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Author:  Marion Arnott [ Fri Aug 25, 2017 12:19 am ]
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With a heavy heart I have to ell you that ex0HMs returned tonight with the express intention of causing mayhem Surviving HMs were not allowed to hog the show the night before an eviction – evicted HMs did. Just not fair!

Karthic didn’t do much damage – he just woke them all this morningvia the intercom. He certainly liened up the house – am became playful and did a boys’ boarding school trick of flinging things into the shower while Jemma was in there. She of course had to come out f the shower with not a stitch on except her ghastly tattoos.

Marissa took revenge on Shaun for his killer nomination on the first night of the series. She made him dress as a dog and live in a kennel. ‘Today you’re my bitch,’ she said and ordered him to bark.

While making toast, Sam was overjoyed to hear Jordan’s voice once more, this time over the intercom. Sam leapt and capered in ecstasy. Jordan ordered him into the DR so that they could talk privately. They’ve missed one another, they want to hug, they are delirious with excitement even to be talking to one another again.

Jordan had a mission for Sam – to go on a date and follow Jordan’s commands. They were what you would expect from Jordan – some saucy remarks; to shove a cake in the girl’s face; to tell her he likes her and wants to kiss her; to admire her feet and then suck chocolate from her toes (the chocolate came from the cake on her face).
The poor lass was bewildered by all this and she really didn’t like the cake shoved in her face but eventually twigged it was a task. She was a bit hurt by it all.

Jordan continued to advise Sam in the DR. He felt that |Sam spent too much time flirting . Sam hadn’t realised he was coming across like that.with Jemma.
Someone should tell him that at 25 he’s too old for boyish naivety.
He also explained to Jordan that he wasn’t ready for a relationship yet and sought Jordan’s advice - being with Amelia and her plans made him think of ortgages and joint bank accounts. Jordan advised telling Amelia gently…
Sam put himself in Shaun’s doghouse after the conversation.

Chad and Jemma had another row over mince. He had appropriated another small portion to have with eggs. She called him selfish (add your own expletives) and sia that he should wait for dinner. She slammed raw mince on his plate and put it out for him. Chad was astonished at the obsession with mince.

Brandi’s job was to read out bitchy comments made by HMs about other HMs (this again? AGAIN?)
Sarah had to guess who said that she and Chad had about two weeks and a couple of magazine deals and then it would be over? And disapproved of the cheating? It was Sam – he was abjectly humble and apologetic
Jemma had to wonder who said that she was a bit of an idiot for her age. Sam again His defense was that she had called him the C word.
Not so much of the naïve young schoolboy he likes to pretend to be in those remarks.

Paul commanded HMs to laugh and point at the person they thought would be evicted first. Jemma and Amelia both pointed at Chad, calling him selfish. The mince again. Chad exploded at jemma who was very unappeallingly self=righteous. ‘If you were a Spice Girl.’ He said, ‘You’d be Shit Spice Girl.’

Surprisingly, Jemma shut up.

Finally, the exHMs were allowed to enter the house. Sam and Jordan capered like puppies at being reunited and had a lovely chase about in the garden.

Brandi warned Jemma against being too flirty with Sam because the viewers could see that Amelia was hurt and this made Jemma look bad.

Amelia and Sam were trying to have a chat but Jemma showed up and sent Amelia out of the bedroom so that she could have a chat with Sam – what a nerve she has! It wasn’t much of a victory to make Amelia slink away. They both related that Brandi and Jordan had issued much the same warnings to them about Amelia. And so unair = they were like brother and sister! It was all innocent between tem! They had never kissed or touched!

Paul remarked that Sarah and Chad had sex in the toilet which they instantly denied. In fact they denied sexual contact at all/ Psaul correctly reminded him that she’d been in bed wth Chad minus her knickers and had been seen groping him. Sarah denied this too. She said she only rubbed Chad.

Oh, dear, It was like hearing Bill Clinton denying that he had sexual contact wth Monica/

Paul advised Amelia not to hang around for Sam outside the house. She should be more proactive and insist on a quick decision about her status. Hen Brandi came and told Amelia that Sam was laughing at her behind her back. She repeated some of the things Sam had said with the result that Amelia wet and challenged Sam. He gabbled explanations for his mocking remarks. Amelia went all passive/aggressive instead of being angry and took the blame for it all on herself – she’s so negative about herself!
Anyway, they finally ended it.

