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 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sat Jun 10, 2017 10:53 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
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Agent Provocateur

Provoking rows, simulating rows, pretending to be outraged rows – all seem to be popular tactics in the house. Some people find it entertaining, I suppose, but it has me reaching for AnadinExtra.

Channelle failed utterly to ignite outrage when she pped in the swimming pool because the toilet was so far away. She never turned a hair when BB put the pool out of bounds until further notice. Other HMs noticed becase the pol turned green but no one was outraged.
Disgusting girl.

Perhaps Sukhvinder distracted them from the not=yet=toilet=trained woman. Sukhvinder, when the alcohol ran out, was able to produce a full bottle which she had squirreled away. Not, house gossip has it, for the first time either. A row broke out between Sukhvinder and Channelle, and foolishly, Imran tried to mediate. He also intimated that the house should have protocols for that sort of thing. Hiroshima! She ranted and raved at her husband, accused him of treachery, insisted he was just the same on the outside world and then dragged him into the toilet to discuss the matter privately. He ende up pleading with her to be calm but she dismissed him and fled to the bedroom (when oter HMs were trying to sleep) where she wept and sobbed for nearly two hours until he came to her to plead again. Raph and Tom also rallied to the cause of placating this nagging screaming foul mouthed scold.
I’ll give her that – she got a lot of airtime out of it.
But it is questionable how much of this the other HMs will take before they start nominating her.
Once she’d calmed down she went round the other HMs justifying her hiding of the wine and everyone was terribly nice but it was clear it was for fear of setting her off again.

Arthur also is a stirrer of the highest order. First of all he took umbrage to the girls mimicking his ‘I have no money speech’. Actually they were funny doing this. But Arthur feels he is being portrayed as a spoilt rich kid, Plus, he has no sense of humour when it comes to his ego. He accused the girls of bullying him. Kayleigh took umbrage at being called a bully and started shouting her displeasure. F-words and C-words flw like confetti until Arthur announced that he had dedicated his life to women and Kayleigh was no woman. That set her off even worse. It only ended when she threatened to make his life a living hell.

Tom took Arthur aside to tell him gently that he does offend people. Arthur called on Hannah (the rubbish HM) to tell how he had shown her compassion.
He was met with stony silence which seemed to deflate him. That probably is the way to deal with Arthur – fix him with a basilsk glare and say nothing. Hannah is no Kayleigh who will rise to his bait every time/

However, Arthu had some success with the girls again. He took all the HMs food and put it back in the store. It was pointed out that Artur must realise that BB locks the store and then they wouldn’t be able to get anything to eat. He denied knowing that and kept saying in a little= boy= who- is= puzzled way that he didn’t KNOW. He sank to the floor in utter despair as Kayleigh had another melt down and let fy.

So the lion’s share of the show went to Kayleigh, Arthur and Sukhvinder who provoke the most awesome rants.

There were other snippets of interest.

Joe cried in the DR because he was shut in a house with all that conflict going on. He felt something was expected of him but…

Rebecca and Kieran had another deep discussion about their non-existent relationship and how nothing will ever again happen between them. The cards fell their way when the girls started quizzing Rebecca about what sex with Kieran was like. Then they quizzed Kieran about Rebecca. So lots more lovely lovely airtime.

Sukhvinder and Imran, during speculation about who would be evicte, agreed that Hannah and Deborah were their sisters – everyone else in the house was just white. They could feel the invisible barriers, they said. As far as I can see, no one in the house has said or done anything remotely racist. They are somewhat wary of Sukhvinder, but anyone would be due to her very unpleasant personality.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sun Jun 11, 2017 10:46 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
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A Long Day’s Journey Into Night

First thing in the morning, the store cupboard row broke out again. The only one who will listen to Arthur is Arthur himself even after he tried to get Lotan to bet a slap that the store was kept open. Even Joe wouldn’t talk to him/ But for Arthur, the only sense to be heard is what he says to himself. So he told himself tat he wanted apologies, that he was the good guy clearing up the kitchen when he got rid of the food.

Sukhvinder should take a tip from Arthur but she persists in trying to get Imran to talk to her. Poor man – in self defence he must have blocked his ears up years ago

Joe and Tom tried once more to explain to Arthur about the storeroom – to no acail. He wants them to ask Big Brother. Then Arthur swore at Tom in the vilest way. Tom, already wound up, sent a tray crashing to the floor. He was angry, really angry, and was sent to the DR. He sat there, foot tapping and chest heaving, until BB placted him. His rage was genuine - |Arthur better watch his step.

A little light relief came when Lotan was applying sunscreen to himself – Joe was amusing when he teased him about it and so was Tom when he mimicked Locan exactly, posing Locan-like applying it to his scrawny frame

Imran organised a house meeting to discuss the rules but Arthur refused to attend saying that he didn’t play by the ruls. Imran was managing the meeting well in his gentle tactful way when Arthur appeared with a bowl of dust scraped from the kitchen floor – a snack for the HMs.

Joe took Arthur aside for a fatherly chat. He was patient and kindly but Arthur wasn’t listening. Later, Arthur called Joe a name and got a reaction. Joe was quite intimidating and he too was sent to the DR.
How do you get through to someone like Arthur?

The task tonight was limp – Tom went to th intellience room, thinking he was talking to the public when in fact he was in communication with the HMs.
For that, they won a party. Oh, for the days of the taxing tasks!

If men were becoming aggressive, some of the girls were downright sleazy. Channelle, as usual, started it with graphic descriptions of what she likes and dislikes in her sex life. She played the innocent and asked advice about anal sex. But no one else wass playing her game.

Arthur became enraged when he discovered that the store room was in fact locked. He chucked a box of cereal all over the floor and went up to the DR to complain. He explained his temper to BB by saying that he was giving up smoking and was substituting carrots for cigarettes, And the store was locked an he couldn’t have one.

BB spoke sternly about his behaviour but Arthur couldn’t be reached. Rafe was sent for and listened patiently to Arthur then gently explained what was going wrong for him. Arthur seemed to respond but when Raph was finished he asked BB for a carrot.
Lotan again took Arthur to task – it has been preying on his mind that he called Kayleigh the C word. He really objected to that.

