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 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Fri Aug 17, 2018 12:05 am 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
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I am impressed by the house. It has a jungle theme with leaf patterned wallpaper and 22 novelty pineapples – if the celebs become boring, we can entertain ourselves with hunting down pineapples or, even better, some of the 44 animals such as toucans , flamingos and green parrots which hide out there. The bedrooms are sumptuous, in subtle shades and not so subtle luxuries, and potted palms and tropical leaves bestowing a natural look. It reminded me of Raffles in the days of Empire.
The theme of this series is Eye of The Storm; each of the HMs has had to live through a storm of publicity for various disgraceful actions. To be expected were their introductory declarations that they wanted the public to see them as they are and not as the filthy media made them out to be.

Kirsty Alley was first in. She’s a great favourite of mine from her ‘Cheers’ days, and ‘North and South’. She has such a mischievous sparkle in her eye and a droll way of looking at people.
Her ‘Eye of the Storm’ was to become very overweight and be slaughtered for it on Twitter and such places. Never mind Kirsty; you may have been enormous in purple velvet, but you still have those remarkable eyes and a droll sense of humour. Whoever heard of the Twitteratti and their dull repetitive malice?
Kirsty was summoned to the DR to be appointed President of the House. A vice president will be elected to assist her and the pair will have special powers.

Ryan Thomson, a former star of Coronation Street was next in. He joined the cast when very young and was paid a deal of money which he squandered on the high life. The days of wine and roses, however, ended when the taxman caught up with him and he had to declare bankruptcy. Well, he was young and perhaps ill-advised. He seemed a likeable young man.

Jermaine Pennant was not so likeable. He’s a big time footballer and proud of the fact he’s a bit of a bad boy. He’s been to jail for drunk driving and even had to wear an electronic tag on the football pitch for another offence. In addition, he wore a checked suit which was much too tight for him, along with shoes and no socks. A deplorable habit when the trousers fall a little short.

Chloe Ayling, the model who was lured to Italy for a fashion shoot and then drugged and abducted, came next. Her storm was created by the media alleging that she staged the abduction for publicity. Her kidnapper got sixteen years for the crime and tat’s all there is to be said.

Next up was the man I have been waiting for all week, Rodrigo Alves. He was not carrying the famous jar, although Emma did refer to it – perhaps it is in the house in his luggage. But what an odd creature he is. He has Exorcist eyes unless BB was playing a prank – the eyes were green and amber. Plastic surgery to his nose and cheeks has distorted his voice and his face which has planes like sheer cliffs. This is what 62 surgeries does for you. He dressed like Ken (of Barbie fame) in a lilac/pink suit and white bow tie. Regrettably he too was minus socks to go with his white shoes.

Dan Osborn, an ex TOWIE, came next. He inspired instant dislike. It was his smile - it was a perfect rectangle of blazing white teeth. Every time the camera touched him, or when he was in the background and he sought it out, that smile was there, a glittering oblong. It’s actually quite disturbing. The press crucified him for his treatment of a former partner. He told Emma that everyone says things they don’t mean in a temper – but he threatened to stick a knife in her and police were called.

Gabby Allen fell for someone on Love Island and he cheated on her. When this was reported in the press, he immediately accused her of cheating on him, she says.
It’s hard to take seriously a woman in a black trouser suit and bra. I hope we’re not going to have another squabbling pair of exes on the show – there were hints of it.

Hardeep Singh Koli was sacked from, I think, TV, for being inappropriate with a female colleague. He’s a comedian and a chef. He was wearing a kilt, seeing as how he has the Scottish connection- but he has sparrow’s legs. The kilt should only be worn over legs with good stout calves.

Ben Jardine was on that dreadful programme ‘Married At First Sight’ and promptly wed a stranger. He divorced her just as promptly after a week in which he managed to cheat on her.

Roxanne Pallet was a star of Emmerdale. I think she played a villain with the result that when she was seriously injured in a car crash, she was mocked on Twitter. She plans to woo viewers to her cause.She also believes in mermaids and so doesn’t eat fish.

Sally Morgan –Psychic Sally- burns with a sense of injustice. She is a genuine medium and psychic, she says, and was exposed as a fraud in the media, unjustly she insists.

Natalie Nunn is a reality star. She wore the oddest outfit – transparent from neck to knees and thereafter full of long dirty looking feathers. She insists she’s queen of England.

Nick Leeson is, of course, the ‘Catch Me if You Can’ guy who brought down Barin’s bank and served six years prison time for it. He might be interesting although he seems rather bland.

A good line up to start with.
We shall see.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Fri Aug 17, 2018 10:32 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
Posts: 3347

There is a story behind the Presidential task. The private suite of President Kirsty and Vice President Ryan, furnished with every bedroom luxury and a little Oval Office with a Presidential desk, was intended for another HM, Ms. Stormy Daniels who claims to have shared what she shouldn’t with President Trump. She was supposed to go into the house last night but was instead wrangling with BB: they say over more money; she says they were trying to control her. Someone is giving a false account of what is going on here. Whatever. I’m not sure we missed anything by not viewing her in action. And after all, we had President Kirsty running the show with just the right amount of authoritative seriousness and twinkly eyed humour. She and the Vice President passed three Bills tonight: the Climate Change Bill, the Health Care Bill, and the Foreign Trade Bill. Ben was charged with having nothing but cold showers in aid of climate change; Dan (of the harmonica mouth) has to eat nothing but liquidised green vegetables in the cause of the Health Care Bill; and Rodrigo has to swap suitcases with Natalie to facilitate the Foreign trade Bill. He was not happy about Natalie wearing his lilac suits and white patent leather shoes – she will stretch all his clothes, he said. She was not happy about the fuss he was making and they fell to mild bickering.

Natalie, in her way, is as big an exhibitionist as Rodrigo. She removed her straggly tail feathers and was left in her see through bodice. She entered the pool. Rodrigo, not to be outdone, removed his trousers and made a great show of tucking his bits in (at least, I hope that’s what he was doing).
I think we may have a tournament of two exhibitionists here.

Rodrigo was shocked by Psychic Sally’s prediction for him: if he tries his next surgery on his eyes, he will go blind. He seemed to believe her.

A luxuriously appointed bedroom was opened up but its deep peace was spoiled by Natalie’s loudness and Roxanne’s troubled reluctance to share with one of the men. In the end, Natalie offered her a place with her but I wouldn’t have been too chuffed with that either.

