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New Science Fiction & Fantasy 2023 BRITISH FANTASY AWARD WINNER


7th Jul, 2020

Author: Andy Cox

Many circumstances have conspired to delay Interzone #288 and Black Static #76. They will not be the July-August issues as expected but will become the September-October issues instead. Very sorry about this. We tried very hard to avoid it.

Meanwhile everything else will carry on as normal: submissions are still very welcome and responses should be quick (and accepted stories will invariably go into the very next issue), subscriptions and other orders will be filled promptly, reviews and interviews will be arranged, and so on. 

You've probably heard about the increased postal charges. We've had four hikes so far this year, mostly for overseas mail, effectively doubling the cost. However, we are not raising our prices. Postage in the UK will continue to be free, and overseas airmail will continue to be charged at only £1 per item. We take a huge hit this way, but we want you to subscribe. Subscriptions are more important now than ever.

There's plenty of good stuff to look forward to. Stories by Stephen Hargadon, Abi Hynes, Tim Cooke, Lucie McKnight Hardy, Rhonda Pressley Veit, Gary Gibson, Daniel Bennett, John K. Peck and others, including the long awaited return of Alexander Glass. Interzone #288 has another wraparound cover by Warwick Fraser-Coombe, interviews with M. John Harrison and Agnes Gomillion, plus all the usual columns and reviews. Black Static #76 has cover art by Ben Baldwin, an interview with Chris Kelso, plus Lynda E. Rucker, Ralph Robert Moore and all the usual reviews.

Thanks for your continued support, and for your patience. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


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