In the DR, Ellie was ecstatic about Lotan’s dancing at the party. She very nearly got pregnant just watching him, she said.

But the evening was not over although the party was. Kayleigh, drunk and vicious, verbally attacked Arthur, calling him all manner of expletives a well as revolting and disgusting.
She went into the DR but I changed channels when it was clear she was indulging in another foul mouthed tirade. Funny how all that effing and blinding made the day seem very long.
She needs to go

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 12:18 am 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
Posts: 3347
Joe Stalin

An odds and ends evening, possibly because they’ve exhausted the personae they chose for themselves. There is only so much giggling you can do over makeup, only so many sexual practices you can describe, only so many offences you can take. Things became a little more real towards the end of the show tonight.

But first, the odds and ends. The show began with Channelle tackling Tom and then being dragged across the floor as she clung to his leg. Why? We weren’t shown why. We came in on the middle of something and left just before the end. It was almost Kafkaesque the way inexplicable things happened and then ended without resolution.

Arthur, for no apparent reason, made up Sukhvinder and Imran’s bed. ‘Why?’ she asked. ‘Because,’ Arthur said, ‘I learned how to do it at prep school and got five out of five for it.’
All he got this time was a hug from Sukhinder. He deserved much more for a truly superb non sequitur.

Channelle, Hannah and Deborah listened to Arthut explaining how funny he is. Hannah begged to differ as she dislikes being called a bitch I mention this because later in the day it was announced that Arthur had left the house after a ‘confidential conversation’ with Big Brother. Did he fall or was he pushed? It seems we are not to be informed.

Ellie and the girls have a quandary about the clear glass shower in the garden; they need to shave their intimate parts.They took turns holding up towels for modesty’s sake. Joe and Loran fled the garden trailing embarrassment behind tem.
I wonder why BB thinks it necessary to expose them in the shower?
In the DR, Channelle announced that she had learned a great deal about this shaving from Raph: for example, why do it at all/ She blushed and told us why.
I’d rather not have heard that resolution.

Rebecca must have been delighted when Joe asked her about her and Kieran: another chance to go into detail about the non-existent relationship.

The task tonight involved lucky dips. An HM opened a box after answering a question. If he got it right, he coud give the punishment-present to whomever he liked. It wasn’t very interesting apart from Raph and Joe’s. Raph got to give Joe the punishment of having all his belongings removed. Sukhvinder had him wear a pink onesie all day. And Lotan gave him a killer nomination to make.
Joe chose Raph because he is too intelligent for him. Yes, he did say that. Could it be that Joe feels inferior?

In the DR later, Raph explained the punishment he gave Joe: he held Joe responsible for Arthur’s departure. He did not explain further except to say that two distinct groups were formig in the house – the insiders and the outsiders. He himself, Charlotte, Debbie and Hannah, Imran and Sukhvinder were the insiders. The insiders ,all the other HMs, were led by Joe.

I hadn’t picked up on that, Joe as leader of the foul mouthed makeup bores, a sort of Joe Stalin ruling over the inane. The at the ned of thre show, we saw Stalin in action. He is FURIOUS at Raph’s decision to give him the belongings punishmert. Raph quite reasonably pointed out that Joe had given him a nomination. Joe was not to be placated. He talked of his instincts about Raph, was almost threatening revenge. Later, in the DR, and to Sukhvinder, he ranted for soe time at the loss of his clothing. A vain little man with his ego damaged. He’s never heard of taking things in fun, not when his vanity is involved.

For some unknown reason, something to do with mayonnaise that Imran had made and which was to be shared with everyone but Channelle, Channelle decided to put a plastic bread bag over Sukhvinder’s hair. Sukhvinder instantly declared that Channelle had tried to suffocate her. Death by Mother’s Pride. And, as is her wont, exaggerated and screeched and launched a verbal assault on the hapless girl who kept trying to explain that it was only a prank – presumably because she wasn;t to be allowed a tuna mayo sandwich. She was reduced to tears in the end by Sukhvinder’s viciousness and fled to the loo. After a while, perhaps because everyone was staring at her (she really does behave like a crazy woman sometimes) and Imran was trying to mediate, she went to make peace with Channelle. The grl was having none of it. Sukhvinder was taken aback – she is so accustomed to people being relieved that her storms are over. She doesn’t know what to do.

I dislike this withholding of food or drink which everyone else is allowed to have. That’s real bullying.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 11:32 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
Posts: 3347
Blessed Are The Peacemakers

Tonight peace broke out in the house. In the DR, Imran explained that he is learning how to understand and manage Sukhvinder better. (they’ve been married a fair few years, haven’t they? And he’s only learning now?). The house is difficult but he feels comforted when he sees Sukhvinder fro a distance.
I think I’d feel comfortable too if she was at a distance.
However, he did manage to broker a truce between his missus and Channlle. He explained to Channelle that Sukhvinder is caustrophib and has a rabid fear of Mother’s Pride. The two women hugged and made up.

Sukhvinder confided in Raph that the others in the house are desperate for airtime.
That’s rich, coming from her.

Nominations were interesting for one or two things. The number of HMs who said that Imran more or less ignored them surprised me. The same goes for Rebecca.
One small amusement was when Kayleigh nominated Deborah for being aggressive. (Really, Kayleigh? Quiet mannerly Deborah?) However, it was amusing to hear Sukhvinder nominate Kayleigh for using foul aggressive language when she’s no mean hand herself.
Just about everyone nominated Sukhvinder. Interestingly, Joe didn’t nominate Raph but Raph was quick to nominate him. Imran went in for no character analysis but nommed Rebecca and Ellie for being slobs around the house.

But Ellie won’t care. Lotan told the HMs that he had sexual dreams about Ellie. Made her day, that did.

Anyway, all those who got more that 3 noms are up for eviction: Raph (Joe’s killer nomination), Rebecca, Imran, Sukhvinder, Kayleigh and Charlotte.

Lotan put on display a tattoo of his ex-girlfriends name, and a ring she gave him. His face was lugubrious as he explained it is her birthday tomorrow. I suspect he’s going to go abut he house ‘alone and palely loitering’ nursing his broken heart. Ellie trapped him in the store and wished him all the best, tears in he eyes like the brave little woman taking it on the chin.

