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 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Wed Oct 03, 2018 11:25 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
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One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Game Changer today. The nominees (Brooke,Akeem, Kenaley , and Isaac) will strive to win the Game Changer Task and save themselves from possible eviction. Thomasz also has an extra life to give away and has promised to aid Isaac.
The quiz was simple – questions on last night’s party (eg how many
glitter balls were hanging from the ceiling?). Akeem was quickly eliminated and then Brooke. Thomasz gave the extra life to Isaac when only he and Keneley were left in the game, but he still lost. So Keneley was safe from eviction. She and Brooke fled to the bathroom where Brooke dissolved in tears. She doesn’t know why the HMs nominated her and she can’t relax with anyone any more. Keneley felt the same.
Cruel BB to let them think that. They were never nominated but doomed by the lower number of votes they got from the public.

Cian and Brooke both distrust Thomasz who is busy questioning Sian about Lewis in his ferrety way.
Under their watchful eyes.

To cross the line between sanity and insanity is not as hard as people may think. Lewis and Cameron are having no trouble at all in crossing. This became apparent when they were discussing Kay’s departure. Lewis wondered what she was saying about them out there. Cameron, his face set like concrete, said they could not defend themselves – she could be saying anything at all, destroying them, changing people’s opinion of them. Lewis got all worked up about this and spoke hissingly of Slither (Harry Potter) and parcel tongue and a houseful of snakes and weasels. It was quite terrifying to hear. Cameron caught the Lewis paranoia and posited that Kay had staged her whole exit last night just to make Lewis and Cameron look bad.

Cian tried at various points to talk them down to no avail, but this last made him explode. ‘Jesus Mary and Joseph!’ he yelled and then gave them what for. That was strange to see because Cian, the big red haired man from a farm in Ireland, has an almost childlike enjoyment of the house and the people in it. And a loathing of shouting. His middle name is ‘good nature’. In private, he advised Cameron to mind his moods. It was clear really that he meant avoid Lewis who was dragging him down.
Good advice if paranoia can be said to be catching. Cameron has caught a raging contagion from Lewis. It could be that Cian’s sunny disposition and solid good sense will help Cameron if he is wise enough to listen.

So, not a happy household this week. BB knew what he was doing when he brought in Big Coins and Game Changers and public votes. Suspicious minds have taken over.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2018 11:38 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
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BB Airlines: a watchful eye while you fly

This week’s shopping task took the HMs to China on holiday. In the care of stewardesses Thomasz, Sian, and Zoe, who will carry out inflight duties to the very highest standard, passengers were anxious to get away. I think one or two of them thought they were actually going somewhere!

The first inflight duty was to upgrade two passengers to first class. Sian chose Isaac and Lewis as they would have been a nightmare in economy. The second duty was to perform the safe evacuation procedures: passengers had a good laugh at Thomasz who couldn’t get his life jacket on over his bulk.

The flight to China was 5and a half hours long. Cameron and Cian were laughing and joking (Cameron is a different lad away from Lewis) and Thomasz came and chided them after complaints about the noise. They pretended just to have got married and that this trip was their honeymoon.

Sian has charge of a baby, Bao-Bao, who is flying unaccompanied. She gives the little boy to Lewis who will be his chaperone and look after him on the trip. He will require feeding or rocking whenever he cries. Two hours into the journey, lunch is served but Bao-Bao is crying broken heartedly. Lewis was very patient and cuddled him devotedly but charming Isaac turned in his seat and demanded he shut the F------ baby up. He is very aggressive.

Thomasz, who spends all his time on the sofa in the house, found it difficult to stay upright and lay face down on the floor for much of the flight.

Passengers were given headphones and vocabulary sheets so that they could learn Mandarin. Akeem took this part of the task very seriously and walked up and down the aisle studiously repeating Mandarin phrases. Cameron rather unpleasantly suggested he was showing off for the cameras. Keneley also got into trouble for trying to learn the phrases coming at her through the headphones. His aggression mounting, Isaac turned and told her to shut up as well as Bao-Bao. But of course, she’s not an infant which cannot reply. ‘Why are you talking to me like that?’ she repeated.’There’s no need for it.’ She continued in that vein for some time – poor Isaac; how he must have wished he’d never started on her.

The plane descended in China and the passengers were taken straight to BB’s house where BB will only talk in Mandarin and all the house signs are in Mandarin too. A Chinese feast awaits them and even amusing Fortune Cookies which again, one or two HMs appear to believe in.

In the DR, Cameron found that BB would only speak in Mandarin and he struggled desperately to understand. He should have learned his phrases like Akeem and Keneley.

Isaac approached Keneley with a wholehearted apology. He blamed his behaviour on the flight.
Isaac, you didn’t actually fly anywhere. It was Bao-Bao’s crying that got on your nerves.

While HM’s played spin the can in the pool, Lewis and Bao Bao took a bath together. The HMs saw that he was in a bad mood, overthinking things as usual. Cian was bursting with a secret he confided to Lewis. At last, he’s out with it – he has a crush on Cameron.

