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 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 10:54 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
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Elements of the very best of Big Brother were present in the show tonight: a surreal task so silly that it was hilarious; and a mysterious allegation wich sprang from nowhere.

First, the task.

HMs were awakened by that irritatingly cheerful song ‘Wake up, it’s a beautiful morning.’ Roxanne, as usual, leapt about the bedroom and then the whole house, like a whirling dervish or like one afflicted with St. Vitus dance. The other HM sae exhausted by her. BB announced that there was no hot water today but that it woud be remedied as soon as possible.

To win a party, HMs had to win tasks for the components of a party – music, food and drink, invitations. Hardeep and Ryan were chosen to wade through BBs pit which is full of muck and fish out Golden invitations. They managed to find 8 invitations.

As the most intelligent HM, Hardeep was chosen to answer 12 questions in a quiz. The questions were all tiny details of the other HMs’ lives. Hardeep could only answer three so there would be no music at the party. Dan and Jermaine had to sit in an ice bath for 30 seconds – they won in spite of anguished screams and laboured gasps.

HM were told by BB that they hadn’t won enough components so there would be no party. To add insult to injury, they were sent to the bedroom to sit in the dark.

Then a bell rang, and ‘It’s a beautiful morning’ was played into the house, and the HMs had to relive all the tasks again – Roxanne whirled round the house, Jermaine and Dan felt their bodies turn numb in the ice bath, and Hardeep and Ryan managed to get one more invitation to the party.
Hardeep had gathered some of the answers to the questions about HMs but managed to get some of the questions wrong which he had answered correctly the first time.

The lights went out again and ‘Beautiful Morning’ played once more. So it was back to the pit and the ice bath and the quiz. Why was I laughing? It was surreal; Hardeep’s face was lugubrious; Roxanne couldn’t sit at peace.
In the end, BB gave them their party as compensation for being stuck in a loop.

Hardeep, Nick and Gabby discussed Roxanne. Hardeep confessed that he struggled with her attention seeking behaviour. Nick and Gabby agreed that everything was for the cameras on the Roxy show. All three found her to be very annoying and wondered how she could keep up the pace she set herself. While they talked, Roxanne was larking about with Ryan. Suddenly she went to the DR and wouldn’t tell BB why. She insisted on speaking with a member of the production team about something that was making her very uncomfortable.

At the party, Hardeep and Nick bantered with one another. Hardeep says Nick’s problem with him is that he sees him as competition.
These two are amusing when they get together.
Hardeep spoke to Ben. Won’t Roxy’s fiance go mental if he sees Ben rubbing Roxy’s back with his feet and her not stopping him?

Roxanne was back in the DR, speaking to someone of suitable rank. She alleged that Ryan had punched her in the ribs and that it hurt – she’d said ,’Ow’. She wept.

When sent for by BB, Ryan was stunned at the charge – he clearly didn’t know what BB was talking about. Yes, he’d been sparring lightly but did no harm. BB gave him a formal warning and said he’d be removed if there was a repetition of this behaviour.

Roxanne and Ben agreed that they should stay away from one another for a while.

She went to the DR again and confronted BB. She’s not happy staying in the same room as Ryan. (was that ‘woman beater’ she said? )She wept again – she can’t believe that BB is letting Ryan staying the house. She is given the spare room to sleep in.

I saw no punch. I saw larking about and shadow boxing. I didn’t see his hand connect with her ribs. She seemed perfectly all right afterwards.Why the dramatic accusation? What did she think he was going to do if she slept in the bedroom? Why the heavy hint that he be thrown out of the house?
It was all very odd, springing as it did from nothing. Here's the punching incident - don't blink or you'l miss it!

Either we have seen the nuttiest incident ever, or the most malicious.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Fri Aug 31, 2018 11:22 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
Posts: 3347

Such was the effect on me of last night’s drama that I actually tuned into Big Brother’s Little Brother to hear what was being said about it. Which is why my post is late tonight.

Unbeknownst to the HMs, the public have been nominating all week. When that result came in, it will be up to the HMs to choose one of the two lowest polling HMs to evict. As you may imagine, it was a very tense evening.

Roxane was milking the Ryan situation for all it was worth. As soon as she awoke this morning, she was in the DR repeating that she was upset that Ryan was still in the house after what he had done to her. And what’s more, he smirked at her as she passed by this morning. The interesting thing about it was that Roxy really did look awful – pale, with huge dark circles under her eyes. She looked like a frightened victim.

Sally told Ryan that the house was breaking Roxanne. He immediately burst out with ‘I have done her no harm’ which surprised Sally as she didn’t know about last night.

She returned to the DR to berate BB once more. BB told her that Ryan had been spoken to and would cause no more problems but she insisted that this solution was unacceptable; he had punched her repeatedly, after all.
(with Sally standing right there? With viewers witness to what really happened too?)

However, Roxy was not too crushed by terror to confront Hardeep about his commenting on her relationships. Hardeep told her that he wasn’t talking about her, that he was advising Ben. A little frown appears on her forehead when she’s contradicted. She looked Hardeep right in the eye and frowned, unable to deal with the reality of what she was saying, fixated on what she believed.

