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 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 11:45 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
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Kissing The Iguana

Pre Friday’s Eviction

More about Cameron’s haircut. Lewis laughed at first until Cameron indicated that he liked his new look. Naturally, Mr. Contrary had to find every flaw and fault while Cameron looked up at him, searching for approval. Brooke and Sian were drawn into the row, seeing Lewis’s unkindness which he calls Free Speech. Brooke , out in the garden, said she was wishing Lewis would get evicted. At that moment, I wasn’t far off what she was thinking. What an excruciating friend Lewis is!

It was not the last upset of the evening for Cameron. After Hussein and Isabelle left, he broke down and wept noisily over his part in Isabelle’s fate. He was comforted in turn by Thomasz and Brooke and Lewis. Lewis assured him that Isabelle will have forgiven him – it was part of the game - then fell to musing that Akeem had escaped eviction too many times. I suppose he couldn’t resist a little dig at Cameron’s choice of evictee.

In the DR, Akeem expressed his relief at staying. No one ever commiserates with Akeem for being nominated nearly every week – tonight he managed it twice. He never complains. As he said himself, he is a fighter.|

Lewis, on the other hand, is a whinger. He is sick of the HMs wanting to get him out and feels that Akeem and Sian are the worst offenders.

Thomasz was so relieved that he had been spared eviction that he walked down into the pool in gratitude to whatever gods rule there. The others urged him to jump in but that effort was too much. They made him kiss the plaster iguana beside the pool instead, which he did with his floral patterned smock billowing around him.

Cian and Sian were in conspiratorial mode, whispering about Lewis and not wanting to be his next target. I’m glad the HMs realise that he does in fact target people and that they do leave at the next eviction. Meanwhile, Akeem was struggling to understand why people kept nominating him. The truth is he is somewhat aloof and has no closeness with any one except Thomasz.

In the DR, Cameron reprised his remorse over Isabelle. He said what he’d said before really between sobs.

In the morning, some of the HMs found a surprise in the garden. There was a glass sided plinth for each HM and when Cian pressed a button, yellow balls rained from the sky. They all rushed to gather them up and put them in their plinth. Of course some lost out because they weren’t around. Lewis was not amused that they were not alerted by the ones with armfuls of yellow balls. As it turned out, each ball was worth a Big Coin and the one or two gold balls in the mix were worth even more. Zoe therefore became the richest HM and Akeem, Cameron and Cian all increased heir wealth considerably.
In addition, Lewis inherited Isabelle’s money T o think you doubted her,’ Cian said. ‘I doubt everyone,’ Lewis replied.

Thomasz offered Sian his help if she needed it after her very down day when she felt so alone and friendless. She was quite cheerful and said she’d got over all that.
Wise girl, Sian. Do not be drawn in by Thomasz.

DR Cameron felt that he had two major problems – one was his new found sexuality (except that he came out to his family and friends 4 years ago) and the second, the eviction of Isabelle. Now he feels even worse because he thinks he’ll be judged as a gay man with an oversensitive side - he wept sensitively, right on cue.
That’s the first time I have associated sensitivity with Cameron, perhaps because he drew attention to it in case we didn’t notice.

Thomasz supplied a little more info about himself. Inevitably, he was bullied at school. He thought he was gay but now he thinks he’s gender fluid, thus the smocks and painted manicures.

It came time for the weekly auction. On offer was a box of games, a curry night for 4, and the final piece of the garden jigsaw. Nobody knows what the garden puzzle portends but they wanted it. I think they suspected immunity from eviction. Bidding was fierce, rising from 2oo to 940 Big Coins which was Akeem’s bid.

In the DR, BB told Akeem to go to the puzzle and place the final piece. The puzzle lit up then and sent Akeem back to the DR. This time he was told what his prize really was – TRUTH. He would be told lots of truths over the week, beginning with the secret of tomorrow’s nominations – they are to vote for their faves to be saved.

HMs had fun with the Fun Box. Faves were painted or decorated with glitter; funny spec and alice bands with palm trees were found; and Thomasz had a marvellous time skooshing Akeem with a giant water pistol.

Zoe, Akeem, Cian and Cameron had the curry night prize courtesy of Zoe and ended up having a poppadom fight. Later, Thomasz publicly described what he would like to do to Akeem sexually. I don’t know how Akeem stands for this.

In the DR, Lewis carried on the protesting too much which he had begun in the garden – protesting, that is, about the secrecy surrounding the truths which BB is sharing with Akeem. Judging by the number of expletives he managed to squeeze into one sentence, he cares quite a lot.

While he was assaulting BB’s ears, Sian was giving him is character to the others. He keeps saying he wants to leave, that he doesn’t care if he goes – and yet he saved himself at the eviction. Sian cannot forgive that he saved himself when Isabelle, or one of the others, could have had his safe place.

She has a point there.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 11:53 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
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In the DR, Cameron expressed a certain nervousness as the show drew to its close. He’s also getting on better with Akeem while Lewis continues to be paranoid about him (and others). Cameron wished that Lewis could enjoy himself more.

Cian and Zoe fretted over today’s round of nominations. While doing so they were making funny hand gestures, a bit like sign language. Are they communicating secretly?

