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Black Static



5th Aug, 2011

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Item image: Black Static 24

The original art on the cover is taken from Ben Baldwin's illustration for Ramsey Campbell's 'Recently Used'.



Item image: Black Static 24 Contents



Item image: Dermot

Dermot by Simon Bestwick
illustrated by Dan Henk

The bus turns left off Langworthy Road and onto the approach to the A6. Just before it goes under the overpass, past the old Jewish cemetery at the top of Brindleheath Road and on past Pendleton Church, it stops and Dermot gets on. / He gets a few funny looks, does Dermot, as he climbs aboard, but then he always does. It’s hard for people to put their fingers on it. Maybe it’s the way his bald head looks a bit too big. Or the fishy largeness of his eyes behind the jar-thick spectacles. The nervous quiver of his pale lips, perhaps.

Item image: A Summer's Day

A Summer's Day by K. Harding Stalter
illustrated by Paul Milne

I have named each of the doctor’s instruments. / I see them before me, arrayed atop a blue towel on the small cart the orderly wheeled in, arranged precisely, meticulously. They gleam beneath the white lamps of the amphitheater. I assume that they are cleansed prior to each demonstration, that they have been recently sterilized, and this entices me to soil them. They are beyond my reach, of course, because the restraints barely allow me to lift a finger, much less cross the orchestra.

Item image: Recently Used

Recently Used by Ramsey Campbell
illustrated by Ben Baldwin 

Tunstall thought he hadn’t slept when the phone rang. He clutched it and sat up on the bed, which felt too bare and wide by half. On the bedside table the photograph of him with Gwyneth in the sunlit mountains far away was waiting to be seen once more, and beyond it the curtains framed a solitary feeble midnight star. He rubbed his aching eyes to help them focus on the mobile as he thumbed the keypad. “Hello?” he said before he’d finished lifting the phone to his face.

Item image: Sill Life

Still Life by Simon McCaffery
illustrated by David Gentry 

She called herself Rachel. In hindsight, Jeff should have realized that something was wrong when he showed her the charred man. It was an apt description of the corpse, which resembled a blackened, twisted doll pulled from a fire. The caked-over eye sockets, the patch of exposed ebony frontal bone where flesh had been seared away from skull – Rachel’s dark eyes were forced to endure each hideous detail. 

Item image: How the Sixties Ended

How the Sixties Ended by Tim Lees

The Sixth Form held a Happening. That dates it, any­way. The hits were ‘Mighty Quinn’ and ‘Fire Brigade’. The volume was impossible. We couldn’t talk. We couldn’t breathe. The more we stayed the stranger we began to feel. They used the slide projectors from the Physics Lab and all these coloured lights went whirling up the walls, and someone said that’s what you saw on LSD, and we said, “How d’you know? How d’you know?” There were spirals, circles, blobs of oil that slithered lusciously, and pictures of a girl wearing a short cape and an orange hat, the first shot far away, the next up close, and the two slides flashing back and forth so that she seemed to leap out at you, jump away, jump back, her lips apart, her dark eyes shining wide, half in surprise, half, half – only I couldn’t put a name to how she looked.



Item image: White Noise (24)

White Noise
horror news compiled by Peter Tennant

Item image: Coffinmaker's Blues (24)

Coffinmaker's Blues by Stephen Volk

Few activities fill me with numb despair quite as much as scanning through cast lists in the Radio Times. Not the actors, God forbid, but the names given to characters in the likes of, let’s see… Casualty (BBC1, Saturday): Jeff Collier, Ruth Winters, Linda Andrews… Or Scott & Bailey (ITV1, Sunday): Ian Mitchell, Graham Metcalfe, Adrian Scott… 

Item image: Interference (24)

Interference by Christopher Fowler

Hide your children! Corrupting filth is back! The censors are scissoring again and the gutter press is foaming. Human Centi­pede 2: Full Sequence has been banned outright as the BBFC starts clamping down once more on its old bugbears: imitative violence and its imagined linking of horror with sex. Hang on, though. Didn’t we already do this?

Item image: Night's Plutonian Shore (24)

Night's Plutonian Shore by Mike O'Driscoll

What’s most shocking about the unravelling of Rupert Mur­doch’s empire is not the criminal practices employed by his journalists in gathering material for their ‘stories’, so much as the extraordinary extent of his power.



Item image: Case Notes (24)

Case Notes: Book Reviews by Peter Tennant

Tony Richards: Midnight's Angels + Our Lady of the Shadows • Terry Grimwood: Bloody War + The Places Between • David Wellington: Cursed + 13 Bullets • Livia Llewellyn: Engines of Desire • Ralph Robert Moore: I Smell Blood • Conrad Williams: Blonde on a Stick + Loss of Separation • Simon Strantzas: Beneath the Surface • Richard Gavin: Charnel Wine • Kaaron Warren: Dead Sea Fruit + Mistification + author interview

Item image: Blood Spectrum (24)

Blood Spectrum: DVD/Blu-ray Reviews by Tony Lee

Coverage of current and forthcoming releases including The Task, Conan The Barbarian, The Devil's Rock, Giallo, Obsession, Slaughter High, Bane, Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus, Evil Rising, Moby Dick, Scream of the Banshee, The Violent Kind, Hobo With a Shotgun, Limitless, Super, The Silent House, Almighty Thor, The Lost Bladesman, The Rig, Sucker Punch, The Witches of Oz, Twin Daggers, The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec, Second Coming, Quarantine 2: Terminal, Uninhabited, Wasted on the Young, Waterborne, Iron & Blood, Scream 4, Red Riding Hood, Beastly, Atrocious, Attack the Block, Yu Gi Oh, Shikabane: Corpse Princess, Black Butler, Sekirei, High School of the Dead, Nabari no Ou


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