In the kitchen, peace and love continued to spread. Sukhvinder sat on Imran’s lap to kiss and whisper sweet nothings while he groped her. ‘Free porn,’ she said.
Ah, yes, they’re nominated. Have to up their game a bit before Friday.

Joe came and apologised to Raph for last night. He was very mealy mouthed about it. Raph’s eyes sparkled and did not immediately accept the apology. Seems he wants Joe not to call him a prick any more. He was so firm and polite. I think Uncle Joe was cut down to size.

Of course, some people have to be different. Channelle spoiled the great house love- in. She was larking about with Kieran and spat on the sofa and is leg. He made some remark about her lip fillers and she was instantly enraged. She whacked him on the forehead and knocked his baseball cap off. His turn to be enraged. He cuse an swore and ended by calling her the unforgiveable word.
She invited Raph for a confab, very worried about her lips. Raph was reassuring but BB was not. She was called to the diary room and given a formal warning fr her aggressive behaviour.
So far, she has struck Hannah in the chest with a flip-flop, put a plastic bag on Sukhvinder’s head, peed in the hot tub, spat at Kieran and whacked him one.
She should be long gone.

Raph is the only one in there intelligent enough to play he game well and nice enough to be likeable.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 12:12 am 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
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Walk A Mile In My Shoes

My mood was soured by the discovery that VIP HMs were entering the house for an extended stay = Marnie, who was awful when she was on the show, Gemma Collins who was just as bad, and Nicola McLean, one of my all time hates. Worst of all, HMs bloomed like little flowers in the sunshine when their heroes arrived and were permitted to shake hands with the,

Overnight, the house had been tuned into a slum and it was up to the HMs to make it presentable. To that end, they were all allocated jobs, such as cleaner, housekeeper and so on. Sukhvinder was made Mayor and Imran the cook. Rebecca, Kieran and Joe got no job so they had to sleep outside in the garden and eat cold canned food. Sukhvinder can sack any employee at the direction of the VIPs then then they become jobless and one of the original jobless becomes employed.

There is pre existing aggro between Marnie and Kayleigh who has been banned from approaching Marnie’s best friend But for Kayleigh, there is no escaping the best fried because her boyfriend has this lady’s name tattooed on his leg.
Talk about first world problems!

Now,we all know that the VIPs are there to stir up trouble. Marnie went to work right away by asking Kieran about his relationship with Rebecca.. In front of Rebacca. Told that they were just friends, Marnie asked if they were shagging.
That girl hasn’t improved with the passage of time.
In the DR,whence Rebecca fled, she cursed and swore and insisted that she hated the house, and hated that Marnie had questioned them about the relationship and mentioned the awkward conversations that she and Kieran had. She hates too that Kieran leaves the room whenever she enters. She misses her friend!

Kieran did his best to console her when she came out of the DR He feels much the same, he said, but he doesn’t let it get to him. Then he was offsky.

Sukhvinder tried her hand at sowing a little dissension. She told Hannah that Kayleigh had made disparaging remarks about Deborah. I think something will come of that – Hannah looked furious.

Imran, the house cook, spent three hours getting a meal ready for the HMs and their guests – and produced spaghetti bolognese. Three hours? And that was all he could come up with?
But things did not go according to plan. The VIPs were very late. Imran wanted the whole group to dine together but Ellie and Kayleigh got fed up waiting and went into the kitchen and are their share alone. Imran was furious (well, after all, three hour!) and had a word, well, quite a few in fact, at top volume, then went outside to fume. Lotan was sorry for the bewildered girls and came in and dropped a kiss on their heads as he took his place at the table. This was when the row broke out – Hannah had joined the girls and was explaining why they should have waited for their meal. And the next thing one of those sudden unexplained house rows broke out. Hannah hurled abuse at Lotan and wouldn’t let him sit at the table – ‘Move!’ she shouted repeatedly until finally Locan did just that. Heturned at the door and hurled some abuse at her. So Debbie came to her aid. The row spilled into the living room and other HMs got involved. Hannah even managed to taunt Rebecca about Kieran.

In the DR, Hanna spluttered with rage about white people bringing out the worst in her by stereotyping her as the aggressive black woman. If people could walk a mie in her shoes, a black woman, day after day being stereotyped.
That’s logic for you!

Hours later, she and Deborah were still angry. Hannah objected to be called aggressive because she’s black. Lotan and Ellie copped from her, and Rebecca.
It was a spectacular foul mouthed rant, no worse that anybody else’s in there, but disappointing as I have hitherto admired the sisters’ classy way of handling themselves in there. Shame.

In the Dr, Marnie disclosed that she fancied Lotan. Drool. Drool.
Kayleigh and Sukhvinvder had a row. As depute mayor, Kayleigh is somewhat lacking. No commitment. No effort. She’d rather be a rubbish collector.
Sikhvinder is promising sackings tomorrow.

Rebecca sat on the steps and wept over Kieran. Sukhvinder tried to comfort her. It must be like being comforted by a scorpion.

Tom defended the house food store from the VIPs. Against the rules, they wee helping themselves to a giant pizza. He saved it from them in the nick of time. We were then treated to the sight of a bare chested Lotan showing off his gymnastic prowess for the VIPS in the bedroom.
Their drooling was truly gross, his vanity also.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 11:32 pm 
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Mandela Showed The Way

Gemma, her enormous pillowy frame clad in a tiny leopard print nightie, drifted into the kitchen to order her full English breakfast with tomatoes seasoned with tarragon. Imran gamely got on with producing it, remembering to smile at all times.

Other HMs were not so compliant in carrying out their duties. Joe was tired after a night in the open; Lotan would rather demonstrate hs physical workouts fo the VIPS and drie tem all to distraction Kayleigh and others will not obey Suhkvinder and why should they when Sukhvinder broke the rules last night by sleeping in Rose Cottagw instead of te slum where she issupposed to be. Ah, the No 1 rules of leadership are that you must set an example.

Gemma was very curious about Lotan’s life as a stripper. He is only too willing to fill her in on the ins and outs of his craft. The VIPs were only too willing to ooh and ah over that and his massages: Gemma practically orgasmed when it was her turn; Marnie ditto.

