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 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 11:28 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
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The Midwich Cuckoos

SWFWW is clearly not a morning person. She wakes up swearing. Shrily.

It is rare to find a gentleman on CBB but they have found one in James C. Brandon announced that he was leaving the show tonight. Of course there was the usual clamour from devastated HMs but the parting of James C and Brandon was genuinely moving when Brandon thanked James C for his friendship and James showed obvious concern for Brandon, and appreciation for his company.
The two were often seen talking and laughing in the background while the cameras focussed on the sex silliness and manufactured rows in the house. Trust BB to miss out on something worthwhile and genuine.

Brandon’s departure also caused a row between Jamie O and Jedward who persistently importuned Brandon not to leave. It was clear that Brandon was going and they were embarrassing him with their pestering. Finally Jamie exploded and told them to leave Brandon alone. The ensuing row included patronising opinions from Jedward about Jamie displacing his own unhappiness on to them , and explosive rage from Jamie at the dulcet tones that were cutting him down to size. However the Midwich Cuckoos backed off prettily rapidly when Jamie blew his stack. They exchanged meaningful glances and silently signlled the retreat


Brandon’s departure also caused a row between Jamie O and Jedward who persistently importuned Brandon not to leave. It was clear that Brandon was going and they were embarrassing him with their pestering. Finally Jamie exploded and told them to leave Brandon alone. The ensuing row included patronising opinions from Jedward about Jamie displacing his own unhappiness on to them , and explosive rage from Jamie at the dulcet tones that were cutting him down to size. However the Midwich Cuckoos backed off prettily rapidly when Jamie blew his stack. They exchanged meaningful glances and acted, as usual, as one after silently communicating the retreat/

There is something slightly sinister about these two. If it weren’t for the teddy bears they were carrying they would be terrifying.
They grumbles gently about Jamie and said they’d only persisted with Brandonecause they cared. Not at all convincing.

Of coursehere is a great deal of phoniness on BB – Nicola wept when SWFWW complained about being excluded from the party last night (and all her other grievances)/ Jamie felt constrained to give her a back massage. Jasmine went one better by massaging Callum while sitting on his chest and SWFWW loudly declared her attraction to both Jamie and Callum. Later, she upped the ante demanding an account of his prowess in bed and to know if he had ever been with a black woman, or an older woman who’d taught him something he didn’t know.
How obvious can you get?

Spencer tried stirring things up, telling Jedward that nobody listens to them and being all fatherly sympathy. Again, Jedward insisted that this was because the others didn’t care the way they do.

BB also did some stirring by having James and Nicola identify quotes made by HM about other HMs. James swore vengeance on Jedward for callng him a nobody. Jedward were reduced to babbling about what they really meant by that.

Angie challenged Speidi about why they thing she’s a player. There it is – she’s caught between playing the ingénue who doesn’t know how to play the game and the hard faced barracuda she really is. Good for Speidi for spotting that.

Austin and SWFWW had another row. He hates her. She gave as good as she got etc etc.

Later on in the evening, he proclaimed that in fact he didn’t dislike her and in fact really appreciated her tonight. And Jasmine did a volte face by declaring SWFWW beautiful and cuddling her. What could have brought on these Damascus conversions?

At bedtime, Jasmine and Callum were alone in the kitchen. She got very touchy feely and actually groped him.

In the DR, SWFWW was deliriously happy about the changes in attitude. She also raved about how smart and sexy Callum is – that shoe size discussion had addled her wits.

Alas, Jasmine has beaten her to the punch and sneaked into Jamie and Callum’s bed. Which one she’s after is anybody’s guess.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2017 12:14 am 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
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From Hell

Tonight was the start of the weekend from Hell. Just another day in the BB house really. Colleen said that Callum was upset over finding Jasmine in his bed – naturally KJasmine then had to go and quiz him about this and was pleased to find that he had been delighted; Jedward, dressed in Gilbert and Sullivan military costumes, paraded for the mirror and admired themselves and each other. Nicola enthralled the house by telling that she had moved in with her husband two weeks after meeting him and was pregnant shortly after. Shock! Awe!

Nominated HMs got to send reward and punishment letters to the others. Jamie got a fancy dinner with them but also entertainment from them. Guess which was the punishment?
Bianca got to read nice tweets about herself (which she deserved). Angie sat story faced at the praise she received.
James J got singing lessons from SWFWW and it must have been torture.

Jasmine suffered the most – she got to read negative tweets about herself and took them very much to heart. In fact the tweets ruined her evening and everyone else’s within earshot. She was in a filthy mood and had a few drinks, so that when BB insisted she wear her mike, she tld him to F+++ off.. Then she fried her mike in the fryingpan. Called to the DR, she swore defiantly. Those tweets really hurt.

Jamie and Nicola had a cuddle. Not to be outdone, Callum invited SWFWW to cuddle too. ‘Thank you, Jesus, ’ she said.

Don’t ever be grateful – didn’t her Mum ever tell her that? It’s all a bit pathetic.

Austin gave an account of an encounter with Speidi which took place some years ago and ended rather unpleasantly. Spencer became enraged and denied it all happened. Genuinely enraged. Have we ever seen him in genuine rage before? I don’t think so. He likes manufactured rows. Interesting.

Angie was the first to be evicted in this series. She left the house bounding in her best I-don’t=care manner but her face was rigid, maybe with anger, maybe from Botox, but she was not pleased.

The HMs were transferred to Hell, compete with skulls and leaping flames. They had to vote for who they considered the dullest HM. None of them took it all that seriously, voting for friends and such. Austin was selected and given a wreath of skulls – and the shock news that the vote meant his eviction too. By the look on Emma’s face, the production team hadn’t expected that he would go but out the door he went, much to his own astonishment. They couldn’t even show his best bits – presumably because they hadn’t got them ready. So Austin just kind of slunk quietly off into the night.

The other surprise was the addition of 3 new HMs to the house – Kim,,the queen of Clean, Jessica who took part in the Apprentice, and a horrid girl fro Geordie Shore. I wonder what her speciality is – wetting the bed, vomiting or having sex with whomever.
Ime will tell – but she’s sure to be vile.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sun Jan 15, 2017 12:57 am 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
Posts: 3347
Santa and Splash

Most of the first section of the show was a repeat of last night’s action, or stemmed from it.

