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 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Wed Jun 22, 2016 11:22 pm 
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Karma’s A Bitch

Well, I got my wish tonight: we had drama stemming from revealing little events; and there were no romances. Jackson did try to kiss Georgina against her will but she fended him off. He clouted her with a cushion then. But that was as close as we got to a love scene. You go, Georgina.

Jayne ran foul of the original HMs tonight. The house is a tip and she suggested that they organise a cleaning rota to keep it fresh for the sake of infection control. The others thought that was a great way to start an argument and declared they would do what they want to do when they want to. Natalie smugly agreed. She’s obviously currying favour with the original HMs. A crushed Jayne complained in the DR that she feels the OHHMs are not allowed to give opinions to the originals. What was so unreasonable about suggesting that they get the house cleaned up and then go on to have a fantastic day and not get salmonella?
She has a point if only she didn’t have such a whiney voice.

For the shopping task, Chelsae, Andy and Lateshya were appointed the Brains and had to predict the outcome of a number of tasks. The other HMs had to make predictions too and if they matched the ones the Brains made, they would win. The task that caused most trouble was the Perception task which turned out to be another ‘honesty’ task in disguise. BB even set the same questions as they did the other night – lazy planning, BB| Anyway, they had to predict who the Brains would declare the most and least fake, the most and least honest, the most and least lazy and so on.
The interesting thing about it was that Chelsea was cruelly abusive about Jayne and nominated it for just about every vice. :Go on, you bitch,’ he urged from the secret room. His comments were unnecessary – we get it, Chelsea, she;s every bad thing known to man. He revealed himself as a truly horrible personality. Jayne became very distressed and, being |Jayne, made the most of it. Still, she was upset.
But not half as upset as Natalie became when she was declared least sexy – she refused to stand at the podium and eventually Hughie took her place with a self deprecating remark. Good for you, Hughie.

As she explained to Emma, who desperately squirmed trying to find an acceptable reason for the house decision when Natalie buttonholed her, she did not come on BB to be humiliated.

Things very soon got worse for her. She had to guide a blindfolded Hughie through an obstacle course and was useless at it, telling him to touch hoops when that was against the rules, telling him to turn towards her when he couldn’t see her. HMs scorn was obvious when she came back in the room and she was furious about their reaction. Again, Chelsea sounded off about it in a spiteful way. Even kindly Andy had something to say about her performance although he did it from the safety of the DR.

BB provided some refreshments – a bottle of wine between them all (16 people). Laura got to it first and started pouring for everybody. Natalie got there last and seemed afraid that she wouldn’t get any. In the end, she snatched the bottle from Laura and waltzed off with it. The others protested about her rudeness and she insisted that she was pouring for herself, Emma and Lateshya. They wisely didn’t back her up and she had to return the bottle. She poured herself some wine from Laura’s glass after pushing her hand away to get at it. The housemates erupted, claiming she had hit Laura. Ryan screamed right in her face that she was effing horrible while the others clamoured in outrage.
BB finally called her to the DR where she complained that the others just didn’t like her and that was the cause of the fracas. They were petty people looking for trouble.
BB didn’t buy it. She was warned about her aggression and banished to the spare bedroom for the night. In the morning, she got a formal warning. She really was very chastened.

Only Sam defended her. He agreed that her actions were wrong but that the HMs had overreacted, especially Ryan, and he had ended up feeling sorry for her. A fair assessment, I thought – the pack in full cry was not a pretty sight.

Laura and Evelyn condemned Sam’s defence as a game playing tactic. Perhaps. But if he was game playing, he’s playing better than those two harpies.

Hughie told Georgina that he had seen it all but kept out of it. Given his history of rows with Natalie, he can be forgiven for saying ‘Karma’s a bitch.’

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, 2016 12:26 am 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
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As I Was Saying To The Queen...
Natalie, in the DR, complained about how hard it was to go back into the house after last night. An impatient BB showed her the door – unfortunately it wasn’t the exit. The others were not pleased to see her back. Alex chatted to her an advised an apology but she refused point blank.
Even when Laura tried to make peace with her, she denied that what happened happened. Laura made it all up and was a greedy bitch. As is usual for her, Natalie had her say and then walked off calling over her shoulder that Laura meant nothing to her, to talk to the hand, she wouldn’t listen to her.

But surprise, surprise, young Laura followed her and would not accept being dismissed. Natalie went on the offensive and accused Laura of hogging the wine. Natalie only reacted to what the others did.
It’s aways someone else’s fault with Natalie.

In the DR, an exhausted Andy complained of not getting any seep. Being in the house, he said, was like being on a school trip with whispering and giggling going on all night. Even his favourite trick for getting off to sleep didn’t work: in his mind’s eye, he likes to picture a castle, then himself exploring all the rooms in it. Sometimes he even encounters Quen Elizabeth the first and asks her how her ships are getting on. But even this old standby failed to win him some slumber.
I’m charmed by that!

The final round of the shopping task: the Brains had to predict who would lose their cool after watching video footage of other HMs backstabbig them. There was Andy criticising Georgina, Charlie being dissed by Evelyn, Jayne under attack from Natalie, Sam accused of game playing by Laura and Evelyn.
The Brains got it wrong (nobody lost their temper during the game) and so the shopping task was lost and HMs face an economy budget this coming week.

The fallout about this task came later.
Charlie wept over Evelyn’s comments about her (she cries often does Charlie) and then tackled an embarrassed Evelyn. Sam was very defensive about being accused of game playing and soon the whole house was squabbling.
BB really doesn’t need to provoke such squabbles all the time. HMs are more than capable of finding their own things to quarrel over. Anyway, the house became a Tower of Babel with all of them shrieking their grievances. Jason, however, stayed out of it and went on stolidly eating his lunch until Charlie came, weeping, and sought comfort from him. Chelsea headed for the hills. Georgina went into the storeroom to practise chanting.

Sam took the prize for getting most mileage out of the rows. Laura was reduced to squirming as he reminded her that he had been loyal to her, had her back, was her chief comforter, her true friend…and then to be accused of game playing!
Mouthy Lateshya came in on Sam’s side, outraged by the injustice of it all.

Later, Charlie sat with Lateshya and Georgina, weeping again over Jason. Love hurts, dontcha know.

In the DR, Laura and Evelyn were a little weepy because Sam had distanced himself from them. Evelyn wanted to go home because of Charlie crying over what she had said; Laura was aghast at Sam’s reproaches.
What to do now? They have made enemies of 13 HMs.
They decided to try defiance – no more pandering to people’s hurt feelings, no more putting up with all the crap and dishonesty. They performed a half naked aboriginal war dance in the bathroom.
That’s the spirit, girls = far more interesting and comical than getting horizontal with sleazy Marco.

Lateshya got into a row with Hughie when he tried to explain that he didn’t remember calling her names. He says he might have done but honestly didn’t remember. She made the most of the row, reproaching him with what he didn’t remember. They both repeated the same statements over and over, each talking over the other , until Lateshya broke the deadlock by bringing up something else that Natalie had told her – he had criticised her for leaving her young baby to come on BB. Now all he had done was make a harmless remark that it was hard to leave a young baby at home. But Lateshya was in tears and complained bitterly to the assembled HMs. Natalie supported her, sympathetic and smug, and they all joined in criticising Hughie who had gone, bewildered, to the DR reiterating that he didn’t recall saying all those things.