The full explanation of the mutual war between Kayleigh and Marnie was revealed but I shan’t report on that as I don’t think the past love life of the VIPs has any relevance to the show. These revelations actually take airtime away from the HMs. Likewise, Marnie’s lurid past shall not be reported for the same reason.

Meanwhile, Sukhvinder was having a nervous breakdown at the DR door, hysterical over the HMs rebellion. She wept and screamed and, to my amusement, was advised by Hannah to keep her composure. But only Imran’s arrival to sweep her off to the toilet for a confab had any effect on her hysterics. She insists that the HMs would obey if anyone else was issuing the orders.’Why is our fight always so much harder?’ she wailed. Ah, race rears its ugly head again – she sees it everywhere. But Imran reminded her of Nelson Mandela’s struggles and how he never gave up. Inspired by this clarion call, she snarled that she wanted them all out of her village.

A morale boosting party was requested by Gemma and granted by BB on condition they all got back to work. The Three Hags descended on Sukhvinder to give advice about handling the HMs. Once more inspired, she decided to conduct one to one interviews with them. That was never going to end well – she has the tact of a Panzer division when she sets out to bend people to her will. And she started with Kayleigh, another bad move. Kayleigh will not take orders from someone she doesn’t respect. The chat ended in a full scale row and Kayleigh calling her the C word. Twice. Sukhvinder protested very firmly but she has a history of using foul language herself and hadn’t a leg to stand on. We didn’t see how the rest of the interviews went
The upshot was that Sukhvinder sacked some employees – Imran leaves his kitchen duties and becomes depute Mayor. Kieran becomes the cook.

At the party, Lotan became maudlin over his ex GF, she who was to marry him this summer. He pines for her. He loves her. He made a video for her, expressinag all his feelings for her just before he came into the House. He wept on Kieran’s shoulder.

The girls were all agog. Ellie was close to tears. He is attracted to Marnie but feels restrained by his feelings for his ex. Ellie was stabbed through the heart You could see it. Later, Lotan confided in Rebecca that it would kill Ellie if he got together with Marnie.
What a load of twaddle. The GF is imaginary. Ellie’s feelings are fabricated. Marnie, as is her wont, is playing the sex goddess to his Adonis.

In the DR, Ellie gabbled her misery incomprehensibly. I did catch that the house was breaking her.
She was closely followed into the DR by Marnie and her woes. She’s got no one to flirt with – everyone is all loved up already. She’s drying up…

Lotan assured Elie that he cares for her and respects her but that she shouldn’t fall for him.

Imran and Sukhvinder had a chat. Kayleigh’s foul mouth was discussed/ Sukhvinder called her a ho and said that she deserved to be on the streets. She didn’t use the C word but she is every bit as nasty as Kayleigh.

In Rose Cottage, the VIPs salivated over Lotan who they are sure would be great in bed. They want a glimpse of his massively insured equipment. With a glint in her eye, Gemma insisted that Tom also has sex appeal. Petit little Tom and zeppelin Gemma – what a thought.

As you can see, only those in ‘relationships’ are getting airtime. Tom, Raph and charlotte and Joe and Kieran are being left out. I call that dirty pool.
Speaking of which, BB is protecting Channelle. She did her peeing in the hot tub trick again, this time over Gemma. It was quite deliberate – she faced Gemma with a challenging look and then told her what she had done. Repulsive girl. But the video is online – why was it not shown?

We only got a glimpse of Raph tonight, te cleverest of them all. But how can he survive if he ends up on the cutting room floor?

Another glimpsed one was Joe at the party – wearing a chaplet of flowers. He looked like some ancient priest from Ancient Egypt about to sacrifice something at the altar.
Come on, BB. Get rid of the VIPs and let us see all the Hms!

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:30 pm 
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Death To All Plants

Three events occurred tonight. Lotan and Imran decided to tease Hannah and Deborah who were dutifully tidying hose and garden. They went round pulling up plants and dropping litter. Lotan threw water over Hannah for complaining. Instantly she called it aggressive behaviour and wondered why no one else did as they most certainly would have if she had done it.
Shehas a point

Gemma organised a Leaving Party during which Lotan performed his strip act. I suppose it was inevitable’

The third event was the eviction itself – more of that later.

The rest of the show was a borefest where Gemma confessed immoral feelings for Loan and Marnie jumped on Kieran and told the other cackling hag-celebrities what happened then. She bared her bosom and showed the lads her party trich while Gemma reclined in the hot tub and lusted some more over Lotan who eventually got into bed with her and Marnie, not to be outdone, joined Kieran in his.

In the end, Imran was evicted. The only surprise was that Sukhvinder went with him. The pair made one interesting point in their interview – ordinary people have been put in the house with practised reality TV people. This one of my objections to the Channel 5 format.

And one last gift from the VIPs – each was allowed to give a HM of their choice immunity next week, Predictably they each chose a man – they are not the type to help out a woman. Kieran and Lotan were recipients of immunity, and also Raph who we haven’t seen for several days/

I am giving the show one more week to improve – if the show continues to be a burlesque Love Story, I’m out of here.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sat Jun 17, 2017 11:32 pm 
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Arrividerchi, Kayleigh!

The showstarted with more woeful lurve talk Tom quizzed Lotan about his night with Marnie. Kayleigh and Rebecca quizzed Marnie about her night with Lotan. Vhannelle, in the DR, lusted over Lotan’s body parts.
My heart sank, it really did. I’d like to make Marnie and Lotan stand up against a wall to be pelted with rotten tomatoes. Channelle should be thrown into the Atlantic where she can pee to her heart’s content.

Sukhvinder brought a dash of reality to the show when she entered the kitchen and found all last night’s dishes awaiting her. She was even short with Rebecca when she came in to make drinks for the others (most unlike her) and told her she couuldn’t until Sukhvinder had finished washing up.

Tonight’s task was a series of summer beach games involving lots of water. Lotan got carried away and poured some over Kayleigh’s head. He was met with a volley of choice abuse, even after he apologised. ASfter all, it takes Kayleigh an hour every morning to fix her hair.