BB announced to assembled HMs that there was to be a back door eviction. The resut was a surprise – Shaun! And because he left by the back door he didn’t have an interview and I would have loved to hear his impressions of the BB house.

Final tomorrow. I hope Sam doesn’t win. I hope neither Sarah nor Chad wins. Certainly not horrible Jemma.
I suppose that only leaves me with dear old Derek. He doesn’t seem likely, does he?

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Fri Aug 25, 2017 11:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Brother

The Carnival Is Over

No house action tonight, only the running order and interviews.

Imagine my joy when Jemma went out first in her nearly-a dress slashed to the nave and open down the sides. The most interesting thing she said was that she was working on self-improvement and had, in fact, toned tings down while in te house.

Chad followed, trying to persuade us all that he had been himself in the house. His difficulty had been deciding whether other people were fake or real.
Oh, and the attraction to Amelia had been real but he found that he culd talk more easily to Sarah.

Derek came next and gave a genial good natured interview. He seems genuinely to have enjoyed the house and the housemates,, especially Amelia.

Sam, cocky as ever and still playing the charming schoolboy, could give no explanation for his treatment of Amelia..

Amelia was runner up and came out nearly having a panic attack. She was another who genuinely loved her visit to the house. Interestingly, she never had a singe nomination.

Sarah was winner – she swore climbing the staircase and wept at the interview. What else?

It wasn’t a bad CBB – I mostly enjoyed it. But they must do something about the standard of hMs. Get rid of the reality TV contestants for a start.

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Mon Jan 01, 2018 4:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Brother

Happy New Year everyone-hope it's a good one for you.
CBB returns tomorrow night with an all female cast to commemorate 100 years of women's suffrage. On the fourth day, men will be allowed to join the ladies for the rest of the series. Perhaps BB is hoping for a repeat of Ziggy and Chanelle and their hopelessly tangled misperceptions of the other's ego. Or perhaps BB really wants to show how far women have come in a century - after all, they have demonstrated that they are not afraid to wet the bed in public and other achievements which are bolder still. Who knows what further boldness they might aspire to.
Anyway cya tomorrow!

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Tue Jan 02, 2018 11:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Brother

The Year of The Woman

BB must seriously intend to celebrate women's achievements because he has named the bedrooms after Emmeline Pankhurst and Emily Davison. He has also abandoned Geordie Shore and the Only Way Is Essex lovelies.
Instead he has given us Ann Widdecombe, a woman I consider to be one of the few real characters left in the public. She goes at life in her jolly hockey stick way, probably still calls her friends 'chums', and is refreshingly sincere.

Maliki Haqq, best friend of the Kardashian crew, seemed a little less promising but made no clear impression. More vivid was Rachel Johnson, tithe journalist. She was alive with intelligence and dash so seems a contender.

Ashley James does so many things that she probably does none of them well - she's a glamour model, a DJ, a blogger who influences society .(she says). She looked terrified.

India Willoughby used to be called Johnathan and liked to play football. India says it's never too late to change - she did it in middle age. She wore the shortest dress in the show and posed with hand on hip whenever possible. And she's bubbling over with enthusiasm to teach us all about transgender. I do hope she's not going to be a bore about it.

Maggie Oliver was the policewoman who broke the Rochdale grooming scandal, a woman of courage and principles obviously.

Jess Implazzi is a glamour model with eyes of a peculiar colour - they reminded me of the devil's eyes in the Exorcist. They were the most striking thing about her.

And last but not least came Amanda Barrie, star of Carry On films and Coronation Street. She is remarkably good looking for an 82 year old,

The ladies will run the house and will be joined by male HMs on Friday. But what kind of men? No sense putting in beefcake -BB has to find men of the calibre of these women, This could be very interesting so long as BB doesn't interfere. Amanda and Jess have already won immunity for this week.