Hardeep went straight to Ben and confronted him about misrepresenting Hardeep. He also told him that Roxanne misrepresents things because she likes drama. Ben should have taken the hint. Sally saw Ben’s predicament: he wants to please both Hardeep and Roxanne. And that can’t be done.

Dan, who must have been anxious to prove that he is capable of serious discussion, asked Hardeep if the Earth was flat. Yes, Hardeep said, but was instantly contradicted by Germaine who knows that NASA doctored all the evidence that it was flat.
Who knew?

Dan in discussion with Hardeep had some theories about bringing up his daughter – she will be reared to be classy and have nothing to do with boys until she’s older because he knows what boys are like.
Yes indeed…

Roxy did some shadow boxing with Ben. Does he know the danger he’s in? Calmed by the activity, Roxanne confided in Ben that Ryan had punched her repeatedly. It wasn’t in play – it was 5 or 6 aggressive punches intended to hurt her. Ben was furious.
How dangerous a tale was that for Roxanne to tell to the man who is starry-eyed about her? Was she trying to start a fight? However, the talk ended comically. When they came out of the toilet, Hardeep yet again pulled Ben up for being in there for some time (40 minutes) with Roxanne, a woman who was engaged. He is obsessed with keeping Ben on the straight and narrow path.

Ben sat with the other men, dropping mysterious hints that something unpleasant had happened to Roxanne. He would not clarify what exactly had happened, which was infuriating, and compounded by Roxanne joining them and being extra mysterious. She must be intending to pick her moment to reveal her torment.

Ryan, Sally and Nick discussed Roxy. A friend of Ryan’s had gone out with Roxy and treated him very badly; Ryan sees her treating Ben in the same way.

Ben went to the DR and explained how upset he was that Roxy had been ill treated and wanted to know how BB was dealing with it.
Silence was the only response.
Meanwhile, in the garden, Roxanne was still winding Germaine and Dan up about her mystery difficulties. They have decided that Ryan does not deserve the privilege of winning for reasons not specified, and on evidence not provided.
Oh, dear!

Ryan apologised to Roxy – he had been playing affectionately.
Tears trembled on her eyelashes.
I do not like the way she is manipulating the men. She could ignite some very hard feeling in them.

The eviction tonight was tense. The public had nominated Ben and Germaine. The HMs had to decide which was to go.
They had to go one by one to the DR. Some took up half the night, reluctant to name an evictee. Some like Hardeep and Kirstie went straight in and named their choice with no fuss. Roxanne, of course, had to make a drama. She would rather go that name one of the boys. ‘I’ll go, I’ll go’ she kept repeating. Even BB lost patience with her. The fact that she did not instantly name Germaine and save Ben was very telling too.
By the end of the voting, the two men had garnered 4 votes each. There had to be a tie breaker. BB made them sit around the table and raise their hand as their choice of evictee was read. In the end, Ben lost out.

His interview was a dog’s dinner – he cannot seem to focus on the matter in hand; he was entirely confused by Roxy’s behaviour, and gabbled incomprehensibly anyway.

The real question is, why is BB allowing the false allegations to be bandied round the house when all they have to do is show the footage where it is perfectly clear that Ryan did not punch her repeatedly and that she is a considerable liar.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sat Sep 01, 2018 11:21 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
Posts: 3347

What a night! Uncomfortable! Painful! Car Crash TV! Irresistible!

After being informed of what had happened to Roxanne, Dan was left to ponder Roxy’s feelings of discomfort which might even drive her from the house. He’s not happy with BB. Germaine, not one of life’s great thinkers, thinks she’ll get over it.

Ben told Ryan that he’d heard that Ryan had hit someone in the house. Ryan, who hardly speaks in sentences, burst out with a denial that he was aggressive and described the incident from his point of view. Dan came in, and Ryan felt compelled to tell his side again. He was so upset, that he and the others made too much noise when discussing the matter. Roxy came over to see what was going on but remained outside, an ashen faced elf peering through the widow, close to tears and in time to hear Ryan tell the other guys to watch their backs. When Ryan went out, Roxanne came in and complained to the guys that Ryan had really hurt her, and punched her half a dozen times. Tears sprang from her eyes as she pointed out that this was why women don’t always report stuff to the police - because people doubt them and don’t believe them. (you got your nerve Roxanne!)

In the DR, Roxanne demanded to see the producers again, but no joy this time. Ryan, she claimed, was manipulating the guys into believing she’s lying when she isn’t. She was tearful and helpless. Does she actually believe her own lies?

Dan came to the DR. His head is in a mess with these conflicting stories. He pressed BB for clarification but all he got was a comment that he knew the rules about violent behaviour and that he should consider why Ryan had not been removed from the house.

Ryan went straight to Ben and Gabby to tell him that Ryan was telling the truth when he denied several punches. Ben had some residual loyalty to Roxanne and claimed not to know what to believe any more. But you could see that he did believe Ryan but that he didn’t want to.

Roxy was hysterical in the bathroom. Jermaine was comforting her but he was losing patience fast – he expects females to respond to his care.

Dan and all the boys are determined to be on Ryan’s side. Dan told the girls what had been going on to such effect that when Roxanne walked in, she was met with total silence.