Jedward shaved in sync this morning, side by side. They must have practised that for hours. Eerie.

James J made barbed remarks about Callum’s celebrity status compared to his. He’s the Brad Pitt of dance, dontcha know.

In the DR, Jamie O confessed his feelings for Bianca – she beautiful, competitive, nice, down to earth. He doesn’t know how she feels about him though…Nicola has been forgotten already.

Jasmine did her workout in the house, making exaggerated suggestive moves. The menfolk declared her vulgar. SWFWW called her a bitch for snapping at her over a jar of nuttella she’d brought for her.
Jasmine ranted abut the nuttella and SWFWW ‘s attitude to Bianca, who was clearly uncomfortable with it, but Jasmine kept telling her to listen. It was a bit like being buttonholed by the Ancient Mariner.

After the eviction, it turned out that the public had voted for which HMs were to stay in Hell : Colleen, James J, Jedward, Jasmine, and Speidi. Although f they’d seen the behaviour of Chloe, they might have realised that Hell isn’t the worst option. She is everything despicable about Geordie Shore. She shrieks and gabbles, she races about the house shouting and swearing. She called James C ‘Santa’ so disrespectfully. She appeared to be masturbating, or pretending to at one point. Kim told her off. Chloe couldn’t wait to tear off clothes and leap in the pool screaming and hollering. Unfortunately she splashed Kim who promptly gave her the type of dressing down that headmistresses used to give back in the day. The silly chit kept answering her back and Kim kept repeating ‘You’re in the wrong’. Jessica intervened at length and was told to shut up, this was nothing to do with her. And that put her gas on a peep. Kim was censorious and rude but oh, those two deserved it. The thing is, there’s no point in telling Chloe she’s in the wrong because she has no idea of that concept.

Chloe prefers older men, it appears, and duly admired Callum as an older man. I don’t think he’s accustomed to thinking of himself as older – he wasn’t very pleased. Even less pleased when, for no apparent reason, Chloe threw a sausage at him at breakfast, Unfortunately, it landed on his designer sweatshirt (the one with the swallows silhouette on it – they cost a mint) and he was forced to be stern with her, not to throw food ast him’. She kept on jabbering and he had to repeat himself several times – he shoud have called he should have called in Kim. Poor James C looked as if he wished himself in Hell away from all this.

Meanwhile, in Hell, Colleen was on a crying jag, afraid the public must think her horrible for voting to put her there. Hell HMs were allowed back to the house to collect essential items, but forbidden from taking anything else. Of course they disobeyed – smashed eggs, threw stuff on the floor, and removed bin bags full of booty from the main house.

The pool saga came to an end with Chloe stripping off n front of the men in the house until she was down to a thong. This did not have the desired effect – thee men told her to get dressed and were quite unimpressed.

She made up for it in the DR by putting on a show for BB, practically showing all she’s got for the camera. Jessica was with her, hooting and hollering along with her. Biggest mistake she’s ever made, hitching her wagon to Chloe.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sun Jan 15, 2017 11:27 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
Posts: 3347
L’Enfer, C’st Les Autres

That certainly applies in the house, although not in Hell.
The worst of les autres is nasty little Chloe who harangued Jessica first thing this morning, insisting that she had done nothing wrong last night. All that swearing and shouting, the rowdy behaviour, the strip which ended in failure when the men told her to get them on nothing wrong, just day to dat Geordie Shore behavious.

In the DR, Kim was highly critical of her, insisting that she will nt put up with her.

In the house, meanwhile, Chloe was naming sexual parts for Jamie/

Jasmine started the day in a foul mood. In the DR, she complained that she hated Hell, in particular Jedward, who tickle her feet.
When she came out, SWFWW tried to comfort her but was too full on and was cruelly rebuffed. Jasmine wants to be alone’

In the main house, Chloe was flashing her thong and buttocks, screaming to draw attention to herself, thus proving Kim’s view that she is vulgar and noisy.

BB was stirring again. Main House emebers had to write down words which described the Hell HMs. The Hell HM who correctly identified the HM the word belonged to most often would be freed from Hell. The words were pretty derogatory, designed to cause conflict – one in particular – washed up, applied to James J –was to cause ructions later on
Jedward won the game and had to select another HM to go to Hell. They chose James C, much to his relief – escape from Chloe whom he described as ‘gross’. He’s a man of few words but he does make them count. He was so pleased to be back with the old gang.

The next game was won by James J who unlocked chains before his competitors. Callum swore when he saw who’d won – and he was right to groan as James J pcked him to replace him in Hell.

Nicola passed on what Jedward said – that James J called Jamie O a washed up footballer, which he did. He tried to pass it off as banter, but it wasn’t, and Jamie O took it terribly seriously. He swore a lot and said banter was one thing but attacking his career another.

Down in Hell, Callum ranted about how malicious James J is. He missed the touching scene where James J kissed and cuddled Jamie O and told him he loved him. And Callum. It took some time to pacify Jamie whose ego was terribly bruised.

Meanwhile another row was brewing. Nicola said that Jedward said that only James J and Jasmine threw food on the floor last night. James J was furious at this calumny and had Jedward brought from bed to explain themselves. He claimed that they often lied about people.
Kim, quite rightly, objected to the twins being dragged from their beds in the middle of the night. A row followed, one word borrowing another, Kim losing control, James delighting in his malice, until finally James told her to go and do some washing up or else go to bed. She totally lost it and called him a fat slob.
Oh, dear.

In Hell, Callum climbed into bed with Jasmine while James C shook his head over the new HMs in the DR.

In the main house, Kim was still raving about James J demeaning her and her cleaning as he had demeaned Jamie O and his football career.
‘hat’s what he does!’ she said.
And it is of course. He’s master of the sneering putdown and laughs while he does it
But it’s never nice to see a much older woman being spoken to like that.

In the garden, someone pointed out that Kim was nearly in tears. Nicola, ever one to side with admiring menfolk, said it was good that she was crying because Kim is a bitch. She called her Miss Trunchbull for the men's entertainment.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2017 11:41 pm 
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£20 On A Street Corner

In the DR, SWFWW opened the show with another declaration of love for Callum. She also raved against Jasmine – you know how it is between rivals in love.