Tom accused Hannah of cheating at the games; she accused him of nomination talk. They were both right.

Tom, Ellie and Kayleigh discussed noms again and possible crowd reaction. Kayleigh says she isn’t worried because she already has a fan base out there.

Raph, aware that Hannah and Deborah are afraid of being separated, comforts Hannah by teling her that she shouldn’t let the reality TV clique undermine her. And by the way, they talk about her behind her back.
Oooh, nasty. She’s already paranoid as it is.

It was nearly Raph’s birthday. He was in the smokers’ group. Puffing away, when I noticed something off. He doesn’t hold his cigaretteproperly and he exhales through his mouth. He’s pretending to be a smoker to get in the group.

One of those Kafkaesque rows broke out beteen Channelle and Kayleigh. One of those out of the blue o no account row that turn serious.Channelle commented on Ellie shadowing Lotan round the house and then mentioned she followed Kayleigh too. Kayleigh too umbrage on Ellie’s behalf and – Hiroshima!
The two girls shouted over one another and kept repeating the same battlecries = ‘Don’t you start on me!’Eventually, Channelle pushed a chair away , stood up, and swept a glass off the table. Kayleigh threatened to smash her her face in/smash a chair in her face/ do damage with sharp objects. (Add you own expletives - there was one before every word) The men intervened to separate them and Kayleigh was sent to the DR. Once there, she made more threats and the C word flew like confetti. She also claimed Channelle was emotionally unstable which would have been funny if she were not n the verge of a breakdown.
Rebecca sat with her to soothe her – she was rather good with her
In the end, Kayleigh was ejected from the house and Channelle got a warning. It was right to evict Kayleigh because she is unstable and she meant her threats but BB’s mealy mouthed reproof didn’t sit well with me. Kayleigh has a history of this behaviour from other shows – she even has a restraining order against her as she told us herself. BB knew all this when she came on the show – it was why they picked her.
As for Channelle, she’s had a warning already from BB for her behaviour – she should have been ejected along with Kayleigh. At least the HMs would have been safe in the hot tub.
The only bright spot was that BB, who has a rather precise plummy diction, had to read the transcript of Kayleigh's effing and blinding back to her. She did sound uncomfortable.

So we’ve lost three HS in the past week apart from evictees – Arthur, Sukhvinder, and Kayleigh.
This is the way the show ends, not with a bang but a whimper…

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 10:39 pm 
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An Officer And A Gentleman

The big event of the evening was Raph’s birthday party He successfully completed three tasks to win food and drink for the party, the most interesting of whch was to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ in the four langiages he speaks – it was something to hear te song in Japanese. He rather overplayed the giggles and ingénue act though.

He wasn’t the only one singing tonight. Tom and Ellie rapped and danced while they baked Raph a birthday cake.

BB announced Kayleigh’s removal and there was much ‘o, dear me’ in the hue until Rebecca made some outspoken criticism of her behaviour. In the end they agreed that she had to go although Channelle is terrified that Kayleigh will follow her on Twitter.
Look, dear, you’ll be lucky she doesn’t come after you with a bread knife.
Channell admitted that she was in the wrong too in the Kayleigh incident.

Tom, feeling Lotan=like acrobatic, leapt over the sofa and fell and hurt his leg.
It was hard not to laugh. He suffers badly from’wee man syndrome’.

Lotan pontificated at some length (sensitively of course) about how Channelle fears se might be blamed for Kayleigh’s removal. He has also registered that there is a house divide between real people and reality tv people.
He was amazed at his own brilliance.

In the living room, Channelle announced that she had broken wind and invitd everyone present to come and sniff. ‘That’s what friends do,’ sshe cried while Rebecca and Tom threw cushions at one another. Not to be outdone by this frolic, Channelle started talking about sex again, her default position. She bemoaned the number of shags sh’d wasted on worthless men. When will it occur to her that the only men interested in her will be worthless ones? She was quite graphic in her descriptions of her perfect vagina.
Gross girl.

Tom and Ellie were sentenced to some jail-time for their nom talk last night. They had fun in there, playwrestling. Ellie always got the better of him. It’s the superior weight, I think as she demonstrated by pinning him down to tickle him..

In the DR, Hannah and Deborah complained that they didn’t think BB was about falling in love. Everyone in the house is just out for themselves. All the time they kept making off faces and grimacing. Owever, I noticed that Deborah has a melodious voice, so different from the harsh coarseness of Channelle and Ellie.

Deborak told Raph that she could never be part of the reality stars’ clique and their behaviour. Raph agreed with much head shaking that they ab=nd Lohan didn’t listen. Why, he’d had to speak to Lohan after he threw water over Rebecca, saying he could get bitches wet. He told Lohan that he doesn’t like women being told that and not to do it.
Yes, Raph, and the moon’s a balloon.

By the end of the party, Ellie was drunk and plastering herself all over Lotan. She kissed him, she caressed his head with her feet (yes, really) and made an embarrassing fool of herself. It was obvious that Loahan’s skin was crawling at her touch.
Channelle, that perfect lady, was very sniffy about the Ellie/Lohan storyline making its return. But Loahn told Tom that he was afraid a rejection of Ellie would make her think that he blamed her for Kayleigh’s ejection from the house.

Later, Joe warned Ellie against getting drunk and emotional. She shrugged him off – a pity because he meant well by her.

The evening ended in hilarity. Drunken Ellie was trying to seep on the sofa. The girls called Lotan to carry her through to bed. He scooped her up in his manly arms (in Officer And A Gentleman style– I expect a naval uniform is one of his most popular stripping outfits). As he headed for the bedroom, a petulant Tom was trailing behind him wailing, ‘I could have done that!’ ... DK9GbSyDkj

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I Am Somebody’s Daughter!

Ellie awoke hungover. Or so she sais in the DR. I think she’s one of those who exaggerates drunkenness to get away with bad behaviour and then indulges in hyperbolic repentance.

In the garden, Joe advised Ellie to pace her drinking habits. She barely listened.

Ellie apologised to Lotan for her behaviour last night. He gave a long rambling lecture abut having his hair pulled and his neck kissed because he didn’t know what to do about it. She’s supposed to be his friend. He doesn’t want her so close to him.
She did look a little crestfallen. But she’ll bounce back.