In the DR, a heart broken Ryan was weeping and repeated several times that he had done nothing. He was sorry for having offended but doesn’t understand.
It was a moving scene: genuine tears, genuine bewilderment. BB should have scotched this when it first occurred.

Nick approached Roxy, telling her that she should do the right thing and tell the truth. She insists that she is telling the truth.
Finally, Ryan took her aside and said that they should move on from the incident. He is heartbroken if he made her feel bad. She could not resist telling him that from the first night she had felt that he did not like her as if that explained her bizarre behaviour.


One or two little gems emerged. When the HMs were voting, Roxanne asked whether they were voting to save or evict. The others reacted. Hardeep told her she should be concentrating better at a time like this and pointed out that she was making this event all about her. It was just as well he didn’t hear her in the DR, threatening to go instead of the nominees.

Later, Sally was very kind to Ryan as she has been on other occasions. She certainly helped him to calm down with a motherly hug.

In the DR, Hardeep bewailed Ben’s loss. He had never met anyone like Ben and had tried to help him, in particular warning him off Roxy who seemed to suck all the life out of him.

After the eviction, Roxy asked why the public booed her. She didn’t get an answer so she headed back up to the DR. None of the other HMs want to sit with her and the public booed her…she doesn’t know what she’s done to merit all this. She’d rather work in a corner shop than go through more of it.

BB enquired if she was asking to leave and when she said yes, she was let go. None of the usual ‘sleep on it’ or think a little more about it. No fuss, just an implied ‘Stand not upon the order of your going’.

As a whole, the house was relieved to see the back of her. She was toxic. But particularly poor Ryan. He cried some more in the DR and relived how she nearly ruined him. I was only the crowd booing her name that let him know he was all right.

He has a point there. Why did BB let this scenario run and run when they knew from the outset that Roxanne was lying and Ryan innocent. For ratings? Did they exploit a woman with some sort of mental health issue? Did they let a pretty decent young man go through torture when it was unnecessary and they knew it full well?

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sun Sep 02, 2018 10:16 pm 
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An Aztec Prince

The shopping task this week involves five pets and owners completing some tasks. Pets may not sit on the furniture or speak in the presence of their owners. I must say, the pet costumes were splendiferous. Gabby was the cutest poodle you ever saw; Dan, a grand chihuahua; Sally a little fluffy white cat; Nick a tortoise with a shell on his back and an inability to move faster that a tortoise. But the most magnificent pet was Jermaine the tropical parrot, provided with brightly coloured wings and a head dress and beak – he looked like an Aztec prince in all his glory.

Owners were provided with water sprays to discipline their pets as Ryan had to do when the Chihuahua went for his little cat. The pets can only eat the food their owners make for them. Dan the dog and Gabby the poodle must bark and run to the door whenever the doorbell rings.
Throughout the evening, the pets and owners had to perform little tasks. Sally the cat had to catch very large mice which charged round the house; Nick the tortoise had to come out of his sell and sing for the others – they made a party out of it and the dog barked, the cat miaowed and the parrot strutted its stuff in its cage. Regrettably, Jermaine seems to be allergic to his feathers but is bearing up. Sally has been showing him how to draw his wings around himself and go to sleep the way a parrot does.

In the DR, Ryan talked about Roxanne and his worry about how he was perceived. He says that it is time to move on, but I think the poor man will be stuck with this situation going round and round in his head.

Kirstie asked Ryan about what exactly happened with Roxanne. He had started relating what went on when suddenly Hardeep got to his feet and said he didn’t want to be in the middle of this conversation. Kirstie snapped that there was no need to make a scene. In the DR, he explained that he felt he was too important to be talked over.
What that was all about I really couldn’t say. Is he really that arrogant?

Hardeep and Kirstie cooked lunch for their pets. Kirstie made too much and was willing to share it all out but he was rather snappish about that. The pets think Hardeep is odd when his food is not liked – and they weren’t too happy with lunch. He even forgot to bring the pets cutlery and of course they cannot speak in his presence. They really don’t like him or his food much.
He went to the DR and claimed that his mother taught him to cook and that she was a genius in the kitchen.’His eyes welled up. In the Punjab, parents never tell you they love you; they show you’ With cookery.
I didn’t believe his tears.

Nominations were over quickly. Hardeep had the most nominations, Jermaine the next most. Reasons for the nomination of Hardeep were surprisingly similar – his short temper, his arrogance, his constant flatulence, his constant niggling. Jermaine’s fault was that he was too noisy at night and his ambiguousness about his marital status.

HMs discussed Hardeep. Sally has always found him inappropriate I what he says and in his eyeing up of Chloe. Dan finds him snappy…
Guess it’s clear who they want to leave the house tomorrow.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Mon Sep 03, 2018 11:43 pm 
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Looking back, it felt worse than it was[/u]

A busy night tonight: a surprise eviction and an interview
with Roxanne.

The evening began with Dan heading for the toilet. He has food poisoning. Hardeep's lunch from yesterday has just about done for him. Gabby did warn him that the chicken wasn't cooked through but he ate it anyway. Sally won't allow Hardeep anywhere near her - isn't he cooked through?