Kim went too far again in her lectures on proper behaviour with Chloe as her target. As usual, Chloe was half dressed, struggling to get into a pair of leggings giving some fine views of an unfortunate posterior. Kym advised that if she’s going to give away her body, she should make it worth her while and join an escort agency rather than touting herself for £20 a go at a street corner.
Deliciously, Chloe didn’t quite follow what Kim meant, or else she was restrained by the leggings which wouldn’t go up over her rear – at any rate, she did not respond with anger to Kim’s implications.

To win freedom from Hell, housemates down there had to answer questions on facts about HMs. Each had two lives which could be taken away by the HM who gave the correct answer. In the end, 3 HMs had lost two lives - James C, Jasmine, and Speidi. Other HMs were allowed to return to the house where a vote would be taken to evict one of the ones left in Hell. Colleen made a valiant plea for James C who seemed to be the favoured evictee (for his own good, of course), saying that a man of his calibre should not have to leave the show by the side door and she managed to sway them. Jasmine was evicted – quickly and quietly with no hullaballoo.
In the DR, James C was humbly astonished and grateful to the HMs for being so nice to him when he returned to the house.

Jamie O told him that he had huge respect in the house which pleased him enormously.

Someone who doesn’t have huge respect is Kim.She started making comments about Jasmine. Nicola took umbrage at this as she thinks Kim is too new in the house to be making judgements. Bianca concurred. And James. Kim lost her temper again, accusing them of ganging up on her and calling James J stupid and rude. Chloe, who seems to have realised late in the day what Kim had said to her earlier, also got involved. Kim screamed at all of them and James J laughed at her, saying that they’d been looking for a cleaner. All very unpleasant.

Chloe bet that she can get Callum for herself. Jessica confessed that she fancies him herself. That provoked a massive tantrum from Chloe and a torrent of abusive swear words. Choe went and flopped herself on to Callum’s knee. (his expression was priceless – he’s used to a higher grade type of female but he didn’t know how to get rid of her). Jasmine squeezed in beside her.

Really, does BB expect us to believe that young girls are competing for a rather past-his-best playboy about 15 years older than them? I mean, he talks with his mouth full and calls them ‘Babe’.

Later, in the DR, Chloe accused Jessica of being disrespectful and out of order. Jessica wept on Colleen’s shoulder. When the two girls met again, Chloe’s wrath boiled over into unrestrained rage SWFWW intervened and called them bth clowns for going on about a man they’d known for a day. But there was no shaming Chloe, She stood there half dressed (again) in a bra about three sizes too small so that she had more wobble in her boobs that a Rowntree’s jelly, and shouted and swore at Jessica. What she actually said was incomprehensible apart from the F word – she needs subtitles. And she thinks she’ll appeal to Best.
She kicked in the DR and sprawled in the Chair, her boobs spilling out of control, her legs spread on display, flooding the DR with a torrent of expletives.
LOve’s young dream, she thinks.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 11:25 pm 
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Bye, Bye, James

Face to face noms and an eviction, all in the one evening. The excitement is killing me.

The evening started off badly with Jasmine having her interview. She eventually got a ticking off from Emma about swearing on TV But I didn’t really care – she’s yesterday’s new already. It is astonishing how quickly HMs get dated.

Face to Face nominations soon livened things up. Kim had a go at Nicola before the nominations even started – on and on she raved, not allowing Nicola to speak, not allowing her to ignore her. The others protested and Kim accused them of ganging up on her.

The nominations themselves were interesting – Jedward got a shed load and argued about the validity of every one. They are defensive, the others said, don’t talk to people, live in their own world, can’t take the slightest criticism All true as they proved with their defence of themselves. They became quite heated and glared balefully. Sinister.

Kim nominated Nicola and Bianca, calling Nicola a bullying bitch and saying Bianca was part of the gang which is against her. She finally broke down in tears and left the podium saying that she hoped they were satisfied with themselves. Neither of them had said a word – although I imagine they will have plenty to say when Kim is no longer immune from nomination.

SWFWW nominated James C, weeping and sobbing as she explained how much she loved him but he was too good for the house.
In the end James C, Jedward, and James J were all put up for eviction.

Jedward challenged James J about how wrong his nomination of them was. He barely answered them except to repeat it, and then walked off saying he was bored. The twins’ heads turned simultaneously and watched him go. I was surprised that they didn’t hiss after him.

Jessica patted Callum’s face and kept smiling flirtatiously. Fortunately for her, SWFWW was busily engaged in advising Kim to rein in her temper. Does she ever heed her own advice? She then moved on to counsel Jedward about immature behaviour and the defensiveness the other HMs dislike so much. She might as well have spat into the wind – those two are impervious because they know their own perfection.

An odd incident occurred when Kim went for a shower and locked the door. Speidi teased her about getting up to all kinds of immorality behind the locked door and she
pretended outrage.Then suddenly she turned on Nicola and accused her of rolling her eyes and not seeing that she and Speidi were only joking. Nicola had been looking forward to a row, she said. Little bitch and cow were the insults she threw at Nicola while reverting to the theme of a bullying gang out to get her. Nicola seemed genuinely upset. While I’m not a fan of Nicola tt all seemed uncalled for to me.

In the end, James J was evicted which came as a surprise. A pleasant surprise because I cannot stand his self importance or snobbery – and of course it meant the Lord Commander of The \Night Watch remains to fight another day.

Could it be that, like Brexit and like Trump, 2017 is the year when a New World Order establishes itself and BB forgoes the swearing, vomiting, pee the bed nonentities of yesteryear?
We can hope.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2017 12:14 am 
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The Mafia Mummy Bunny

Another night of drama in the house. Where will it all end I ask you?
HMs were in an uproar about Kim’s behaviour last night all except Speidi who silenced her with many compliments and kindnesses and an offer to make her coffee. The snake’s forked tongue dripped honey all over the floor. In the DR Kim admitted she saw this as goading, which it was, and declared that they were all scum in the house.

Meanwhile, Chloe instigated a discussion about the size of the men’s penises.
Is there no end to her charm?

The door argument reared its head again. Spencer opened it, she closed it, he opened it…this went on for some time until in the end the two stood either side of the door, tussling. At length she gave in and he did a jeering victory dance. She called him scum and he called her scum back, plus a few other descriptors.

