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First Blog Post of 2012

3rd Jan, 2012

Author: Peter Tennant

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As I did last year, I'm going to slip on my anorak and take a look back at what happened in the year just gone from a Case Notes review perspective.

In the six issues of Black Static that appeared in 2011 I reviewed a total of 101 titles, which is nine up on the tally for 2010.

Breaking it down we get:-

  • Novels - 44 (37 in 2010)
  • Short Story Collections - 22 (20)
  • Anthologies - 10 (17)
  • Novellas - 12 (7)
  • Graphic/Illustrated work - 1 (5)
  • Chapbooks - 10 (4)
  • Non-fiction - 2 (2)

The only categories where I reviewed less titles than previously are anthologies, which in 2010 was boosted by an all-anthology issue, and graphic/illustrated work, of which I don't recall being sent very much at all in 2011.

I also, that I can recall, reviewed one title on this blog (perhaps more - I can't be bothered to check), and over on my personal blog discussed more than seventy of the stories that have appeared in Black Static.

During 2011 I listed a total of 164 titles received for review (ten up on the previous year), though the actual figure is slightly higher as I don't include review material sent in electronic format in any counts.

So the chances of any individual title getting reviewed at the moment is running somewhere in the region of 60%.

I reviewed 26½ titles that had been either written or edited by women (approximately 26% of the total), while 33½ of titles received were by women (approximately 20%).

I reviewed titles from a total of fifty seven different publishers, of which the following have rattled the bars of my reading cage the most often:-

  • Dark Regions - 7
  • Chomu - 6
  • PS Publishing - 6
  • Eibonvale - 4
  • Nightjar - 4
  • Piatkus - 4
  • Pendragon - 3
  • Solaris - 3
  • Spectral - 3

In total I reviewed titles by 82 different writers and editors (the actually tally for writers is much higher, as for anthologies I am only counting the editor), with those who were reviewed the most frequently:-

3 titles - Gary McMahon, Tom Fletcher, D. F. Lewis, Angela Slatter

2 titles - Anne Perry, William Peter Blatty, Brendan Connell, S. J. Bolton, Allyson Bird, Paul Finch, Tony Richards, Terry Grimwood, David Wellington, Conrad Williams, Kaaron Warren.

Next week I will be listing Pete's Picks for 2011, the titles that really impressed me last year in each category, and my nominee for Small Press Publisher of the Year. Pete's Picks are a bit like Santa's list of who has been good, only you won't be getting a present.

Watch this space.

The next voice that you hear will be Cate Gardner.



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