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Author:  Marion Arnott [ Wed Sep 23, 2015 9:57 pm ]
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Closed Hearts


'Twas a night of love and hate in equal measure. Austin prodded James in the rear to wake him up this morning.
Then, on viewing Janice in the garden twistin' and shoutin', Austin was not pleased that James found her amusing.
In the DR, Austin heaped the usual abuse on Janice's head.
When he came out, he was affectionate and loving towards Janice. He even hugged her. Oh, Judas - not even 3o pices of silver as an excuse!

CJ and Stevie were also in amorous mode, quite impassioned in a hidden corner. 'I want you,' he groaned/
Why does he always sound like a character in a British B movie?

The Task tonight was designed to stir up dissension - as usual. Team UK and Team America faced off
in one of those excruciating 'guess what the public thinks' games. Who is the most boring HM, is Bobby funny, was James right to nomiate Austin etc etc
The only interesting thing about it was that Jenna and Austin bullied Janice for disagreeing with them. Their abuse of her for having her own opinions was, as always, unpleasant to w
Round 2 of the task was to guess whose comments were being read out. The nastiest one was from Jenna, concernig Stevie whom she described as a drip and piss wet lettuce. James's comment that he would keep his friends close but his enemies closer was regstered by Austin but made no impact judging by his subsequent behaviour.

I suppose BB was looking to start another row but no one was rising to the bait, not even natasha when she found out that Jenna had called her 'the cancer of the house'.

CJ was the most upset of all the HMs because the public had named her the fakest HM for her dry eyed crying. Janice had to comfort her again.

Jaes gave Austin a good luck bracelet which Austin had to be coaxed to wear.

In the DR, Jenna was on her fave topic again - her dislike of Janice who is an embarrassment to Team USA and undermines the others.
This from a purveyor of porn.

Jenna and Janice were evicted and there was a lightening of mood in the house. They were all through to the final, and better still, they were minus Jenna. HMs danced for joy.

CJ and Stevie had some sort of little tiff, inaudible because of the crowd noise still being played into the house. Stevie announced that he was sleeping with Bobby tonight. She doesn't know why he says these things. He says it's eviction nerves makes him withdraw a bit. She says he has a closed heart.
And on they went in true Britsh B movie style, Restrained in the hurts which are incomprehensible to others. The damp suib of a row ended with a declaration of love from Stevie. Incomprehensible.

More comprehensible was Austin's pursuit of James. BB played music into the house and they all danced. Austin pranced half naked, throwing himself about, but keeping his eyes on James. Soon the pair were dancing for one another. Later in bed, Austin demanded cuddles. He really insisted.

Natasha advised Stevie toshow CJ love now that she didn't have Janice to support her.

Austin and James went into the kitchen where Austin licked James's face and then bit at his neck. He strutted around in his briefs reminding me of a peacock's mating display.

So on to the Final. I hope James wins. No one else in there deserves it as much.

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Thu Sep 24, 2015 11:13 pm ]
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Wherever I hang My Hat...

The morning of theeviction Nerves. Anxieties. And the men waking up and bragging about certain bodily functions. Bobby found a most interesting place to hang his hat. This was not something I ever expected to see on British TV.

CJ and Stevie searched all over the house for Austinand James. I felt like shouting 'Look in ther bed, Dummies!'. They're always there or thereabouts.

Action was paused in the house for the obligatory farewell speeches, the usual ones about true friendships formed, privilege, humiliy and so on.
Sherrie. CJ and Stevie, Bobby and Natasha were evicted in short order, leaing the final two HMs, James and Austin to slug it out for the crown. James won, thank God. An Austin win would have been intolerable. Emma tried to put Austin o the spt in his interview, but he slippery=slid away, only admitting that the awful row with Janice had been embarrassing for him. Not a word about how Janice must have felt. Good riddance, Austin.

I'm glad James won. He was cool headed and sociable, handling both Farrah and Austin with aplomb.
Well done, James.


Time for the Swan Song of this year's contestants.

Sorry, Des - couldn't resist that!

Author:  des2 [ Fri Sep 25, 2015 5:29 am ]
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Thanks for swans and summaries, Marion. :)
Sorry I didn't take part this time, but see you in January.

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Fri Sep 25, 2015 6:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Brother

des2 wrote:
Thanks for swans and summaries, Marion. :)
Sorry I didn't take part this time, but see you in January.

I'll look forward to it!

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Tue Sep 29, 2015 1:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Brother ... er-cbb-row

Oh, dear!