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Wed Jan 03, 2018 11:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Brother


Lots of chat as the ladies become acquainted. There was not a swear word to be heard, not a disgusting sexual anecdote, and only a passing reference to a Playboy photo shoot. The only wrong notes were struck by India, the transgender HM. She followed up her too short dress with skimpy satin shorts, à matching vest, and diamante .arrings. Not a good look for a woman of 50, especially when the other women were eithr elegant or cute in their sleepwear,Even worse was her treatment of Ann Widdecombe whose single bed she managed to appropriate. Tiny Ann v lanky India was shocking to see and eventually zAnn went to the other bedroom which she will occupy by herself until the men enter. India reaĺised she'd gone too far and and assured Ann she'd give up the bed if Ann was uncomfortable in the room with men. Too late, India, an elderly woman should not have been put in that position at all. She referred to the matter again in the DR, this time subtly undermining Ann whom she accused of being a linear conformist. I think .I'd like India out first and she can take her linear with her.

Maggie comes across as a very warm and sincere person which is why Amanda and Jess gave her the third immunity.

Ann ruffled feathers by opposing positive discrimination. But she is a person who took on Parliament and was a success. She couldn't understand why Harvey Weinstein's victim's didn't just say no. But then she would say no, I have no doubt, being Ann and sure of herself. No one really came back to her on that except India who told that at a meeting she'd attended after she transitioned, she was asked to make the coffee which she had never been asked before transition. Her conclusion was that men and women get treated differently. She'd only just noticed?
There was an embarrassed silence after that contribution. I'm not surprised.

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Thu Jan 04, 2018 11:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Brother

India's full villainy was exposed on Big Brother's Bit On The Side last night. BB had laid a towel with Ann's name on it on the bed to mark it as hers. India removed the towel and denied it had ever been there. Ann knew it had but refused to get into a fight about it.And now, try as India might, she can not rectify the situation which she now realises will have been picked up by the camera's and seen by the viewer.s. What a sly creature she is.

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Thu Jan 04, 2018 11:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Brother

Lowering The Tone

The first swear words were spoken tonight. (India). The first unseemly exposure of breasts (twice. India). The first almost bullying (India).
The swearing was born out of frustration at how dull the house is, full of nothing but discussions.
That's not really the problem though, India, is it. You wanted to talk about transgenderism and tried to get Ann involved. She was only too precise in her opinions and India was flabbergasted that her talk of agonies and near suicide and the worthiness of funding transgender treatments cut no ice with Ann. Ann was rational whether you agree with her or not; India spouts from a cauldron of emotion. I was reminded of Tom Stoppard's opinion of the zeitgeist when he lamented the decline of thinking into feeling.
Breast exposure came unexpectedly when India was drying her hair - she whipped off her top and sat half naked while Amanda, shocked rigid, tried not to look.
So who did she think was looking? Or was it the case that she temporarily reverted to male again and thought she was removing a shirt? In any case, she looked ridiculous. The second exposure came when Rachel asked to see her breasts. Vain and silly India was delighted to oblige, not realising that it was likely a desire to see how real they looked. Anyway, 50 year old women do not display in the presence of young fresh girls like Jess and Ashley. India kept hers hanging out at the table -!gross.

The almost bullying came when she tried to shout Ann down and failed. Then Ann called her 'he' - it was a slip of the tongue and she instantly apologised and that was the end of the matter - until later when she trapped Ann in the kitchen and loomed over her, accusing her of misgendering her. (India, using your height to intimidate women is a man's trick) but insisting that it was forgiven. Ann didn't give a toss about being forgiven and pointed out that India talked so much about being a man that her mistake was understandable. Ann is not easily oppressed. India was reduced to practising her walk with a cushion on her head.

This is why I rate Ann - what she says is the truth as she sees it. She will not modify it for an audience, she will not go running to apologise on Twitter for anything she says, she sees to the heart of a problem - her conclusions may not suit anyone else but at least they are hers.

The other HMs scandalized Ann by telling some disreputable stories. Young Jess thinks Ann is wonderful for being so kindly. Maliki has won immunity in the hatchet game. Amanda and Maggie are both warm and likeable.
The image I take away tonight is of tiny Ann taking her exercise by walking round the garden. A short stumpy little figure, always alone, turning her face into the wind and making her own way to her own destination.

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Sat Jan 06, 2018 12:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Brother

Wad Some Power The Giftie Gie Us
To See Oursels As others See Us...