Jayne sat up in bed to say that she liked Hughie (and she has been supporting him and giving him advice throughout the show) and that she had never heard him say these things. Natalie, infuriated, exploded. She gave Jayne the talk-to-the-hand= you -mean nothing- to me treatment, accused her of lying, and stormed off .
The thing is, I don’t recall Hughie saying these things either. He made some comment about her sheep tattoo but that was about it unless I missed something because of his accent.
But Jayne has had enough of Natalie as well. She rose from her bed and went after her. She got right in her face and challenged her.
This was real. Among all the prima donna fakery in that house, this was real, genuine anger. Jayne could hardly talk through gritted teeth and she kept her face inches from Natalie’s. The cords in her neck stood out as the two traded insults. Natale called her a whore. Jayne told her to get back to her brothel. I really thought she was going to thump Natalie.

Sent for to the DR by BB, Jayne was unrepentant and not to be soothed. She was completely on Hughie’s side. BB suggested she stay in the DR until she calmed down – Jayne snarled back that she’d be there a long time then and made veiled threats about continuing the row with Natalie, a thoroughly nasty person with a nasty mouth.
How awful am I? I felt like cheering.
Natalie keeps making the same mistake – treating the HMs as she treats her submissive clients. They pay to hear that they mean nothing, they pay to be bullied and treated with contempt. But she’s not in her dungeon now. Both Laura and Jayne are strong and spirited and not going to be dominated by the likes of Natalie.

Somewhat lacking in spirit is Jason. He and Charlie were doing their washing at the sinks. Alone. Which means another emotional splurge and guilt trip from Charlie. She accused Jason of not being himself, of not cuddling her. She said he’s a liar, that he never told her to move on.
He tried to placate her, asked her not to make things awkward. She denied she was doing any such thing. She only wanted to know where she stood. Blah. Blah. Blah.

We’ve all heard him tell her where they stand as a couple – she ignores what he says. And by the look of it, she’ll keep on asking till she gets the answer she wants,

Then she reminded him that this was no one’s business but theirs as if he had brought it up.
She fled into Ryan’s arms to tell him all about how cruel Jason is. She’s too old for all this endless teenage angst. She has no dignity.

Eviction tomorrow – I can’t decide who should go – Charlie or Natalie. They are both disagreeable people, worthy of being kicked out.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, 2016 11:59 pm 
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Much disapproving headshaking from Georgina who had spotted Evelyn doing handstands in the garden in her knickers and with her womb on display.
To be fair, it could hardly have been an inspiring sight first thing in the morning. And there could be no possibility of taking such a person home to Mummy for tea and cupcakes.

Jason approached Charlie to make it clear, once and for all, that he only wants to be friends. Big mistake, Jason. You KNOW better that that!
She constantly interrupted him and talked over him, insisting that she only wanted to seize the opportunity to be with him.
He was pushed into laying it on the line for her – there was nothing between them any more.
She said she only wanted to know where she stands with him…

SCREAM! He really needs to stop this ‘just friends’ malarkey and cut her off completely.

Andy, Natalie and Charlie discussed Jayne. Andy and Charlie agreed that she is a nice person deep down but loses her temper too easily, But still a nice person.
Natalie shook her head ‘There’s always another side’ she said with a smug smirk.

In the DR, Jayne agreed that she shouldn’t have reacted so strongly to a bunch of juvenile adults, but felt that she had been goaded into it when Natalie called her a whore. She would rather be slapped – you can forget that, but not words.
Jayne was fed up with being goaded and wasn’t going to put up with it any more, even if it meant ostracising herself from the others.
Back in the house, she declared that she could not be in the same room as Natalie – at the very moment Natalie walked in, all ears. Jayne told her to take her nose off to a corner whereupon Natalie dumped her four letter special abuse on her again. |But she took it no further – perhaps Jayne’s uncontrolled rage last night had dampened her own anger. It was after Jayne had left the room that she turned on the young girls for talking to Jayne. They were reduced to foot shuffling squirming by Natalie – not the way to deal with a bully like Natalie. They should find their tempers like Jayne.

Nerves were tense, of course, since it was eviction night. Evelyn got a ticking off from BB for sleeping in the daytime. ‘Silly cow,’ said Georgina and sparked off another screaming row which consisted of a shrill exchange of ‘bitch’ and ‘cow’. They’re so repetitive, so limited, in their range of insults that their rows are tedious. The male HMs looked on in bewildered long suffering amusement.
Not long after, Georgina herself el asleep but no one said anything about it.

In the DR, Charlie was nervous about being evicted – she wants more time with Jason to show him how good that are together And then he’ll marry her.

All is not well with the Uptown girl and he Downtown boy. Georgina admired Sam’s aftershave and aroused Jackson’s jealousy – she never compliments him about anything. He said something about her being his missus but she pulled him up for it, denying the closeness. She wouldn’t put him on Facebook, after al.
That’s the end of all hope for Jackson.

There was a sudden downpour and some of the |HM’s danced in the rain, whirling, squealing and holding their arms up to the sky. In the house, water started to pour down from the ceiling and soon the floor was awash with water. Jason shepherded HMs away from the electricals and into the other house.
Later, Emma apologised to BB for the flood as she knew that it was the power of the rain dance that had brought it on.

During the evacuation, Jayne escaped from the house for a short time. She soon returned , much to Chelsea’s displeasure, apologising that the house had just got too much for her. She made herself a cup of tea and let it soothe her.

Evelyn is up to no good. She enquired of Jackson how things were going with Georgina and admitted that she herself fancied Jackson. Jackson was pleased and somewhat interested as Evelyn eyed him up.
Oh, Georgina’s going to regret not Facebooking him! Evelyn has a steely glint in her eye. Emma has warned Georgina that Evelyn is not to be trusted.

Natalie was evicted in the tumult of a very hostile reception from the crowd. She gave a very strange interview to Emma. She assured Emma that she was relieved to be out because she was in fear of her life in the house – she might have been stabbed in her bed by Jayne. She refused to say anything further about Jayne except that Jayne had deliberately tried to provoke her to violence to get her evicted.
Emma tried to pin her down to exactly when Hughie had said those nasty things about Lateshya. She hummed and hawed and refused to be precise about when and where the alleged conversation took place.
Oh, dear…

I‘m glad she’s gone. She came across as not quite sane.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sat Jun 25, 2016 11:36 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
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Disney WitchPre-eviction

Jackson teased Alex that Latesyha fancied him. Alex looked smug (happens all the time, girls fancying him), there was a mildly smutty exchange, a grin, and an admission from Alex that he would.
I’m not adding anyone else to the Love Index until I’m sure that he would and she would too.

Andy was rather grim with Jayne as he was not happy about her escape bid. She defended herself – it was a thing of the moment – and hadn’t harmed anyone but he persisted in giving a lecture on the subject of unfairness and disrespect to other HMs. He didn’t feel that it was fair. People had been nominated who wanted to stay and she let them be nominated even though she wanted to go.
Like Charlie, she sticks her fingers in her ears and says lah-lah-lah.

In the DR, Jason explained that Charlie was nervous about being evicted. He himself would feel less pressured if she went but he has to be careful what he says to her as she’s sensitive.
Charlie sensitive! Like a barracuda she’s sensitive, like a scorpion, or a diamond backed rattler!
And of course she was lying in wait for him outside in the lounge, wanting a comforting cuddle, Can’t have been very comfortable for him as she had her curlers in.