In the DR, Locan told BB how uncomfortable Ellie made him feel.

Ellie and Tom discussed her behaviour. She says that’s how she behaves outside too which he found hard to believe. She followed Tom about the house after that, wearing a thong. Poor guy – I think he might well be attracted to her.

Tonight’s task was a good one. Channelle and Kieran were tasked with hiding garden gnomes about the house without the others seeing them. Unbeknownst to them, BB was telling the others where the gnomes were – they were to return the gnomes to the DR without being caught. The snag was that the gnomes got bigger and bigger until Tom exclaimed his was bigger than he was! The final gnome was actually a full grown man dressed as ‘Gone Fishing’. He was concealed in the beauty parlour and sat finishing on theedge of the tub.
It was a simple idea but one which made me giggle as the gnomes grew to a ridiculous size.

Channelle treated us to an account of her dating technique. To prevent herself from sleeping with a man on a first date, she doesn’t shave and wears big brown knickers. But it doesn’t work – after a few drinks, she doesn’t care about being hairy or in bloomers She also squeezed more references to her vagina.
I’m getting nervous that she’s building up to showing it off.
Aside from that, it was a lighthearted enough evening

Then Joe went into the DR he assessed the other HMs there but expressed a dislike of Rebecca. This was an obvious cue that something was going to happen between them’ especially after Joe announced that Joe was mean.
BB isn’t subtle.
In the garden, a conversation about who waas being true to themselves Joe felt Lotan was. And that Rebecca was false. Rebecca said that Joe didn’t like her. He claimed that she irritated him. In what way? Rebecca enquired.
Well, it turned out everything about her irritated him – the way she talked, the way she acted, the way she looked at him, the way she smiled/ A screaming expletive row broke out then Rebecca called him a nasty man. He called her all kinds of things. Kieran walked away. The row continued until Rebecca screamed ‘How would you like someone speaking to your daughter like that? Then Joe lost it completely.The men had to hold him back. Kieran said she shouldn’t have brought his daughter into it and stood helplessly as Rebecca fumed.
An interesting dilemma – he and Rebecca are best friends and yet he didn’t back her up when she was getting disgusting abuse from that horrible old man.
To make matters worse, when the row was over, Rebecca overheard Joe and Kieran talking about her. She let fly with a stream of invective and was sent to the DR. Once there, she calmed down and asked to speak to Kieran. He arrived, and under the spell of BB’s soothing tones, they reconciled.

Does BB really think we cannot see that this was all loosely scripted before hand? And I had enjoyed the gnomes so much!

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Origami Omelettes

Rebecca has reconciled with Kieran but not with Joe. But as he says himself about just about everything, I don’t give a F***.
Guess what – neither do we, Joe.
Hanna case though – she think it’s unfair that Joe gets away with everything. Oh, I don’t know –Rebecca certainly didn’t spare him.

In impish mood, Channelle practised some dirty flirting with Kieran. He was so blushingly pleased! But she was more interested in making origami omelettes (she thinks origami is an herb) than him.

Nominations were fairly predictable. Joe was put up for eviction almost unanimously, with Rebecca a close second. Both for being moody and unpredictable. Hannah was put up for moodiness but I’d say she was resentful rather than moody. Channelle got votes because of her poor behaviour.

Channelle went into attention seeking mode immediately. In her flesh coloured bikini, she went on he bed with her backside stuck in the air and shoogled her assets. Then she treated the other HMs to yet another discourse about her fatty implants. The op, apparently, was so successful that they wouldn’t let her through the Turkish border because she didn’t look like the same person who had entered the county.

The men were in impish mood as well – at least Tom and Loan were. They discussed bodily functions with Rebecca and then started bragging about golden showers, asking Rebecca if she gave them. Her amused response, I thought, was a little shrill and uncomfortable.
Lotan deserved a slap.

Hannah has deployed a new weapon of war. Singing. Appaently she does it all the time, really loudly, and is driving the HMs crazy. Today she sat with her lunch and invented the ‘meatball and spaghetti’ song. She watched the others like a hawk when she performed, gauging their reactions, turning up the volume when she sees that they are irritated. Tak about Passive aggressive!

Lotan was heard to say that the nominated HMs were upset about nomination Channelle instantly challenged him about this He said her voice went right through him.. Hannah got involved too infuriated by the injustice of the accusation. To show his loyalty, tom took her on – and lived to regret it. She zeroed in on his height and the fact that he’s a nobody.
Lorcan remarked that Hannah was hanging herself with her remarks but Tom took it to heart. Whether he felt that being a nobody was worse that being tiny or was in despair that he is both, I cannot say

Channelle went to the kitchen and instead of getting o with the origami, she threw eggs on the floor.

In the DR, she declared war on the others – she and Hannah are going to drive them mad before eviction night, what with eggs on the floor and all their clothes in the hot tub…
She tried to look impish but actually she just looked like a very spiteful brat.

She broke more eggs on the floor and HMs discussed who had done this. Joe suspected Rebecca, Rebecca suspected Tom. Foolishly (or not depending on how clever you think Lotan is) Lotan told told the suspects that they were being accused behind their back. Tom instantly went and fetched gigantic containers of milk and threatened to throw them round the living room if the egg culprit didn’t own up. He was only dissuaded when Lotan told him the culprit was probably BB.

In the DR, Joe, Lotan and Tom asked, between curses, who the culprit was. Joe was downright intimidating in insisting he be told, but no joy. BB keeps secrets.

Hannah, Raph and Channelle, all in the know about the eggs, lay giggling in bed as the row spread. Rebecca in particular went off like a rocket when she heard that Joe was accusing her. As she did last night, she ranted and cursed and raved that he was a nasty old man.
Well, there’s no arguing with that, is there?

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Into The Abyss

The decline of BB continued tonight. Viewers slid relentlessly towards the abyss with the entry of two new Ladies to the house (I use the term ‘ladies’ advisedly/ It was all so awful, so fake, so cheesy, that the show is absolutely fascinating in a horrible way/.