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Mon Jan 04, 2016 1:54 pm ]
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CBB returns tomorrow night at 9pm. Eveyone is invited!

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Wed Jan 06, 2016 12:58 am ]
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Big Hair and Big Bahookies

Wouldn’t you just know it : 16 contestants to deal with, finished the pasot, ad then accidentally deleted it. Had to go and have a coffee before typing it out again. It’s just as well there was some amusement to be had tonight, and even some class among the usual CH5 dross.

First in was Gemma Collins, a refugee from TOWIE and a very big girl. She had spectacularly Big Hair, stiff with laquer, a foul mouth, and a finger prone to making rude gestures. Lovely lady. She says her weight doesn’t bother her but it does as she managed to mention it several times in two minutes.

Johnny Partridge, escapee from East Enders was next. He smiles too much and laughs (irritatingly) too often, doesn’t like homophobes, and despises people with poor personal hygiene.

Dannielle Westbrook arrived accompanied by that dreadful photo taken just after her nose collapsed due to sniffing cocaine. You’ll be pleased to know she had it rebuilt and even had her breasts redone six times. Her face was dominated by doom ridden eyeshadow which made her look consumptive. She also seemed a little lost to me, and fragile.

Christopher Maloney is famous for crying copiously on X factor and then for never being heard of again – at least by me. He too chatted amiably about his extensive plastic surgery.

America has sent us Tiffany Pollard, a reality tv star possessed of Big, Big Hair and an enormous, surgically enhanced bahookie, nearly as impressive as Jenna’s from last season. She’s going to sort out the bitches on the show and get on so much better with the men. She’s aggressive and crude – can we send her back to America?

Darren Day vehemently denies that the clean cut image he had while playing Joseph in the musical is the reality – in truth he is a bad boy and a love rat etc etc Rather sad to see a man his age with no aspiration to be grown up.

Another enhanced bahookie from Megan MC Kenna, yet another reality tv star. Her intro was soft porn so we can imagine what she aspires too.

I took a dislike to Winston McKenzie, a joiner of many political parties, professional boxer, and a motivational speaker. He doesn’t like gay men and says if there are any in the house (it’s Big Brother, darling, haven’t you seen the show?) he’ll have to stand with his back to a brick wall.
Don’t flatter yourself , dear, and are you always so unnecessarily offensive?

David Gest was next up, ex-husband of Liza Minnelli and stage producer. He couldn’t resist some unkind comments about Liza, nor bragging about his closeness to the Jackson family. He too has had extensive plastic surgery. Didn’t take to him.

Geordie Shore had produced some beauties in its day, but none so fine as Scotty T. His accent was so thick that he was incomprehensible except when he was swearing. His nickname for himself is Turbo Dick which tells you all you need to know about him.

Time for a little class – Kristina Rihanoff, the Ukranian dancer of Strictly Come Dancing fame. She has two degrees and acts like a lady. I suspect she is a lady. How did this lovely creature get through the Channel 5 tests? She is so definitely a someone.

Another American reality TV star – Jonathan Cheban, BF of Kim Kardashian and all the clan. He is easily irritated by other people and loves confrontation. All the American tv stars are so aggressive. They like to be famous for that.

A blast from the past arrived in the form of Angie Bowie, still in her clingy evening gowns and platinum hair. She seems easy going but intelligent.

Stephanie Davis, teen star of Hollyoaks, was another who appeared in a semi-porn video. She was worried that she talked too much but she shouldn’t concern – people will be too busy watching her sexy moves to listen to what she says.

Male Model Jeremy Mc Connell is tattooed all round his neck and down to his stomach – it looked like a map of the solar system and he actually appeared in a waistcoat but no shirt to be sure we noticed it. He also likes his beauty treatments and insisted on groping himself to show us what his GF gets. Please, send him home.

Last but not least was Nancy Del’Ollio, looking very sophisticated, even if she had big hair. Also intelligent and confident.

Nancy, Angie, and Kristina are the pick of the women. The men I’m not sure of.

Johnny and Darren were crated up to live on gruel whilst the others had luxuries. They also had to choose three HMs to lose their suitcases. The usual BB nonsense.

Author:  des2 [ Wed Jan 06, 2016 8:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Brother

Thanks for the usual aide memoire, Marion. I shall need it!

I think I have only heard of Danielle, and maybe Darren and Nancy. But the others go right over my head. They don't look very prepossessing to me.
Did I hear right that Angie is the wife of David Bowie?

And as to most of them not knowing the meaning of the word 'decisive', i was astonished that one of them knew enough about it to actually think that 'decisive' meant INdecisive!
Unpick that if you dare.