Hughie and Lateshya have made up and agreed to start over. Chelsea carefully shaved his hands.

Sleep was the topic of conversation at one point – how well or not they slept in the house. This recalled her spat with Georgina to Evelyn and she objected again to being called a silly cow for dropping off in the daytime. Jason tried to cool the row but they wouldn’t drop it until Georgina tried to demonstrate that there were different tones the phrase could be said in and that hers was the nicer one.
Alas! Georgina’s tone is like her face – only one expression, one of stern disapproval.

|BB gave Lateshya a secret mission – she was to e a diva to the other HMs.
My heart sank – the role of diva calls for drama and in the BB house, drama means lots of swearing at full volume.
And so it proved. The house was drenched in four letter words. Te sad thing was that the HMs are immune to it.

Andy and Laura had a chat about the late Queen Elizabeth. The girls were thrilled to learn that Elizabeth had been a lap dancer in a London pub before she became queen. The girls believed him too.
I suppose he has to find his entertainment where he can.

Lateshya and Georgina had a chat about Jayne. They don’t think she appreciates her place in the house and there’s something scary about her – like a Disney witch with a poison apple.

It has to be said – in profile Jayne does have that resemblance.
Georgina also told Lateshya that she and Jackson hadn’t got up to anything under the duvet – after all, her family would be watching. Which of course is a proper sentiment to have – but closer to the truth would be that she just isn’t attracted to Jackson.
There was some proof of that in the bathroom. Jackson and Alex were in the bath and Georgina had eyes only for Alex’s magnificent physique. Her expression remained wooden but there was a queer intense glint in her eye…poor scrawny Jackson!
However, she is not consistent and threw a moody with Jackson because he dared to watch Evelyn applying her make up. He reproached her with Alex – but there’s no applying reason the this year’s crop of female HMs. All Jackson could do was tell her that he loves her.

Jason begged Charlie not to pressure him and drive him insane if she didn’t get evicted and stayed in the house.
She told him that she loved him.

Post eviction, Jayne once more was the topic of conversation, this time for her behaviour at Natalie’s eviction. She took no farewells of her, she didn’t even stand up for her leaving or look at her going out the door. In the DR, Jayne said that she couldn’t be two faced when Natalie left – it wouldn’t have been right to hug her or anything.
But the others were not impressed by her cold behaviour. Poor Jayne. It looks like she’s being targeted. Even taking a simple bath was grounds for Georgina’s disapproval. The sight of her splashing the water about made Georgina feel uncomfortable – rather a Playboy moment for a woman her age…
That girl has issues.

In the DR, she wished that Jayne had been evicted as Jayne is a demon, a creature possessed. And not only that, her behaviour at Natalie’s eviction was disgraceful.

There must be a handbook for demonic etiquette somewhere in Waterstone'S.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sun Jun 26, 2016 11:07 pm 
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Whispers In The Night

DR Charlie has decided not to pressure Jason any more.She’ll wait for him to come to her.

That’s going to end well, I thought.
And I was right. Later she say beside Jason and made him instantly uncomfortable. Something to do with her intense stare. But she was quick to reassure him – she only wants him to tell her what he wants.

The task tonight was yet another recycling of personality questions designed to cause conflict. So tedious. The only points of interest were when Sam refused to shave off his beard and when Lateshya named Jason as the biggest game player in the house. Andy felt that Lateshya had hurt Jason’s feelings by saying that (although she did apologise). Lateshya told him that Charlie had told her that Jason was different from the way he was outside the house, that he did cleaning and dish washing in the house because he was acting a part and playing to win. Andy moved on to tell Emma what had been said. Lateshya had already told everyone. He then moved on to Charlie and asked her if she had said this. Charlie denied using that exact word but admitted to commenting on him playing to win.
This is where it gets interesting. Andy talked to Ryan and his gang about Charlie and how whispering and gossiping behind people’s backs went on all the time. He particularly mentioned the trouble between Hughie and Lateshya. This brought Hughie into it although he had not heard the conversation.. Lateshya got very angry and denied talking about Hughie. The rest of the gang, all of them whisperers in the night, rose in revolt behind Lateshya as she screamed Andy out of the room.
Mission accomplished. Andy was unfussed about his departure and smug about his victory. He is smart enough to know that the apple of discord must be thrown into the black heart of the clique if he has any chance of survival in the house. This voting block must be broken.
Hughie is still wondering what is going on. Andy was pleased to tell him about Lateshya backstabbing him. Hughie isn’t the smartest knife in the drawer but the full import of the situation will penetrate eventually.

Chelsea took umbrage about tonight task as he had been presented with a board covered in unflattering comments about him. In the DR, he protested that he wasn’t dishonest, threatened BB with a walk out and put him on a final warning.
BB, you’re not going to take that, are you?

Charlie must have tired of waiting for Jason to come to her because she took herself and her impressive cleavage to lie on the bed beside him, all ready for another dissection of their relationship. He said he had to be careful round her. She said he only ever thought of himself, not what she was going through. They parted on bad terms.

In the DR, Jason was distressed by having been called a game player in the task and also by pressure from Charlie. He cried. He didn’t want to see her hurt.

Back in the house, it was obvious that he was upset and Charlie rushed to offer comfort which was speedily rejected causing Charlie to flounce off in the huff. Later on, he drew her aside and said she was making him feel awkward.. She accused him of making everything about himself although he knows how she feels.
And so on, ad infinitum
They are a tedious pair. We cannot possibly endure this conversation being repeated all summer.

Andy is pondering whether he should tell Jason what Charlie has been saying about him. Perhaps, if he did, that would be the end of this boring couple.

In the DR, Lateshya freaked out, screeching abuse about Andy, screaming wildly, pacing the DR floor and hyperventilating. A sharp slap was called for there, I think, to teach her not to fake such hysteria. Tiresome creature.

I am finding this year that I don’t actually like any of them, that I don’t care whether Sam and Evelyn were sent to jail, or if Lateshya hyperventilates to death on the DR floor, or if Evelyn manages to pinch Jackson from Georgina, or if Charlie looks ridiculous because of excessive tanning lotion. They all deserve their awful fates for leaving me little to write about. There are only so many ways to describe their foul mouthed tirades, so many ways to make their pathetic juvenile behaviour seem interesting.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2016 10:21 pm 
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The Dyslexic Plays Scrabble

It was Chelsea’s birthday today. First thing in the morning, HMs chorused the birthday song for him. It was pretty lacklustre.

Andy helped Emma rescue a moth stranded on a tissue since yesterday (possibly accidentally disabled by Emma).
Most touching.

In the DR, Lateshya once more declares her hatred of Andy – he reminds her of a teacher, so calm and softly spoken.

Ah, yes, the world would be a better place if, like Lateshya, we all lumbered round like carthorses screaming obscenities.

Georgina felt the pangs of jealousy this evening when Evelyn applied Jackson’s makeup for him. It was just as well that Charlie commented on the situation or I would never have realised that there was a storm brewing – Georgina’s face and voice were as expressionless as ever.
She did, however, order him to remove the makeup.

In the DR, Emma admitted that Georgina’s negative energy was affecting her positive energy.