Joe called Raph slippery because he has found out Raph threw an egg in the butter – not on the kitchen floor, mind you, out of consideration for Health and Safety issues. Unfortunately, Rebecca slipped on an egg on the floor and fell down.
Make them clean the floor properly, BB, before someone is hurt.

Mastermind Lotan decided to boil every egg in the house so that they could not be smashed. Channelle pouted ‘But I want an omelette|’

In the DR, she laughed her harsh loud cakle and told BB that she was having fun. Tom and Lotan were in an uproar. Caw! Caw!

Lotan was cleaning the floor and complained about Channelle staring at him. She responded with more cawing and cursing and when she got the chance, smashed another egg on the floor he’d just cleaned.

The task tonight was a dating game ‘Pick me.’ Three newcomers had to sit behind a screen and answer questions (silly, as you can imagine) from Lotan, Tom and Channelle. Channelle surpassed herself in a transparent black net jumpsuit with a neckline which plunged to her waist. She would have looked more decent if she’s appeared stark naked. The jumpsuit was too calculated, if you take my meaning.

|In the end, the two winning competitors who gained entry to the house were Savannah, a very petty but tiny Irish girl and Isabelle, a creosoted wonder who once had a fling with Kieran.
So the girls now outnumber the boys two to one/

Tom asked the newcomers why they were coming into the house.
He might as well have asked why are we watching.

Rebecca’s face fell when Kieran’s fling entered and Ellie fled to the DR to agonise over beautiful Savanna whose shadow she would henceforth live in.
Tom, Lotan and Kieran went all nudge-nudge-wink-wink over Savanna.

Rebecca was consumed by thoughts of Isabelle in the DR and tried not to be harsh but really couldn’t understand what Kieran was thinking of when he got involved with her. As Kieran explained, it was only a holiday fling in Ibiza

Isabelle said the same thing but added that she phones him up when she’s drunk.

Channelle, of course, wanted to know more and asked some very crude questions about sex acts performed in the Ibiza idyll.

For the rest of the evening, relationships were the talk of the house – Ellie’s pain, Reecca’s agony, Isabelle’s fake tan, and Kieran, Kieran, Kieran.

Lotan acted like the king of the harem – he would welcome Savanna in his bed. Giggle. Giggle.

The three men went and had a group shower, avidly soaping one another and yelping and shouting just so that everyone knew wht they were up to. Only Ellie appeared to find it sexy, or so she said.

In retaliation, Hannah, Channelle and Isabelle screamed and sang loudly to get their share of attention and annoy the others. It was a hellish cacophony/ The boys raised their game a bit by ropming and falling drunkenly down the stairs

It woud have hurt them to the marrow had they known the girls were not impressed. Isabelle reckoned Tom and Lotan were obsessed with each other. It’s true they’re always romping and following one another about.

The show was like an episode of blind date and this constant stressing of who fancies who is tedious. IMO, BB is missing a trick or two. Tom should be a classic BB contestant – there is much humour in his resentment at being small and his touchiness at being unloved. Joe also is a character, a grumpy old man. Raph is the eternal Machiavellian. But all are subsumed in these fabricated love triangles and filthy language and conversations.
BB really needs to be rid of reality TV stars.

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Tonight was the surprise eviction.Why the change I do not know. But it did spare us the usual pre=eviction antics so it’s all good.

The beginning of the show, in a portent of what we can expect from BB in the future, was dire:

the boys lusted over Savannah
Rebecca (arm in a sing after last night’s fall) got to know Isabelle
Isabelle feels bad about having had a thing with Kieran. She is now Kieran’s best
mate’s GF
Rebecca tells Isabelle that Kieran broke off with a GF just before BB
Kieran is willing to tell all about Isabelle if Rebecca wants
Channelle talked to Isabelle about Kieran
Kieran talked to Joe et al about Isabelle
Rebecca talked to the girls about Isabelle

It was a relief to have a task to watch: TheDen of Dilemmas.

Kierasn faced the first dilemma. Would he invite Isabelle or Savanna to a champagne picnic in the garden. The unchosen lady would waitress to the diners.
He chose Savanna. They had a little silver bell wth which to summon Isabelle.
Too cruel.
However, they summoned her once too often. When Kieran wanted suncream rubbed in, Isabelle squirted cream all over his head.
I could almost share her satisfaction.

HMs had another pillow fiht in the living room with that fool Lotan galloping across the furniture. He even put Rebecca’s injured arm at risk. It was the kind of behaviour you expect from 9 year olds. The boys demanded to know what kind of oises Rebecca made during sex and provided a selection of noises for him to choose from. ‘Like shagging an owl.’ One with said.
Rebecca was sitting there…

Ralph and the two sisters complained about the sex talk. It is boring and uninteresting, they said. I’m inclined to agree.
They did not join in the conversation but played a word association game instead, using it to trash Loan and Joe. Oh, the things they associated with Joe and Lotan.

Savanna and Isabelle discussed life in the house. They are not having a good time.
Never mid, girls. It’s going to get a lot worse.

Lotan was next to enter the Den Of Dilemmas. He had to choose between heaing a lot of mean tweets about himself or about Ellie.. ‘I can take it,’ he said manfully. Ellie. His smug self congratuation was hard to take. Anyway, he was well and truly taken to task by the public.
Ellie was so pleased.

For the last part of the task, HMs had to rank themselves in order of least to most selfish.
Hannah wanted to be classed as leat selfish but Joe won that honour and poor Isabelle was classed as most selfish. How can that be? She only came into the house a few hours ago. They don’t know her yet.

BB decided to throw a party but there weren’t enough invitations to go round.
Isabelle hose to be banished as did Kieran, Raph, Ellie, Savanna, and Channelle when given the option.
The rest of the HMs were allowed to go to the party. But as least selfish HM, Joe refused to partake of party food or drink and persuaded the others to do likewise. Joe would cook dinner for them. But when he went to the cooker, Hannah had commandeered it and he could only have one ring. Hanna was not to be budged. She would not let anyone else touch one of her pots.
And she wanted to be least selfish HM!
Sharp words were echanged but Hannah was left to her cooking in peace. She and Deborah discussed other hMs, particularly Lotan and Ellie, in very unfattering ways. Unbeknownst to thwem,
The banished ones could hear the whole thing

In the DR, Ellie was incandescent at the sisters’ true colours being revealed and swore revenge but when she went after Deborah she was promptly squashed by a righteous Deb who explained how selfsh Ellie was – not helping round the house or kitchen and leaving dirty knickers round the house.