That is a sliver of Robert Burns which seemed appropriate for discussing India. It is a wish for a gypsy to grant us the ability to see ourselves as others See Us, something India is patently unable to do, how she sees herself being all that matters.

She picked a quarrel with Amanda Barrie tonight, Amanda, 82 years old and a national treasure. Amanda called her 'he' by mistake which led to a massive rant from India who insisted everyone listen to her and be educated by her. 'I am a real woman!' she screamed more than once. Was this what her personality was like when she was a man, or does she think her behaviours is typical of women? Or perhaps it's all she can think of to get air-time.
How did she see herself? Joan of Arc martyred in the flames of the bonfire suffering agonies at being called a 'he'? And to add insult to injury , to have Amanda make five or six apologies to her for this painful hurtful error? She needs to learn that how she sees herself is fairly irrelevant when she steps outside her own front foot. Then it's how the world sees her that counts. An 82 year old woman made a mistake; India overreacted. The world sees her bullying Amanda and wonders who is this nobody yapping at the national treasure's heels over something so trivial.

However, karma swung into action when the men came in and one of them, Courtney, turned out to be a drag queen. A gorgeous drag queen. A light hearted fun straight talking Australian drag queen. India has a phobia about drag queens, she said, especially,, I suspect, captivatingly appealing as Courtnet (real name Sean Janek)..
John Barnes, the footballer and genttleman, loaded with charm, ha who is full off fun.s also entered the house, as well as Wayne Sleep, the tiny ballet dancer who is full of energy and fun.

For ladies everywhere, Sean Lynch of Boyzone, with an accent to die for. (Young Jess noticed him and nearly swooned).
Not so appealing was Jonny Mitchell, a love rat from a reality show.. Also, that horrid comedian who joked about rape. His real name is Daniel O'Reilly but he is known as Dappper.

The last two entrants were Andrew Brady of fleeting Apprentice fame, and a rapper named Ginuwine.

The image I take away tonight is of India's face when she clapped eyes on ravishing Courtney. The rest of Burn's verse is again apposite:

O wad some power the Giftie Gie Us
To see Oursels as others see us
It wad frae mony a blunder free us
An foolish notion;
What airs in dress an' gait wad leave us
An ev'n devotion.

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Sat Jan 06, 2018 11:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Brother

Not Getting It

It's becoming a problem - the discussions about gender politics and ideology, I mean. Boring. Boring. Boring. Especially when India is leading the way - she actually demanded to know if any of the men would date a trans woman. She managed to make it sound like a test of righteousness which they daren't fail. But men don't care for saying the 'right' thing: they like what they like and that's that. Courtney demanded to know what heterosexual is anyway, but India was not comforted and ended up flouncing into the bedroom and hiding under the covers. 'I'm not getting it' she wept on Rachel's shoulder.

Poor men : she embarrassed them and doubtless will label them all transphobic by morning. And they won't care - she won't force them into apologies. Aww after displaying her boobs again this morning -all wasted effort.

Maliki is coming to the fore. She allocated the men their household tasks with gentle humour and jokes. And when India flounced off, she pointed out that they were all living with a victim. The women had already stood against India over Ann's bed. India had cheated Ann out of her allocated bed but promised to move when the men came in. Reminded of this today she refused to move, lolling insolently, almost tauntingly. The other women turned on her after she launched an astonishing attack on Ann, accusing her of being more equal than the others and claiming that she herself was not ageist and would not give Ann any leeway on the grounds of age.
I had to remind myself that India cheated and tried to blame Ann for it all. Eventually she was sent for to the DR and came back and swapped beds. She can take her non-ageist carcass and prepare for eviction. She has made everyone uncomfortable with her hectoring ways and she will be up.

Further confusion arose when Courtney was asked how she wanted to be addressed: she is she when she's Courtney and he when he is Shane. All the HMs seem unduly worried about proper forms of address. Sign of the Times. But Shane/Courtney is good humoured and he clearly thinks it's no big deal.
India should take note.

Dapper is trying to rehabilitate himself and tried to explain his 'gagging for a rape' joke to Maggie. To Maggie of all people who broke the Rochdale grooming scandal. She's never going to laugh at that rape

Let us pray that tomorrow the subject of gender is dropped.