Cameron and Akeem discussed Lewis’s paranoia which causes him to believe that Akeem will try to screw him over. Cameron reassured Akeem that Lewis said positive things as well about him.

Nominations were interesting tonight. They were a vote to save favourite HM’s, with reasons. It was strange to see HMs going at it with enthusiasm instead of labouring under the burden of having to find faults to nominate. Brooke and Zoe in particular were full of praise for one another, even tears, as they explained their choice of nominee.The problem was that Brooke was bottom of the secret viewers’ poll and was therefore nominated. She will surely believe that no one in the house, including Zoe, voted for her to stay in the house when in face HMs had voted for her to stay. Even Lewis voted for her.
In the end, Tomasz, Cian and Akeem are nominated by the house, and Brooke by the public.

HMs relaxed after nominating: Cameron told Akeem that he trusts him now; Thomasz lered while massaging Zoe’s back; Zoe and Brooke reckon they’ll both be up on Friday; Lewis cannot resist another jibe at Cameron about saving Akeem. Amazingly, Cameron stood his ground. After spending several weeks with Akeem and hearing how much it means to him to get far in the competition, he could not have sent Akeem home, he just couldn’t have.
That was rather nice although Lewis wasn’t pleased.

In the DR, Akeem was told that he received no votes to stay in the house. However, he will be allowed to access one piece of info from the outside world: he must think of a question about something he wants to know and frame it in such a way that there can only be a yes or no answer. Later on, he came up with a question: does Akeem deserve to go through to the final? He’ll get an answer tomorrow.
Lewis insists that he doesn’t care about Akeem’s secret knowledge but the other HMs are never done pestering Akeem to share the information, whatever it is.

BB put a suggestion box n the table and HMs had to write down their ideas to improve the house. Two of the suggestions were about lewd conversation. Cameron said that no matter what the conversation was, it always turned to something sexual. Lewis agreed, elaborating on that idea at some length. He claims to have counted examples of innuendo in one day and got a total of 3oo. The cringe making talking graphically about sex, accompanied by little gasps of Daddy, are beyond wit and humour. No names were mentioned but as Thomasz had to admit, he was the main offender. He was really rattled and fanned himself agitatedly while he declared that he wouldn’t change anything about himself. Lewis got angry about a very vulgar catchphrase which Thomasz used repeatedly but Thomasz waved his fan in dismissal.Later, he wanted to talk about dick. Cameron, Lewis and Brooke were pretty disgusted but Thomasz doesn’t want intelligent conversation. He became disturbed, nearly in tears, and Brooke came to him, telling him he was letting himself down with this talk. She assured him that he was intelligent enough to have better conversation than his habitual lewdness.

He reasserted that he won’t change.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 12:03 am 
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Only Two Settings

HMs tried to improve the house first thing this morning by being very gracious and appreciative of one another. Lewis rather over did it and when Cameron appeared, he was positively rapturous while getting in a couple of jibes about his new friend Akeem. Sian saw his sarcasm and disapproved strongly.

In an effort to contribute to the house, Lewis fell to washing up dishes but was sickened by food in the sink. Sian, removed from that unpleasant task, tonged Cameron’s hair.

In the DR, Cian admitted that he was probably up for eviction, not because the other HMs disliked him but because they had formed closer ties with others.
He’s always reasonable, is Cian.

Cameron told Zoe that he had been visited by the house ghost in the night and had been petrified. But the whole tale lost power in the daylight and should have been told at night. There was a tantalising snippet of conversation between Brooke and Cian. They appeared to be confessing something – Cian’s sin was tax evasion and Brooke’s was having an affair with a gay politician. I’m all agog!

Thomasz was amusing in the DR. He clearly resents the criticism of his lewd talk and mocked Lewis who must either be a prude or a saint to object his delightful talk. He began to mimic a hyperbolic Lewis throwing his arms in the air and indulging in deep conversation about the meaning of life and so on. First time he’s made me laugh. But still, he also has only two settings, lewd or lewder.

Cameron was amusing himself constructing a house out of cotton buds when Lewis passed by. He tried to tease Cameron about homesickness but the boy wouldn’t rise to it and Lewis eventually wandered off.

Cian, Lewis and Zoe were sent for by BB. In the DR discussion of nominations were brought up. They all denied any such offence (I wonder if Zoe and Cian were using sign language to discuss illegally after all!). Anyway, the trio were sentenced to be shackled together for a time. They all found it hilarious. In the house, they used the shackles to keep pulling Cian’s cup of tea away from his lips; on teaching Thomasz yoga techniques from the sofa, he rolled about like a stranded whale. All of which had them giggling hysterically.

Cameron , in the DR, begged BB for mercy as both Zoe and Lewis need their private space. BB was not feeling merciful. Lewis, Cameron said, should not have broken the rules. Lewis on the way to the DR, teased Cameron about his new friendship with Cian. Cameron was not interested – I think Lewis’s spell is broken.