Shortly after, he regrets speaking up.

Cameron came into the bathroom, irked by one of the HMs who questioned Lewis’s sanity. He won’t say who but Lewis doesn’t want to know anyway.

Cian joined Zoe and told her about gorgeous Cameron, how he loves him, how he loves his smile, how he’s sure his affection is not reciprocated, how he, Cian, will put the friendship before his other feelings.

In contrast, we were treated to the sleazy, insidious advances of Thomasz. He has a habit of cuddling up to the men and touching them, in the knowledge that they will not make a fuss on TV. Thomasz cuddled up to Akeem, patting his am, stroking his shoulders. ‘Please respect my relationship outside,’ said Akeem but Thomasz did not cease and desist. He really is a sleaze.

Meanwhile, Cian has drawn Cameron aside to declare his feelings but he is full of blushes and hesitations before he finally spits out his affection for Cameron. Of course, he says, Cameron has not to doubt their friendship, or his integrity, or fear pressure on him…

Later he spoke to Lewis about the situation. Lewis encourages him to be more open about his sexuality. Which is a silly thing to say considering everyone knows his sexuality since he practically declared it in the first couple of days of the series.
Well, good luck to Cian and bad luck to Isaac who I hope will be evicted tomorrow night.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Fri Oct 05, 2018 11:38 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
Posts: 3347
Fan And Lion

HMs were still in China, being tormented by BB continuing to speak in Mandarin even when he was only telling them to change the batteries in their mikes.
But the main topic of conversation was Cian and his declaration of love for Cameron. Thomasz reckoned that Cameron would feel awkward now and so did Cameron as it happened. Everyone was a bit awkward , even Lewis, best mate of Cameron and big brother, who would find it difficult to advise on gay matters.

Cian, woken up by the thunder of Chinese gongs, couldn’t believe what he’d done last night. He even asked Cameron how awkward he felt with him. Cameron, of course, felt too awkward to answer.

However, such speculation was temporarily in abeyance as Cian struggled to eat baked beans with his chopsticks while Lewis Keneley and Cameron were whisked away to learn the Chinese fan dance.

Cameron’s confusion about how to handle Cian’s feelings for him was a theme throughout the evening and became rather repetitive and just a little unconvincing as Cameron milked it for all it was worth and repeated t was a new experience for him in the DR.

Brooke, Isaac, and Akeem had more fun learning the Chinese Lion dance, the one where brightly coloured paper head and body goes over the dances – I always thought the beast formed by this was a dragon, not a lion.

After the two dances had been performed for the others, it was almost time to fly home. But first Lewis had to surrender Baby Bao- Bao. Lewis wept and protested at being separated from the baby and was in a foul mood when he warned Cian about being careless with Cameron’s feelings.

HMs boarded the plane ad Lewis was separated from Cameron as well. He sat alone and then found out that there was a two hour delay and they would have to stay on bard the plane. Lewis leapt to his feet and went to the cockpit, ranting that he could not face the delay, that he could not sit in his seat for that length of time. It was a spectacular rebellion but it was soon quelled by a reminder that this was the shopping task. He returned to his seat and was soon vibrating hilariously with the others as the plane hit turbulence.

The group passed the shopping task and got down to making the shopping list – they managed to fall out over broccoli, cabbages, and carrots. Cian also was upset over Cameron and his own wrong handling of the situation. He passed it off lightheartedly in front of the others but soon slipped away to the bedroom for a secret weep.

Lewis and Cameron had a deep conversation about…guess what? And finally, Lewis managed to extract from his an admission that he is gay. Thank Heaven. No more speculation or spinning out the suspense – the boy is gay and that’s that

The eviction was a bit of an anti-climax. Isaac was binned. His interview with Emma was dull – he is too laconic to be interesting and it really was too much to put all the blame for his departure on Lewis G.

There was one last surprise to finish off an amusing evening – two new HMs joined the house: Isabella, posh totty and rider of horses; and Hussein who wants to be famous and can be confrontational.

It must be hard to come in so late in the series!

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sun Oct 07, 2018 11:25 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
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King of The House

Most of the action tonight was centred on the newomers,Hussain and Isabella. Isabella has a magnetic charm and has made a good impression on everyone, even Zoe, who found herself hurt by being dropped by Cian in favour of Isabella and yet liking Isabella in spite of that. Hussain impacted less successfully on the house. He seems afflicted by a massive dose of grandiosity, calling himself King of The House and the Game Changer playing agamewith Thomasz which wiillsaying that the HMs don't know how to read him aind they're all afraid of him already. If only he could hear :what they were saying: Cameron thinks he's a cut rate Lewis G; Thomasz has him down as an unsubtle braggart. They're both right.

Cameron had a chat with Cian about breaking the news of his 'secret', a rambling and routine half hearted speech which bored Cian and no doubt the entire BB audience.Hussain and Isabella were given a food budget. Hussain wanted to keep it all to himself but Isabella asked HMs if they were short of anything in the house. She is likeable.