Rodrigo and Ben had a little cuddle on the bed. Rodrigo lost his cool and swept to Gabby’s side to ask if Ben is gay. He admits he himself is gay although not gay in the way Ben is. Ben’s hyperactivity seems to be a stumbling block.
Oh, Rodrigo – a man who wears pink suits and white leather shoes cannot afford to be condescending to another man even if he is gay, especially when he is being very obviously lustful.

While all this was going on, Jermaine was kicking a tennis ball about the floor, hoping, no doubt, that his footballing genius will attract attention. He is another one who very obviously lusts after someone – Chloe the kidnapped model. He wouldn’t care if her abduction was a false account whereas Natalie (of the straggly tail feathers) would: she got the story out of Chloe and then pointedly pondered on the veracity of the girl’s account when she was alone. Not nice. Chloe seems a harmless soul so far, a little naïve even which made Natalie seem rather hard faced in spite of the fact that she squeals with excitement like a schoolgirl at the slightest provocation. She confided to the camera that she doesn’t do housework at home and won’t in the house. She will have Chloe do her laundry etc etc for her.
Bad move, Natalie – Chloe is young and fresh faced and somewhat star struck and beside her you look older that you actually are: wicked stepmother type, in fact.

Hardeep has established himself as the house chef, promising one and all that he will find out all their likes and dislikes and cater to them. He also took the title of house comedian that night. Dan said that if he didn’t get some sleep he would be tired tomorrow. Hardeep sent him up with a string of conditional ifs that reduced the others to hysterical laughter. Dan could only respond with dull heavyweight coarseness.

In further conversation with Natalie, Rodrigo made a moue and said that he would not lower his standards (looking at Ben) and said the unforgiveable: he preferred ‘n-word’ boys anyway. He said it twice. Quite an unpleasant thing to say.
Like a flash of lightning Big Brother had him up to the DR to reprimand him and give him a formal and final warning about racist terminology. If BB hadn’t sent for him, I would never have known what he had said – his voice is incredibly muffled.

Ben, unaware that he was being dismissed, was chatting to Nick about his previous trouble at the bank. Ben's eyes just about popped out of his head when Nick started talking of astronomical millions of pounds. Interestingly, Nick says he was guilty of false accounting rather than theft.He's going to find Nick far more interesting that Rodrigo, I suspect.

One final piece of gossip from the house: apparently Gabby had some kind of relationship with Dan the harmonica mouth, on Love Island, which caused endless trouble with his partner when he got home.

Well, we’re off and rolling!

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sat Aug 18, 2018 11:12 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
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First thing in the morning, in the White House bedroom, Kirsty took Ryan aside and showed him her secret lavatory sprays which are to be used both before and after defecation. Ryan merely looked bewildered. Was Kirsty just instructing him in general terms or was she being more personal than that? Toilet etiquette was very much on her mind – she had all the HMs gathered to create a signal that the loo was vacant or engaged. A tea towel, I think it was, hung from the door handle means that someone is in there.
She made no mention of the lavatory sprays but I expect she’ll get around to that.

Dan the Harmonica Mouth complained in the DR about the liquidised greens he had to eat. He got no sympathy. Back in the kitchen, the others urged him to drink which he did and then headed to the loo to be sick. Kirsty should have told him about the sprays!

As President of the house, of course Kirsty has to answer to voters. Natalie chinned her about the contaminated water in Michigan. They agreed that new pipes weren’t being laid because the population of the district is 90% black.
I’m sure this is all very interesting if you live in Michigan but how much interest in US water supply is there here?

By Presidential decree, Ben has to have cold showers every day. Kirsty came into the bathroom to ensure he actually got in the showers. Ben of course screamed and howled. Such a relied it was when he was allowed out.

In the DR, BB told Rodrigo that his case swap would take place today. He was to swap with a Brazilian citizen, Paolo, who was getting ready for a carnival in Brazil/ Rodrigo emerged from the swap like a bird of Paradise, all in gold and yellow sequins and beads and with a feathered headdress which added about four feet to his height. ‘I look ridiculous,’ he wailed but it was clear he thought the costume was wonderful He flitted about the house, sometimes like an exotic bird, sometimes like an Aztec sun god, but always thrilled. And very funny when he had to turn sideways to go through doors.

Jermaine and Ben rode their wheeled suitcases round the living room in a rather feeble attempt at catching the eye of the viewers but I think their attention was firmly fixed on Rodrig who aside from looking so magnificent was telling Dan his plastic surgery history. He began having surgery at 17 after being severely bullied at school for being overweight. He is now protected from bullies by his rigid immobile face because people can’t see if he has any feelings or what they might be.

In the DR, Ben described how hard it was to listen to Hardeep chattering then snoring in bed.
At the same time, Ben keeps letting loose with hyperactive screams and jerky movements so he can’t really complain.

Chloe and Hardeep are drawing closer. She drew out of him the story of his disgrace. He managed to make himself the hero of the scenario by saying he did not challenge the girl because he knew how hard it was for women to make allegations.
Make of that what you like. He held Chloe’s hand for too long. And then there was an uncomfortable little scene last night when he kept touching Ben, whom he had only just met. He does seem a tad over familiar.

BB allowed the HM to have a Presidential Inaugural ball – provided they paid for it themselves. Kirsty made each of them hand over their most expensive item to go towards the cost of the ball. Honestly, there were sunglasses worth £1000, Laboutin shoes worth the same, diamond high heels…Natalie and Roxanne broke the mould and presented to President with a tampon and a tube of toothpaste.
There’s always one…

In the DR, Roxanne practised singing the Star Spangled Banner which she had to sing at the ball. She murdered it but at a very impressive volume. Rodrigo waggled his feathers in approval.

In the DR, Natalie opined that politics would cause an explosion in the house. She punctuated her little speech with F words to emphasise her point.

The President and Hardeep discussed politics. He shook his head over civil disorder in the US; she claimed not to be aware of it. He sees that there is an unofficial apartheid over there; again, she doesn’t see it. I imagine there are many levels of society and what you see will depend on where you live.
I hope they’re all not going to be boring about these topics.

In the DR, quiet man Nick expressed mixed feelings about Hardeep who can be very funny but also relentless.