BB revealed last night’s nominations of favourite HMs. Akeem, Brooke, Cian, Sian and Thomasz are not favourites. Cameron, Lewis, and Zoe are . Where we go from here I haven’t a clue. This doesn’t sound right. I expect all will become clear at the game changer tomorrow.

Lewis returned to the subject of Cameron’s new found friendship with Akeem. Cameron hoped that Lewis was joking but I think he is a little jealous and possessive. And Cameron no longer frolics like a puppy at his heels. A major melt down happened then – Lewis tore his shackles off and said he couldn’t be bothered with the game, the house, the housemates, and BB himself. He made for the DR and ranted for some time about having mixed feelings over being saved and blaming BB for putting idea of rivalry for Cameron in his head.

Later, Brooke was angry that Lewis couldn’t just enjoy being saved. He is always miserable - only got 2 settings, miserable and more miserable.She resented too that he is being horrible to her at the moment after she granted him a positive glowing nomination.
Ah, Brooke, that’s Lewis for you!

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Thu Oct 25, 2018 12:24 am 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
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Game Changer

Cian, Zoe and Lewis were to resume wearing their shackles this morning. They were summoned to the DR by an extremely censorious BB who reminded them that Lewis had broken free of his shackles for more that 20 minutes the night before. The three abjectly promised never to be bad again – at least Zoe and Cian did. Lewis promised in that melodramatic way of his when he thinks something is funny. BB was unimpressed and fined all three 150 Big Coins each. Which was unfair since Lewis was the rebel. Back in the house, Cameron admitted he’d be furious if he lost so much of his wealth in those circumstances. Lewis instructed the air to refund the others their coins from his account. Too late. The leader board changed and Zoe and Cian slid down it. Lewis really isn’t funny!

Akeem had obviously decided to do something radical to increase his popularity with the public. He got dressed in the store room and accidentally let his bottom slip into view while he struck poses. His is not a particularly attractive bottom, nor are his poses impressive. Akeem is a better HM fully clad.

Zoe lay in the garden imitating sirens and fire alarms to entertain herself until Thomasz, irked beyond measure, yelled at her to shut up. Cian remarked that it was odd that Zoe could make a hideous racket but that Thomasz was not supposed to indulge in sexy talk.

The last Game Changer of the series was next on the agenda. An elaborate network of narrow beams had been set up in the garden. There were flags with numbers on them attached. The competing HMs had to walk round the garden on the beams, flagging up the numbers as they went. Were the beams heavy enough to support Thomasz’s weight? It was harder than it looked to get round the circuit. There were many falls but the game ended in a tie between Sian and Brooke and Sian went on to win the play off.
Sian then had the power to save two HMs – she saved herself and Brooke, leaving Akeem, Thomasz and Cian to face the public vote. Zoe persuaded herself that she was only irritated by Cian, not Sian’s choice. Cian, she said, annoyed her, not because of his own character, but because of the house and conditions they were in. Hard to hear when Cian had praised her so much during nominations.

In the DR, Thomasz declared that it was not ideal to be up for eviction, but how amazing it would be to be accepted as good enough just as you are if you were saved.
No chance, Tomasz.

Cameron was climbing into the hot tub with Akeem when Lewis hailed him like a taxi and reproached him with ignoring him. He had invited Cameron to come and watch the moonlight with him, but in keeping with not speaking to him for five days, Cameron had rejected him for Akeem. He laughed after – with Cian and Sian agreeing that it was easy to wind Cameron up.

Brooke and Lewis began discussing a conversation they had last night which turned to a quarrel. Lewis can never let anything go. He soon plunged the chat into clouds of convoluted thinking that he thinks are profoundly intellectual. I don’t know how Brooke can be bothered with him in that mode.

More practically, in the house, Zoe’s bottle of wine which she had stashed in the store room, had been got at by someone. No one confessed so all were suspects. Akeem (who knew the truth) was angry at suspicion; Lewis too was indignant and I think guilty.
More to come on that, I reckon.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Thu Oct 25, 2018 10:57 pm 
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Jail House Rock

Day 1 Shopping Task

The house has become a correctional facility with Cameron, Sian and Zoe as wardens. All the other prisoners are inmates. Lewis loved that – he considers himself a rebel and duty bound to defy the authorities. Akeem, the house good boy, fell to being a bad boy with relish. Cian is naturally anarchic. And Thomasz lay on the floor. Brooke was delighted that they had a secret screen in their cell which meant they could spy on the guards.
There are rules in every prison and wardens have to watch out for illegal swearing, illegal rule breaks, and remembering who is boss. Broken rules will be punished effectively in a manner devised by the guards.,
BB has assumed a new persona – Dirty Dave, the con who really runs the block. Inmates have to do his bidding or else. The first thing he wants is the ornamental duck from the guards’ office and some sweeties out of the jar.

At exercise time in the garden, Cian makes a run for it pursued by the guards. This gives Akeem the chance to swipe the duck and sweets. Cian was punished by making him hold out his arms for a count of fifteen. Cameron wondered what he was up to.