BB told HMs what their bank balance was -Thomasz was the richest after inheriting Isaac's coins. The auction was more ambitious than last week's -a pamper hamper was up for grabs and a cocktail kit. Lewis bought both and shared with the girls. But the big lot of the evening was the chance to bid for immunity from eviction this week. Needless to say Thomasz secured that prize.
Hussein had a good deal to say about lack of cleanliness in the house and practically ordered the girls to get to work, not himself, not the men, just the girls. I can see he's going to much loved in the house.

Brooke had a strange little chat with Lewis. She wanted to know if she was straight would he go for her, telling him that he is everything she would like in a boyfriend except for sex. Lewis didn't seem to mind that.

At the end of the evening, Isabella warned Hussain about his attitude abutnd arrogance but he only laughed at the idea they were afraid he was going to breakup their group.
Oh, dear...

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 11:18 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
Posts: 3347

Nomination time again, apart from Hussein and Isabella, and of course Thomasz who has purchased an immunity.
It was also time for Zoe to make up with Cian after feeling replaced by Isabella in his affections. All’s well. Cian was just being his over enthusiastic self about Isabella and had not forgotten Zoe after all.
Cameron is thoroughly fed up with Hussein who prowls the house endlessly in his blazing white jerkin and joggers and dark sunglasses and declares that he is king of the house. Hussein isn’t impressed with Cameron either - he’s a miserable person and it’s because he’s under Lewis’s influence.

Nominations were unequivocal in their choice of nominees. Akeem and Lewis were streets ahead. HMs deemed Akeem a show off playing to the cameras; Lewis was known to indulge in deep conversations. Even Brooke, who only the other night told Lewis that he was all that she looked for in a boyfriend, nominated him.
Hussein, bored with being an observer of the nominations, went for a walk round the garden bragging about his boldness. HMs tried to bring him back because there was a collective punishment for leaving the room during noms but he played the strong individual who took orders from no one. Until BB called him in. AND told him to remove his sunglasses inside the house.
Anyway, Akeem and Lewis are nominated and Keneley got the secret public vote.

Lewis asked for silence when the noms were over as Cameron had something to tell them. He talked for quite a while, dancing round the topic and unable to bring himself to say the word ‘gay’ but eventually he spat it out. It is not the first time he has come out as gay - he told Lewis the other night and had hinted at it constantly so why the HMs were clapping and cheering I really can’t say; however if he finds peace that’s well and good. But his Dad slipped up in BBOTS the other night by saying that Cameron had been out to his family for some time. This would indicate that being gay was just another tactic in the game.

In the DR, Lewis could talk of nothing else but Cameron coming out. BB offered to throw a coming out party if Lewis would pay 150 Big Coins. The bargain was agreed provided the party food included Cameron’s fave cheesecake.

Thomasz got ready for the party by twerking while leaning on the kitchen counter. I could have done without that sight! Thomasz also had some relationship advice for Cameron (he should have included do not twerk when you weigh 20 stone):

Honesty, trust and compromise make a relationship.
Date. Do not have sex right away.
Always practise safe sex

Cian cuddled Cameron in his exuberant way to show his approval. Brooke wept remembering her own coming out.

Lewis and Brooke cuddled up in bed.
She’d just nominated him! And she’s gay anyway! What is she up to?

Lewis asked Hussain to bring him a glass of water when he came back to bed – Hussein brought the water but stood in front of Lewis and drank it. This was a pointless and deliberately provocative act
Hussain has already been called a cut rate Lewis G but Hussain says he is King. How long will he last in the house?

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 11:46 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
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Lots of ‘best laid plans o’ mice and men’ going ‘agley’ this evening; lots of mistaken judgements; lots of poisoned words in HMs’ ears.

In the DR, Lewis declared himself unhappy with Hussein, that rude rat, that disrespectful weasel. This was all about Hussein’s claim to the throne and that glass of water drunk down in front of Lewis. Lewis shouldn’t worry as Hussein has made a bad impression everywhere, so much so that when he approached smokers’ corner, those incorrigible smokers, Cian and Keneley, rose and left before he arrived.

Hussein does not like Lewis either. He blabbed on about this to Isabella who is a kind of Mother figure to him, but she wasn’t really listening as she was enjoying watching Lewis work out instead.

Nomination results were announced – Akeem, Lewis and Keneley are nominated. Almost immediately HMs discussed the Game Changer tomorrow and who might be saved. Thomasz tried to get Brooke and Zoe aboard to vote in such a way that Akeem would go and Thomasz’s obsession with being rid of him achieved. Foolishly the girls thought he was out to save Keneley.

Meanwhile, another drama was taking place in the house. Lewis’s sausages have disappeared. In the DR , Lewis told BB that he was sure Hussein had purloined them, leaving him just one. He wants to leave the house, he said. He embarked on a spectacular rant about sausages until he brought on a kind of panic attack and BB had to remind him of his breathing techniques.