Natalie doesn’t like him either – too touchy feely.
The most frustrating conversation of the evening was Natalie’s as she gave a long speech about why she disliked Hardeep. The speed of delivery, her low tone, and her accent, all meant that she was incomprehensible.
Well, she’s not one to keep her mouth shut; I expect we’ll hear it all again.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sun Aug 19, 2018 10:25 pm 
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The morning began with a wall, but not THAT wall. Ben was being helped by Dan to do headstands against a wall and Hardeep repeatedly called for Dan to come to breakfast. And I mean repeatedly. He called Dan’s name, over and over, regularly spaced and carefully modulated like a chiming clock. I can see why he might irritate.

Sally made the mistake of asking what the difference between making love and having an orgy was. The orgy, one of the girls informed her, meant going with four men. They couldn’t define ‘making love’ which doesn’t surprise me. But they do like talking about orgies and know the names of all the variables of sex. When asked what the wildest sex thing she had ever done was she admitted to oral sex. Natalie and Rod were surprised that she didn’t do that anymore at her age (67). Rod then pressed her about anal sex. Poor Sally fled. You know, she should have told them off. They were aiming to embarrass her in a very juvenile way. Gabby was quizzed about a tabloid tale concerning her – she had gone on holiday with a boyfriend and when she went to bed, he nipped downstairs and got off with another girl. He kept up the connection with both girls throughout the holiday. That’s why she doesn’t trust anyone, she said. It occurs to me somehow that casual free and easy sex is better in the imagination than in reality. Young girls seem to have a miserable time. And their knowledge of terminology a rather pathetic attempt to sound sophisticated.
President Kirsty chose Nick to be Chief of Defence and save America from invading immigrants by building the biggest wall on the planet and then defending it.

Natalie seems to think President Trump is there in the house, or that Kirsty approves of
the wall and questioned Kirsty about the wall’s rightness. She was obviously spoiling for a fight
and the chance to virtue signal. Kirsty refused to engage. She is very much in
control and says she will not discuss politics, quite clearly implying that Natalie
was engineering a stunt.

The wall was to be constructed with giant lego bricks bearing the stars and stripes
forever. Natalie ,of course, refused to participate and was very vocal about it, ranting about the
iniquitous wall while the others worked. The wall was part of the shopping task so obviously the
others were keen not to fail because of her. They coaxed and pleaded while she skirled her
protest but eventually she gave in and laid a few bricks. Unfortunately, one brick was wrongly
placed and they failed this part of the task.

In the DR, Natalie gave vent to an extraordinary burst of spite. She wants that bitch Kirsty out.
Kirsty is old like President Trump, she said, and she’s done like him.

The next part of the task was to prevent immigrants getting over the wall to steal Green Cards. HMs took turns being the border patrol. They managed to prevent a latex masked Donald Trump and Queen Elizabeth stealing cards, but Hilary Clinton beat them to it.
So it’s a fail!

In the DR, Kirsty bemoaned the fact that Natalie was not playing for the group. She reckons she would be much happier if she fitted in instead of being an individualist.

Not content with having demonstrated what a good girl she is in the wall building task, Kirsty chose to demonstrate it once more, this time at Hardeep’s expense. She invited herself to mildly rebuke him for something he had said about Uber taxi drivers. We did not get to hear when the had said but were given to understand that she was mortally offended by it. He asked her if she understood satire and how important it is – and oh, joy – there was a pause and I don’t think she knew what he meant. Didn’t stop her venting about his wrongness although she did finish by giving him permission to say what he likes. Although she had to tell him that he was offending other people in the house.
I expect he’s too wise a bird to be upset by the juvenile taunt of ‘Everybody hates you, not just me.’

She made straight for Rodrigo and enlightened him about how horrid Hardeep is and how she told him that if he offended again she was going to make his life in the house a nightmare.

Why, she didn’t say that at all. But Rodrigo loved it and they huddled together, delighting in the thought of future battles.

Apart from spite, Natalie’s other defining characteristic is her curiosity about other people’s sex lives. She and Rodrigo cornered Gabby to find out if she and Dan had been intimate. What a pair of sweetie wives Rod and Natalie are: Rod does it with a purr and Natalie does it with loads of F words.

In the DR, Sally was venting about Hardeep. He’s too opinionated and he disagreed with her views on Scottish Independence. She says she could turn on him.
Oooooh, scary biscuits!

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2018 10:29 pm 
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Game Plans are beginning to show up. Rodrigo s attention seeking. While on Border Patrol, Prince Charles and Camilla managed to scale the wall and snaffle a green card. In spite of holding back other invasions, he had a major melt down about a card being stolen on his watch. He wandered the garden murmuring brokenly, ‘All my fault. It was all my fault!’ Naturally his fellow HMs rushed to reassure him that nothing could be further from the truth. He allowed them to comfort him.

Natalie is another one showing her true colours. Poor Hardeep copped it tonight. First of all, it was for his snoring which she loudly complained about in the bedroom. She was sleepless, she suffered, she got no sleep…she went on and on and on leaving me wondering what did she intend to achieve by this smiling ranting? Well, the others have cottoned on to her: Gaby thinks she is deliberately and publicly embarrassing Hardeep. She also resents being questioned about Dan and her intimate relationship with him – she also is embarrassed.

Hardeep came in for some more of Natalie’s unpleasantness. When it came time to order the shopping, Hardeep mentioned tomato juice. Natalie nearly jumped down his throat. She doesn’t think much of his cooking skills anyway – too oily. And she doesn’t like curry. Hardeep would be happy to cook pasta but Natalie is still unhappy. She doesn’t want anything from Hardeep. (Dan and Jermaine were visibly shocked when se said this)She says that others too are not happy about him in the kitchen, that they want in to. (I hadn’t noticed that). She badgered and bullied and smiled as she made stinging remarks until the poor man could take no more and promised to stay out of the kitchen.
He should have stuck to that and seen how they reacted to his absence but he went to Dan and Germaine and Ben and asked them if they liked his food and should he stay in the kitchen. They were all appalled at her allegations because of course they are eating well and have no ambitions to be the chef. And they are backing Hardeep and looking askance at Nasty Natalie!

The rest of the evening was made up of snippets. Hardeep massaged Dan’s neck and shoulders and pronounced it homoerotic.
Dan offered to do the same for Gaby’s sore shoulder but she rejected him in spite of claim to have magic hands.