Lotan and Tom raided the chocolate fountain, throwing chocolate over one another and anyone else they could catch. Ellie was drowned in chocolate. Charlotte, who has practically disappeared off our screens, chased Lotan who galloped round the house and hurdled the sofas to escape her. That chocolate was sprayed oer a goodly number of fittins and furniture.
It’s all so unattractive.

In the end, Rebecca was evicted – I had thought it would be Joe or resentful Hannah. But it makes no never mind really. They are a pretty ghastly set of HM.

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what BB is these days – there are moments when it’s BB, times when it’s an entirely different show, one produced by Tinder.

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. My Suffering Intellect!

The boys are in the Dilemma Den, having given a prize to the girls. I don’t think they realised that their booby prize consisted of singing from Hannah, Deborah and Channelle. And sing they did at an incredible volume over and over for more than an hour.was being torture.

Later Lotan put a fake mouse in, I think, Hannah’s bed. Ai it turns out, she suffers from mousephobia and was seriously determned to get to the bottom of whodunit, so much so that Savannah felt compelled to say that she was tired of so much being made of so little so often.
Savanna, this is not a fun house, what with Hannah and Deborak glowering and Channelle committing random acts of mayhem and the stripper Lotan patronising everybody and Joe permanently despising all the woman. Get used to t.

Channelle stuck up for Hannahand Deborah, saying they felt that they were being picked on. She’s not wrong – what irks Joe and Lotan so much about the isters? There is an edge of resentment in teir makeup, but I suspect their lack of omigod when they regard Lotan piques his vanity.

Later again, Hannah finds that her bed has been soaked (Lotan was the culprit0 Channelle stirred things up when Deborah had calmed Hannah down/ Hannah was convinced that someone had peed on her bed. Lotan, when challenged, said the wet bed was an accident (how it happened he never explained and Raph stirred things up some more.

There was more comedy from Tom. He wanted to explain to Kieran how he had come to nominate Rebecca, but fearful of BB’s wrath at nom talk, decided to speak to Kieran in code. There followed an incomprehensibe pastiche of coded message. Kieran looked blank, as well he might, and Tom had to explain the substitution code he had devised which rather defeated the purpose of using the code in the first place. It still took Kieran ages to cotton on to what Tom was on about…

In the garden, Lotan donned a pair of jangly earrings and pretended to be a Spanish lady being picked up. Tom had to ask him to sit down as he elt silly chatting up a lady who towered over them.

While this was going n, Channelle and Isabelle splattered suncream and ketchup all over the kitchen floor. Channelle wet herself out of sheer enjoyment of their wittiness. BB sent for Channelle and ordered her and Isabelle to clear up the mess. Channelle told BB to calm down and denied she had done it anyway.

In the kitchen, Joe pointed out the danger of a slippy floor. Lotan lost his temper over it and called the girls the C word and assaulted a chair in hs righteous rage,
This was from the man who splattered the house with chocolate and fell down the stairs play fighting with Tom. The C word. I’ll never get used to men screaming thast word at women. Joe loved it though and called the girls effing Cs. There is an unpleasant tinge of misogyny in the house.

Lotan trashed Isabelle and Channelle came to her support. They were in bed by this time. Lotan took centre stage haranguing the girls and looming over Channelle in her bed. She tells him to go way but he carries on pontificating, , shouting down Channelle, ignoring both polite and impolite requests to leave. He was shouting so much that he didn’t even hear BB ordering him to the DR, He kept advancing on Channelle until finally she leapt out of bed and went for him. Still he kept pontificating. By this time, Tom, Joe and lotan were round Channelle – she’s no innocent but that looked like deliberate intimidation to me.

In the DR, Lotan wouldn’t explain to BB what had happened. He said BB should tell him. But BB waited for an answer and he launched into an astonishing tirade about how the HMs’ lack of intellect was driving him insane.
That made me laugh. He can hardly string a coherent sentence together and often forgets what he started out to say because he gets lost in labyrinthine minor sentences. The only real intellect in the house is Raph and Lotan avoids conversation with him.
Oh, stick to stripping, you fool.

Savanna spoke to Lotan about how he can come across as intimidating. A icy glare was her reward. He maintained the girls wee intellectually inferior and when Savanna stood her ground began shouting that she was an absolute moron as he exited stage left.
What a feast for a psychologist he would be. And what lies behind this insistence that he is somehow superior?

And joy of joys - there wasn't a single mention of a relationship all night. The show was actually more interesting.

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The Tom Code

I am still laughing about Tom's attempt to tell KIeran, through a coded message of his own devising, that he was one of those who nominated Rebecca. it's much in the style of Vladimir and Estragon Waiting For Godot

TOM: A couple of weeks ago, right? My brother… and… No… My brother’s friend… and another person, had an argument. And my brother’s friend… and he had a mutual… point… in the argument and my brother’s friend... went off on him. Right? And I went, “There’s no need for you to go off on him, cos he didn’t do nothing. It was mutual.”

KIERAN: … …are you on about today?

TOM: No. …In this house…


TOM: No… You’re… in this situation your my brother aren’t you? In this house?

KIERAN: Right, that’s what I’m thinking.

TOM: Yeah.

KIERAN: So your saying I’ve gone off with someone?

TOM: No.

KIERAN: Someones gone off with me?

TOM: No, my brother’s friend has had an argument with somebody.

KIERAN: …Becks?

TOM: No.

KIERAN: What? It isn’t Becks? …Lotan?

TOM: Yeah. Your my brother and your brother is… who’s your friend?

KIERAN: …Lotan?

TOM: Yeah. You had a mutual… in an argument… and you got brought into it and it erupted.

KIERAN: …Right. Okay. …Are you on about when we—

TOM: --I’m on about something, yeah. And my reasons for why I did—

KIERAN: What you did?

TOM: In the diary room.

KIERAN: Ah right, okay.

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