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Sun Jan 07, 2018 5:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Brother

I have been neglectful and missed out a couple of things that matter. When India asked the embarrassing question about dating transgenders, Ginuwine said he wouldn't. She tried to force a kiss from him but he dodged her - watch out, Ginuwine, you'll be getting the transphobic label next, never mind that she's twice your age and inclined to be a little odd looking, you must respond to her or risk that nasty label. She's already started on the 'I'm a real woman' rant again. Courtney accuses men who won't date transgenders of having a 'fragile masculinity'. He recited a list of all the different kinds of people he has slept with just to prove the strength of his.
Malika pointed out that not everything is somebody else's fault - people have their sexual preferences and that is that.

I have to ask, what all this has to do with celebrating the,progress of women? They are being edited out in favour of a drag queen and a rather bitter transgender. Is BB having a laugh?

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Mon Jan 08, 2018 12:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Brother

BB Gets A Telling Off

Ann,in the DR, was uneasy with the male HMs doing the household chores as it took power away from her. She could only sit and wait for things to be done.
But she soon changed her mind when Andrew made up her bed. He put the duvet còvermon with such skill, even artistry. The pair bantered away and ZAnn laughed and smiled.

Maggie and Jess discussed their unhappiness with India's constant rowing.India's problem was that she did not want the rows diffused. This was evidenced by Ashleigh's constant attempts, still on going, to smooth Ìndia's ruffled feathers from last night. Ashleigh is convinced that India needs to believe that she is loveable.
You can try, Ashleigh.

Malika had another tactic for dealing with prickly India -she half scolded and half sweet talked her into understanding that she was making Malika very uncomfortable with the things she said to the extent that
Malika's inner voice was screaming 'No, India, no!'
Astonishingly, the sheer force of Malika's words stunned India into silence. Apart from a complaint that she thought Maggie was following her around. And sure enough, Maggie did seem to be shadowing her.Heaven knows what that's about.

Wayne Sleep entertained some HMs with tales from Covent Garden. It was more interesting than India's ranting anyway.

Shane and India discussed how Shane is attracted to all sexes. He appears to be working through Facebook's 77 genders. Impressed, India asked for his help in overcoming her drag queen phobia.

The stereotype writer challenged male HMs to disprove stereotypes such as men can't multitask, show their emotions, bear pain etc

Ann was horrified by the pain task as it involved electric shocks and pretending to be in Labour. Ann did not approve and told BB so in no uncertain terms but with such ammischievous half grin her face was transformed.

After Wayne's efforts to entertain, Dapper performed his comedy routine - very crude and very not funny.

Shane, -India and Ann got into a discussion about gay marriage. I think she was suckered into it because it was quickly followed by a barrage of questions about how she voted on gay issues in Parliamentent. I wonder
Who primed him - I doubt that Ann's parliamentary voting record would be well known in Australia.
I have no doubt either that she was being set up to look like a dinosaur and a hate figure for the gay community, but she answered with such perfect dignity and rational sincerity that she didn't look like a fool, he the DR, India called Maggie a bad smell. Yesterday he described Ann as having a face like a bag of scanners. She has the vocabulary of a thirteen year old boy and the thought processes. Hopefully, she'll be out Hurst.

Author:  des2 [ Mon Jan 08, 2018 8:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Brother

Thanks, Marion. I am enjoying your reports by experiencing CBB vicariously. :)

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Tue Jan 09, 2018 12:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Brother

Hi, Des
Wish I could experience India vicariously!

A Quivering Lip

The men are still taking directions from the women. John Barnes is notable for his total good humour in
obeying. Drawn into a conversation about discrimination against gay footballers, John denied he knew any and said the law couldn't change people's thinking anyway. End of topic.

Courtney told a crude anecdote to get the men's s attention and, having got it, treated them to an instructive talk about gender dysphoria. These educational efforts are becoming tiresome. This is CBB, not night school.

India says she's never had sex. That must come as a shock to his ex wife and son. I suppose she's talking about sex since she transitioned. All the same, it's as if she has cast her previous life away as if it were nothing. I feel for his son.
To spread the good news, she did inform everyone that she can orgasm. She discovered this in hospital over her Xmas dinner. Her face was positively radiant when she narrated this. I had no idea that Xmas PuD and brandy sauce could make the earth move,but there you go, you live and learn. I did feel even sorrier for her son. His mates will have a field day with that story.