Nick told the story of how he got arrested when he was on the run. He had come through several airports where his face was flashed up on the big screen and his picture on the front pages of every nationality’s newspaper. He was amusing when he showed them how he tried to hide his face. He would have more luck with Rod who was ogling him very comprehensively when he was showing off at weight training.

Sally decided to demonstrate her psychic powers and claimed to have sensed vibes from Chloe. Had she ever wanted or been asked to change her name, Sally asked. And poor Chloe wept because it made her relive the horrors of her kidnap. Sally then turned her guns on Dan and asked if he knew someone who had jumped or fallen off a balcony. Of course Dan did. His eyes filled with tears as he recalled that day. Now I imagine the balcony death would have been in the Press since a tv star was in attendance. As for Chloe, she was extensively interviewed after her abduction.

Hardeep did not like Chloe being reduced to tears and was visibly annoyed with silly Sally as he feels protective of Chloe. Hmmm…

Gaby and Chloe lay whispering after lights out and giggled over Natalie’s very loud – dare I say louder that Hardeep’s – snoring.
‘That’s what I call hypocrisy,’ one said and the two girls had to smother their laughter.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 10:33 pm 
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Fare Thee Well Forever, I Hope

The day didn’t begin very well: HMs are on to basic rations and today was their first nomination day. Disturbed nights are the order of the day – Natalie snores, Hardeep snores and Ryan talks in his sleep. Kirsty told Ryan he was talking gibberish about the presidency – he might at least have made the talk interesting.

Of course, the nights are not the only unquiet times. A coolly disapproving Gabby told Natalie that she is the loudest HM, aggressive and a troublemaker. Natalie launched one of her repetitive ear-splitting rants in return, saying, or rather shouting, that Ben was the loudest.

Gabby ran an exercise class for the boys but excluded Rod, so he says, his heart breaking over the hurt. However, he tried to heal it by tormenting Kirstie, a committed Scientologist. It was clear from the questions he asked that he would take her on in an argument as soon as he had something to go on. But she did not rise to the bait; he should read a book on Scientology, she advised. He pleaded that he only wanted to learn about this religion by asking about it but was met with a blank stare. It was just as well - I think Kirstie would be very difficult to get the better of.

Hardeep was relaxing with Chloe and Roxanne. He questioned Chloe about her earlier career ie her page three in the DailyStar (the Daily Star for Heaven’s sake!) which I’m quite sure he already knew about. But she refused to be put out by his sly probing: hadn’t she felt objectified, didn’t she feel that work wasn’t healthy? No, she said, and that was that. Except he found out that she had a baby from her student days. Both Chloe and Roxanne were deserted by their menfolk but said manfully that they weren’t needed. Hardeep wept. These men, he said, were incomplete people because they had rejected their own, and they would perpetuate the cycle of desertion. He positively howled! Or pretended to!

Meanwhile, Kirstie demonstrated the power of positive thinking. She explained that her media storm had been about her weight. It was a vicious attach that went on and on. Instead of despairing, she had an idea to make a programme about the Fat Actress and the show became a hit.
Good for her.

Soon after, Gabby was surrounded by the men of the house (she often is) and cried beautifully because she was intimidated by Natalie who constantly tried to put her down. The men rallied round to comfort her.

HMs had to approach the President and Vice President to make their bid to receive the Presidential Pardon. All bragged of their willingness to clean and cook and help others, except Rodrigo who claimed he didn’t know how to cook. Jermaine was awarded the Pardon which renders him immune from nomination this week.

It wasn’t hard to workout who was to be nominated – both Natalie and Hardeep were. Natalie collected the most nominations though – I was particularly impressed by Gabby’s group of admirers who all cited Natalie’s cruelty to her in their nominations _ well done, Gabby!

One or two noms were interesting – Chloe nommed Hardeep because he was judgmental of her – that should teach him not to probe someone he was getting on with and they look down on her. Natalie nommed Kirstie because she won’t answer questions – Kirstie is not the type you can put impertinent questions to. Ryan thinks Chloe is a closed book and worth a nomination.

For me, it’s Natalie out this Friday – her voice is a grating shriek – she has to go. Farewell, farewell!

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, 2018 10:35 pm 
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The usual warnings about offensive language and adult themes appeared on our screens before the show but BB must be very disappointed because it just ain’t happening. Natalie is a sewer mouth but the rest are not prone to indulge in the drama of the F word. As for adult themes, well, Natalie is doing her best to get the others to talk about sex at least but no one is very enthusiastic; she tackled Chloe for not asking Jermaine about being married but Chloe had no interest in pleasing Natalie by being her spy.

In the DR, Roxy predicted fallout when the nomination results came in because the whole house was tense about them. Natalie, for example, restarted the row about Rodrigo being excluded from the work out yesterday. She provoked (is there such a word as’reprovoked’?)Gabby and before long the two ladies were shrieking at one another. Somewhere in there Natalie announced that there would be a twerkoff led by her and Chloe to which everyone was invited, she screeched reproachfully at Gabby. Motormouth Natalie had the most volume but Blubberbaby Gabby had the most emotional reaction. The men slid under their duvets in despair at this noisy racket first thing in the morning.

Rodrigo looked as if he regretted ever mentioning workout and set about drying his hair. I was terrified in case his face melted in the stream of hot air.

In the DR, Blubberbaby wept. She’s not a bully as Natalie says, she sobbed behind her hands; she never left Rodrigo out of the workout; Natalie makes her feel that she doesn’t want to be in the house any more.

Meanwhile, Motormouth Natalie says yelled that she is not as loud as Gabby but that she = Natalie= gets tagged as the loud black girl.

Bullying, screeching matches, racist tagging – my, we got it all tonight. The climax came when nominations were announced. Natalie swept through the kitchen the living room and into the bedroom, screeching all the way, where she pointed one by one to HMs beds and shrieked ‘You’re a fake’ and ‘You’re a fake’ and so on.
Oh, all that drama and those insolent beds did not rise to the occasion.
Motormouth seemed to think she had been hard done by. Hadn’t she made the effort to get to know the HMs? Was this how they repaid her? She comforted herself with the thought that she stands up for people. She attempted pathos when she added that nobody stood up for her, But it didn’t take – she was like an angry Valkyrie looking for corpses there.
‘Everyone is scared of me,’ she shouted.
(No, everyone is bored with you. That’s why they nominated you.)
Nick tried to reason with her and explain that it’s only a game. She just ranted some more.

