Interzone 223
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Author:  Andy [ Wed Jul 08, 2009 12:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Interzone 223

This issue -- the Dominic Green Special -- is out now!


Cover art is by Adam Tredowski


Butterfly Bomb by Dominic Green
illustrated by Daniel Bristow-Bailey

Coat of Many Colours by Dominic Green
illustrated by Daniel Bristow-Bailey

Glister by Dominic Green
illustrated by Daniel Bristow-Bailey

-- Dominic's stories are introduced by the author and illustrator --

The Transmigration of Aishwarya Desai by Eric Gregory
illustrated by Arthur Wang

Silence and Roses by Suzanne Palmer
illustrated by LeMat


Demonic Groin: Dominic Green's history with Interzone
editorial by Roy Gray

Magpies and Ravens: Dominic Green interviewed
by Andy Hedgecock

Dominic Green Bibliography

Ansible Link by David Langford

BookZone by Jim Steel and the team
book reviews including Best Served Cold by Joe Abercrombie (review and interview by Maureen Kincaid-Speller, plus free copies of Best Served Cold and the complete First Law Trilogy), Consorts of Heaven by Jaine Fenn (reviewed by Lawrence Osborn), Canary Fever: Reviews by John Clute (reviewed by Paul Kincaid), Prospero Lost by J. Jagi Lamplighter (reviewed by Duncan Lunan), Fever Crumb by Philip Reeve (reviewed by Paul Cockburn), Ice Song by Kirsten Imani Kasai (reviewed by Peter Loftus), Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding (reviewed by Sandy Auden), Offworld by Robin Parrish (reviewed by Ian Sales)

Laser Fodder by Tony Lee
DVD and Blu-ray reviews including Cutie Honey, Battlestar Galactica, Franklyn (win a copy), ReGenesis, 20th Century Boys, Goto L'ile D'Amour, The Cell 2, John From Cincinnati, S. Darko, Knowing, Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II, Dumbland

Mutant Popcorn by Nick Lowe
film reviews including Star Trek, Terminator: Salvation, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Dragonball Evolution, Race to Witch Mountain, Night at the Museum 2, 17 Again, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Synecdoche New York, Monsters vs Aliens, Coraline, Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel, Outlander

Full details, links, some images and extracts in the Interzone section (Current Issue).

We hope you enjoy this issue and look forward to your comments.

Subscribing to Interzone is highly recommended!

Author:  Serge [ Mon Jul 13, 2009 12:57 pm ]
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Arrived in London this morning; nice cover, though I prefer science fiction themes rather than fantasy.

Author:  Schnappi [ Mon Jul 13, 2009 1:46 pm ]
Post subject: 

Arrived last Friday (!). I'm looking forward to this one. I've only read the interview so far and it's masterly :D

Author:  Journeymouse [ Tue Jul 14, 2009 1:49 pm ]
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Arrived today in South Yorkshire. Came home for lunch to find the dog gazing at the cover. I doubt he was actually admiring it but he seemed to understand it was something important ;)

Author:  Dan McNeil [ Tue Jul 14, 2009 6:52 pm ]
Post subject: 

Got 223 plus Black Static today (splashed out on the both of them). Bloody day-job getting in the way of any serious reading of either of them so far, but managed to absorb the Dominic Green interview, and very good it was to.

Author:  GLP [ Wed Jul 15, 2009 4:26 pm ]
Post subject: 

Arrived today in Bristol and I'm lookin forward to reading it, as always.

Author:  Ilan [ Wed Jul 15, 2009 8:14 pm ]
Post subject: 

Received my copy today in Edinburgh. Had a flick-through preview and being ignorant of Dominic Green, I am intrigued by the look of these stories. Great artwork as always.

Author:  Foxie [ Thu Jul 16, 2009 9:16 am ]
Post subject: 

Got my copy in the post yesterday. Lovely treat waiting for me when I got home from work. Beautiful cover--they seem to be going through a particularly strong period at the moment.

Author:  Jim Steel [ Sun Jul 19, 2009 6:11 pm ]
Post subject: 

A review by Clare Grant.

Author:  Andy [ Mon Jul 20, 2009 8:50 am ]
Post subject: 

Here's John's Reading.

Author:  Jim Steel [ Thu Jul 23, 2009 7:43 am ]
Post subject: 

Review by Colin Harvey.

Author:  Roy [ Fri Jul 24, 2009 9:24 pm ]
Post subject: 

In the Interzone 223 editorial and interview we mention Dominic's novels are free to read, or download to read offline, on his website and so I thought we should post the link .

Author:  Pete [ Sun Jul 26, 2009 7:02 am ]
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Review by Anthony G Williams on his blog:-

http://sciencefictionfantasy.blogspot.c ... e-223.html

Author:  Lawrence Conquest [ Tue Jul 28, 2009 12:53 pm ]
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All good stuff, though I think 'The Transmigration...' just about pips it as my favourite story of the issue.

I wonder if there are any further 'author specials' in the pipeline?

Author:  Jim Steel [ Thu Jul 30, 2009 7:38 pm ]
Post subject: 

Matt Bruinsteiner reviews Interzone 223 in Garbled Signals.

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