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New Science Fiction & Fantasy INTERZONE 290/291 DOUBLE ISSUE COMING SOON!

Lifetime Subscriptions

15th Jul, 2011

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We’ve often been asked if we’ll reintroduce the option of a lifetime subscription to Interzone, and some current Interzone lifers have asked about the possibility for sister magazine Black Static. So we make the lifetime subscription available again now, on exactly the same terms as it was first offered in Interzone by the previous publisher: the amount you pay is equivalent to ten years’ subscription at the current rate, and a lifetime is defined as “one which lasts either the lifetime of the subscriber or the lifetime of the magazine”. This applies to both Interzone and Black Static, and there is also an option to take out a slightly cheaper joint lifetime subscription to both. 

These lifetime subscriptions have now been added to the order form in the centre of the magazines, and to the Shop (see link above). It goes without saying that such long term subscriptions are of great benefit and support to the magazines, so many thanks in advance to those of you who take up the offer.


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