Also in the DR, Jayne expressed the view that Jason needs a good kick up the you-know-what. He either needs to get with Charlie or get rid.
She’s right.

Lateshya removed Jackson’s makeup while Georgina attempted to show that she was still suffering over Evelyn but she had to tell us in the end. Meanwhile Evelyn was earnestly assuring Alex that she didn’t want to upset Georgina but she had been friendly with Jackson and wanted to remain so.
Jackson needed to talk it over with Georgina. He adores her, he says. He does everything for her – morning tea served in bed, getting early to the storeroom so that he can get the bacon she loves…
She makes him feel that he isn’t good enough.

The interesting thing about Jackson and Georgina is not the romance which is so obviously scripted but BB’s contempt for viewers in expecting us to fall for this twaddle.

Jason is another wooden faced performer. Lateshya approached him to apologise yet again for last night’s comments. He dismisses it all apart from the bit where she called him a game player. This has caused him pain and to prove it, he contorted hias face slightly. Lateshya hovered on the brink of telling him that Charlie had first made that allegation but then she thought better of it.

In the DR, a heartbroken Jackson described Georgina’s issues with Evelyn. It’s all a mystery to him – he feels like a dyslexic playing scrabble when it comes
to understanding women. Oh, come on, Jackson. If your past really contains 300 sexual partners, then you understand women well enough.

Evelyn had a heart to heart with Lateshya about the Georgina situation.
BLAH BLAH – more drivel.

There followed the most pointless task yet seen on BB. Two rooms were set up for parties for Chelsea’s birthday,one for a splendid jamboree, the other looking as if it was set in a greasy spoon.
Two sets of HMs had to compete to attract the greatest number of the remaining HMs to their respective parties. There was a great deal of to-ing and fro-ing across the corridor. What the point of this was escapes me. I think it bewildered the HMs too.

Hughie, Chelsea and Lateshya sat and blatantly discussed nominations past and intended. The’ll pay for that!

Ryan, in a fit of passion, declared his love for Hughie – it seems to have deepened since Ryan heard the crowds cheer for Hughie on Friday.

The girls explained to Jackson the origins of female jealousy. Georgina nodded and explained that every time she turned around, Evelyn was there.
(she can’t help that, Georgina – she’s locked in with you). Jackson said he would marry Georgina tomorrow but walks off in a huff, hurt by Georgina’s suspicions.

Meanwhile, the other men were making dirty cocktails. Ryan vomited all over the living room floor. He apologised to BB who wearily asked how old he was. When he got out of the |DR, he went to Hughie for a grope and a cuddle.

The bedroom was interesting tonight. Jackson oozed some more Mills and Boon and finally taught Georgina to lower her defensive walls and learn to love again. She’ll regret it in the morning.
Ryan and Hughie went in for some significant duvet action. It was perfectly obvious what was going on there but afraid that anyone had missed it, Ryan was grossly crude in gesture and words.
I actually preferred the sight of him vomiting.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, 2016 11:05 pm 
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Applying Mascara

For all the drama of complicated emotions and screeching confrontations, the true emotional state of the female HMs is demonstrated by the careful application of mascara. For example, when Georgina was reproached about last night’s shenanigans in the bedroom – what would Mummy and the public think – she expressed an appropriate reaction but continued carefully applying mascara without a pause.
‘Tis better to show yourself up on national TV, apparently - than to appear on it less that perfectly groomed.
Lateshya also spoiled a dramatic moment by paying attention to her eyelashes – poor Andy, eager to make peace with her or perhaps to provoke another row – went unnoticed while she layered her eyelashes. ‘He’s just game playing,’ she muttered as he turned away and applied another layer.
Sang froid, that’s what that is, sang froid. Battles can recommence when the mascara has dried.

Ryan was desperate to manufacture a drama of his own and confided in Charlie that he didn’t know whether he fancied Hughie or not.
Well, you showed every sign last night, Ryan.
Charlie recommended that they don’t sleep in the same bed any more.
Ryan advised Hughie of this decision and they squabbled about whether they were in a relationship or not. Ryan decided that they were and ran round the house saying that they were while Hughie followed denying it. They then had a noisy water fight.
These two could get very wearing.

Jayne also was in the business of creating drama = she pestered Jason to talk about his friends and perhaps gain an introduction to them now that she is a free agent. All the time she talked, she kept her eye on Chelsea to see if he was listening.
No reaction.

Jackson told Georgina that he was trying to be a good boy friend – she informed him that he had to tick lots of boxes. With a half smile on her face. I think she’s warming to him.

Jason and Charlie had yet another deep conversation. This time she informed him that she wants to be a Mum. She’s ready. That poor man…

Nominations threw up no big surprises. Jayne and Andy scored very high and Georgina and Evelyn trailed behind them into the nomination stakes.
Andy was nonchalant, as was Jayne; Evelyn put a brave face on it. Georgina fell apart.
She wept in the bedroom refusing to be comforted by Jackson, Chelsea, Lateshya, Sam, or Ryan who gathered round her like an Irish family at a wake. She cried in te DR as well, insisting that she never saw that nomination coming.

Jackson took her nomination hard as well. He ranted at Andy for saying that it was a game show, that they should just carry on having fun. Jackson accused him of playing with his emotions and continued to rave. Andy was dying for a cigarette but didn’t dare go into the garden because Jackson was there.
It was Evelyn who lent him support. She accompanied him to the garden and sat beside him, sharing cigarettes.
And to think that he nominated her a short while before.

Hughie and Ryan had one of their incomprehensible romps during which Hughie somehow lost his underpants. Ryan said he was disrespectful and followed this up with a lewd comment. He really is a filthy whelp.

Emma spoke to Jackson about the way Georgina puts him down and ruins his energy.She thinks Georgina is possessed. Georgina overheard al this and challenged Emma. They had a row but since they talked over one another all the time, it wasn’t clear what was actually said except that the word paranoid (from Georgina) was loud and clear and also the words negative energy (from Emma).

The show ended with Charlie draping herself across Jason’s bed, looking for a cuddle.
Oh, my, she’s looking for much more than that.

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BB Corp.

A much better show this evening. My prayers have been answered – BB gave the HMs a proper shopping task. Chelsea has been appointed managing director of a firm called BB Corp and it is his responsibility to motivate the staff to act in a professional way at times when working in customer service. Chelsea promised to be tough but fair.
The first thing he banned was swearing – what a joy to go through a whole show with minimum four letter works. The staff had smart uniforms to wear and they visibly improved their deportment, their attitude…they actually looked like adults (Ryan always excepted).
Chelsea transferred to his executive office where he could observe everything. Emma and Jayne were appointed office cleaners and set about it with a will. Lateshya wasn’t happy that she wasn’t the boss – se would have dressed the girls in catsuits and the men in white and opened a twerking business.
BB was speechless – that girl just can’t get beyond the sex and fake tan scenario.
Jason and Ryan went to fetch strawberries for the boss without complaint. Evelyn and Laura had no particular function at the start so les enfants terribles decided to photocopy their boobs. Funnily enough, this madde me laugh – their was such an air of mischief about them!
Chelsea interviewed some HMs for the post of assistant exec. Emma had to demonstrate how she behaved on Play Your Cards Right when she was on it. She duly grinned like a Cheshire cat and struck poses, sending herself up wonderfully. Sam looked perfectly serious when being interviewed. Ryan got a ticking off for swearing on his CV and indulged in one of those ghastly handshaking contests at the end of the interview – as you can imagine, Chelsea did not scream first.