Chloe had a secret task – to find out more about the world by asking the HMs questions such as ‘Do your eyeballs fall out when you sneeze? (James C was so sweet as he tried to answer that seriously). Chloe decided it was an old fishwives’ tale. She also found out that dinosaurs were long distinct.
I hope she’s joking.

She was less amusing when she came into the bathroom wearing only a towel and found John Jedward down on the floor raking through a cupboard. She advanced on him, much to his horror, and let bits of towel drop. Then proceed to rub her bare bottom on his back and his Bart Simpson hairdo. Some things are unforgiveable!
She got a warning from BB for that. His hairdo!

After the eviction of James J, Jamie teased James C about not being able to get rid of him. James C he could swerve like Rinaldo. Not bad for an old fella!

The twins celebrated their continued stay in the house by dancing on James J’s bed, much to the disapproval of the other HMs. Especially Speidi who shed tears over his departure. James C was so affected by Speidi’s grief that he gave Spencer a hug. Poor James – he’s too nice to exist in that house.

Chloe went fishing for compliments from Callum who seemed stuck for something appropriate to say but she made up for it by touching all the good features f his face. Given another 20 minutes, God knows where she would have been touching.

Bianca had more luck with Jamie who looked deep into her eyes and said ‘Babe’ meaningfully. She followed him to the toilet and they made some mouth music together. Much to SWFWW’s shrieking delight.

Jessica, Chloe and SWFWW were discussing Kim and her belligerent attitude. Jessica tried to defend her by reminding SWFWW that Kim has had a hard life which has affected her. She understands that as she’s had some hard times herself. SWFWW flew into an instant rage – their troubles are nothing compare to her troubles. She began to compete for title of tragic heroine and caused Jessica to flee to the toilet, weeping. SWFWW then took herself to the DR to insist that no one has had a hardertime than her and being broken is not a justification for attacking other broken people. If you follow…

The girls were discussing this when in walked Kim who demanded to know what was going on. They were somewhat reluctant to tell her when suddenly she turned on Nicola and gave her a broadside. A wide ranging broadside which included the words ‘bitch’and ‘scum’ and ‘Mummy Bunny’, and the usual accusations of being the gang leader of the girls, the Mafia boss. Nicola argued back and the whole row went nuclear.

Peace had broken out by bedtime but Kim started it all up again. I won’t repeat it all because it was the same diatribe as before, blaming Nicola for everything.
But this time she turned on the men too- the chicken-livered cowards, the scummy buggers etc etc

Jamie lost his temper, leapt from his bed swearing and raced towards Kim, That’s when Security was called in. She was guided away, eyes bulging, voice shrill as she screamed that Jamie O was an adulterer.

I feel quite sure that Kim was instructed to make trouble I te house, but she did seem unhinged in these scenes. Disturbingly so.
I’d loch away the kitchen knives to be on the safe side.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Fri Jan 20, 2017 12:20 am 
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They Crucified Jesus, Didn’t They?

Kim was back in the DR, after spending a night in the spare room, complaining of a conspiracy against her, led by Nicola.
So nothing has changed then/

The HMs were not pleased to see her back – rather sour faced, in fact Interestingly, in their discussions about Kim, they claimed it was Kim who went for Jamie, not Jamie who stormed across the room to get at her. I suppose Spencer’s holding Jamie back was an error.

The Shopping Task was rather fun. They all had to be either a Superhero or a sidekick dressed in spandex costumes and masks similar to Batman. All had to run to the podum whenever Superhero music was played and the sidekicks had to deliver compliments to their Hero and also obey their every command.

The first snag was caused by gentle James C. He was happy to participate in the task, but not to wear spandex which he feels is demeaning to a man of his age and status. Threatened by BB with consequences for the whole house if he did not don the spandex, he stuck to his guns.
He should have been issued with his Lord Commander of The Night Watch armour and cloak. I expect he would be more comfortable in that.

The house was deprived of hot water as punishment for James C’s rebellion.

Jedward had Nicola for a sidekick – she was threatened with a spanking if she didn’t make them some tea. Resentful, she gave them their tea in dirty cups.
Typical of a petty mind.
Luckily, Jedward was one step ahead of her and made her drink some first. Obviously, they knew her nature.

James C had a heart to heart with Kim. He was kindly and understanding but very firm that nobody wanted to start rows with her. He was impressive. like a wise gentle old priest, and she took it very quietly.

Not so with Nicola. Kim approached her when Nicola was resting in bed and proceeded to tell her that she was only being herself. Nicola was having none of it and insisted that Kim went looking for rows and furthermore that she talked AT people rather than with them. Kim kept rattling on and Nicola did that irritating teenage thing of repeating ‘Bye, Kim’ over and over. It had no effect on Kim until finally Nicola asked why everyone else was wrong about Kim. ‘They crucified Jesus Christ,’ Kim replied. Bizarre. Completely and utterly bizarre.

The Superheroes were sent on a flight simulation course around the world, across cities, oceans, deserts. They had to throw debris from these places all over their sidekicks – fish guts, rubbish and so on.
It was a spectacular task – the Heroes appeared onscreen flying to all their destinations while the sidekicks suffered heaps of gunge being thrown at them.

This was where the lack of hot water for a shower was a real punishment. Callum swore, using James C’s name – unfortunately James C overheard him. Just for a moment, a real spark of anger illuminated James’s face. You can see why he was a worthy opponent of the White Walkers.

The next part of the task involved Sidekicks making a truth serum and then answering questions truthfully.. Jessica took exception to Chloe’s truthful statement that she had been offended by Jessica’s attraction to Callum. Later, Jessica followed her to the toilet, weeping (she does rather a lot of that). To demand an explanation. As eer, Chloe shrilled some incomprehensible Geordiespeak at twice the speed of light and I cannot report what was said. Bit it must have been all right ecause they came ut of the loo laughing.

Both Jedwrd and Chloe felt that they weren’t getting any attention and so they manufactured some. Jedward sat in the side room and pretended to phone big name celebs. It wasn’t fascinating.

