself favours. However, India did warn him not to preach any more -:that was why she had been evicted.
Andrew suggested that he and India and Courtney should have a three some.
I'm so glad he didn't think of that one while was still on the show.

Andrew and Courtney retreated to the toilets to repèat the silly innuendo they broadcast last time. This was probably Rachel's fault as she had been questioning them about what went on the first time.

The rest of the evening was givèn over to the farewell party.
Farewell and goodnight.

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Fri Feb 02, 2018 11:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Brother


It has been an enjoyable series with a weird ending - a man dressed like a woman who looks like Barbarella with a bad dye job on her hair actually won. Shane regards himself as representative of masculine, feminine,and everything in between. In short, he's nothing at all but an impression of those around him, a caricature.I switched off his interview when he became coarse in speaking to Emma.

Wayne was first out and was fun, giggly, and generous in his estimation of the other HMs. Jess followed him, full of enthusiasm F orr the show and her new friends. Shane L was next and came across as sensible and grounded.

Runner up was Ann who was forthright and twinkling eyed. I wonder how much of her disapproval was real and how much exaggerated for effect.

Courtney was wide eyed and innocent when he was announced thecwinner. He's rather too old to be an ingenu. He managed to squeeze into his interview another political speech (teenage boy again) and a good deal of simpering when Emma mentioned Andrew.

This was the Year of The Woman and the public voted in a caricature of a woman. Rather a sad ending to a good series.

BB promised a return to basics for the summer. Let's hope that's true.

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Thu Aug 09, 2018 10:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Brother

CCB returns next week all slick and glossy with promises that this series - the last one ever - will mark a return to the original format full of dazzling tasks and likeable/interesting characters. I think we all know that Ch5's notion of interesting is a vomiting piss-the-bed female who men relentlessly court when drunk because BB belongs to lovers.
I have heard rumours about one HM who has endured half a million pounds worth of plastic surgery to make him a clone of Ken, Barbie's antiseptic partner. Not terribly interesting to watch animated vanity but there is one hook - he had 4 ribs removed to make his clothes fit more flatteringly and carries the
ribs around with him in a jar. But why? Can he not bear to be separated from part of himself? Will the lovely bones be a talking point in the house? Or will he grind the bones to make his bread?

Next Thursday - Bring it on!

Author:  des2 [ Mon Aug 13, 2018 2:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Brother

Suddenly realised that Big Brother must have been on Tv, it being summer!
And just visited here to find out.
Sorry again, Marion, for having abandoned you, but I see you are still holding the fort here.
I trust you have many readers.
I am still not yet ready to return to BB. But who knows? 2019 may be the year!

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Thu Aug 16, 2018 5:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Brother

If the bone collector brings his jar along, I shall send you a photo as a shiversome curiosity!

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