In the DR, Jackson mourned over not being allowed to swear it was so hard to speak professionally all the time.
The Down Town boy act is wearing thin, Jackson.

Chelsea soon had cause to reprimand staff. Natasha, Laura, Hughie and Ryan knocked off work early and went for a snooze in the pod. They were quickly reminded that they were to be professional. Only Ryan snarled and complained. Chelsea was right not to promote him – he suffers from Oppositional Defiance Disorder.

BB could not resist interfering with proceedings. \HMs had to man the switchboard and handle complaints from the public – but in fact, they had their nominations played back to them. Evelyn and Georgina had the opinions of the HMs played back to them but the real cruelty of this task was reserved for Jayne and Andy who were nominated by just about everyone. They had to listen to all their nominations while remaining polite and professional. Their faces froze, their voices broke a little, but they promised to look into the complaints about their behaviour.
Those who had made the nominations listened in horror as the tsunami of criticism washed over Jayne and Andy.
It was extremely uncomfortable viewing.

There were reactions of course. Andy and Evelyn talked about what she had said and he had said.
Georgina objected to being nominated because of Jackson and felt that Evelyn was just jealous.
Jayne went into the DR to express her feelings – she kept up a strong front in the house but was actually hurt as she wanted to be liked like everyone else. She was particularly wounded by Sam’s accusation of viciousness.

Andy retreated to the bedroom and wept. The execs – Chelsea, Sam and Evelyn who were watching from the observation window – were guilt stricken by his reaction. Jason came and gave Andy a cuddle and soon soothed him and gave some good advice. Andy’s only comfort was that Jason and Chelsea hadn’t nominated him.

I am not one for thinking the tears and dramas of the house are real but Andy’s tears may well have been real. He was red eyed and snuffling.
A nastiness too far, BB.

Jackson went to Emma to complain about his name being used in her nomination of Georgina. Georgina might distance himself from him – the one good thing in his life might be spoiled. Such was the hysterical quality of his rant that poor Emma was silenced.
I felt like whispering to her ‘This is all calculated. Face him down.’

While the kids inhabited their world of fall ins and fall outs. Te men got talking about the task. Jason and Chelsea that is. Jason felt the HMs need more direction or they would fail the task. Some of them were sleeping today, for Heaven’s sake. Chelsea nodded sagely.
Oh, the HMs are going to rue it tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Jackson apologised to Emma for his childish and immature behaviour.
Somewhere I heard a teacher’s voice there, wearily repeating that to Jackson when he was in the fourth form at school.
Georgina at the same time was in the DR telling BB she didn’t want to be nominated on Jackson’s account. She reckoned Evelyn was jealous.

She might be at that although she put her nomination of Georgina down to lack of appreciation of meals Evelyn had cooked for her, not Jackson.
Frankly, Jackson is a waste of space. While in bed with Georgina, he tossed sweets (my sister swears they were love hearts) to Evelyn in the next bed, thus provoking a jealous sulk from Georgina. It was quite calculated on Jackson’s part. Nothing like having two girls spatting over you, is there?

Ryan and Hughie went to slurp one another in the pod. I still don’t knowwhat to make of them.

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Kicking The Dog

Georgina had a hard time tonight. The BB Corp. staff had to chant a song f loe and admiration for the bosses, whilst smiling, and as we know, Georgina’s poker face does not lend itself to wholesome smiles. Georgina was pulled up for her fizz face and made to bring chocolate to the executive boardroom. It was Ryan’s decision to send for her and force some smiles but Chelsea took exception to his unilateral decision. Ryan does not understand corporate decisions or loyalty and argued his case – this led to a massive rollicking from Chelsea and a nuclear tantrum from Ryan. It ended in a long whine from Ryan about not liking being shouted at.

Things were less stormy in the house as the HMs played Animal, Vegetable or Mineral. In a lacklustre let’s= pass- the –time sort of way.
Small wonder, then, that in the DR, Georgina complained of boredom with the games and the hellish smile at all times task. An unhappy face is her natural look, she said, and she cannot stand Emma and her positive energy and endless smiles.
She made me laugh.

Back in the house, Georgina had a minor spat with Jackson. She was already fretting about what to wear on eviction night. She mentally discarded her dresses so Jackson suggested that she wear trousers. Disdainfully she insisted that she had no trousers; he pointed out that she had ones with rips in them/
They’re not trousers, she said contemptuously, they’re jeans. Then she said that she hated her life. At least in the house.
She’s taking a big risk playing the part of To The Manor Born.

BB has failed to make the most of this task, presumably because there is no sex or swearing. The Execs promoted Georgina which caused some resentment among the others who had worked hard and chanted the love song enthusiastically. Georgina didn’t get the chance actually to do anything in her role as Exec so it was all rather pointless. But allowing situations to develop is not on BB’s agenda. Instead, He intervened again, this time during staff appraisal which consisted of negative comments from viewers. The most vicious one was Jackson’s – a viewer told him that he was Georgina’s puppet and that she had said she could never take him home to meet her family. Georgina denied this – oh, what a fibber! I well remember her not being willing to take him home for tea and cupcakes – but Jackson’s faith in her was not shaken.

Jason tried to tell his friends a story about a night out with the boys he’d had but was constantly interrupted by Charlie, who spoke over him, contradicted him, tried to catch him out in a lie. She was upset that he was lying to her again. He got angry and accused her of kicking his dog in a temper. There followed a shocked silence. She denied kicking the dog. She admitted that she couldn’t stand the animal, didn’t like it in the bedroom, didn’t like it period.
At the beginning of the series, Jason said then that she had been jealous of any person, child or animal that she was fond of…
The seeds of suspicion have been sown.

Later she told Jayne tat he suspected that he had cheated on her that night he went out with the boys. Then she took it back because she didn’t know for sure. And she certainly didn’t kick the dog. She kept coming back to the abused animal.
Is she protesting too much?

The guys mixed a potent cocktail of alcohol in what was variously described as a fish bowl, a salad bowl, a punch bowl. There was some dispute about how much of the ration of the alcohol they had used. An argument broke out – it’s difficult to say who was responsible but Ryan seemed to start it and Sam became a major player. Hughie jumped in on Ryan’s side and in his volatile way started screaming and shouting quite terrifyingly and seemed about to hit someone. Jason and Alex restrained him and hustled him out. In the DR, Hughie was furious at BB and got aggressive with him. He had no idea why BB had singled him out when all the HMs were squabbling.. It is that lack of self awareness that should get him evicted.

Sam, in the meantime, went into melt down when all the HMs blamed him for the fracas. He paced round the house, declaring that he had done nothing wrong; put his hand to his temple a la Sarah Bernhardt and wept.
Oh, dear.

Charlie, oblivious to all this, was still on about Jason lying to her. She accused |Jason yet again of cheating and yet again he denied it. Jackson, never one to avoid a bit of stirring, told Jason that Charlie had been badmouthing him from the beginning of the season.
She hinted darkly that she could tell some stories about Jason if she chose…

In the DR, Jason dropped dark hints as well.
It’s beginning, he said.