The house was in chaos, what with the cat chasing the mouse and the parrot strutting and the tortoise trying to hide from predators while the dogs barked wildly at the door.

Sally comforted Ryan who was in need of a little mummy love. It was touching when they clasped hands to see him through a bad moment.

The HMs passed the shopping task (the last task was a silly quiz for Kirstie)
Hardeep was in one of his moods- he had already tried to start a race row by asking Jermaine if he would have played for England had circumstances been different ( by circumstances he meant colour). Dan shut him down and Jermaine didn't rise to it. When it came to the shopping, Hardeep didn't think they should spend all the budget- half should go to a food bank. Daniel shut him up once more and Hardeep stalked off in a huff.
His virtue signalling was as unpleasant as his raw chicken.

Roxanne's interview was a mess although Emma did well with the hard questions. The only explanation Roxanne could come up with was that at the time of the incident it felt worse than it was when looking back. That's what she said, I swear.
There was no explanation of how the slightest contact grew into a hard punch and then into six mighty blows. Or why so many people who have worked with her have described similar behaviour. I think she' s just written off he career. Oh, well, there is always the corner shop.

Jermaine was the evictee. The best of his interview was when Emma made him squirm about his treatment of Chloe and his wife.

So on to the next crisis. Heaven knows what it will be but this house is very interesting.

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 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Tue Sep 04, 2018 10:44 pm 
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The Chicken Was Innocent


Kirstie, Sally and Gabby started the day cleaning the kitchen and were sickened by the mess. Kirstie was all for getting the men in to help but Sally opposed because they don’t know how to clean.
Isn’t it time they learned?

Today’s Task was to be nice all day, show love, to fellow HMs, as well as no swearing, no complaining, no negative thoughts.

Hardeep claimed that his love for everyone was so profound; Sally stubbed her toe and said it felt good. Hardeep had to decorate his beard with little butterfly and bows clips and everyone duly admired them. Kirstie had to endorse a new face cream with Cheddar cheese draped over her face and swear by its softening qualities. Jermaine was given an aftershave named ‘Foreplay’ to endorse. Unfortunately it smelled of fish sauce and Nick was nearly sick because of it.

One of the funniest bits of the evening came in a conversation about Hardeep’s chicken.
Dan still had an upset stomach and was attributing it to the raw chicken he had for lunch yesterday. Hardeep overheard him and stalked over to the sofa. ‘It wasn’t the chicken!’ he said fiercely. Dan objected. Hardeep said it again ‘It wasn’t the chicken. We all ate the same thing.’ Dan triumphant – ‘but Ryan and Jermaine have upset tummies too!’ Hardeep looked stern. ‘It wasn’t the chicken!’ No one likes to take Hardeep on so Ryan pleaded for today’s chicken to be cooked till it was nice and crispy. Hardeep departed in a huff. Oversensitive, the boys agreed.

Sally had a task of her own. The HMs letters from home were shut away in 12 boxes. Using her psychic powers, she had to find the eight letters. The catch was that there were four X’s in the boxes too and if she found the three of them, all the letters she had managed to find would be forfeit. She lost the task and was absolutely distraught about it. She told BB that she would do anything to get the letters back, even kiss Hardeep every day.

BB relented somewhat. Everyone had to pick a someone to get a letter and when the results were in, they would collectively pick three to get theirs. In the end, Dan, Gabby and Ryan were chosen. All wept copiously over their letters, especially Dan over the letter from his son.

After that, they had a party with a bar and a buffet. Hardeep, still sulky, went off to bed but had to get up quickly when Emma announced there was to be an eviction. Jermaine had been voted out. As soon as he was out of the house,Sally discussed what had happened with Dan and Gabby. She told them that Hardeep didn’t care that Jermaine was gone.
Hardeep was discussing his chances with Nick because he hadn’t been up against any of the popular HMs. Nick soon tired of Hardeep’s self obsession and told him that he niggled people more than anyone in the house.

The second funniest scene was when Ryan indulged in a little bit of chivalry. Hardeep had commented on Sally’s bunions and said she should get something done about them – in front of the whole house. Ryan heard about it and went after Hardeep (he had a drink or two). Hardeep, in his pompous way, was trying to patronise him and close him down with a superior remark or two, but Ryan, a bit drunk, babbled about the way Hardeep spoke to women and self consciousness and … a whole load of things, all mixed up with Sally’s hurt feelings and bunions and embarrassment and Ryan’s care for Hardeep and his respect.
Hardeep kept trying to get a word in, but Ryan’s chivalry flowed like a river and drowned him out. For once, Hardeep lost the argument and departed the field in silence, leaving Ryan comically victorious.

Ah, Ryan's got the right stuff in him!

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2018 10:21 pm 
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No Longer Than A Minute And No Long Words

In the night, Gabby was kept awake by Hardeep’s snoring. Tormented beyond endurance, she went to him and forcibly assisted him on to his side. He was bewildered by this as nothing is ever his fault. He was equally bewildered by the bunion episode last night. It couldn’t just be that passing remarks about other HMs is rather rude, no, there was something else going on there…Ryan is honest but not in certain scenarios and Sally drew him into a conspiracy.
He really believes this and wept.
As for Gabby, he had to bear in mind that she cannot cope with long words or a conversation longer than a minute.
He really is arrogant.

