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PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2012 10:27 am 
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Xcite books are looking for submisions for "Dead Sexy Paranormal" erotic stories featuring ghosts, vampires etc. Deadline is 05 July 2012 with publication in October.

Access to the site is blocked here (I'm at work) so apolgises for the lack of link - just Google Xcite and you should find it easy enough. And then perhaps delete your history...!

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2012 11:38 am 
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Nope, googling 'xcite' gets you all sorts of people - energy companies, retailers etc. 'Xcite books' works though, only I can't find info about that particular anthology:- ... xcite.html

Strange. It's listed on Amazon for October release.


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PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2012 3:43 pm 
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Joined: Wed May 14, 2008 2:06 pm
Posts: 1041
Location: Portsmouth
I was sent the info as part of an email - here's the copy and paste (it's for 'naughty' stories so apologies for lowering the tone):

Submission guidelines: your short story should not already be published anywhere in the world. Thematically, it should be written with the Xcite guidelines in mind. Obviously you will not be tied to having to provide detailed plot, numerous characters and enough varied types of sex to fill a novel, but the story should be about more than 'some people having sex'. The emphasis is on intensity, imagination, erotic tension, pleasure and explicit action and what’s-at-stake for the main character. We want to position these as suitable for the general reader as well as erotica fans.

We pay a flat fee of £50 providing your story is 2 - 4000 words (though 4K is preferred). Payment is made on publication; letter of acceptance is issued one month prior to publication. Your story will also be published in an ebook edition and e-anthology for which no further payment will be made.
Xcite Book Ltd will retain worldwide publication, e-book and audio copyright for five years. Please ensure full rights are available before submitting stories (we do not make exceptions to our standard contract).

Xcite Writer's Guidelines

Content: We are looking for variety in the themes with a high standard of writing. All sexual acts must be consensual and legal. Variety is the spice of life so giving your story an unusual setting, time period or style will help your chances of being accepted. We do accept stories from male writers and they can have a male POV but PLEASE remember they must celebrate female sexuality and be empowering to women.
Due to the volume of submissions I regret that I will not be able to return rejected manuscripts so please do keep a copy of your work. Please send submissions as a WORD attachment to your email, NOT within the content of your message.

Please think sexy when choosing a title!

Double spaced, 12 font and Times New Roman. Please use single quotation marks for dialogue.
Cover page must include your name, address and contact details PLUS your pseudonym if you are using one.

Please email all submissions to

Thanks for making an editor’s life easier!

eBook Book Guidelines

Writers Guidelines for Xcite eBooks

Due to the ongoing success of the Xcite range we are developing our e-xcite ebook range to be sold via our own site, iTunes, Kindle and other third party retailers. This will enable us to expand our list to meet online demand and to explore new sub-genres of erotica other than those we can through print publishing. It will also enable us to pay you royalties linked directly to sales. Submitting your work for our ebook range doesn’t mean that it won’t be considered for print publication. We require both ebook and print rights. Print rights will be returned if there are no plans to put the work into print.
Content: We are looking for a variety of themes with a high standard of writing. All sexual acts must be consensual and legal. These stories are chiefly aimed at female readers so they must celebrate female sexuality in all its forms and never denigrate women. The erotic content must be pacy, arousing and exciting. We are open to edgy and risqué subject matter, but there are a number of ‘no go’ areas which are set out below.

What we're looking for: ·

· Original, well-thought-out storylines with strong sexual content and no glaring plot-holes

· Story should include plentiful sex which drives the plot forward

· Sex scenes should be explicit and avoid euphemism · Avoid ‘cardboard cut-out’ characters and unrealistic relationships (i.e. we want characters with lives outside of the bedroom too)

· Sexual tension from the outset to be maintained throughout. Steer clear of over-long introductions and aim for a satisfying and believable conclusion

· Themes can range in tone from light and flirty to more dark and sensual

What we are NOT looking for: ·
Underage sex · Paedophilia · Rape · Necrophilia · Incest · Bestiality · Scat (i.e. bodily functions such as ‘golden showers’) · No extreme violence (i.e. no insertion of weapons such as guns/knives)

Genres covered include: Futuristic/SciFi Thriller/Crime Multicultural/ Interracial Cowboys/Western Historical Contemporary settings Older Woman, Younger Man Multiple partners Comedy/Humour Gay/Lesbian BDSM/Fetish Paranormal / Time Travel Fantasy Vampire/werewolf/shapeshifters

Manuscript length:
Short story 3-5000 words
Novella 15-20,000 words
Novel 50 - 80,000 words

What to include: A brief professional cover email which includes genre and and sub-themes (eg: Genre: Historical, Sub-themes: Regency, Female submission, Female/Female) length of story; blurb (approx 100 words); any previous publication credits.

For novels and novellas, a detailed synopsis (describing setting and main characters, conflict, full plot and resolution), plus the first three and final chapters.
For short stories, send the full manuscript.
Please be sure your manuscript is fully edited and is ready for submission – ideally get someone else to help you proofread it as it is very hard to spot your own mistakes!
Rights: please make sure all digital, print, audio, translation, and secondary/subsidiary rights are available before submitting.

Author payments:
50% of net profit received by Xcite Books, paid monthly

Please email all submissions to

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2012 11:54 pm 

Joined: Tue Dec 04, 2007 1:09 pm
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"(i.e. no insertion of weapons such as guns/knives) "

my favourite line from submission guidelines in a while...

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