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Repentance and Reconciliation

In the DR, Charlie repents of accusing Jason of cheating on her – she can’t let a lie go out on national TV. That moment of personal integrity was soon over and she launched an angry tirade against having been accused of premeditated dog kicking. Even if it was an ugly dog she wouldn’t have done that. The trouble with Jason is that he only cares about his public image and how he is perceived.

Hughie, unsure of what he actually said because he completely lost it due to super strength punch, was afflicted by his conscience and a vague awareness that he had said something amiss. He therefore apologised to Alex and asked that they forget all about it and move on.
Fastest contrition I ever saw in my life.

Someone else has something to be repentant about according to Georgina. Emma has a secret stash of avocados – Georgina has seen her eating an out-of-date stale one. She hides away lettuce and other veggies too…
I doubt we’ve heard the last of that.

Jason pondered the mystery of Charlie’s pursuit of him when she makes him out to be so bad.
Andy advised staying courteous and sensitive.
Jason glumly informed Andy that he hasn’t seen her go.
I wonder when Charlie’s loss of control is scheduled for? BB has been building up to it since she came into the house.

Ryan had no idea how the row with Sam came about but he is resolved not to be friends any more.
Sam was resolved to let the others find out for themselves what Ryan is really like.
\However, a spirit of reconciliation swept over the two men when Sam approached Ryan to let bygones be bygones. Ryan wept noisily and wouldn’t come out from under the bedclothes but did admit that he had let things get on top of him. Sam let him know that it was all forgotten and they hugged.
Lateshya came to Ryan to see how he was coping and he wept some some more.
I felt bad for laughing but it is difficult to take seriously a man who wears a baseball cap to bed and hides under the duvet.

In the pod, Charlie regaled the other HMs with resentful denials that she had ever kicked Jason’s dog. Hughie cheerfully informed her that Jason must have loved the dog more than her. Angrily she aired another grievance: Jason didn’t tell her that he had a daughter until they had been going out together for some time.

Andy slipped away from the pod immediately and went to tell Jason that Charlie was talking about his dog and his daughter.
He must have been very satisfied with his tittle-tattling because Jason was furious, whether over the dog or his daughter or both was not immediately clear, but he fell into a murderous rage and went to the DR to discuss it. Once there, he changed his mind and wanted out of the DR but BB wouldn’t let him go and so he threatened to force the door himself.

Meanwhile, Hughie and Georgina agreed that Andy was a sly one while Charlie wept in the kitchen that she wanted to go home and Jason told his friends in the house that Charlie was trying to turn everyone against him.
Charlie wailed that she had to hear it from a stranger that Jason had a 20 year old daughter and carried on weeping.

In the DR, Andy put up a sterling defence of his tittle-tattling. He is loyal to his friend Jason, he said, and not to Charlie.

That night, Jackson got drunk and started talking like Jamaican Bob Marley which drove Georgina to distraction. She was upset enough at the prospect of being evicted and reprimanded him. He told her that he could be having fun with Evelyn like everyone wants him to.
He followed that with a heartfelt plea to be loved for what he is as he loved her for what she is. Poor Georgina was guilt stricken. He surely knows how to push her buttons.

That was a vicious remark about Evelyn. He pats Georgina with one hand and slaps her with the other. That is an abusive form of behaviour.
In the DR, Jackson confessed to resenting Georgina’s attitude to taking her home to meet her family. He won’t let her look down on him.

However, it was a moot point as Georgina got evicted. Jackson and Georgina wept in one another’s arms while he called her missus over and over and she finally declared her love for him. They practically had to be torn apart. It was a hilarious reconciliation.
You’ll be pleased to know that Georgina remembered to smile for the Press when she got outside.
She told Emma that she hadn’t seen her eviction coming – everyone in the house had been sure that either Jayne of Evelyn would go.
She wept prettily again at the sight of Jackson on the VT.
Ah, Love! She says she’ll be waiting for Jackson when he gets out.
Not if Evelyn gets there first, hun.

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Howling At The Moon

I shall skip most of the pre-eviction footage as it mainly revolved around predictions that Georgia would not be the one to be evicted. These protestations felt very much like a set up designed to give us all a big surprise.
The one thing of interest was the Charlie/Jason relationship. Well, t wasn’t really all that interesting since we’d heard it all before but their scenes did continue throughout the show.

Jason started the marathon off by declaring that Charlie hadn’t apologised for anything – the lies, his daughter, the accusations of cheating.
(he forgot about the dog but I’ll include him).

Charlie requested a little chat with Andy – she was not pleased that he had gone to Jason with the tittle-tattle. What he should have done, she said, was broach the subject with Jason and Charlie together.
Andy defended himself by saying that lies were being spread about his friend/
She tried her tactic for dealing with Jason on him – talking over him, constantly interrupting him – but Andy was made of sterner stuff and managed to get a sentence out whereupon she swept out.
She repeated the talking over and sweeping out with Jason shortly after.
It’s all very dramatic.
She wept alone in the bedroom. Jason told Chelsea that she always said she’d accepted that they were over but always came back, trying again.
But Jason contributes to this by going to her.
He approached her, alone and weeping in the bedroom. Immediately she began reproaching him, shouting him down, interrupting, apologising for wanting to get him back. In the end, she accused him of sabotaging her and spoiling her time in the house. And swept out.
Poor Jason sat down to a dessert and she approached him and commanded him to put it down. She gripped his head and zoomed in for a long lingering kiss. I was so relieved – I thought she was going to slit his throat.

Jackson howled like an animal baying at the moon and sank to the floor when Georgina was evicted. The guys had to come to his assistance. He placed Georgina’s picture on his pillow and gazed longingly. Odd. He and Georgina had a row earlier on, over his ex-girlfriends placenta, which had resulted in Jackson saying that he was done with her. I guess even he was disturbed by jealousy over an afterbirth.
His gaze switched from Georgina’s pic to Evelyn and Laura cavorting on their bed in their underwear. He was definitely looking longingly there. I wonder how long it will be till he’s Mills-and Booning Evelyn?

However, in the DR, Jackson declared yet again his adoration of Georgina. And so perhaps I am being unduly cynical. He wept like a broken man. Georgina had reminded him of his Mum. It was like having a bit of home with him.
Maybe Evelyn is safe from him after all!

The last word went to Charlie and Jason. Evelyn borrowed a shirt from Jason to wear to bed. He gave her a brand new one. Charlie was furious – after all, he wouldn’t even give her a little cuddle but gave Evelyn one of his shirts. Poor bumbling Jason offered her a shirt too.
She lay and sobbed wildly into her pillow.
Tedious woman.

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Do I Have To?

It was a night of pointless arguments among HMs, Jackson and Evelyn excluded because hey were too busy showering together and romping in the bed room. Oh, Jackson, your missus, your gal, your queen, only departed the house yesterday!

Emma had a quiet word with Evelyn about Jason’s shirt – Charlie is sensitive on that subject. Evelyn should seek night attire elsewhere.
They all seem to walk on eggshells around Charlie, waiting for the thunder to roll and the lightning to crack.

But when the thunder did roll, it took everyone by surprise because it and the lightning bolts were flung by Hughie. He and Andy were discussing why Andy didn’t get evicted and Andy said it was because the public thinks he’s nice. Hughie was infuriated by this. He doesn’t consider Andy nice. Andy doesn’t care about anyone, he’s a liar, a story teller. He cited Andy’s slipping out of the room supposedly to have a ciggie but in fact to tell on Charlie. Andy denied this and would not listen to Hughie who was becoming more and more agitated.
Later, Hughie came back to Andy and requested another chat. Do I have to? Andy responded and escaped. But Hughie followed, calling him a news teller {sic} and a liar. He began shouting and telling Andy in case someone else did like someone else told him. This is because he’s nice.
(I swear he said all this but to be fair, he was incoherent with fury). Andy put him down with brief comments but he was clearly becoming angry himself.
Hughie has been taking lessons from Charlie.