Cameron shouted at Lewis when he did not immediately obey an order and then apologised – I think emotionally he is on the side of the inmates. At a second exercise time, Lewis rang a handbell repeatedly and swore at Cameron with a wolfish grin on his face – he went unpunished. Cian ran into the guards’ office and pinched their ping pong trophy.The guards are going to lose control of the prison as shown by the mini-riot the prisoners staged to distract the guards from watchfulness.

And so the day progressed – anarchic and amusing because of the enjoyment the prisoners got from playing up to their roles.

Dirty Dave had stashed two bottles of hooch in the garden for the inmates; all he wants in return is the keys to the prison.

Meanwhile, the guards are writing reports on the prisoners. Unbeknownst to them, they are seen and heard on the secret screen. They will have revenge, I am sure, for being told they had no positive qualities, or caused problems, or being a misery guts.

Lewis had a plan to distract the guards again. Akeem was to kick up an almighty row because his puzzle piece was missing. Inmates and guards search everywhere for it while Brooke crept into the office and purloined two bottles of hooch.
Lewis went into the DR and sat here and laughed – he is loving this task.Meanwhile, the guards discovered that the hooch was missing.

Because Brooke hadn’t found the keys, Lewis hatched a plan to steal Cameron’s. He attacked Cameron on the bed. He surrendered very quickly and handed over his keys. While he was doing that, Thomasz pinched his walkie talkie and taunted him.
Cameron looked happy to be at one with the inmates. The guards aren’t enjoying themselves at all. Particularly grumpy Zoe, who feels the inmates are let out too often.

Prisoners can now let themselves out whenever they want and do what they like.|Lewis declared that Cameron was unhappy as a guard and would like to be with his friends in jail, then got annoyed with Akeem for taking over and organising things –can that man never work with someone without feeling martyred?

In the darkest night, Akeem and Cian slipped into the house and wrecked the guard’s office. Cameron suspects there is someone loose in the house but they lock themselves in the loo and Cameron is left puzzled.
He went to inspect the prison – they all pretended to be asleep and stuffed pillows in the missing inmates’ beds.

In the end, Lewis showed Cameron the secret screen and told him he worked for them now.
Zoe went for a smoke in the garden and didn’t see Cian hiding behind the sofa she was sitting on.

You can’t get good staff these days.
I’m enjoying the craziness of the task and looking forward to tomorrow.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sat Oct 27, 2018 12:31 am 
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The big news of the evening, aside from the eviction, is that Lewis has been kicked out of the house for using unacceptable language. Whatever the unacceptable was, Lewis regards it as a slip of the tongue, he says, and he meant no offense.
The mind boggles In the house, you can call a woman an f****** c***, or describe, graphically, sex acts, and so on. Now discover that there exists a word powerful enough to have you expelled from Eden, but too powerful to be spoken. What can that word be? A word which did not offend the production team, but did cause ructions with Ch5? I’m all agog. Perhaps we shall know more on Sunday.

The day began badly. Akeem had to clean the office which he and Cian trashed yesterday; Cameron failed to get Lewis and Brooke up out of bed so decided he wanted to go back to bed as well-come on, Cameron, that’s not how a prison guard should react to undisciplined inmates!

In the DR, Brooke commented on Zoe’s miserable demeanour and claimed she was leaning too hard on her friends who were inmates. She thinks, like Cameron, Zoe would have had more fun as a prisoner.

Certainly, Zoe’s expression today would not be out of place on the Stamford Experiment.

Akeem was questioned by the wardens about the trashing of the office but he bravely defied them and made no comment. Inmates watched him on their secret screen but it was Zoe, with a face like thunder, who caught their eye. As punishment, Akeem was sent into the garden to sort pebbles.

Zoe quit the task. In her uniform, she feels fat, butch, overweight, due her period and should be with her son.
It was Tomasz in kindly mode who persuaded her to buck up and get on with things – she only has one more week to go.
Brooke is particularly judgmental of Zoe but Tomasz takes the time to explain that there is nothing personal in their defiance of the guards.

Dirty Dave, the prison boss, had another task for the inmates. They had to steal a suit jacket and white trainers from the office- he is ready to escape and flee to Spain and so needs civvies. Cameron, their pet warder, will assist, he decrees. And so it came to pass. While Cian distracted guards with chatter at which he excels, Cameron swiped the necessities, hiding them beneath a jacket and a blanket, and passing them on to Dirty Dave. He is a naughty guard because he obviously relishes these misdeeds. As for Cian, he looked fit to burst with excitement.

Prisoner Akeem had a visitor from the outside, a visitor who could be questioned about what’s happening. He entered the visitors’ room and was met by his dog Miska, going crazy with joy at sight of Akeem. Well, the whole house was in tears – Cian was in floods!|When Akeem left the room and the dog went to the door and stood there waiting for Akeem tocome back, there wasn’t a dry eye in this house either.

In the DR, Akeem was informed that it was both Cian’s and Cameron’s birthday next day, and BB was throwing a party for them tonight. Akeem had to keep Cameron and Cian occupied while the others brought out from the store the cakes and goodies, the drinks, the shiny party hats and streamers.

At one point, Lewis nearly kissed Brooke.She didn’t seem to mind either. But Thomasz spoiled the moment by joking. A pity – it was the sexiest thing we’ve seen all series when he leaned in and asked if it was awkward yet and both were smiling.