More amusing were Callum’s efforts to fend off Chloe without offending her. When she got nowhere fast, she disappeared and then returned dressed in a sheet which she promptly dropped to the floor. I averted my eyes thinking she’d be stark naked but it was worse than that = she was wearing a sparkly orange thong (eyewateringly tight), trimmed in black shiny stuff and a matching bra which showed off all her jelly bits. She decided to give a Jedward a lapdance, throwing everything at him (I’m surprised she didn’t suffocate him)and finished off by throwing him to the floor and bouncing on him, her great behind stuck in his face.

I don’t much care for Jedward but that was a punishment too far. I suppose it was meant to make Callum jealous because she followed him to bed after. She wanted to kiss, wanted to get in the bed with him. He refused her firmly, ordered her to her own bed, and ended up escorting her there himself.
‘Sweet dreams,’ he said hopefully, but she waited awhile and then crept into bed with him and Jamie.

She just can’t believe that she’s not irresistible.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, 2017 12:33 am 
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To Buzz, Or NotTo Buzz

James C, usually imperturbable, was much troubled by Chloe tonight. Firstly, Colleen expressed her disgust at Chloe’s antics – Chloe is everything she wouldn’t want her daughter to be. (With you there, Colleen.) James’s face told its own story = a mixture of disbelief and revulsion that such a creature as Chloe exists.

Meanwhile, Chloe was in the DR suffering te agonies of a hangover and embarrassment. Or so she said. But her attempts at blushes and saying ‘I can’t think what came over me’ were unconvincing.
After all, she takes every opportunity to show off her body parts.

Jedward were still playing taskmaster to Nicola, ordering her to produce breakfast with something out of every can in the cupboard.
Terrific wheeze, they thought.

|Bianca too was embarrassed tonight. In the DR she was all maidenly modesty as she expressed her strong feelings for Jamie O.

James C sought a little peace and quiet in the smoking area but was yet again disturbed by Chloe in her sequinned thong jumping into the pool and screaming her head off for no apparent reason. I’d have said she was attention seeking but James was her only audience and he walked off very quickly. Poor man, can’t even have his cigarette in peace.
Poor Chloe too – left to scream all alone with no one listening.

Bianca and SWEWW had a little chat with Chloe, telling her she was a bit ff colour last night and that she should rein in her behaviour (or at least get a swimsuit which fits). Chloe wept with embarrassment between her fingers. Who’s she kidding?
Bianca and SWFWW ended up telling her she hadn’t been as bad as all that to comfort her.

The nomination task was a killer tonight. Superheroes and sidekicks each had a buzzer to press. If neither the hero or the sidekick pressed the buzzer, both were immune from nomination. If one pressed it, then his partner was up for nomination. You with me>
You can imagine the results. Jessica and James C were the only pair who did not go for the buzzer n the end, Chloe, Coleen and Jedward and Kim were all nominated.

Colleen felt betrayed by Jamie, Chloe by SWFWW whom she regarded as a friend. Jedward were betrayed by Nicola which came as no surprise. Kim was supremely indifferent to Callum’s pressing of the buzzer though he was somewhat defensive about it.
Jessica kept bragging about herself and James being loyal to one another which irritated SWFWW who took this as an implied reproach since she had, after all, buzzed a person who had a claim to friendship, She bickered about it then gradually escalated into one of her screaming swearing fits, shouting about how no one knows the hell she has been through and so on.
In the DR, Jedward mocked SWFWW for the speed at which she buzzed Chloe to nomination.

Jamie teased SWFWW about having a row – she did just that, turning on Jessica again and repeating the foul language and self pity she seems to dwell in. Jessica tried to argue back but Colleen intervened telling her that she had made SWFWW feel bad.
I thing they have all forgotten thay are playing a game.

In the DR, Chloe screamed some more, wanting BB to supply more alcohol.

Then came the results of the eviction glory be – Chloe was voted out by the public. BB is improving.

There was one last twist remaining – HMs had to vote for permanent immunity to one of their number. In the end, they gave it to James C which puts him in the final I;m pleased to say. However, the prize came at a cost: he then had to select an HM for Eternal Nomination – he chose Speidi.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2017 12:58 am 
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No More Mr. Nice Guy

The fallout from last night’s perpetual immunity/ perpetual nomination, as well as the resurrection of old rows.
Jessica and |SWFWW revisited last night’s row about buzzer pressing. It was a very tired row, repetitious and pointless . The trouble is, Jessica comes at these situations in a spirit of sincerity – she doesn’t seem to understand that there are no genuine reactions, misunderstandings or misinterpretations, only excuses for milking a barney.

In the DR, Jedward spoke in flat tones (this was to impress us with the seriousness of what they were saying) which was to very neatly backstab the other HMs. They are smarter than they look.

Speidi think the British public is horrible enough to keep revolting Kim in. Nicola disagrees and is glad the vote will be to save because no one will keep Kim in.

Jessica was given a secret mission which wasn’t very clearly explained. Nicola was told SHE had a secret mission to select the must unreasonable HM, the one most desperate for air time etc etc The cunning part of it was that Jessica would tell all the HMs what she was up to and they then had to guess which of them would be selected in each category and if they guessed right they would win a pamper party.
Something as convoluted as that was bound to fall a bit flat. Whichit did. But they won thewir pampering session.

Jamie and Callum discussed how fit Jessica is. I hope she doesn’t get drwn into the web of their irresistibility. She’s quite a nice girl and overly sincere for that pair.

In the DR, Chloe complained that her hair extensions had been ruined by the chlorine in the pool.
Might I suggest she stops jumping in then.

After Chloe’s eviction, SWFWW was hysterical because her buzzer press got her nommed and then she was evicted. Her wild weeping was obviously fake but that didn’t stop the other girls from rallying round to comfort her. One must be seen to be caring in the BB house. She wept some more in the DR, repentant, agonised with guilt, trying hard to be convincing.

The house has now rounded on James C. Callum and Jamie trashed him for nominating Speidi for eternal nomination. Colleen, who seems genuinely respectful of him, defended him.

James C approached Speidi to see if they were cool about their section but much hurt feelings were on display. They particularly resented being selected before (string of expletives) Kim which they regard as unacceptable. They told James he had ‘F****** killed us’.

I guess there will be no more Mr. Nice Guy as far as Speidiare concerned but that's OK. No beleved in nice Speidi anyway. I predict a massive raising of their game/

Nicola also declared James C a gamepayer but once again Colleen was having none of it.