Later, downstairs in the store, he found his sausages untouched in another little cupboard. He thinks he’s being gaslighted but in fact he put the sausages there himself. He had to do his breathing exercises again. Back in the DR, he admitted to losing his marbles and losing his sausages, and to an increasing paranoia.

Downstairs, HMs still quarrelled about the Game Changer tomorrow. Keneley spoke to Thomasz and told him he wasn’t to be influenced unduly. Thomasz marshalled his group and got them organised. Cameron, in the corner, reckoned Thomasz would throw any one of them under a bus if it got him a win.

BB had 350 Big Coins to give to one of the new HMs as a start up. The HMs had a meeting to decide who was to have the money, Isabella or Hussein. To be honest, there wasn’t much debate about it and the charming Isabella was granted the money. The only problem was that she had to take the Coin out of someone else’s account. Thomasz being the richest HM, she took the money from him thus depriving him of any power in the Game Changer. Thomasz’s face was like thunder – all his plans, all his marshalling of his troops were to no avail. Cian was now the richest HM and would have the Game Changer power.

Brooke has been rather quiet throughout the series but tonight she showed her true talents: caused a row between Zoe and Keneley by running between them carrying tales. It’s not the first time she’s done that. Hmmmm…worth the watching is Miss Brooke.

In the DR, Lewis announced that he was drained and cannot get to sleep because of the others sitting up so late to attract camera time.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 10:54 pm 
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DR Lewis was in a foul mood this morning because he only had three hours sleep ast night. The other HMs kept him awake by playing silly games. He named the worst offenders- their ears must have been burning.

Downstairs, Cameron defended Lewis to Zoe – he’ll be al right. He just finds some things hard.

In the DR, Isabella was defending Hussein in a way – she says he’s all front. Or like a chocolate – hard on the outside and gooey inside.

Thomasz advised Hussein to make the right decisions. In Thomasz speak that actually means do what he tells you.

Zoe apologised for their argument the night before. Lewis responded with a despairing cry of ‘I don’t belong here. I really don’t.’
Poor Zoe was anguished, thinking his leaving would be her fault. She has yet to learn what a drama queen he is.

Everyone was peacefully sunbathing in the garden until Cameron leapt up with a scream. A flying insect had passed by him. Then it landed on his jacket. He rolled and writhed till it was got rid of. Camera time?

Cameron declared that some people in the house were fake but refused to name them much to Hussein’s displeasure. He challenged Cameron to ante up so Cameron told Hussein that he was a fake for calling himself King. Unpleasant bickering took place, ended by Cameron when he told Hussein that he wasn’t intelligent enough to hold a conversation with.
Oh, dear – is Cameron rather getting above himself? Is he condescending?

The Game Changer was a domino run. Cian had chosen Zoe and Keneley to play and the nominees were on the other side.
They had tables set up like a model railway and had to stand the dominos so that they would fall all round the track. Everyone’s run failed except Lewis’s. He was pleased to have won and accepted the necklace of power with dignity. When it came to choosing who to save, he saved himself like a sensible man. That leaves Akeem and Keneley up for eviction.
Hussein was furious that Lewis will be staying another week – Hussein considers him a negative force. Lewis doesn’t think much of Hussein either.

Akeem left some untidiness in the loo, and Hussein challenged him on it. There was some rowdy banter when Akeem returned from his task and he farted on Caeron’s bed. Cameron was enraged and launched into one of his rants. Akeem’s apology made little difference to his disgust.

Lewis chatted to Isabelle about the groups in the house - smokers, misfits, girls etc and decried the low standard of conversation: toilet humour, sex and boozing.
Brooke overheard and defended the others, saying they were bred with little to do so they indulged in that kind of chat. She then went to smokers’ corner and told the others what Cameron was saying and how he looked down on them all.
Talk about stirring.

Another row broke out between Hussein and Lewis – they shouted at one another for a while but I think Lewis won because he gabbles at 200 words a minute and bewilders the opposition.

Lewis and Brooke tried to make the peace. He had her pinned down on the floor while he sat on her knees. I didn’t like that – it was quite intimidating. Anyway, she told him he shouldn’t be surprised at a nomination because he isolated himself and made his feelings about the others clear.

There were other tiny snippets of conversation:

Akeem remarked that Thomasz had fallen down the leader board after losing all his money – Thomasz showed steel – he will climb his way back up, he says.

Cameron chatted to Lewis about Hussein – he’s just not comfortable with him. Isabelle told Brooke she thought Lewis was gorgeous. Broke criticised Lewis for saving himself in Game Changer.