Thomasz was the one evicted. He faced the crowd with his fan and six inches of eye-make up applied. I have never taken to Tomasz but tonight was the first time I experienced his charm. As is so often the case, HMs are much nicer when they’re out that when they’re in.

So, one week left and the public are voting for their winner already. Cameron or Akeem, I think. Probably Akeem. But we shall see. Cameron may fold without his two pals, Lewis and Tomasz, supporting him. Or he might be angry at Lewis’s departure under a cloud. Akeem shall be as he has always been – reasonable and committed.
May the best man win.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Mon Oct 29, 2018 12:40 pm 
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Many apologies for last night's dereliction. The show gets broadcast later and later and I fell asleep and missed it. Fortunately, there was catchup this morning.


Lewis and Cameron sat discussing Lewis’s chances of winning the show. Cameron felt that he would win; Lewis demurred. Cameron went off to the kitchen to make mashed sausage and Lewis was sent for to the DR. This was a scripted performance during which he was careful to reference all current taboos – sexuality, gender, race, religion – and assure the viewers that he had offended against none of them. He had suffered a slip of the tongue about some unnamed taboo and now he must pay the price.
And then he was gone.

Rumour has it that he and Cameron were discussing post-BB outings to get Cameron some outfits which is where the sip of the tongue occurred – Lewis said Auschwitz instead of outfits. Hmmm…

When the HMs were informed, Brooke was thoughtful and said ‘I knew it would be that’. Sian managed a bored ‘Wow!’and the others were mystified.
Cameron wept hysterically, crying that he wanted to see Lewis. He couldn’t go on without Lewis.
Big gentle Cian assured him that he could deal with this.

In the DR, Cameron appeared to pull himself together, reminiscing about the good times with Lewis, grateful for his support in difficult times, the fraternal relationship theyshared.

Tomasz worried about Cameron and how he would cope should he be evicted too. Akeem stepped into the breach and promised to look after him. Thomasz was evicted and Cameron predictably wept again. Akeem tried to comfort him as promised but since Akeem is not a weeping willow and probably doesn’t have much experience of such, he wasn’t terribly successful.

Some HMs gathered at the table – as they mourned Thomasz’s departure, the table took on aspects of a séance. Akeem attempted to perk everyone up by saying there were only a few days to go and they should make the most of them. He rose and carefully sidestepped fully dressed into the pool to show that he is a fun person enjoying every minute. But the contrast with Lewis’s mad plunges on another occasion was too painful to bear.

Brooke, Zoe, and Cian missed Thomasz so much that they lay on his bed the way he did and played ‘Daddy’. Yeuch!

In the DR, Cian was overjoyed to be saved and Akeem was astonished because he’s justa genuine typical Welsh Lad.
Stop Akeem! Don’t over do it|

Cameron was still in mourning and told us his world had crashed. Drily, Brooke reminded him that he’d see Thomasz and Lewis in a week’s time and that this was a mere moment in time.

I have to pay tribute to the hardiness of the smokers – they sat in their corner of the garden wrapped in blankets with the autumn wind whipping round them and had their ciggies. They looked frozen!

Neither Akeem nor Brooke saw the Lewis eviction coming which they found scary. The impression was they weren’t entirely sure why he was thrown out.

DR Cameron again. Feeling a bit lost. But Lewis and Thomasz would want him to be positive. BB managed to coax a pallid smile from him.

All of the HMs were given a giant playing card with a number on it – numbers ranged from 0 to a thousand Big Coins with which to play stick or twist. They did enjoy swapping cards and finding they had ,say, dropped from 800 to 0. Play was rapid but in the end, Zoe won.

The Auction had three good prizes.
A camera and 20 photo prints – Cian won those
A souvenir from the house – Zoe won and chose the living room rug
Letters from home – Sian won her own letter and could choose two HMs to receive their letters too

Cian wept like Niagra then went into the loo to weep some more at the cruelty of the choice.

Sian chose Zoe and Cameron to receive letters. All of them wept. It was all very satisfying.

San, Zoe and Cian discussed what Zoe should do with the rug.

In the DR, Brooke too was weeping. She had not bid for the letters as she couldn’t have borne to make the choice.

Cian got 20 minutes to take his photos. He was round the house in a flash taking as many as he could.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Tue Oct 30, 2018 12:50 am 
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Little Ray Of Sunshine

Akeem and Brooke were in constant contrast to one another. At the opening of the show, Akeem waxed lyrical about being in the final – it even smells good, he said, like a men’s fragrance, beautiful.
Brooke on the other hand was brooding darkly on the letter from home she didn’t get.

Cameron pronounced on the subject of his letter – it was a nice moment when Cian read out his, a symbol of their great friendship.

Cian and Zoe were both glad that their normal friendship had been renewed now that Isabelle has gone.

HMs had a lively game of hide and seek which ended up hilarious as they tried to squeeze themselves into chests, behind the bath, into wardrobes. Sian found them al without much trouble but with lots of giggling and blowing off steam.

In the DR, Cian was glad another friendship had been re-established – Cameron is his little ray of sunshine again, lifting his spirits and brightening his day.