In the DR, Andy explained how he felt about Hughie. He talked over Andy and wouldn’t listen to him until Andy wanted to scream.
He also commented on Georgina’s exit = it was nice not to be moaned and whined at. The trouble with Georgina was that she wanted Jackson to be someone else.
Evelyn made similar comments about Georgina – she was glad to be free of her judgementalism, free to have fun. We could see what she meant – she was showering with Jackson in no time.

Tonight’s task meant HMs pairing off, one to perform a task, and the other to win them time to complete the task. So, Lateshya had to hold a musical note and Laura had to burst all the balloons in a room before she gave in.
They failed the task – and Laura complained about getting carpet burns while chasing balloons to burst. It might help if she wore more clothes. At the end of the task, only Jason and Alex, and Emma and Hughie on their tasks.

Evelyn confided in Laura that she was desperate for red wine and sex.
Well, I suppose there’s always Chelsea.

Jayne advised Andy about the Charlie gossip – she wouldn’t have done that. He dismissed her with a kindly ‘I’ll bear that in mind.’ He’s always formally polite when he’s not paying any mind to what people say.

In the DR, Sam expressed a need to be alone for a while. Too many people, too much noise in the house. And Hughie and Ryan need to chill out and stop behaving as if they were in a pantomime. He finds them exhausting.

All HMs had their fun in their own way – Andy told Jackson he didn’t think he and Georgina were really suited; Lateshya whirled in the garden in the teensiest bikini ever seen on TV (Georgina called it showing her womb on the last occasion she did this but there was a great deal more on display this time); Andy wanted to know why neither Jason nor Chelsea came to his aid when Hughie was having a go at him; Evelyn made pancakes for them all; and Charlie, ah, Charlie, told Ryan and Lateshya that she and Jason had had sex just before they came into the house(cries of horror from her audience) so Charlie and Jason are not so over as he says they are.

Now which of these bits of fun caused a huge argument? Why, not stirring Andy or spiteful Charlie or sexy Lateshya but pancakes.| Chelsea had told Evelyn to make the pancakes thin but he complained that they were thick. Lateshya intervened with a big so what. Chelsea told her to keep out of his conversations; she told him it was an odd conversation to have - and they were off, shouting one another down, she incredulous that anyone would think this worth talking about, he insisting that he would talk about pancakes if he liked. The other HMs who happened to be gathered round the bed at the time, were very uncomfortable with this silly row.
Chelsea left the room but 20 minutes later he was still banging on about the pancakes.
He must be suffering from jail fever.

In the DR, Lateshya expressed total contempt for Chelsea and his pancakes and also for is habit of going round the house telling everyone individually that they were his fave HMs.

Past midnight, it was Hughie’s 22nd birthday. He gave Ryan a hug and cracked an egg over his head as a surprise. They chased one another round the house and Sam’s anguished cry of don’t touch my mayonnaise went unheard, Mayonnaise was liberally squirted. You can see why Sam is exhausted by them.

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A Born Again Virgin

Tonight was designed to tug at the public’s heartstrings. Unfortunately tonight hit the funny bone instead. Unintentionally hilarious, it was also cringeworthy.

The shopping task was a test of loyalty to the team. Four at a time, HMs were put in revolving booths and told of something deliciously tempting behind them. If they wanted it, the booth would revolve to let them out. If they resisted temptation, the team would win loyalty points for the team and towards a luxury shopping budget. The first temptations were easy to pass by – for example a full English breakfast glistening on the table.
But temptation became stronger with the introduction of Jason’s little dog. Jason could hear it making little whimpering noises. His eyes filled with tears and his voice with emotion but he did not revolve his booth. He is a man of iron. Charlie spoiled the effect of his stoic self sacrifice by saying that he had only had the dog full time for a year thereby implying an over reaction. She repeated this several times and Jason manfully said thank you in a ‘shut up Charlie tone’ to which she repeatedly replied ‘I was only trying to be nice.’
She carried on discussing the shortness of his acquaintance with the dog and how nice she was even after they returned to the house. He reminded her that she had said this 8 times and she would say she would be quiet and then start babbling again about the year and how nice she was trying to be. She just can’t shut up.
The woman is deranged.

It wasn’t until he got into the DR that Jason was able to mine the dog situation fully. She’s all she’s got in his life, that little dog, all he has to come home to…
Doesn’t he have a grown up daughter whom he treasures?

Hughie couldn’t resist temptation either. He was bribed with a birthday tea in the company of his Mum. He was like a puppy frolicking round her when he left his booth and they shared a delightful affectionate chat over the birthday cake. By the end of the tea, he had promised her not to get into any more arguments and not to take his clothes off any more.
That’s something anyway.

Emma wished yesterday for red wine and sex. Her temptation was her BF, Josh. They were tempted by a romantic dinner and a night in the other house. That lusty wench positively leapt on Josh.

Laura also had a surprise visit from a BF – an exotic creature from Mexico, Barnardo, who announced in charming broken English that he had crossed the ocean to see her. He did hold up his hand to indicate that there would be no hanky panky though.
But she went to the bathroom to shave her privates just in case – you never know.
In the DR, she explained his reluctance to frolic by saying that he had class. She was engaged when she met him, but their eyes met in a club and they fell in love at once. She went home and cancelled her engagement instantly. She and Bernardo have kept in touch by text, have never had sex, ever even kissed.
She has decided she won’t have sex after the romantic dinner. She’s afraid he won’t like her any more after what she did with Marco. She has learned her lesson.
A born again virgin, so to speak.
Barnardo was very forgiving of her lapse with Marco – he will not judge her. He kept stroking her leg so maybe sex isn’t off the menu after all.

In the DR, Andy admitted that he had been on the edge of tears all day, thinking of the temptation he would like.
And lo and behold, he got his wish. His partner, Ed, was behind his booth. The pair had a joyous reunion with lots of hugging and slurping and Andy exclaiming over his handsome beautiful gorgeous man. Andy proposed to him, and surprise, surprise, Ed had an engagement ring on him and accepted. Andy told him that he couldn’t live without him. He shouted to all the other HMs that he was engaged. They whooped and hollered their congratulations.

By this time, I could hardly take notes for laughing. Does BB really think we’ll believe this codswallop? Does he really think all three couples are going to squeeze into that little room and put on a soft porn performance?

In the meantime, Lateshya commented wonderingly that Barnardo and crossed the ocean to see |Laura while she couldn’t even get a return text.
Does Lateshya believe all this claptrap?

Meanwhile, poor Ryan wept at the disruption of fun and games with Hughie – the two have decided not to share a bed any more. Also for disappointing his mother with his appalling behaviour.

To complete the romance of the evening, Laura had an upset tummy and had to get Emma to help her expel the wind.
I hope Barnardo has enough class for both of you, Laura, because you have none.

The couples have also lost points towards the shopping task.