In the DR, James C explained that he thought Speidi were ready to go although he now realised he had made the wrong decision. It was clear to him now thet the world of BB was very dfferent that what he was used to.

Sly old fox!

Bianca’s heartfelt feeling for Jamie O were dealt a death blow. Jamie had to expain to her why he didn’t give her his vote for eternal immunity. He soiled the explanation by saying that he should have gien it to Nicola.
Ouch! The expression on her face was priceless.

Nicola also had to defend her decision not to give Speidi immunity. Speidi called James C a string filthy names and blamed Nicola for not supporting them.

Nicola fled to the Dr where she wept and was unable to speak. She claimed to be stressed out and covered in a nervous rash because she really likes Speidi and now felt bad.

What a farrago of nonsense it all was. She’s a better weeper than SWFWW but nonethe less a fake. And her face is getting very hard.

On the DR, Speidi labelled James C a solid gamepayer and blamed Nicola some more. She is to be blocked henceforth from Speidi’s social media.
What a threat!

Jessica advised Nicola to go to Speidi and sort it all out but she said that they would never again meet someone like her and they must come to er as she hadn’t done anything wrong.
As I said – very hard faced

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 12:08 am 
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It was not an inspirational evening if you have any faith in the human race – bullying, manipulation, strange outbursts all flowed freely in the cold Boreham Wood air.

First offender was SWFWW who came to James C, feigning outrage, and told him every vile insult that Spencer heaped on his head last night. James remained unperturbed.

All HMs know that Speidi hate Nicola now. Nicola made sure of it by whining her way through the entire show, trying to rally the troops against Speidi. But the Queen Bee has lost the power to sting – they are all more afraid of Speidi that they are of her.
She even made a grovelling apology to Speidi – a truly cringeworthy grovel. She swore eternal loyalty to the Americans She swore on her IIFE (more than once) that she had never badmouthed them. She was cruelly rebuffed Spencer said he’d have put his life on the line for her and kept interrupting her apology, her frequent repetition of ‘ sorry’.
Ah, how heartbroken she would have been had she but known that Speidi intend to delete her from their scal media.

He one bright spot on Nicola’s horizon was that Jamie admitted – very publicly and graphically - that he’d had a naughty dream about her. She was so pleased.

She went to confide her troubles to Jessica. She could not understand Speidi’s nastiness towards her, she who is an expert at dishing nastiness out. She wept. But she had little luck in recruiting Jessica to her cause. Jessica gave sound and practical advice about the situation/ Callum made an appearance and instantly blamed Jessica for making Nicola cry. Private conversation. The girls are free to talk about what they like. In the end, he more or less told inoffensive Jessica to F*** off as he left the room.
Nasty man.

In the meantime, Speidi sat and discussed who they were going to nominate. Jamie told Bianca how much he felt for her but had to hold back because what woman would take him on with his divorce and three kids cluttering his life. He may have overplayed the sympathy plea there as Bianca didn’t say much. Or perhaps she was silenced by the wet dream confession.

The task tonight was use Bingo. HMs had to stand on a numbered square and when their number was called. They left to go inside. Unbeknownst to them, they went to BB’s special Ballroom which was full of special food and drink and entertainment acts.
First in was Jedward and they got to call the next number between gorging and drinking. It was a tedious task which went on for nearly two hours. The one joy was that Callum and Jamie were left in the cold all that time and and the party was over as soon as they appeared.
The entertainment was a magician, a litter of golden Labrador pups, and a male stripper.

Nicola spent her time on the bingo board complaining, as if she were the only cold one. She also felt that Speidi were making her paranoid and sensitive.
Sensitive? Nicola?

Callum tried to ensure that Speidi knew Nicola was onside. To no avail. They know when tey’ve been betrayed. He then had another go at poor Jessica who is rather naïve about the inmates of the house and constantlysurprised by their behaviour.

The final nonsense was when Nicola swanned around tragic and clearly upset. He kept asking her what was wrong and she made a big drama out of saying she was fine. She refused to sit outside because Speidi were there, the people who were making her feel the way she felt.
Jamie could only say that he didn’t want to fall out with anyone.
Wich was lame considering the woman haunts his dreams.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 24, 2017 6:18 pm 
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SWFWW, sober for once, and a peacemaker for the first time in her life, told the group that they should all drop the subject of Eternal Nominations. She also had a go at poor Jessica for daring to talk it over with Nicola last night. I notice she didn’t tell Nicola to let it go now.

Speidi noticed that Nicola hadn’t slept in the bed next to them. Nearly as good as deleting them from social media. This is serious stuff/

Colleen and others think that SWFWW’s lecture to the house was unnecessary (they’d all like some peace and quiet), but Nicole disagreed, loudly and aggressively and at some length, and took the opportunity to air her grievances over and over.
Tedious woman.

Kim unloaded some items belonging to SWFWW from the washing machine (unwashed, still smelly) and put them on the floor to make room for her own. After a time, while SWFWW turned this over in mind, she launched into the most spectacular rant yet seen in this series. She shrieked and ranted about being disrespected, swore, windmilled her arms, repeatd the same thing over and over. She could be heard all over the house. HMs were is pain from earache whilst they sat stunned into silence.

Jamie, that witty and articulate seducer, leered at Bianca while telling her how horny he is. She should have told him to try Nicola who seems very uneasy about her boys fancying younger girls.

Colleen was up to no good, wanting James C to kick off at Speidi who are giving her a hard time. The big man said it was pointless – they’re professional game players. And anyway, as he told Stacy after she had flattered him about how good a man he is, he didn’t used to be a good man. After meeting his wife he doesn’t do that kind of stuff anymore.
I believe it’s true that he was a very rough character when young. But now he’s only too aware of his family watching the show.
I suspect BB is setting James up for a big showdown

Jessica, she who Callum and Jamie said should come back when she was a 10, attempted to give Callum a sensual massage, complete with little fairy kisses.
It’s not your style, Jessica. It doesn’t suit you.

Nominations were killing tonight. Anyone who got even one vote will face the public vote. Jedward got another shed load of nominations but Kim’s nomination of Nicola was the most interesting because Nicola went straight on the attack, querying the truthfulness of the nomination and demanding Kim prove it. Kim didn’t see why she should have to explain herself/ The usual ranting and raving and swearing from Nicola followed – she ought to watch that - her face contorted in a very ugly way and not all the Botox in the world could prevent it.