Meanwhile the little ray of sunshine was ‘alone and palely loitering’ in the bathroom, brooding on Lewis.

Akeem ran an egg and spoon race by himself while the others egged him on with cheers. After that, he worked out with a mop bucket. Cameron still preferred to be alone in the bathroom.

BB announced that there would be a proper Sunday dinner today, cooked by Cameron. There was a roast, Yorkshire pudding, gravy, roast potatoes, veggies, cheesecake – all to be cooked by Cameron who thinks you have to mash sausages to cook them. The dinner took ages to cook and poor Cameron was unable to multitask so when dinner was ready, he hadn’t put the parsnips on or the cheesecake, However, at the end of the day, a dinner was produced even if Cian had to put mayo on his Yorkshire pudding. Cameron found it one of the most stressful things he had ever done but was pleased to find that the HMs all voted him ten out of ten for his efforts.

While Cameron was cooking, Cian went off to shave some intimate body hair but came out yelping and talking about an injury to his ‘gooch’. He duly presented his rear to Brooke and Zoe for inspection and bore their laughter bravely.

Cian told Brooke that Cameron made him giggle and that he had a good friendship there. Brooke and Zoe laughed and said he was in love. Which he is.

Akeem decided on some daring controversial talk and asked for the definition of a good vagina, then a good penis. I shall pass over that to his next question which was ‘Does size matter?’ Cian was graphic but the girls had an answer which chills men’s hearts :’Yes’.

Brooke took herself off to the DR. She was very upset and wants to go home, the reason being that only half the house got letters. This was BB F****** with people psychologically.
She doesn’t have a baby which was why Zoe got her letter; and she wasn’t announcing that she was coming out as gay which was why Cameron got his. It was impossible to get hers fairly.

Later she told Cian that she wasn’t here for money and she knew she wouldn’t win, but that letter from her mother meant everything to her. She wanted to go home.

Akeem comforted Brooke and tried to motivate her. Only a week to go, he said. She can’t just give up. Her response was not very encouraging.

Cian and Cameron were sitting together, laughing and giggling, planning pranks on the others and making it seem that it wasn’t them. Akeem – you’d better come up with something more than an egg and spoon to keep on top!

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Wed Oct 31, 2018 1:12 am 
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Brooke was all present and correct this morning after last night’s threatened departure. She told Zoe that she was over her mental breakdown ad was due her period which probably had something to do with it. Zoe suffered the same affliction ad was quite open discussing it.

Brooke moved on to expanding Akeem’s vocabulary: butters, marg are examples f London slang apparently. In exchange, he taught her to say ‘F*** in Welsh.
Cian was also concerned with bodily functions and announced that he had his first morning wood since he came into the house.

Now, why are the girls so keen to discuss menstruation before the nation and Cian his erection?

In the hot tub, Akeem asked the girls if tampons were recyclable. Do we believe his query is genuine? Well, Cameron didn’t. He was on to the falseness of it in a flash and said so in the diary room. Akeem is acting up for the cameras. You don’t miss much, Cameron!

Akeem spread out in the garden and the girls decided he was cute and that they really must listen to him more.

Brooke and Cian discussed Cameron. Brooke cut through Cian’s lovesick babble by describing their relationship now as having a warm friendship glow. Cian nodded enthusiastically – he’s enthusiastic about everything.

The task today was Soaps. HMs were to choose an iconic moment or scene from their time in the house and then act it out. HMs were not allowed to play themselves. Scenes selected were LewisG and the contaminated mince; Isaac on the plane back from China; Anamelia transforming into Tulia in order to seduce Lewis F and give the nation a fine view of her rear end trying to seduce Lewis F ; the prison break. Akeem was outstanding as Tulia and later, Lewis G protesting his contaminated mince.

Brooke,Cameron ad Cian were discussing the first impressions they had of some of the HMs. Brooke said that she hated Sian, thinking she looked like a bitch; Cian had been drawn to Cameron; Cameron to Brooke and Akeem (no mention of Lewis his beloved big brother – how soon he has forgotten).

BB supplied the house with alcoholic refreshments but Zoe refused to have any. Everyone was trying to offer her something to please her but she said she was sick of drink. More likely she was annoyed at Sian’s portrayal of her in the Soaps.

Sian and Brooke talked tummies, Sian bewailing the damage to hers from pregnancy. Brooke encouraged her to tell about the father of her child who is mostly absent. They then went on to talk of plooks which Sian gets on her nipples. Do I need to know that?
Give them a task, BB, to keep them off these rather disgusting bodily functions.

Akeem and Cameron had a miniature row over who has had the most arguments in the house. Akeem was outraged when accused and listed all the rows that he had had.
I can’t think of any rows that Akeem has had except for the one with Lewis in the hot tub. Cameron is a different story.

Cameron and Cian decided to hide all the food in the house as a prank. (Acting up for the cameras? Ike Akeem?) They had to wait until Akeem was asleep but he wasn’t really and followed them out of the bedroom. He failed to locate them or discover what they were up to, so, big surprise for HMs in the morning.