Rodrigo, in his insipid way, tried to mend fences with Gabby. He feels, he said, that Gaby doesn’t like him. She responded that it was Rodrigo and Natalie that didn’t like her. Rodrigo sought out Motormouth to try and end the situation with Gabby – he said that she had apologised and all was well now, but things were not well with Natalie. She was furious that she had not received an apology and she ranted and raved for quite some time.

Gabby fled weeping to Dan about not knowing how to work out or twerk. Nick came and consoled her with promises that the guys would rally round. Just for a moment, his face worked – he couldn’t believe that he was promising to assist in twerking, this man who once broke the bank in Singapore!

The President and Vice President have been removed from office and the White House converted to a luxury pool house. Ryan removed his trousers to celebrate. Kirstie immediately began mixing with the others. She told the story of a producer who eyed her up when she weighed 120lbs and stood 5’8” and told her to lose 10lbs in a fortnight. Weight seems to be a big thing with her.

In the DR, Dan wept because he misses his children and misses being called Daddy.

It’s a long time since we’ve seen a weeper as unconvincing as Dan

Rodrigo and Ben were playful, hugging and kissing and promising more later.Ugh! That mask of a face!

Kirstie, in the DR, discussed Natalie. She’s very cool and calm. Natalie attacks everyone in her space – like a mad dog – and Kirstie will not engage with her.
She is concerned about not getting enough sleep because she doesn’t handle that well.
Oh, go on Kirstie – you handle everything well.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Thu Aug 23, 2018 11:06 pm 
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Now that she has left the Presidential Suite, Kirstie, along with Hardeep, is thinking of ways to organise the house – or rather, the Housemates. ‘Let us list and assign chores,’ she said after setting a good example and clearing away piles of garbage too disgusting to live with.’‘Let us plan the big meals for the week,’ said Hardeep, knowing full well that without planning when they are on basic rations, the HMs will starve. Natalie was in like a shot. She didn’t agree with rotas and tasks: each of them should clean up after themselves and cook for themselves too. Then she had an appalling rant at Chloe about powder left on the vanity counters. She yelled a reminder that Chloe was a page 3 girl and screamed some more about her messiness. She just goes on and on…

Sally took Natalie aside and suggested she play it cool. Natalie reckoned that was akin to being fake but Sally pointed out that she was nominated after the scenes she’d caused and that self control was beneficial and wasn’t fake.
Natalie’s dramas tend to drag on – it was not long before the vanity chair getting wet was brought up again. Once again, Chloe’s messy makeup reappeared, and the damp vanity chair over and over. She was also told she shouldn’t be in the house because she wasn’t a celebrity – what had she ever done? Every point was repeated endlessly – it was like watching Chloe being bludgeoned. Page 3 was resurrected – apparently that made Chloe promiscuous. Motormouth actually made that accusation which showed her cheek because her own reputation is not exactly pristine.
Under all these attacks, Chloe crumbled and wept. Rodrigo took pity and told Motormouth that Chloe was just a baby but Natalie got all fired up again and laid into Rodrigo this time. She soon turned the big guns on Chloe again, bringing up once more the vanity chair and the damp patch and the common sense that Chloe should have had.
Nick’s face across the room was a portrait of disgust. I could imagine him smashing the chair and making Motormouth eat it splinter by splinter.

Eventually, BB had to intervene by sending her to the DR. Even there, she continued with messiness, the vanity chair and Page 3. When BB finally got to warn her about intimidating other HMs she repeated all her grievances. The mock apology she made was sneering and repeating what had already been said. Page 3 was elaborated on this time, describing in the coarsest terms what Chloe put on display.
BB should have come prepared with a wee dose of largactyl.

Sally asked Kirstie if she had ever had an affair with someone famous in Hollywood. Kirstie believes in marriage so she hadn’t but she had kissed Patrick Swayze twice and nearly married John Travolta. Inspired by the mention of Swayze and Dirty Dancing, Dan and Roxanne had a go at the Swayze lift from the film – very creditable effort it was too.

Perhaps BB had some largactyl because Motormouth was ready to apologise to Chloe for being intimidating but not for saying she shouldn’t be in the house. Although she shouldn’t. The world won’t like Chloe because she’s quiet. Words gathered momentum and soon she was yelling and swearing and insisting that Chloe wasn’t a celebrity.

Tonight’s task turned on Sally using her psychic powers to intuit whether statements made by HMs were the truth or a lie – standard BB fare. But Rodrigo’s statement was amazing. He was helped to lose weight with cockroach milk. He keeps 10 in his house for that reason. The latest Hollywood diet fad. That statement turned out to be true.

Motormouth’s good humour was restored when she sat down for a confidential chat with Gabby and managed to force yet another grovelling apology for the work out thing a couple of days ago.
Gabby, you’ll have to apologise over and over for the same thing right up to the end of the series if you don’t learn to stand your ground.

Motormouth returned to Chloe and apologised for telling her she shouldn’t be here.

Eviction night tomorrow and I hope Motormouth goes. She's intolerable. A woman her age should have been encouraging young Chloe instead of decimating her. But somehow I just can't see many people voting to save Hardeep.

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A Blast From The Past

India, the transgender woman from the winter CBB, is giving interviews about the experience, still bleating about being misgender -r-rr-r-ed. What A bore she was! She says she will nevèr forgive the old hags who so treated her.
I can see her repeating her grievances for the next thirty years.

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Little snippets were on the menu tonight as HMS were on edge about the eviction.

Natalie considers that she is fun to watch. Nick thinks the BB house is tougher that prison insofar as time is distorted. Rodrigo vacuumed the carpet in a feather cape and a tiara. He also had his Exorcist eyes in the amber lenses rather than ice blue. Jermaine spent an inordinate time studying himself in Chloe’s compact mirror. Ben confessed to loving to dress up – you know, guy liner and stuff. Sometimes he cross dresses to go to the pub. Natalie quizzed Ben about who he’d sleep with if it were the end of the world. Jermaine wants to share with Chloe .

In the DR, Roxy complained that people were talking about her and Ben although they are just good friends. But the talk was praying on her mind because she’s engaged. However, should she modify her behaviour because of what other people think?
Personally, Roxy, I’d worry most about what my fiancé thought.

That compact mirror that Jermaine was studying? Turns out that he and Chloe have been passing little love notes in it, drawn with an eyebrow pencil
BB has noted this rule break and will punish accordingly.