And so it goes on – a happy house.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 11:34 pm 
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Lewis Again

Shopping task tonight: HMs divided into two groups, the Doers and the Thinkers, and attempt an impossibly difficult task. The Thinkers Cameron, Lewis, Akeem)had to arrange all the other HMs in a row, rating them in the order of attractivenss that they themselves had assigned themselves. HMs had to stand on little pads. If Thinkers got it right they would escape unscathed; if they got it wrong, the circuit was complete and they got electric shocks.
Thomasz complained loudly at being put in with the thinkers I am not a doer,’ he wailed.Well we know that ,Thomasz, since we have noticed that you have the greatest difficulty heaving yourself off the sofa.

Failure in the task was guaranteed – how could Thinkers possibly know that Thomasz had rated himself 2 for attractiveness and so on? Then there was a question : who was most likely to start an argument? Or who was most likely to be fake/?Thinkers incurred 27 fails and the Doers were duly shocked.

The Thinkers wore specs and white coats. Throughout the game, Lewis sniped at Cameron and Akeel. He laughed while he did it = he seemed to think it was funny. Cameron was a bit bewildered, Akeem was definitely not pleased.
The next part of the task was Eat The Answer. Isabella and Sian were shown a table covered in weird edibles. The Thinkers had to ask them to eat one form a list they had – camel’s milk and escargots and such like. If the girls selected the wrong food, they incurred fails. It wasn’t long before the girls reached the vomiting stage (my unfavourite task every year)and they failed again.
In short, it’s basic rations again next week.
Lewis was rather unpleasant to Isabelle after the task, saying that her breath stank of rancid fish etc. She ate some really revolting stuff but all for the team – why get so personal with her?

In the DR, Cameron was unwittingly funny. He felt that the Thinkers worked well together, although he had to keep them in line as they were like naughty children. I think he really believes that he can handle these two grown men!

In the hot tub, Akeem was explaining the eviction night procedures to Isabelle when Lewis interrupted and Akeem told him to shut up. Lewis said a gross thing in return and the row was on. I was astonished – Akeem is the sensible pas=cific force in the house but he gave as good as he got this time, much to Lewis’s dismay. Akeem was just not backing down and he proved that he could shout as loudly and for as long as Lewis did. The language was unrepeatable. Cian intervened because he thought the row was getting very serious and got Akeem out of the room. Cameron advised Cian not to get involved and started a row there – he actually told Cian to control himself. Cian roared that he couldn’t get anything right in this house,
You did a good job of keeping the men in line, Cameron.

In the DR, Akeem refuted charges of two facedness and thought he and Lewis would sort things out in the morning.

But Lewis was involved in another row – with Isabella this time. She had been telling him that his behaviour made her unnecessarily uncomfortable, Lewis sprang into rant again. She tried to get him to stop but he raved even harder.
Waste of time, Isabella, he’s losing the place entirely.

In the DR, Lewis reckoned the row was all Akeem’s fault – he was shouting. Everyone is hypocritical, he said, forgetting how often he shouts and rants.
I wish he was up for eviction tomorrow.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 12:34 am 
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Bodily Functions

Rather a flat evening tonight as they got ready for the eviction and were not particularly interested in anything else. Akeem advised Hussein to talk about Lewis to his face, not behind his back.

Cameron feels better about himself away from social media – he is a 100% himself.
I wish he’d explained what he meant by that. Is Cameron on social media a different animal? Nicer or nastier?

Brooke and Kenaley (just discovered I’ve been mis-spelling her name) discussed nipple piercings, specifically whether they should get a second one when the piercings mean a loss of feeling in that area. Kenaley whisked Brooke away to the toilet to show her genital piercings.
Please. No!

The last part of the shopping task was our old friend the buzz wire. Akeem had to direct Thomazs in passing the wand round the wire without touching the wire and setting of the alarm. Thomazs indulged in hysterics as always when activity is demanded of him. His little squeals echoed round the house whenever the wand touched the wire and when the task was over he had a massive fit of the vapours and blamed Akeem for the failure.
I could get very tired of Thomazs.

The results of the shopping task over the two days were read out – 38 fails and the maximum allowed was 35. So a basic shopping budget for next week - £2. 50 per HM per day. The shopping list caused the usual squabbling and they paid no attention to the time. BB warned them more than once that they only had 10 minutes but they carried on bickering and pretending not to hear BB. When the shopping list was presented to BB, he informed them that they had run over time and that anything on the list added after time would be removed from the list.

This caused Cameron to have a hissy fit – he had ordered green apples after time was up which are necessary to his bowel function. Without apples for a whole week he’ll he’ll be constipated.

Brooke talked to Cian about how Lewis is forever asking relationship advice which she is not happy about. If the conversation that Isabelle had with Lewis is anything to go by, it’s no surprise that Brooke is not happy. Poor Isabelle had to put up with hearing about his masturbation habits. He doesn’t have sex. He cultivates his masculine energy by masturbating once a month and then he’ll be able to have sex with a woman. He separates orgasm from ejaculation.
What a sad declaration. How embarrassing to have to listen to it on TV.
Sex used to be fun.

Lewis described the plots and backstabbing in the house to Zoe. He complained that people were talking about him and Cameron.
Of course they are, Lewis – they see that he is very much under your influence and it’s very much to his detriment.

