The Third Alternative issue 11
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Author:  Andy [ Mon Jan 25, 2010 3:49 pm ]
Post subject:  The Third Alternative issue 11

Found! Exciting and a little bit embarrassing, a box of TTA11, long thought extinct...


Dancing About Architecture by Martin Simpson
Of Weather Signs and Absolution by Rick Cadger
State of the Ark by Allen Ashley
Deadhead by Justina Robson
Forbidden Territory by James Miller
Anonymity Walks by Simon Avery
Shine, Alone After the Setting of the Sun by Neil Williamson
To the Beach by Conrad Williams


Geoff Ryman interviewed by Gary Couzens
Comment by Rick Cadger
Chris Kenworthy interviewed by "Rachel Clarke"

Featured Artist:

Cover and portfolio by Jason Hurst

Discover why hardly any of these people are still speaking to me. Purchase it from the Back Issues page now. :D

Author:  Andy [ Mon Jan 25, 2010 3:50 pm ]
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Full page ads from Voyager and Orbit!

Author:  Andy [ Mon Jan 25, 2010 3:52 pm ]
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"Much of what sails under the flag of 'Horror' is worse than worthless" Rick Cadger, The Unquiet Soul. We were at war!

Author:  Andy [ Mon Jan 25, 2010 3:57 pm ]
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This was the winter 96/97 issue btw.

Author:  Roy [ Mon Jan 25, 2010 5:43 pm ]
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The link on the main Black Static page did not work.
The one above is fine.

Author:  Andrew Hook [ Mon Jan 25, 2010 6:28 pm ]
Post subject: 

Already got it :)

I've got every single TTA somewhere...

Author:  Jim Steel [ Mon Jan 25, 2010 6:56 pm ]
Post subject: 

I've got every copy too, but I've just told Neil Williamson in case he wants to buy the whole box.

Author:  rosanne [ Thu Feb 04, 2010 12:08 am ]
Post subject: 

That was definitely one of my favourite TTA issues (and I think it was my first) and it contains some real classics! I lent my copy to point out what is meant by 'slipstream' to a friend and never got it back... I might be very interested in replacing it if there are any left.

Author:  GaryC [ Fri Feb 05, 2010 1:58 pm ]
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I have it - but then I have a complete set of TTAs including the first issue.

Just a nitpick - that was an author profile of Geoff Ryman, not an interview. It was one of the series of author profiles I and others did way back when.

Author:  Andy [ Fri Apr 09, 2010 3:18 pm ]
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rosanne wrote:
I might be very interested in replacing it if there are any left.

Not sure how many copies are in the box but it's still full. Only sold one copy!

Author:  Rick Cadger [ Thu May 20, 2010 10:28 am ]
Post subject: 

Hi Andy,

Long time, mate! ;-)

If you still have a copy of issue 11 I'd like to buy one to replace my long-lost contributor's copy.

Could you email me price etc, please?



Author:  Roy [ Thu May 20, 2010 12:53 pm ]
Post subject: 

See TTA 11 here

Author:  Rick Cadger [ Thu May 20, 2010 2:01 pm ]
Post subject: 


Thanks, Roy. :)

Author:  Andy [ Fri May 21, 2010 3:19 pm ]
Post subject: 

Hello Rick!

I've refunded your money because obviously you shouldn't have to pay. Posted your copy this morning.

Let's *keep* in touch this time! :)

Author:  Rick Cadger [ Sun May 23, 2010 6:49 pm ]
Post subject: 

Aw, mate. Too kind. :)

I'll be around. I had a sort of self-imposed... not a break exactly, as I was still writing... but a period of deliberate quasi-invisibility where writing was concerned. Hmm... That makes no sense, but it's a long, dull and probably stupid story.

I've been lurking on and off. ;)

I have an increasing pile of shamelessly pulp output that is bad enough to publish under my own name again. I may have to start submitting MSS ....

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