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Stringy Asparagus

In the DR, Andy was happy and recharged because of Ed whom he loves. He tried to whip up some teenage enthusiasm but failed miserable since he’s not the teenage joy type. Especially when he mentioned what really pleased him was to talk to Ed and say the word ‘simultaneous’ and not have someone ask what it meant.

Barnardo showed some South American machismo, wandering the house shirtless, like the man in the Levi jeans ad, and posing whenever he saw a camera. When BB said it was time to leave the house, he seized Laura and said he would not leave without her.
However, he left and the farewell slurping ksses were the loudest ever heard on BB.
It was a thrilling moment – be still, my heart.

Evelyn Ryan and Lateshya were next to face the temptation task = a table groaning under the weight of cookies and cake. They resisted.

Sam gave in to temptation at the prospect of a fish and chip tea with his mother. They frolicked like puppies at being reunited and she told him how proud she was of him but that she wanted to se more sass from him.

Temptation can be difficult to withstand. And so it was for Charlie, Jason, Jackson and Chelsea. They were told that the boyfriends could return to the house if they pressed their buzzers. The BF spoke to them and pleaded to be allowed to return. In the end, HMs decided that the boyfriends had already gladdened the hearts of certain HMs and that it was unfair on the rest of the house who hadn’t got to see their loved ones if they had a rerun.
Only Jackson, that drama queen, made an issue of it, agonising over following his heart and letting them come in or following his head and giving justice to the other HMs as well as winning points.

They explained their thinking when they returned to the house but Emma, longing for red biddie and Josh, was overcome by disappointment and had to hide in the toilet and then in the bed.

Now Andy has lost status with me. I had him as fave to win on the grounds that he was the least unlikeable one in the house. Then came the engagement stunt and the leaping about like a teenager in love – the art doesn’t suit him. Then tonight he went into the DR and said that the refusal to let the BFs back in was born out of resentment and jealousy, not the considered judiciousness of Jason. That was a cheap shot. Suddenly he seems to feel himself rather superior to the other HMs.
Now, you’re in the house just like them, Andy, and are playing the same ridiculous games. You have no call to feel superior.

Ryan yielded to temptation to get a spray tan when he found out that his best friend was presiding. They leapt on one another and squealed and screamed. Then Lydia told him that his Mum was fine about Hughie and proud of hm.

BB was determined to have His own way about the BFs. Emma, Andy and Laura were sent to the revolving booths and had the offer to let the BFs back in repeated.
Emma responded instantly and Andy wasn’t far behind. The Boys were back in town, shirtless and posing, and it was worth the disappointment of the other HMs and the loss of points to have them back.

Jackson took it particularly hard since he’d thought he would get a chance at a loved one’s visit today – his little son perhaps – and now he knew he wouldn’t. he stormed off, swearing, and threw a beer can at the wall. BB sent for him and had a hard time calming the hyperventilating tragic hero down.
Not on, Jackson. Evelyn, Jayne and Chelsea have had no visits and are behaving with dignity.
But I suppose dignity means no drama.

In the garden, Ed, who seems like Andy magnified when it comes to gossping and doling out advice, managed to upset Jayne by telling her how she was perceived on the outside – he stressed her couple of meltdowns and hnted that she’s a party pooper. In the DR, she was very distressed, quite genuinely, I think. She cann’t eta decnt night’s sleep in the house and she doesn’t care for the middle of the night pranks and so. She-s 49, not 21.

Ed and Andy paid a visit to the DR and were unable to keep their hands off each other. They just wanted to tell the nation, again, that they were so much in love.
Meanwhile Ryan and Hughie, in the pod, demonstrated to the nation that they were in love.

The best part of the evening came when Sam, Alex and Jackson discussed the magnificent physiques of Barnardo and Josh. Both men drifted from room to room, shirtless, muscled as Greek God statues. The three were wry and rueful – they wouldn’t let them come to their house and take off their shirts; they wouldn’t take their own shirts off in the BB house while those two were still there; Jackson defended himself and his two friends by saying they had REAL people’s bodies – yes, like a stringy asparagus, Sam said.
Funny because it was real.

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Mocking the Stoned To Death

In the DR, Evelyn complained about all the romances in the house and wished she had one. Lo and behold, by the end of the show she had discovered (courtesy of Jackson) that Alex fancied her and duly admitted that she had a secret crush on him. So we all know what happens next.

First thing in the morning, Charlie wanted another deep conversation with Jason. He refused to participate but later followed her to the toilet and called her a liar. She screeched that she only wanted to be left alone (I must admit I hadn’t noticed that) and burst into tears and wild sobbing.
They are a dreary pair.

Andy and Ed lay snug in bed and Andy flashed the engagement ring while grinning inanely.

In the DR, Jackson complained about those who had given into temptation and lost the team loyalty points. He was stern and resolute in insisting he would never do the same.

Emma and Laura agreed that there was no way they could have left the boyfriends outside the house even at the cost of loyalty points and Jackson called them selfish

And we all know what happened next, of course. Sure enough, he and Lateshya went into the booths and were tempted by videos of their respective children. Latesha yielded at once and then made tearful pleas to Jackson when he did not. E says it would KILL him if he gave in. He will think of the others. He screamed ‘It’s ten points!’ He struggled manfully to find the strength to stand by his principles but in the end he yielded. He and Lateshya indulged in tearful shrieks of joy and lots of hugging in ecstasy.
What a contrast with Evelyn’s temptation to get a phone call from Australia – her father was a cheery soul who was pleased to see that she was learning to do housework at last. Alex had a visit from his sister –very sedate, very unexciting. Such a relief after the foregoing dramas.

Ryan, crude as ever, played with a jar of petroleum jelly and hinted to Hughie that they take their relationship to the next level.
Thankfully, Hughie didn’t understand.

Jayne, who had a phone call from her nephew, was very angry to ear that a certain person had been spreading lies about her. She intends to annihilate Chelsea..
But he is too quick for her, too skilled at putting her on to the back foot and he remains alive and in one piece.

Ryan and Hughie pranked the HMs by telling them that Hughie had proposed. They kissed noisily for their audience. And wasn’t too pleased and gave them a lecture on serious commitment and not making a mockery of gay marriage if they’re joking.. He stormed off for a cigarette and wept. You have to be sincere about these thins, you can’t be flippant
Hughie went off on one when told about Andy’s homily – he screamed and shouted but Andy refused to listen and kept repeating ‘It’s not funny, it’s ot funny’ driving Hughie to a fury.
Would he, asked |Andy, joke about slavery? Gay rights should be taken seriously when there are people being stoned to death and thrown off buildings.
Suddenly, the silly joke was a rant about every gay grievance there ever was.
Which was foolish of Andy. Did he realise that Hughie and Ryan weren’t mocking gay rights – they were mocking Andy himself and his ridiculous engagement stunt?
Perhaps he did and resented having his limelight stolen and his stunt defused.

In the DR, Andy wept (again) because the progress of gay rights mattered to the man about to be stoned or chucked off a high building.

In case we missed it the first time, he went through it all again when Hughie tackled him about it.

Afterwards, Andy sat alone and brooding in the garden, talking to himself. He should have kept silent, he said, but keeping silent is what allows these things to happen.

I wrote last night that Andy had gone down in my estimation – he slipped even further tonight. I have not liked Ryan at all this series but I must admit his fake engagement was a stroke of genius which exposed a pompous prat.

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