Kenaley was evicted, just when I had learned to spell her name. Asked about Cameron, she said he preached and preached at the other HMs and obviously felt superior to them. But of course she expressed the obligatory goo over his coming out.

Paranoia in the house is spreading because of the secret public vote which they don’t know about – they think an HM is nominating and spend time wondering who.

She was a lively HM and down to earth. It was a pity she, and all the girls for that matter, are opposed by the triangle of men – Akeem, Lewis and Cameron who appear to be sucking the air out of the house. The girls hang together very well this year but BB keeps the attention on the trio. She chose to leave her \Big Coins(560) to Hussein.
Ah, well. She was entertaining and good luck to her.

Emma has promised a double eviction next week and a week in a day.
Sounds interesting.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sun Oct 14, 2018 11:43 pm 
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The Big Events of the evening were the redistribution of funds and the auction of a mysterious power. Other snippets of conversation were recorded but the effect was that they were glossed over quickly so that we could come to the games.

The auction was very much on HMs minds; all talk was speculative. Thomasz and Hussein sat together openly longing for the money and power a win at the auction would bring. Cameron talked gameplaying to Zoe and arrogance to Hussein. Hussein is more analytical that I had thought – he has noticed that while Cameron always defends Lewis, Lewis never defends him. True. Cameron always has an excuse when Lewis exhibits his sometimes bad behaviour.
Cameron is the only one who shows an unabashed interest in the Power auction. He is concerned that it may be a bad prize, one of BBs special tricky prizes. But then, Cameron never looks forward to anything.

There were short intermissions from discussing the Power auction when Lewis and Brooke rough housed on the floor and when Cian and Brooke were horrified by Thomazs utter ruthlessness –Brooke does tend to whisper her wisdom to any who will listen; Lewis confided to Cameron that Thomasz will turn his guns on him now to get him out of the house, He must infiltrate his group.

Now to the redistribution of funds. There was a room to which HMs were sent, one by one. In the room were golden piggy banks with a HM’s name on each one. There were also moneybags which were to be selected at random. In each bag was a selections of Big Coin of various denominations. Each HM had to choose a bag at random, take out the coins in it and choose a piggy bank to put the money in. There was also a bank breaker coin which removed all the money from a chosen HMs account and a secret steal coin which did the same thing except that the removed money went into the account of the HM who stole it away.

In the end, Akeem was dismayed to go bankrupt when Isabella used the secret stealth coin;Thomazs was hit by the bankbreaker coin and lost his funds when Brooke used it on the grounds that he hadn’t worked for his coins -– he was not pleased.
This meant that when the auction was held, neither Akeem nor Thomazs could make a bid for the prize which worked out rather neatly for BB.

Hussein won the auction although he does not know exactly what he has won and will be told tomorrow. All the same, he strutted around and spoke of power and big decisions. Don’t let it go to your head, Hussein.

I’m glad the evening is over. It all got very confusing when the piggy banks were being lifted and filled and names of people who had received a coin here or there were flying about, especially since they speeded up the film so everyone could be seen. It was impossible to keep track of all transactions.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 11:47 pm 
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Born Again Virgin

Today is nominations day as if it wasn’t bad enough to be still suffering guilt from the auction and the piggy bank raids yesterday. Like Brooke. She went into the DR and wept because she’d given Thomasz the bank breaking card. She felt that she didn’t mind being disliked by Thomasz but now she’s overwhelmed.

Also in the DR was Lewis, fulminating about Thomasz who will ‘f…’ everyone over, and Isabelle who is annoying, and Hussein who is a fake.
Lewis was in spiteful good form this morning.

All the HMs were speculating about the identity of the winner of the auction yesterday. Hussein made dark threats about the absolute power nom. Cameron afraid because so much nom talk is going on and he fears they will be punished. Lewis just gave a ‘do your worst giggle’. He is in strange mood today.

Zoe gave Thomasz a new makeup look today – a grotesque clown with a huge vulgar crimson mouth. Thomasz christened it ‘his vagina face’.

Lewis kept asking Lewis who he would nominate. When he didn’t get an answer, he strutted round the house, shouting and swearing.

In the DR, Hussein was told that he had won the mystery box and Absolute Power of nomination. The nominee will not be able to take part in the Game Changer. He cannot be saved at all.
Hussein chose Lewis as the nominee because he had come for the King and had to be destroyed.

Lewis lay in bed pretending to be an alarm clock and other things,
He may have worked out that he will be a nominee on Friday and merely hopes that bizarre behaviour will keep him in.
Either that or he really has gone nuts.

Nominations for this week were pretty predictable – Lewis had the special nomination; Zoe had the secret public vote; and Thomasz and Hussein were up in the usual way.

Yet again, HMs speculated about who will be up and who had the auction Power.
The worst offender was Lewis who se suspicions of Isabelle have reached shrieking level. He cross questioned her but she would not play his game and went off laughing.
Thomasz has a psycho laugh which was heard when Isabelle told him about Lewis’s suspicions. Zoe remarked, apropros of nothing, that she hadn’t had sex for a year; Thomasz assured her that she was a virgin again because everything had grown back.