Rod did Ryan’s makeup for him and flattered as he worked: Ryan has a very strong jawline - Ryan preened and posed. Rod called him a pretty little bitch.
I’ll never get used to men talking to one another like that.

Kirstie tried her hand at the Queen’s English as spoken in the regions of England. All the girls rallied round and taught her some useful phrases, for example ‘It’s ages since I had a bloody good shag.’

Rodrigo was in the laundry room where he was ambushed by Wendy the Washing Machine. She gave him a task: to win ice cream and champagne by finding out some of Chloe’s secrets. He went to her and engaged her in a conversation about what kind of man she likes. Chloe showed him the compact mirror with a message from Jermaine in it, about how he’d liked her from day1 in the house. Rodrigo asked if she’d slept with a footballer before (everyone is so personal in this series!). He returned to Wendy after spilling a bowl of cereal (on purpose) all over the duvet to give him an excuse to return to the laundry room. He got his champagne treat as a reward. He seemed to enjoy this task and it’s hush- hush aura so he can have fun if not tied to Natalie’s apron strings.

HMs invented their own game – they were to select a concealed object from under a towel and if someone else had its pair they were to swap beds and pair off for the night. Ben and Jermaine had to share but Jermaine wanted to share with Chloe. Sally refused to pair with Hardeep who would not play after this rejection. In the end, Ryan got Hardeep and Jermaine got Chloe.

Ryan had a word with Jermaine: it would look very bad to bed down with Chloe when he’s a married man. Jermaine responded that his wife is very laidback. Besides, he and Chloe would be separated by their duvets.
Well, Ryan, you did your best.

In the pool, Natalie put on a sickly sweet little voice and asked for reassurance about the eviction from the men (she only speaks to the women to abuse them).

In the DR, Hardeep complained that people are bending themselves out of shape to avoid another Natalie eruption.

Hardeep placed condom on Jermaine’s and Chloe’s pillow. Everybody thought that was frightfully witty.

Natalie was evicted, much to my surprise. I cannot stand her but I thought Hardeep would go. HMs were silent as she got up to leave; there was none of the usual fuss. Her face was set in concrete as she made her way out. The crown booed her out. During her interview, she put on the little girl voice and took us through the work out row, and the vanity chair row just in case we had missed them the first six or seven times she went through them.
Emma was talked over and constantly interrupted.
Natalie is truly horrible.
But we’ll see the others blossom now that she’s gone.

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An odd little scene opened the show tonight. Rodrigo popped in and out of a door stark naked I know he’s very fond of his bespoke body, but really…Then Natalie brought him a towel, threw it at him in fact, and I thought it was to cover his where withal until I noticed she was screaming (it’s hard to tell with her what is normal vocalisation and what is screaming) but there happened to be a big spider on the towel and she railed at it as she rails at the HMs. Rodrigo pretended to find used condoms and blamed Chloe and Jermaine. Absolutely hilarious, I don’t think.

Ben had to read an announcement from BB which revealed that someone had been writing notes in the house and that it would be dealt with later. Chloe was grilled by the others about it until she confessed but gave no details.

Rodrigo wanted to speak to Roxanne privately but she very firmly refused as she doesn’t want to hear what the others are saying. Rodrigo will try again later as he’s worried about Ben. Does Roxy know that he’s really in love?
This is a Rodrigo invention to get him some airtime.

Sally talked to Roxy who said that it was sad that a boy and a girl can’t just be friends without other people making too much of it.

Rodrigo tonged Natalie’s hair while she questioned Chloe about the notes. In the end, Chloe let her read them and Rodrigo wanted to know if they’d kissed yet.

So, it’s clear the dreaded showmances have arrived, invented, but talked about as if they were real. We can all see where this is going – endless discussion of romance and all other HMs consigned to the chorus while the limelight falls upon the lovers and transforms them into early teen lovers
Why can Channel 5 never get it right?

Natalie screamed some more, this time because she’d found that they were running out of food. There were no eggs and she had been sure there were plenty but it turned out Hardeep used them to make a cake. Other HMs rallied round to defend Hardeep as they had all wanted him to make the cake but she swept their pleas aside and went on and on and on, scolding, nagging, and endlessly repeating herself. I thought Nick was going to explode! When people tried to defuse the situation, she just stood there saying ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you…’
The woman is deranged.

Chloe and Gabby pondered the eviction and wondered how they’d stand another week of Natalie if she stayed in.
Well, as we know, the Great British Public couldn’t face that either.

In the DR, Natalie was sure that Hardeep would go, and if he did, she would let being nominated by the others go.
The arrogance!

Roxanne and Ben sparred in the garden. She let him know she felt sick at being the target for gossip in the house. They agreed that boys and girls can just be friends.

Natalie was plainly tired of love’s young dream. She went on another ‘fake’ rant – she was tired of fake friendships, fake pasts, fake love stories, fake game playing…
Oh, if she would only shut up for five minutes!

Jermaine says he has made many mistakes in his life but he’s grown up now and is still making them.
He grinned an oily greasy grin when he said this and glanced at Chloe.
His poor wife.

Natalie’s eviction manners were worse than I noticed last night. Hardeep went to shake her hand and she wouldn’t allow it. 'Don't come near me,' she said, her bottom lip thrust out like a sulky toddler’s. She said goodbye to no one – Jermaine was stunned that she hardly looked at the HMs as she left.

Rodrigo was thrown out of the house last night after a ‘further incident’. I was expecting a full explanation tonight but it did not come. The ‘further incident’ must surely be a reference to racist language which he had received a final warning for. All we saw tonight was him furiously dissociating himself from Natalie and her rants which drained his energy. Then we saw him summoned to the DR, never to be seen again.

Kirstie and the girls were giving English lessons again, useful words like 'wanker' and 'tosser'. She already knew the C word but they taught her to say it with a n English accent.
I'm a little disappointed in Kirstie.

In the DR, Hardeep was humbled to have been saved and glad to be rid of someone who sent people down to Dante’s Inferno on a daily basis.

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 26, 2018 10:28 pm 
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The shopping task was introduced by a huge eye on skinny legs first thing in the morning.It danced into the bedroom to a daft jaunty tune and had me laughing immediatelt, I’m not sure why. The eye was announced as the public eye and it would brodast HMs efforts at completing tasks which were to be judged by the public.
The sting is that even if HMs win the task they will not get a luxury one only an ordinary one; if they fail the task they will only get basic rations – this is the punishment for Jermaine and Chloe exchanging notes.