The row appeared to be over but Nicola started it up again by calling Kim out in front of everyone. Again. A tirade of abuse, endlessly repeated, fell on Kim’s head. The below the belt punch from Nicola came via a taunt about Km’s childlessness.
There are lines in the sand, Nicola, and you just crossed one – female voters won’t like that taunt – they may be infertile, have miscarried, had a stillbirth like Kim, or just don’t want children. Whatever, it’s a very thorny subject with women. Not that Nicole will care much about that as long as she has men on her side.

Speidi took it into his head to taunt Colleen. About nominating her – she only received his nomination. He also threw in her face that James C , her friend, is an unknown actor. This from a talentless tv reality star.

James C just shrugged the insults off as part of a reality gamester’s repertoire with no rationale behind it.

The closing scene of tonight’s show was really touching – Nicole grovelled some more and was readmitted to the Speidi team. She was nauseatingly grateful.
Where does BB get these harpies from?
Hope this one goes tonight.

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It was an eviction night - they’re coming fast and furious this year. Anyway, everyone who was up had a strategy for getting attention and attracting votes to save. And strange are the ways they think the public will find appealing.

To begin with, Bianca craved a banana and lo and behold, SWFWW , not known for her goodwill towards others, gave her one. AS she explained, she’s been hoarding food becaue of Jedward’s greedy assaults on house supplies. If Bianca wants a banana she can be assured that SWFWW will have one If Callum wants Nutella, then he shall have it due to SWFWW’s thrift. She was never selfish, never intended to keep the food for herself…

Jessica pointed out that she had he ways of getting on with the otheres ie the food hoarding. And Jessica had her way ie the massages. Yet SWFWW had criticised her. SWFWW exploded and started raving about how she knew Jessica’s life was harder than hers. That it was more important than hers. Where it came from I cannot say but Kim gave her a right telling off and silenced her.

Coleen went for the sympathy vote- she was badly frightened by Speidi last night – she was asleep and Spencer pulled he covers off her and roared like an animal to wake her up. What also distressed her was the lack of reaction from the others = they either ignored the event or laughed at it . She thought someone should have come to her support. James C glowered (yes, he is beginning to glower) and said such behaviour wasn’t right.

Jedward, meantime, had dreesed up as leprechauns in long green jackets printed with, I think, little black harps. They danced around the house – a real vote catcher that must be.

Callum decided to brave Speidi’s wrath (although he wasn’t up for eviction so perhaps he was genuinely brave) and very gently pointed out that Speidi had been quite wrong to treat Colleen like that. He was met with Spencer’s fierce blue stare and desisted.
Still, he adthe effort.

Sex in the house is always a vote winner – Jamie leered and Bianca was willing to be a little daring. They slurped on the bed and he told her he loved her. She said that she couldn’t pretend that she didn’t like Jamie, Later, they retreated to the toilet for some noisy slurping and giggling.
Ah, Bianca – ‘tisn’t you he dreams of!
I don’t believe in house romances generally, but to choose to rendezvous in a toilet it just gross.

In the DR, James C, still glowering Trainspotting style, admitted that he was very disappointed in the behaviour of his HMs. He had come to the ouse, friendly and helpful and full of goodwill,and found himself in a catfight.
So htere.

Nicola expounded to SWFWW, Callum, and Colleen, how her problems with Speidi, and Colleen’s too, were all the fault of James C because he had voted them into Eternal Nomination. James should sort out Speidi. But Colleen fears James’s potential for violence.
The idea that James C could be violent is a new one, born over the weekend after nearly a month of praising his dignity and kindness.
Is it because he’s from the West of Scotland? Or because of his dodgy past? Or is it just the way he’s glowering these days? Or perhaps BB has a plan..,

SWFWW obviously felt that she hadn’t got enough attention from her quarrel with Jessica. Loudly she explained again about the unselfish act of food hoarding and her resentment of Kim’s intervention in the quarrel with Jessica. Jessica heard the tail end of it and challenged SWFWW about discussing her behind her back. She was very dignified, non-confrontational and actually managed to silence SWFWW.

Nicola questioned Bianca abut Jamie’s kissing technique Really, she did. Poor old Nicola must be out for some vicarious thrills. She even demonstrated for Bianca exactly what she wanted to know.

The leprechauns were still jigging and reeling, much to Nicola’s annoyance. They’re 25, not 10 years old. If she thought that was bad, she must have been volcanic when the twins dressed up in pizza boxes and did another routine. She poured scorn on their heads. They responded by telling her to get her roots seen to and also volunteering to get her some tampons.
Bit nasty, that. Spoiled their image of nice yound innocent boys.

SWFWW was tonight’s evictee. I could hardly make out what she was saying because of her gabbling delivery and her decibel level.
I don’t think she’ll be missed.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 12:17 am 
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I Want A Lawyer


Jamie and Bianca nuzzle – here’s such a feeling of going through the motions about it.

Nicola and SWSWW were shocked to find that Jedward had wrecked the storeroom, and all its contents, last night.
Note, that when they did ths, they wee dressed as Pizzaman, not leprechauns who would never dream of doing such a thing.
KJedward complained about being called morons, by Nicola. They get more like naughty 15 year olds every day.

Today’s task was to participate in a TV chat show = Big Brother On The Inside – on which searching questions were to be asked. Heavens, the pschologists ae at it again trying to increase conflict.. The first topic was forgiveness. Speidi were asked if they forgave James C for nominations them. Suddenly, Speidi were all understanding and forgiving and saying everything had gt out of hand. James actually tanked them.
James – you hadn’t done nothing to be forgiven for.

Callum took the opportunity to virtue signal. What a nice guy he thinks he is etc etc And later he found himself astonished never to have been nominated which seems to confirm his good opnion of himself.