Lewis continued being a naughty boy by diving in the pool, splashing, and doing headstands, ignoring several warnings from BB. The pool was then put out of bounds for everyone.

In the DR, Lewis’s tone was insolent. He claimed that his inner child had got the better of him. When BB was not impressed, he whined that he was only trying to have fun in an imaginary Rain Forest. And that he was having to live among snakes etc

BB stopped hot water to the house and withdrew all electric appliances.
Lewis is not popular at the moment.

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 17, 2018 12:02 am 
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Glad To See You Out Of Bed

BB has removed all food, ALL food, from the store and replaced it with catering size packs of porridge. There is no tea or coffee or milk – I suppose they can drink water.

Akeem brought the sad tidings to the bedroom. Amid all the cries of horror, Lewis could be seen grinning evilly to himself.
HMs cannot even have a shower as the hot water is off. BB gathered them in the kitchen to tell them all the rules they had broken. Cameron was grim as death at the comnsequent punishments.

In the DR Cian said he’s feeling a bit lost, that his light has been dimmed, that he’s no one’s priority.
It’s only porridge, Cian, it won’t kill you.

Cameron refused to get out of bed. He has to preserve his energies, he said, because he has no food. He cannot eat porridge as it makes him sick. He won’t eat anything all day, he said, and paused. Unfortunately BB did not fill the pause with sympathy and the promise of an apple – he merely summoned him to the DR and let him whine some more before reminding him of his promise to obey the rules. He protested that never at any time did he promise to eat porridge but BB was firm and told him he was free to go. As he left the DR, BB said that she was glad to see him out of bed.
What a cutting remark! This BB is very dry!

Akeem found more food in a cupboard – kidney beans, chickpeas, stock cubes, rice, cumin. It was with genuine joy that Akeem told the HMs of the goodies he’d found. He is always so positive about things!

Thomasz and Cian sat miserable over their porridge – disgusting!
The leaderboard had been changed and Cameron is now the richest in the house but not even this good news could comfort Cameron in his time of trial; not even Lewis could bring a smile to his face. Lewis made lunch for Cameron and tried to get Cameron to eat but Cameron turned his face to the wall and snapped that the house was full of snakes - but really it was porridge that preyed on his mind.

Next door, Cian was waxing Isabelle in unmentionable places. Shrieks of agony intermingled with enthusiastic giggling as Cian took her place and she waxed him back and front. BB showed viewers the used wax strips with hair stuck to them – now that really was disgusting.

BB gathered the HMs once more to announce the nomination results. Hussain, Lewis, Thomasz and Isabella are all nominated. Three will be given the chance to play the Game Changer but Lewis will not as he was the Absolute Power nominee.

Isabella pondered aloud, wondering why she had been nominated. Of course she hadn’t – she had been the public’s choice. She accidentally let slip that there was such a thing as the public poll and was sent for at once by BB and made to promise never to mention again anything they had learned in the outside world.

Cameron, as richest HM, will play the Game Changer and is full of convoluted plans about saving Lewis. Hussein took the opposite view – Isabella has been disloyal to him by turning to Lewis (she was cuddled up to him at that moment). By the end of the show, Isabelle and Hussein had had a huge row about her disloyalty. She could not be his Queen any more and he shouted down all her explanations. He’s a bit of a bully is Hussain.

Peace and harmony have not fled the house entirely-Cian and Cameron have agreed their deep friendship is over because Cameron cannot trust Cian any more – this was because Cian intervened in the hot tub row last night. Cian insisted he still trusted Cameron so they have decided to maintain civil relations. Can swore he’d always be there for Cameron.

Cameron, as the richest HM, had his portrait painted by all the HMs. The artist who produced the portrait Cameron deemed the best would share a luxury hamper prize with Cameron. But the prize was a disappointment, having no food in it except a tiny piece of fruit which Cameron retained for himself and another piece of the puzzle in the garden. Cameron sulked on an industrial scale.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 11:08 pm 
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The Spiders From Brazil

Lewis found a huge spider on the wall – he claimed it was one of those poisonous ones that travels with bananas. Cameron was stricken. Lewis went on to relate that by international law, you must not kill one…
Lewis exploded in laughter at Cameron’s expression as he fell for it.

Today’s shopping task was called ‘Time Is Of The Essence’. There was a series of tasks all to be played against the clock. BB rather spoiled them by speeding up the film so that we hardly saw what was actually happening. I suppose that was done to allow us to hear a protracted row. But there was an obstacle course, and Akeem had to recite the alphabet backwards, and a cube matching game, and Brooke eating sweets off a board. The best task involved a tank of glass beads rapidly emptying itself; the task was to keep it full up with little shovels the HMs had been provided with.