The Public Eye handed Ryan the first task and danced jauntily away. He was instructed to entertain the public. He performed back flips and threw himself in the pool. Viewers enjoyed his performance and gave him a pass.

In the meantime, Gaby had gone into the DR, telling BB that she wished Chloe and Jermaine were more conscious of other people. If they had to go on basic rations, it would not be a happy house.

The eye returned and gave Roxy her task: she was to annoy viewers. She duly danced about and caterwauled a song and made faces at the eye. Viewers voted her a pass.

Chloe, I am beginning to think, is an odd person. Sally thinks she drifts about the house like a teenager and takes responsibility for nothing. She is curiously expressionless, although beautiful – perhaps she is afraid of cracking her makeup.

Nick sat aloe in the garden for a while – he says everyone is trying too hard to be entertaining. He looked worn down.

The public eye came for Nick, Chloe and Gabby and whiked them off to sit down at the disgusting dinner party – tripe was served, and 1,000 year old eggs and a fruit which stank to High Heaven. Naturally, they were soon throwing uup (I hate this task every year) but Gabby even ate her sick. The public passed them.

Hardeep had to go for a lie down he was so sickened by the whole task because people are having to go to food banks and they are using food as entertainment. He went on at some length about it. The gravity of his speech was rather spoiled by his jeans descending to reveal half his buttocks.

In the DR, Ryan felt that Hardeep should lighten up. Tasks are not to be taken too seriously and banter is a better style for the house than his talks.

Sally read Dan’s palm for him. He has three children by two different mothers. He was very reluctant to say that he was with his wife but admitted it in the end in a sort of half hearted way. Jermaine is worse- he is married with a family but none of the girls know that although the men do. A bit tacky.

Hardeep was given the task of being a stand up comedian roasting his fellow HMs.It must be hard to do that off the cuff but he managed to make the HMs laugh and the Public Eye had to clutch its tummy. Roxy became the difficult one. She didn’t like her roasting. I am not clear whether Hardeep was referring to Ben, Roxy’s fiancé, or her husband in the soap opera she stars in but she clearly took it as about her partner and Ben. Hardeep explained to her and she apologised for her mistake but it was obvious she wasn’t convinced. I have little patience with her – she’s been banging on about her fiancé and claims to be just a friend to Ben but the whole house is aware of Ben’s feelings for her. He really is starry eyed – she thinks it’s enough to say she’s a friend to deflect suspicions. While she is not quite in the Jermaine/Dan league she should try to be a little more honest with herself and Ben.
The stand up routing was a fail.

The Public Eye challenged all the HMs to a dance off party. They had a lot of fun showing off their moves but in the end, all eyes were on Jermaine who was very familiar with Chloe.
The dance off was a pass.

Nick and Hardeep had a little chat about Roxy overplaying her hand and overreacting to Hardeep. They are also somewhat concerned about Ben’s feelings for her.

How odd that they should worry so much about Ben being hurt by Roxy and not at all about Gabby who is entirely unaware that Germaine is married with a child.

After lights out, Ben and Roxy held hands between their beds and whispered to one another. He told her he loves her.
She said she was nervous and paranoid. He feels protective of her.

It occurred to me that this was the first night in the house which was not ruined by that shrieking horror Natalie. The Public Eye was fun, the tasks were fun and HMs were mostly much more relaxed. Good.

Postscript: no explanation of what Rodrigo did to get himself evicted. A strange silence has fallen on the house and the housemates.

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A neatly divided programme tonight comprising the second part of the shopping task and then nominations for an eviction tomorrow night. I enjoyed the shopping task for two reasons: one was the presence of the dancing Public Eye. So amusing. ; the other the deflating of certain egos.

The Public Eye appeared first thing in the morning to conga with HMs. They were all dressed in their night nightclothes still and made a surreal picture twirling round the garden. They passed that task.

Gaby cleaned the bathroom and complained that men pee over everything and that the shower was clogged with pubic hair. They are a messy and selfish crew.

Roxy discussed her insecurities yet again with Ben. He yearns to protect her. In the DR he complained that other people kept getting between them and spoiling things. He should apply the lesson he learned from sparring with Ryan: no pain, no gain.

DR Dan was complaining about the food situation (he needs a lot) when the Public Eye danced in and executed a delightful pas de bas. Dan was tasked with being fascinating and mesmerising but alas! he can’t think of anything to do. The eye encouraged him to dance, just to get him started. Dan then flexed his muscles. Task FAILED.
How awful for Dan to have failed to be fascinating.

Chloe and Jermaine went into the shower fully dressed and with no water running. A bit sad.

The Public Eye set up a confessional in the garden.

Ben confessed that he’d married someone on a TV show and then cheated on her. It now transpires that he cheated with two different girls – and one of them is pregnant. Oh, dear.
The other two confessions were pretty much a wash out so the public FAILED this team.

Roxy is shocked by Ben’s confession but why? They’re just good friends aren’t they? To prove it, they hugged and kissed in the store room but once she was alone, she kissed her engagement ring and assured it that it was still her boyfriend.
I think she needs a slap.

Chloe, Gabby and Roxy were tasked with dancing sexily for the men. Gabby did it with a whip, Roxy did it with cream, and Chloe just danced. The public voted them a FAIL.

Chloe and Hardeep were both put up for eviction having garnered many nominations. Chloe got the most because she’s lazy. She contributes nothing to the housework and several HMs said that they were sick of cleaning up after her.Several commented upon the amount of time she studies her face in the mirror- she thinks it is enough for her to be beautiful. ‘Consider the lilies of the field, they toil not neither do they spin.’ That was written for Chloe!
Hardeep snores and suffers from flatulence, plus he’s too prone to mood swings.
The rest of the noms were pretty well scattered. Kirstie, Sally and Dan got none.

Because Hardeep and Nick discussed nominations, they are forbidden to use the indoor bath or shower and must shower outside.

Dan wept again when discussing his children and Hardeep gave him a cuddle as well as delivering an encomium on the strength that weeping shows.

Meanwhile, the girls were discussing their sex lives. Roxanne was unable to resist talking about her fiancé again. Nobody listened.

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Eviction night has come round again. Hardeep told the public he hadn’t alienated anyone because he was enjoying being in the house; Chloe wanted to continue showing the public what she is really like (unfortunately there isn’t much to see).