Gabby wished to sort out the comments Hardeep made to her last night (about the postage stamp top) but is not sure she is brave enough to take him on in conversation.

Hardeep ponders why people leave things on the bed. He once met a wonderful girl (two degrees and a PHD) when they went to her place for the first time, he foud that her bed was covered with cuddle toys. He swept them on to the floor and the girl went ballistic. After that, he just couldn’t… The HMs listened in silence to this story; it was embarrassing.

BB obtained Nick’s mike pack and unbeknownst to him put a pedometer in it. The other HMs were tasked with getting him walking as much as they could, hoping that he would reach a secret target set by BB. Poor Nick – he is not noted for being particularly lively but they had him doing circuits and all sorts. In the end, he reached 6,567 steps, well over BB’s target, and won his letter home. He wept of course. He said that even when he was diagnosed with cancer he didn’t cry, but a letter from home in the house…

After that it was nominations time again. The HMs don’t give up easily – all of them nominated Hardeep this time – for his cutting remarks, for his lack of social skills, for his general rudeness. Hardeep himself nominated Sally so the two of them face the public vote this time.

Nominations were no sooner done than Hardeep started winding Gabby up, telling her he’d like to know who she really was. He kept this up for a while and would not explain what he meant. She became angrier and angrier, Finally, he sneered and said, ‘I was only pulling your leg, darling.’
When she went off in tears he called her petulant. Nick challenged him on that and Dan too. N
Hardeep waved a hand dismissively and said they could pass on their apologies to Gabby. Dan called him a sarcastic b******. That about sums him up.

Shortly after, Hardeep approached Gabby with a fulsome apology for his lack of sensitivity, praising her to the skies, telling her she should be celebrated as the impressive and remarkable young woman she is. The flowery pompous phrases flowed and it was obvious he was making a fool of her or trying to. Another way of showing his contempt. Gabby looked at him. Ah, she may not be used to big words and long sentences but she knows a fraud when she hears one. ‘He’s insincere,’ she told Dan. And that was that.
Hardeep is up against Sally in the eviction. What’s the betting he survives against her as she doesn’t seem very popular?

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2018 10:23 pm 
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Bet You Didn’t Know About Papaya

Poor Ryan is still ill – looking ghastly truth be told. The doctor has ordered him into the spare room to rest.

It was an evening of unusual conversations. Sally raised the subject of the school nit nurse, her kidney dish and the dreaded steel comb. Kirstie was shocked but said that at her daughter’s private school, the child had got lice three times.

In the DR, Hardeep was self promoting as usual, trying to persuade viewers that he was misunderstood when he could have been a lot worse than he had been.
He and Sally just don’t like one another.

Gabby explained that she was not Hardeep’s friend in response to a query about after the show. Why would she meet up with him outside when he’s the way he is inside?

Kirstie was given the task of writing comments about the other HMs, purporting to be comments from social media. HMs must guess which HMs the comment refers to. While Kirstie wrote her comments down, Gabby, Dan and Nick were astounded at each other’s ignorance of fruit. Dan, for example, thought a mango was an avocado in spite of finding mango juice delicious. Gabby thought a pomegranate was just a seed. Nich informed him that he found out in prison that papaya was used as a sex toy. He was very graphic. I kind of wish he hadn’t explained that.

Dan and Gabby want Hardeep out. They much prefer Sally who is cute and kind and funny.

Kirstie’s task went well. The comments were easily attributable – eg there is only one hairy HM, Gabby bats her eyelashes, Kirstie is overweight – you get the picture. HMs won the task and are to be rewarded by garden games later.

Dan made tuna sandwiches for Kirstie and Gabby; Kirstie demonstrated how to make American cocktails (it’s all in the ice). While this was going on, Gabby was in the DR telling BB that she couldn’t get over the comments about her. Oh, dear – she is a sensitive soul.

BB gave HMs a list of etiquette dilemmas to discuss. Kirstie, for example would never hug someone at a first meeting, while Hardeep would kiss men on the lips. HMs also debated the etiquette on paying on a date, and breaking up with someone by text. Making comments about other people was surely aimed at Hardeep but he defended his remark passing by saying that he would cross the road to stop and tell a pregnant woman that she was radiant. The girls found this creepy and alarming – just another example of Hardeep getting it wrong. But the best example of this was when they had to debate flatulence and everyone looked at Hardeep who is very guilty of a lack of consideration. He defended this by saying it was a cultural practice in the Punjab where his family come from. Sally was quick to point out that he had been born and raised here in the UK and was well aware that letting rip was a big no-no.

Bet Ofcom get thousands of letters of complaint about the slur on the Punjab’s cultural practices.

While Gabby and Dan soaked in the hot tub complaining about Hardeep, he was in the DR complaining about Sally being in attack mode while Sally and Nick agreed that Hardeep just said things to get the attention of the cameras. He is one weirdo.

I am hoping to see the back of that gross man tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Fri Sep 07, 2018 10:38 pm 
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Another eviction already – Hardeep and Sally are in contention.
I know who Gabby wants to go – she hardly slept last night because of Hardeep’s snoring – and then suddenly the night was over and it was time to get up. She’s not pleased.