Akeem was chatting with Thomasz and Hussein when he took it into his head to invite Thomasz to admire his penis.
Yes, well…

In the DR, Sian who is usually pretty upbeat, broke down. She has no friends in the house to talk to. Nobody cares what she has to say. She’s finding things difficult. I did feel sorry for her; she's one of the genuine HMs in there.

The mystery box which Hussein bought at auction was occupying the minds of the HMs as it will surely be used soon; the trouble is, no one knows who bought it or what’s in it. Suspicion seems to have gathered round Sian. She has denied this but has not been believed and she is upset by it. Lewis couldn’t care less about the box as it cannot save or doom him. He went off in a huff when challenged. Akeem thinks he knows who has it but stays his usual controlled self. Cian is brooding on the box.
The trouble is that they don’t know its contents and for all they know it has the power to put them up for eviction.

Hussein has declared grandly that he wipes his hands of Isabelle – I’m sure that thought keeps her awake at night. Lewis also is being awkward- he requested a chat with Isabelle but talked over her, wouldn’t let her speak and then disregarded. She told him tat he has made her time in the House horrible which makes him shout at her again. They agreed not to talk to one another again but he couldn’t shut up and started on Zoe this time. What she had to do with Isabelle’s putative disloyalty I cannot see but Zoe flared up and had to be restrained by Cian. Her language was the equal of Lewis’s and Hussein’s combined. It was so wild that Cian actually had a panic attack and had to be sat down to breathe slowly.

BB sent Zoe to the DR and Hussein to the bedroom where he paced shouting and swearing incoherently.
Zoe in the DR gave a good account of Hussein’s character.
That what she said was true was evinced in the bedroom. He was shouting about how cowardly Lewis is, depending on females to defend him.
Sorry. All Lewis did was refuse to get involved with this deranged individual.
Well, perhaps he’ll go tomorrow night – the eviction is between Hussein, Lewis, and Thomasz. Hussein will go – it’s the second eviction which is dangerous to Lewis and Thomasz. Tomorrow is ‘the week in a night’ game – nominations, gamechanger, public vote, eviction. Hussein still has the nomination in the mystery box so what will happen is anybody’s guess.

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A Week In A Night

It was an exciting evening. First there was the normal eviction, then the promised week in a night – nominations, Game Changer, Eviction. It all made my head spin.

But before all that, the house was still suffering the aftershocks of last night's rows. The smokers’ group howled with laughter remembering Zoe going for Hussain. She says is going to be calm all day. Later she said sorry to Hussein and probably wished she hadn’t as he took the opportunity to rehash the whole situation again, including Lewis’s cowardice.

Another unpleasant little scene from Thomasz. He questioned Isabelle about bed sharing with Lewis in that nasty insinuating way he has. Where does he get the nerve to talk to a woman like that?

Lewis sulked because Zoe and Cameron saw Hussein’s side of the row they had.
Come on, Lewis – they saw where he was coming from but definitely didn’t side with him against you!

In the Dr, Lewis admitted that cuddling Isabelle at night was a provocation to Hussein. He seemed to relish that thought. He also admitted that he liked Isabella but that there was no spark between them. And she ‘s not intellectually deep in the way he likes he likes in a woman.
He does find odd excuses to justify his lack of attraction to this very beautiful girl. Mmmm…

Thomasz assured Zoe that Hussein would stay after the eviction.
He dislikes Lewis so much that he cannot see him having any following at all.

Lewis and Cameron discussed their relationship: Lewis has been a bit off since last night and then worse this morning after Sian and Brooke gave Cameron a haircut which he doesn’t like.

Anyway, the first evictee of the evening was Hussein. To Emma he confessed that the Lewis scenario got out of control. Emma responded that he had – that his treatment Isabelle was ludicrous – he seemed to be telling her who she could talk to etc
He looked stricken and so he should be.

The HMs were relaxing after the eviction in the usual way when they were informed that they were going to live a week in a night, starting with nominations.
As the richest HM, Cameron could not be nominated but could nominate. When the results were in, it was virtually a clean sweep for Akeem and Lewis.
They went straight into the Game Changer which involved unlocking a lot of padlocks and racing along a ramp. Lewis won which entitled him to save one nominee. He chose to save himself which was understandable and gave the HMs the vicky which was graceless.
So that left Akeem and Isabelle as the two facing eviction.
Another very tense five minutes followed. Cameron, as the richest, had to choose which of them was to be evicted. He was genuinely in an agony about it and could not think straight. The obvious choice which would possibly save both Cameron and Lewis in the future was to pick Akeem, a serious rival. Instead he chose Isabelle and Akeem lives to fight another day.
But that was a horrible task for Cameron and a horrible way for Isabelle to be evicted.
Cameron was last seen crying in Thomasz’s arms. I expect Thomasz, the great game player and strategist will have plenty to say to Cameron about it.

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Here is Lewis indulging in..well what would you call it? A rant? Telling the a friend? Belittling your friend and his friends!?.Whatever. But he is hard on your ear drums.

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