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Update on Lewis; Lewis has offered a fuller version of what he said to get himself evicted. The part about saying 'Auschwitz' instead of 'outfits' was true but this error prompted him to impersonate Hitler and say in a funny German voice 'Kill the Jews.'
So there it is.

Get Them! They All Nominated Me!

Shopping Task was today. And the spirits of Hallowe’en had taken over the house. HMs were awakened by terrifying, or what they call ‘eldritch’ (weird and uncanny ) screams. They were no longer in Boreham Wood but Hell Street House, complete with a misty graveyard outside and owls and midnight groans.

HMs discovered that there was no food or coffee in the house and blamed BB. Cian and Cameron did not admit to their pranking last night. But Akeem was suspicious and guessed they had been up to something. However, the prank fell rather flat as HMs soon found where they had hidden all the food. Akeem shouted and swore and chased them round the house.

The task the HMs were given was to fill their buckets with sweets which were hidden in the spooky places. Akeem, dressed as a cowboy, and Sian, dressed as a casualty, were sent into a room laid out for dinner – a Miss Havisham dinner, of course. There were strange glaring portraits on the walls and cobwebby chandeliers and silver cloches covering platters which the HMs had to lift one by one. The removed cloches revealed a severed pig’s head, writhing maggots, gory eyeballs and last a human head which screamed and twisted and turned to see them. From under the table scrambled a malevolent baby which shrieked and tried to steal their sweets. Akeem was very firm with it :’Get your own F****** sweets!’

In the DR, Cameron was stiff with fear. He told a tale of having seen a ghost at home. Hwe thought he’d died there in the shower and he was half way between Heaven and Hell. He heard an old man and woman talking.
When he came out of the DR, the scary baby pounced and chased him back to the living room.

Sian, Zoe and Cian who were out having a smoke decided to frighten the others and ran screaming into the house pretending the scary baby was after them.
Cameron was afraid that it would hide in the wardrobe.

Cameron, Zoe and Brooke were tasked with finding sweets in the misty graveyard. Terrifying. The graveyard is haunted and cursed and full of strange things like the sall lady who leapt out of the well at them and assorted ghouls and zombies which gradually appeared and filled up the graveyard. In their scramble to get ut, HMs failed to find any sweets.
A ghostly voice demanded the ghouls and zombies be given sweets and the ghastly crew tried to enter the house. HMs held the glass doors against them but Cian tried to help the shouting ‘Get them! They all nominated me!’ which was hilarious and completely broke the night terror!
San showed real courage: if they came again looking for sweets they should all lob the sweets at them. Akeem was wandering around with a bloody fake arm he got off a ghoul.

Throughout all this,Cameron was pale with terror. BB had one nasty surprise left. Cameron and Cian were given a camera and sent into the camera run to try and photograph and research the paranormal in the house, at long last admitting that Cameron’s ghost is in fact real. Cameron was errified – something clutched at him through the wall. He declared he could not deal with it and ran, pursued by a zombie, back into the house, abandoning Cian to his fate.

In the end, HMs managed to collect 4o sweets which was far more than was necessary to win the shopping task and a luxury budget.
There was a load of fancy food in the store , so delicious tat the writhing ghoul in the corner didn’t even merit a second glance.

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The End Is Near

BB was extremely stroppy tis morning: he couldn’t be bothered to fetch batteries for the mikes; he gets out of bed on time every morning – why can’t the HMs? This morning the lie-abeds are going to lose bathroom and appliance privileges for an hour or so.

Cian can barely totter from his bed because he’s so hungover, but did manage to prove to the girls that one of his testicles was bigger than the other.
I could have done without that.

In the DR, Sian was very concerned about BB’s grumpiness and felt that BB put in too many hours. It was time for BB to put himself first, she sad.

Akeem and Cameron were lively enough, but Cian, Brooke and Sian were warned yet again by BB about sleeping in the daytime. Then BB threw a strop and flounced out of the house. Cian and Sian checked the DR but he was truly gone = he’d had it with the HMs. He was replaced by an old friend – Kim Woodburn who got right into lazy HMs and made them all clean the house in thirty minutes. Cameron whined that he didn’t know how to clean but she was having none of it; he was to remove his hat and coat and stop wandering about looking lost. The only pleasant words she had were for Sian – she was to rest because she had been cleaning and cooking for the whole series.

At the end of Kim’s shift, Josie Gibson took over. Cameron was particularly thrilled because she is his favourite winner. It was astonishing to see him so star struck! Josie gave advice to Zoe who was finding things hard and then made the HMs pair off with HMs they didn’t know very well. They were to confide little secrets to one another and learn to trust.

After a while, Nikki appeared and replaced Josie. She told Zoe not to be so grumpy and others that no one will understand their experience except other BB HMs. She tried to garner gossip from the HMs but they were too thrilled with meeting the BB legend to be bothered with that. She made an especial fuss of Cameron because of his years of study of BB. He told her he loved her; she loved that. Cameron was thrilled that she has promised to take him to gay Soho when the show is over.

She had to leave then because BB returned to his post.

In the DR, she gave a eulogy to BB. It had changed her life for the better and she owed everything to BB. She have him fulsome thanks.