The task today was another stereotype buster. The men had to disprove that men are bad liars by deceiving the ladies about who had committed disreputable acts. Poor Ann sat with hand over her eyes.

Courtney decided to show Andrew how to drag up. It was funny as Andrew learned how to tape things down and sculpt his face. Everyone laughed - except India. She sat with her lip quivering (her phobia, don't you know) but no one bothered much. She went off to her bed again. She lay for two hours before anyone came to ask how she was. She dismissed him brusquely - then he left her. She was somewhat taken aback that he didn't stay to coax and that no one else came. So she rose from her bed, went to the lounge and announced that she had something to say. Malika left the room immediately - a good moved - as India harangue the group about why she was crying, why she was upset, attacked for his transphobic attitude(remember he wouldn't kiss her - she has added that to her list of grievances). She hates men dressing up as women - oh, the irony.
The group's attitude was interesting. They looked at watches, looked bored, bit lips. Tedious woman was written all over their faces. Andrew stormed out calling her some names which are generally applied to men. Hard to blame Jim really - he had only been having a bit of fun. He needs to learn that there is no such fun when India is around.

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Tue Jan 09, 2018 10:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Brother

How disappointing - it wasn't the Xmas pudding that got her going, it was a Dalek on the Doctor Who Xmas special which she viewed as she ate her Xmas dinner in hospital.

Not that she can be believed - she claims to have a drag queen phobia and that drag queens cheapen the transgender experience but photographs of her posing quite amicably with drag queens have emerged all over the internet. At gay pride events, which she says she never attends. Was she planning on going on a journey, learning to accept drag queens and mellow? Was she going to discover the fun to be had at gay pride and become a less miserable human being?

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Wed Jan 10, 2018 12:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Brother

A thoroughly enjoyable show tonight. In truth, all the shows have been better than previous years. The HMs are nicer and more mature and they seem to get a fairer allocation of time.

Malika explained to Rachel her problem with India and said she'd given her all the energy she was going to. At the time, I was sure that Malika would nominate India but... more of that later.

While India was reminiscing about Boyzone days, Courtney was explaining that her tantrums were down to the transgender adolescence which some go through on transition. How many excuses can he make for a 54 year old sulking for hours under a duvet?

Ginuwine's connection with Ashleigh is firming up. They held hands and others are making comments. No one is mentioning his 9 children by five mothers. Does no one like the girl enough toward her off?

Ann got revenge on Rachel for aĺl the awkward questions Rachel has asked her. She's being painted as the evil Tory oozing anti-gay sentiment but Racheher brother Boris. Rachel has a vulnerable spot - her brother Boris. It was fun to see Rachel squirming when being persistently questioned about Boris's bid for the leadership of the Tory party. She couldn't not answer but did her level best to say nothing meaningful. Good on ya, Ann.

Everyone had to dress for the men's talent show tonight. Even Ann put make-up on. Courtney outdid everyone else by emerging from the shower and giving the other men an eyeful. He wore a bra and fleshcoloured pants which he pulled down to show how he tucked his bits away when being Courtney. His body was like a little girl's and for a moment he was neither man nor woman. He made me feel queasy. Sean Lynch, going by his expression, felt much the same.
Why was Courtney showing off all this? Why did he feel it necessary to explain where he stood on the gender spectrum (more than half watch along to the man's side).? He is as boring as India for gender talk and only tolerable when he's dressed.

The talent show had singers and dancers and a juggler - the boys did well. Courtney won.

In the DR, India called her fellow HMs a coven of witches. She didn't say why.

Face to face nominations brought Jonny and India to the firing line. Jonny is something of a nonentity in the house; India is unlikeable. I was pleased to see that India was nominated several times for her slyness over Ann's bed. Justice at last!
She also barked at BB again. Malika nominated her, and could only come up with the idea that HMs were torturing Ann. Ann snapped at once that this was not a valid reason and brought BB in on her side. India disgraced herself again by nominating Ann for stealing HER bed.Everyone knows the truth of that matter but she persisted in lying.
Hopefully the creature will be gone on Friday.

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