Nick and Hardeep had to clear the air too after spatting last night about Hardeep’s interpretation of gender equality. Nick apologised in advance for any offense caused but felt he must get things off his chest. He did try to speak but Hardeep launched into one of his high falutin vague incomprehensible speeches which diverted the course of the conversation. He did point out in simple terms , however, that he was deeply hurt.

Sally and Kirstie exchanged stories about the death threats and other abuse they receive on social media.

Tonight’s task involved BB’s search engine which would throw up requests that the \HMs had to fulfil. Ryan had to make tea; Nick delivered a barnstorming motivational talk to HMs; Dan had to perform a lap dance for Kirstie; and Sally had to be gobby and tell the HMs some home truths. All parties delivered what was asked – Dan was particularly good with the baby oil and the little shorts BB gave them; I think Kirstie was embarrassed to death. Hardeep was savaged by Gabby; he is particularly pompous when defending himself. This time he called Gabby a hypocrite for expressing the desire to see the real Ryan outside when she lambasted him for wanting to see the real Gabby the other day – Hardeep, it’s the way you say things!

But all in all, this task, like the others we have seen, was full of laughter and goodwill. The show really has improved! Their group hug was so good humoured.

Sally recounted another taunt from Hardeep. However, she knows he’ll never change so she just tries to get along with him. Sally and Hardeep had to make their pleas to be saved from eviction – Sally kept it to the minimum (I’m a winner, she said); Hardeep monologued at some length on a sense of completion.

The task was won and gained Hardeep, Sally, and Nick their letters from home. Sally’s was the funniest – the children and the dogs were missing her. Whenever the dogs heard her voice on TV, they went looking for her. Awwwwww…

In the DR, Hardeep explained that he owed his parents everything and went on and on at some length about this.

Kirstie announced that she would tell another Hollywood story. I groaned inwardly because she told one earlier which was really too disgusting but this one turned out to be funny. He pilot of a plane taking cast and crew home from shooting a film approached Kirstie and asked if she would speak to his son. The son appeared in a wheelchair, bandaged from head to foot and asked Kirstie for a hug. She hugged him and then asked what had happened to him. He hugged her some more and kept hugging harder and harder till he actually toppled out of his wheelchair and on top of Kirstie. She called for help but everyone just laughed. Turned out the bandaged one was Wood Harrelson playing a prank!

Hardeep was somewhat surprised to be evicted but made sure the interview went as he wished it to by not letting Emma ask questions. He thought the house was more stressful than a war zone. He came from a different world than the other HMs – a world where people discuss things in long sentences. The HMs aren’t like that. In fact BB was the only one in the house worth talking to, an odd thing to say since BB doesn’t actually have conversations – he just takes charge. Anyway, this patronising prat won’t be missed.

Monday night is the final – how time flies!

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Emergency Ward 10


Nick was asked about life in prison, was it like being in the house? He said that in prison you ha ve to be aware of others and aware of trouble building up. He once saw a man being hit over the head with a sewing mavhine. Uncomfortable to think of Nick in an environment like that.

The HMs decided to stage a hospital drama with Sally the doctor and the boys patients and Kirstie directing. They assembled material for bandages and ketchup for blood. Sally,vibrating with excitement, thought of applying talc to make the patients pale. Hardeep hovered, turning himself into a point of indignation, accusing Sally.'I am a Brown man. I don' t turn pale.That was a borderline racist remark.
He turned and left the room as the others protested.
Dan followed him to demonstrate but Hardeep brought up his turban to prove Sally was bordering on racist. She had forgotten it was called a turban and called it a scarf. Dan is not the brightest - you could see he could smell a rat in Hardeep'logic but couldn't quite articulate it. He did however insist that no one in the house was racist. Hardeep denied that he'd called Sally a racist. Kirstie gave him a right royal dressing down.
. Ryan,who is devoted to Sally, joined the fray and his anger scorched the house. Hardeep walked away again.
Kirstie dislikes Hardeep's style of starting trouble: he drops a bombshell and then leaves. Sally was dealing with escalating hysteria about the racist accusation. Hardeep revied the turban accusation. Ryan was livid and went for Hardeep who backtracked somewhat and said he overreacted. The HMs never got to stage their drama and attention remained on Hardeep for some time. He even seized the opportunity to make an extended rant about a lifetime's racist abuse. Yeah, people are always getting it wrong when it comes to turbans.

So what was that all about? Did he mean what he said and showed himself to be oversensitive? Or was he just using racism as a tool to get attention and vanquish an enemy? But if Roxanne can be kicked off the show for making serious false accusations, then so should he.

Ryan told him that he was gutted that the show should end like this.Perhaps he hasn't realised that making yourself the centre of attention lets people see who you are and they may find you unlikeable.It was nice to see Hardeep go.

Sally predicts that her knight in armour will win the show and that she herself will come third with Nick second.
She has forgotten about Kirstie.