BB announced the results of the shopping task. HMs did pass although there were several fail – notably Dan found out that he wasn’t fascinating and the girls found out they weren’t alluring.

They then had to settle to deciding how their budget of £2.50 per person per day was to be spent. Their pleas for decent coffee were pitiful but they had lads of macaroni to compensate them.

When she was told that she had been nominated, Chloe tried to be philosophical about it, like Hardeep, but cried at the thought the public didn’t like her.

Kirstie sat citizen test to become and honorary Brit. She had to pronounce correctly place names like Gloucester and Slough (fail), make a perfect cup of tea (fail), and complete some well known sayings – this being Channel5, they were vulgar ones _- I’m pleased to report that she failed this component of the test too and so remains an American citizen. As a consolation, she was allowed to invite a number of HMs to high tea (with a real cake stand and fabulous goodies too) which they all enjoyed while the uninvited starved in the garden.

Ryan and Roxy were told what was in the little notes which Chloe and Jermaine exchanged – they ran about screaming with excitement. I mean, one of the notes just said ‘I like you’.

Chloe knows that Jermaine has a GF but understood that the relationship was on the rocks. Now she thinks there’s something else she doesn’t know. Marriage? Jermaine the love rat avoided the conversation, moving away from Chloe and going from room to room, drinking deeply from a glass so that he couldn’t speak while she followed close behind. He was positively squirming. He knew e has told the others something different from what he has tod Chloe.
How did he think he could get away with that?

Roxy took Chloe aside and warned her of the danger that she’ll be painted as the scarlet woman. Why is Jermaine not a scarlet man- he’s the cheat and liar! And who is Roxy to talk – she was the one assuring her engagement ring that it was still her boyfriend in spite of Ben.

Chloe questioned Jermaine again but he refused to talk about anything. To the boys, he claimed that the flirtation by note with Chloe was all banter and what’s more he never said he was single and never said he had a wife. Oh, dear.

One increasingly annoying feature of the house is Ryan’s fake laughter that rolls round the house like thunder. Sally was cracking jokes and he cackled and brayed for an impossible amount of time. It wasn’t so noticeable when Natalie was there because her yelling drowned it out. She had a useful function after all!

Jermaine , in conversation with Ben, said he felt fine and didn’t care what people outside the house thought of him. That settled, he decided to talk to Chloe about their situation, but she’s not playing since he made such a big deal of not talking earlier. Jermaine, you’re got like a rabbit in a trap.

The public evicted Chloe and spared Hardeep yet again. It was Emma who finally told her that Jermaine is married. Chloe was disgusted by this – yet her face retained it’s curious immobile, expressionless cast.
I don’t think she’ll be much missed.

A twist was announced tonight – the public will nominate HMs this week and the bottom two leave on Friday.

BB should give up on showmances this year – nearly all of the HMs have relationships outside and they are playing with flirtations because that is expected but trying not to get too deep in.
Dan is married. Roxanne is engaged. Ben is married. Jermaine is married. Why can’t they think of something else to do?

I bet Jermaine is up on Friday - Jermaine and his 'I never said I was single.'

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Snippets abound, presumably to show communal tensions about the eviction but it doesn’t work because we saw the eviction last night.However, we did see their personalities in action: Chloe and Gabby hugged to settle Chloe’s nerves’. Ben demonstrated some ballet lifts with Chloe so that she can feel as if she’s flying; Jermaine and Dan brag about not being able to get out of bed because of a certain physical phenomena; Kirstie was as cool as ever; Sally headed for the DR to predict that life will catch up with Jermaine on the outside – she’s a proper little Delphic Oracle; Hardeep is in two minds about everything – he wants to stay as much as he wants to go; Chloe is sure she will go.
There was no comment from Ryan – at least we didn’t have to listen to his appalling braying laugh.

Jermaine was looking shifty tonight. He is sleazy in appearance and in his mind. Kisty was talking about marriage and I am sure that she was directing her thoughts at Germaine: the easy part is falling in love and getting married; then things get in the way: having children, paying the mortgage and so on. You have to work at maintaining a marriage as it is a work in progress. Jermaine hid under his baseball cap and looked shifter than ever.

DR Ben praised Gabby, his little mystery Venus. He said many things like that – meaningless twaddle.

Nick met up with Wendy the washing machine. His son’s birthday is tomorrow and if he completes a task for Wendy, he’ll be given a birthday card to send the boy. He has to tell two HMs some home truths ad then spill beans all over them. Hardeep got the beans right down his back and Ryan got the same. Oh the laughs that spewed from Ryan – on and on!

Jermaine gave Ben a makeover but it took the rough look away from him and Roxanne didn’t like it.

In the DR we saw right into Jermaine’s sleazy little heart. He did not defend his love light. He thinks Hardeep brings a lot to the house but Chloe doesn’t.
When asked if Chloe would be missed if she was evicted, he merely shrugged.
He has someone outside – he was just bantering with Chloe.

Two faced love rat!

Chloe told Sally about her kidnap ordeal, how she’d been drugged and confused. Her expression had no emotion; she might as well have been asking someone to pass the salt.

Jermaine is obviously fretting about his public image – late in the day, mind you. He arranged an assignation with Chloe in the toilet. He told her that he had a missus outside and that questions would be asked – she has to say it was just banter.
She won’t say that because everyone knows it wasn’t. She’s going to get boos because of him.
A little respect goes to Chloe. As for him, he’s old enough to know that women don’t just fall into place as he wishes them to.

Post Eviction

Hardeep dressed for the eviction in his pink turban, a starry jumper, dark knee socks and a kilt.
The starry jumper does not match the kilt, Hardeep!
Chloe got a good send off from the HMs and they were genuinely pleased that she got cheered on her way out.

HMs discussed real bonds between them being formed in the house, Jermaine fretted about the gap between what he wanted to and what he should do. He gets shiftier with every minute that passes. But he was wearing his wedding ring again.

In the DR, Hardeep told how bemused he was to be nominated twice by HMs and then saved twice by the public.
When pressed by Hardeep Jermaine won’t answer a question about whether he will see Chloe again after the show.

While the other HMs slept the sleep of clear consciences, Ben and Germaine fretted about how they were viewed outside. Germaine walked a fine line, he said, and often got into trouble through his own fault. Ben made no reply. I’m beginning to think he is considerably cleverer than he chooses to look.

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