James C mentioned that he had been deeply hurt by the comments Speidi had made about him. They came forward to ig him – while hugging them back he managed to glower ferociously and half kidding, whole earnest, threatened to bite their heads off if it happened again/

It is difficult to define Bianca and Jamie’s romance (the one where the toilet is their rendezvous) – is it a holiday romance?A serious romance? Bianca found the question hard to answer, except for an admission that she could not restrain her feelings for Jamie. She’s going to have a conversation with her BF outside.
Shock! Horror! Jamie was almost fatally wounded by the discovery that she had a BF! She never said!
(don’t look now, Jamie, but the BF is a cage fighter),

What a chance the disclosure gave tem to emote! He, the virtuous trusting hero betrayed by the new woman in his life; she the tortured heroine who could not help herself. Jamie was reduced to insisting that he hoped he would be evicted that night, his case contorted like a bad cae of appendicitis.
For her part, she moaned that she had never thought to find herself in tis situation as f her behaviour had nothing to do with it.
In the DR, she wept over her emotional turmoil and wanted her Mum. She had never expected to fall for Jamie.

Meanwhile, Jamie brooded alone – he had not come on the show to have a fake romance.

Bianca felt awful about it, just awful.
Never mind, Bianca – Nicola told you none of it was your fault as you wept in her arms.

Post Eviction

Nomination time again.

For these nominations, HMs had to choose a card at random. The cards were marked save, nominate, or a joker meant neither. A HM would ten select a HM appropriately.
Eg Callum saved Colleen, Bianca saved Jamie, Kim and Jessica had Jokers, Coleen nominated Jessica and so on.
In the end, Speidi, Jedward, Bianca, Jessica and Kim were put up for eviction.

Kim treated herself to a little drink while Speidi were critical of Jamie and without warning, Kim too. Spencer said that it was amazing that someone could be like Kim and yet still be in the house. It was uncalled for – except he knows he can always get a rise out of Kim. Perhaps the drink helped, but Kim launched an attack, and threatened Spedi with trouble. She accused him of making retching noises near her and saying there was a bad sell when she was around. She also accused him of spitting. One word borrowed another when Suddenly Speidi left the room chanting la-la- la to drownout what she was saying.

James C, who was right there, wanted to know what Speidi had done to upset Kim.

Spencer still wanted to upset Kim – the bedroom door was closed, he sent Heidi to open it, Kim opened t again and so on.
Haven’t we already had this row?

In the DR, Kim complained about the whole thing. BB informed her that the air conditioning necessary to cooling the room wouldn’t operate if the door was open. She exploded, knowing that Speidi would be told the same thing and that he would gloat over her.She would not alow BB to make a fool of her…
Don’t think you need BB to help you with that, Kim.

Spencer also visited the DR, furious at Kim’s allegations He denied spitting (but not the other accusations) and accused Kim of multiple rule breaks. He demanded to see his lawyer, immediately, instantly.
American HMs are very fond of demanding lawyers.

It was 2am in the bedroom and Bianca, cuddled up to Jamie, described her attraction to him, paid him compliments, was tortured by their situation which had just srt of happened…
She banged on and on – he was so bored, so tired (it was, after all, 2am) and eventually he retreated to the DR to say that his head was spinning. He had been hurt by Bianca after trusting her enough to open up to her. He didn’t know what to do, which bed to get into…Bianca was already spraying perfume on herself in anticipationof his return.

I reckoned he should avoid Bianca’s bed to get some peace.
And that’s what he did.

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No Class

Nicola pried it out of Jessica that she is dating three men. Nicola’s eyes lit up like headlights – ‘Are you having sex with all of them? She asked, barely able to contain her excitement.
Jessica could have won the show if she had told her to mind her own business.

Jamie was still emoting – he feels so much for Bianca but has to look after himself.
Then he went into the bedroom and slurped her.
Nicola was soon on the scene wheedling to find out their relationship status.

The shopping task this week comprised a series of temptations which had to be resisted to win the luxury budget. BB had messages from loved ones and HMs could have them by answering the phone or taking pictures down etc
Everyone resisted of course but some were noisier than others. Jamie wept buckets at not being able to speak to his Dad (for six whole minutes!)– he wept and howled and snivelled, always with his face hidden in his hands to hide the tearlessness. Kim was visibly moved but made no fuss.
That’s the ticket, Kim!

In the DR, Kim called her husband a lovely fun and peasant person and tat it had been good to hear his voice even if she couldn’t speak to him.
It was apparent that she was quite genuine.

Jessica was brave too when presented with her chance to get a video message from her children. She went off and sat by herself for a while.Not so Nicola. She wept buckets and emoted quite passionlessly.

Colleen could have seen her son. She was positively twitching to give in to temptation but resisted valiantly.
‘Trust me to put food before son,’ she quipped.

Jessica was a little bit bizarre tonight, giving herself pep talks, muttering encouragement on a spiritual level, being afflicted by hiccups, even cuddling James C.
The house must be getting to her.

Jedward decided to eat raw chillies. This gave them the opportunity to demonstrate some antics – leaping about, pretending to be sick, guzzling water. They really are tedious.

Nicola felt that Jedward look at her like devils. She thought they were trying to stir things up.
Of course they are, Nicola – they know how to push your buttons and push them they did by noticing that her eye shadow was different today. On the face of it a harmless comment but it’s the way they say things that lets you know they’re goading. A torrent of abuse from Nicola followed (se has the filthiest mouth on her). A Jedward sore back at her. She lost her temper and Jedward needled her some more by saying she was a classy lady. She roared back at him that she has no class – for oce she was telling the truth.

Jamie asked Kim how long she’s been married. 38 years as it happens. And she spoke very well f her husband. Such a change for BB to hear someone say that.

Nicola’s outburst was a topic of conversation. Jedward say she can’t take a compliment!

In the DR, classy Nicola shouted and swore about mean minded Jedward. She knows she always rises to their bait but they irritate her so much…
She also lavished praise on herself for resisting the temptations of the task – just like everyone else – but her agonies were, of course, much worse than anyone else’s.

Bianca and Jamie took the chilli challenge and completed it with no hullaballoo – much to Jedward’s displeasure.

James C left the party to go and have a smoke in peace in the garden/
Can’t say I blame him really.

Speidi and Nicola trashed Jessica’s chances of winning while she lay quietly hiccupping to herself. In the DR, they also promised to go after James C next week, presumably if they don’t get evicted tomorrow.
Good luck with Cosmo, then.

In the DR, Colleen told how the house had been good for her. Her marriage is a bit sticky and she and her husband needed to be apart for a while. She has been pleased to find that she has missed him. And learned a lot about herself in the house.
A pity plea = bit beneath her, I thought.

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