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BB had a surprise for Kirstie: part of the house had been converted to a mock-up of the pub in the sit-com Kirstie is famous for. It wasn't long before she was behind the bar and getting into character. Dan had a drink tossed in his face and was given his marching orders because he got out of line.
The remarkable thing about this incident and the other things that happened in the pub was that everyone was laughing and having a good time - genuinely.

The only sour note all evening was touchy Gabby's sulking and hardiness. She was with Dan and of course he teased her about being miserable, playfully calling her a bitch which caused her to leave the room. He said he was only winding her up but she took it seriously. The drama continued for son time but I have nothing more to say about it really - their conversation was identical to the drivel spouted by 14 year olds when they fall out. It was more embarrassing than interesting except for one element -Gabby would not speak to Dan and finally Kirstie took a kindly but very firm hand in it-Dan stopped winding Gabby up and Gabby rearranged her features outof sulk mode and smiledva little.

Ben returned to the house to do a comic turn, and Natalie and Germaine returned to be interviewed by Rylan. During the interview they managed to dish out advice to their erstwhile HMs. For some reason, it all became uproarious.

Dan found it necessary to sit down and explain to Gabby that they had done nothing wrong. Just friends and all that. Nick advised that they pay no mind to whatever anyone else says. Still, Dan was worried enough about how he might be perceived by his wife to go into the DR and gush about the family life he now appreciated more than he did before. He had the habitual weep.

There was a hilarious karaoke (Nick really can't sing) but everyone joined in and had a good time. And suddenly it was bedtime and theme last night in the .house.

I fancy Kirstie for the win tomorrow though Ryan seems a likely Victor. I'd put Dan and Gabby to the bottom of the heap for being so boring and self absorbed.

Ah, well, we shall see!

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The Last Supper
Champagne,a lovely dinner and fulsome praise of BB and one another. Everything, whatever it was, is forgiven.

First out was Gabby, surprisingly nervous and about as interesting as she was in the house.

Sally was next, delighted to be a finalist. She had a go at Hardeep and didn't miss him and hit the wall.

Nick was urbane and reasonable and quietly charming.

Next came Dan,grinning like piano keys,relieved to be out.

Kirstie was runner up, gracious and fun at the same time - hard to pull that off but she does so effortlessly.

Ryan was winner. I think he won the night Roxanne slandered him.

All in all this was a good series. No goings on under the duvet, little swearing,no conflicts manufactured by BB, good tasks (I loved the public eye) and a good selection of HM's.

Civilian BB, the last ever, starts on Friday night.
The last ever...I can almost hear the 'dying fall.'

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And we're off to a rip roaring start: no reality tv personnel, nor glamour models HMs were ordinary people in ordinary occupations. Even Emma came dressed as Rosie the Riveted, glam but workman like.

CIAN A red haired, red bearded farmer from Tipperary who is utterly incomprehensible when he gabbles in brogue. He's gay and when small had the ambition to be a spice girl.

ANAMELIA DARK haired and exotic, born in Brazil, has lived all over. She speaks Swedish and Portuguese
She's a ragbag of the esoteric- spititualist, medium, numerologist...Most notably, she knew how to pose for the cameras.

LEWIS (hereinafter known as LewisF to distinguish him from Lewis G who came in later) a handsome young man and a pleasant manner although he claims to have issues and be somewhat erratic. He also writes poetry.

KENALEY is a telesales girl with long long extensions,knotted into striped braids. She was eager to show off her twerking skills at the set - must a useful addition to her Health and a Social Care degree.

TOMASZ is Polish, I think, around butterball in a dress and women's jewellery. He says he's gender fluid. He dreams of meeting either a nun or a bisexual bodybuilder in the house. He has long purple talons which are quite alarming.

CAMERON is only 18, votes Tory, and cannot stand affection or touching. Perhaps that's why he wears two pairs of underpants at all times - as a barrier. He fears romantic rejection.

SIAN is a single parent who works in a cafe. Her breasts, which nearly toppled out of her dress, cost her £4,000. The men seemed very appreciative. Or maybe that was her see through chiffon skirt.

ELLIS is a Scot who works in MacDonalds and loves IRN BRU. She irritated in a small way by wearing a tiny tartan mini dress which she kept pulling down as soon as it rode up; either get comfortable with a tiny dress or wear a longer one.Still. she is only 18 and hasn' t learned yet.

ISAAC is a former footballer who hates pointless conversation. He is very self confident - one to watch.

BROOKE is a graphic designer, a Buddhist and a lesbian. Defiantly unglamourous in tee shirt and chain bedecked jeans although she is pretty.

AKEEM looks older than his 26 years or perhaps I should say more mature. A very self possessed young man.

KAY loves tantric crystals, dressing up as a boy, and suffers from claustrophobia.

ZOE is a single parent whose son has special needs. She gave up work to look after him. She sometimes wets the bed and has requested plastic sheets. She seems like a natural comedienne with a quick wit and funny facial expressions. She's likeable.

The other Lewis is LEWIS G and as fair as LEWIS F is dark.. LEWIS G lived for a time in the Playboy Mansion. His mother was a model or a Bunny Girl. Anyway, he has never got over that time. He's vain as a peacock and dances about in a multicoloured silk shirt. He'sexhausttin to watch.