Zoe followed her into the DR and sighed over a wonderful day.

Eviction night tomorrow – 2 HMs to go. I really can’t call it. I think 2 girls will go – maybe Brooke and Zoe. As for the men, I think they are safe enough.

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The Bottle Has Spoke

It was eviction night and nerves were rubbed raw by the prospect of being evicted before Monday’s final. Akeem talked to himself in the bath, Cian chattered to BB, Cameron and Akeem argued about how many meals people should have in a day and what their proper name was eg lunch is dinner up north.

Akeem accidentally ruined Zoe’s yellow woolly bobble hat in the wash – it was all right because she had a green one spare which was even worse for her complexion. Not that would be noticed by Cameron because he was waxing lyrical about his dream being over if he was evicted tonight.
Heaven knows what they would have been like if they’d known tonight was a double eviction!

Wendy the Washing machine reappeared tonight, wanting Sian and Brooke to be Partners in Grime and feed her some dirt – ie she wants Cian’s tatty dressing gown, Zoe’s tattier dressing gown, Cian’s grubby underwear and Akeem’s Christmas T shirt to be brought to her and washed thoroughly in her drum. Their reward for this task will be kebabs and a can of cider.

Laundry was easily obtained except for Zoe’s which she insists on wearing over her clothes all day, ditto the bobble hat. Sian and Brooke were clever and persuaded her to try on her eviction outfit even Zoe would remove the bobble hat and dressing gown for that. Wendy the washing machine was delighted and the girls’ prize was delivered. Unfortunately Zoe came looking for her dressing gown and found them with the cider. They said they had stashed it and her feelings were hurt as she felt left out – she wouldn’t have done that to them!

Cameron and Cian agreed that they have done nothing in the house to be ashamed of while Zoe talked about what living on benefits is like (I hate a pity plea, I really do).

They got a bottle out and spun it round to predict the order of leaving. It predicted that Cameron would win.

In the DR, a tiddly Zoe spoke about her time in the house and being told she would be evicted – the bottle has spoke, she said. She also fantasised about Emma Willis’s dressing gown.

The first evictee was Brooke who was very nervous and did nothing but talk about Zoe and watching other people in the house.

The second eviction was really cruel. The remaining HMs had to stand, their name was called and then there was a huge gap before they were told what that meant. The gap was so long that Cian, the first one called, finally said ‘What?’ and burst into tears. Four of them had to go through this torture. It really wasn’t right or necessary. Anyhow, Sian was next to be evicted . She came across as a nice down to earth girl. I think it is very marked that the Hs who ate left are actually a pretty nice bunch. Who’ll win on Monday? Probably Cameron although things can change. We’ll see.

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The Last Supper


HMs discuss what they’ll miss about the house if they are evicted tonight.The concensus was that they would miss people and random events just happening. Cameron feared taking away from someone who should be here still. I presume he means Lewis.

HM played Pass the Parcel. Each layer unwrapped showed a statement which they had to attribute to a HM. So we got to hear of Zoe’s mood swings and Zoe’s tea making and so on. The most interesting was not a statement but a Big Coin which was worth what Brooke had in her bank account and would be duly converted to sterling. Nearly £1800. Nice!

When Brooke was evicted, there was genuine grief at her departure. The same went for Sian’s eviction. This group seems genuinely fond of one another. Even Akeem wept when he usually keeps emotion under control.

Over champagne, Akeem reflected that he and Cameron would never forget this moment. He went on to say how amazing Cameron is for an 18 year old. And he is. He set his story line and has kept to it for over fifty days as well as holding his own among older people. Akeem went so far as to say that he hoped his own son would turn out to be like the amazing Cameron.

Zoe made one last pity plea in the DR. If she won, she could be off benefits and starting up her own business. It’s no way to win, is it?

BB took the HMs back in time and showed them their entrance VTs. They were helpless with hilarity. The interesting thing is that they have actually changed. They look years older now but at the same time less inhibited. Cian in particular loved his VT – his Mum was in it and the farm he lives in.
There were cuddles all round as they watched.

The Big Brother Awards

Hms did look nice in evening dress as they took their places at tables to hear the awards being distributed.

Best supporting role went to Zoe’s dressing gown which caused much hilarity. Best musical score went to Tomasz for singing in the hen coop. Most dramatic moment had three nominees but basically they were all connected to the Lewis/Akeem row in the bathtub. The sexiest moment turned out to be Tomasz giving Akeem a lap dance but personally I thought the award should have been Akeem’s for when he stripped and posed in the store room the other day. Akeem did win the Genius award for not knowing who Oprah Winfrey was.

And finally it was time for the last supper. Each HM had to make a speech about each of the others. You can imagine how much gush there was – but actually I felt that some of it was genuine. Cian wept throughout.

So the final is tomorrow night. I really can’t call the winner this time – each of the candidates has merit. I think it will be between Akeem and Cameron and Cian third. I couldn’t quarrel with any of these three winning.

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I think Akeem deserves to win most. Cian is most genuinely likeable. Cameron has remarkable composure in a very stressful environment.

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All the best, Marion.


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