BB introduced a currency to the house. SIAN was given a bag with a hundred Big Coins in it. Other HMs were each given an empty bag which they will fill with coins over the week. BB gave them an,instant opportunity to gather coins by dropping dozens of them from the ceiling. What a scramble to get them!
Poor TOMASZ broke his long purple nails trying to pick up coins from the floor.

There are to be no Saturday night shows this series -so we will meet again on Sunday.

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Very sorry to hear that BB is finishing with the current series.


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Hi, Des.
It would do BB a lot of good to get away from Channel 5. They demeaned the show. Endemol are looking for a new channel. It isn't over till it's over!


HM gathered up the coins, which rained from the ceiling, amid much profanity. Isaacs (that is his name) scooped one from the table and was challenged immediately by Anamelia who said it was hers and made a huge fuss. Isaacs face darkened with real anger but he surrendered the coin. The coin wasn’t in her money bag so she cannot claim it was hers. But as the evening will show, Anamelia likes to make dramas.

It was Ellis’s birthday and she danced on the living room table to celebrate. It must have been an unpleasant experience for those who were already seated there because she had removed her knickers and kept thrusting her bare bottom at people. Young Cameron wondered how often he was going to be treated to this view with such a dry long suffering air that I think he will make a very clever HM.

Tomasz, he of the fluid gender and Little Lotte legs and the white lacy fan, confessed that he has been in an open relationship for eight years – just sex though, no emotion involved. The thought occurred that he may well not be a truthful HM.

HMs had to bank their coins with BB. Their balance will be kept secret and at the end of the week, those HMs with the smallest balance will be up for eviction.

Ellis, meanwhile, danced into the storeroom with Lewis G and became a whirling dervish. She told him she liked his shirrrt in purest Glaswegian. After, in the DR, she said that Lewis G was her cup of tea because he was irresistible and she couldn’t resist him. She’s only known him about four minutes!

Zoe got Bed 13 in the bedroom. She wasn’t very happy about it because she is afraid of 13. Cain offered to swap with her if she was so troubled, but she offered to share with him. Maybe she knows he’s gay and she’s safe. Or perhaps she isn’t.

The night was not peaceful. Tomasz, in an alice band and pretty pink pyjamas snored like a buzz saw. In the dark, one voice despaired :’How are we ever going to get some sleep?’

Next morning, HMs were all dancing about and Tomasz tried a sinuous dance with his upper body from a sitting position. BB sent them on another quest for coins : they had to form two teams and answer quiz questions – they could bet as many coins as they liked on their answer. A winning bet meant a huge amount of coins going into each member’s bag.

In the DR, Zoe’s unlucky 13 turned out to be lucky after all. It entitles her, if she so wishes, to swap her bag of coins for someone else’s better one at the end of the week. She has a necklace of power which will effect the swap and it all has to be kept a deep secret.
She wept a little in the DR – she’s missing her son and she feels like an outsider as she’s not girly and never bonds with other women.

Ellis covered her rear with the skimpiest of bikinis and danced around again. She is so aware of the effect she’s having on the guys – or the effect she thinks she’s having. Cameron wasn’t the only one who is a little disgusted with her performance.

Ellis and Lewis G were dancing again and she leapt up to be caught in his arms. He ended up holding her naked bottom in his hands. He had a proper handful.
Oh, Cringe! At night, they chose adjoining beds and as soon as the lights went out she slipped over to his. Cringe!
However they were not to enjoy forbidden pleasures for long.The next day Ellis was summoned to the DR and given a piece of paper to read. It contained some unpleasant tweets she’d authored when she was 15 for which she was removed from the house. A little harsh, I thought, to hold teen ramblings against her. On the other hand, the rear end was tiresome.

Anamelia discussed sexual attraction with Lewis F. She prefers partners who know about tantric sex and coming to full body orgasm. She also has to be in love. Lewis, for his part, has to be confident that his partner is at his level of tantric sex. Their bragging reached stalemate but Anamelia beat Lewis it by boasting of a threesome – must have been awesome – three persons in love, into tantric sex at the same level, and all achieving full body orgasm simultaneously.
It’s at times like this I know that I haven’t lived.

The other Lewis(G) was also showing off. Cameron was awestruck that he could do handstands for four Hours. Again that dryly humorous delivery that made the magnificent Lewis G seem ridiculous. Zoe took it on herself to show him how to do handstands.

Anamelia had a heart to heart with Kenaley. Not everyone understands her, she wailed. She’s an outsider, seen as weird Kay came in and added some more sympathy. The three shared a group hug during which Anamelia produced three crystals and some prayers and blessings.
Weird, yes.

Kay pretended to interview Anamelia for a tv programme. Anamelia was asked to describe her ideal man. She described a tall caramel coloured broad shouldered man.
Lewis F instantly challenged her about sexist objectification. If a man had described an ideal woman like that…
One word borrowed another, mainly from Anamelia who clearly likes a scrap,and soon she was shouting and waving her arms around. Anamelia loves a drama. The row was settled when she told Lewis that he was entitled to preferences too. As an aside, she added that Lewis was just jealous because he didn’t fit her ideal.
Oooooh – the arrogance|! I foresee a good deal of trouble from that lady.

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