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Wed Jan 06, 2016 1:25 pm ]
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des2 wrote:
Thanks for the usual aide memoire, Marion. I shall need it!

I think I have only heard of Danielle, and maybe Darren and Nancy. But the others go right over my head. They don't look very prepossessing to me.
Did I hear right that Angie is the wife of David Bowie?

And as to most of them not knowing the meaning of the word 'decisive', i was astonished that one of them knew enough about it to actually think that 'decisive' meant INdecisive!
Unpick that if you dare.

yes, Angie is David's ex and career manager.
Very unprepossessing group. Still, they always make these appalling VTs, and in the end, they turn out to be rather different. We can only hope...

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Wed Jan 06, 2016 1:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Brother

PS It's so good to have you back, Des!

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Wed Jan 06, 2016 11:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Brother

Love’s Young Dream And A Go-Between

The talk among the women was all about the men. Gemma is convinced that Scotty (Turbo Dick to his ladies) is flirting with Megan because he’s mad about her. Gosh, they don’t waste much time in Geordieland, do they? Several times Gemma flitted back and forth between the pair trying to facilitate the path of true love.What a busybody! She also found the time to give Tiffany a birthday present – her fabulous glittering high heels. Tiffany was thrilled at the fact the shoes cost a thousand dollars a pop. She mentioned it several times in the DR. I expect Gemma has a friend for life now which was probably the idea behind this.

Stephanie made a play for tattooed Jeremy – must be the pull of the planets.

Nancy was a little bit odd tonight. First of all she requested that Scotty use the outside toilet; then she asked Gemma why she was called Gemma. Hard to respond to her.

Still crated up like electrical appliances, Johnny and Darren agonised over their 2 hours of deprivation. They fretted that if BB put the light out it would count as illegal torture.They could teach the men of Colditz about suffering!
Later, Darren regaled Johnny with tales of the awkward moments in a love rat’s life. Johnny just looked embarrassed for him.

David rather put his foot in it with Angie, talking about the old days when they had zest and energy and how they’d slowed down and mellowed with age. Angie clearly doesn’t see herself like that but had to remain polite. But even her politeness was strained when David said it was her daughter’s turn now. This is not what you say to a celebrity who has aspirations to glam as evinced by her gold lame. I think he might have earned himself a nomination there.

Daniella had to send a third HM to the Crates – of course she sent herself which caused caring David and Christopher no end of angst on her behalf. In the DR, Christopher explained that although he and Daniella had fallen out on the outside, he still loved her.

Winston came in for a grilling from Nancy about his political views. This caused him to launch into a manifesto about priorities and poverty etc However, he was outdone by David who espouses the cause of the black American ghettoes and only failed to do anything about them because the politicians didn’t back him.

Jonathan left the room at some point and explained he just couldn’t listen to all that crap.
A man of few words is Jonathan but right for all that.

In the crates, Darren and Daniella had a deep conversation about their various addictions.That was as boring as the black ghettoes. Still, the addictions are a big thing in their lives.

Megan hovered anxiously to give Scotty a night night kiss.
Good night, sweet prince.


Author:  des2 [ Thu Jan 07, 2016 8:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Brother

Thanks, Marion. Been checking people out while watching the repeat against your aide memoire. The usual conspiracies and flirtations. Could shape up to be quite interesting or maddeningly aberrant, as ever.

The wooden box theme is like a nightmare of anything soft being boarded up, like beds and people. But the inside of boxes can easily become confessionals....

I liked Angie Bowie's "My heart's still in it but my dancing shoes are not on."
A bit like watching this show, so far!

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Thu Jan 07, 2016 10:59 pm ]
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Some revolting sights tonight, beginning with a full fronta, side, and back view of Jeremy’s repulsive tattoos. First thing in the morning too! Johnny’s smile is becoming a major irritant for me too – constant, gleaming, occasionally breaking into a laugh at nothing whatsoever. He even smiled at the pile of gruel he got for breakfast.
Danniella looks rough in the morning.

There was also much exchanging of woes. Christopher regaled David with the tale of his nervous breakdown after X factor and how he came to hate his appearance which led him to have plastic surgery. In exchange, David told him about his plastic surgery and how he came to regret it as people should love you for who you are not what you look like.
I’m glad that ‘s out of the way.

Jonathan wanted to know who Nancy was. He was not impressed by the fact that she had been a football manager’s wife’Not even a footballer’s wife?’ he asked.
Poor Nancy. Successful lawyer and businesswoman and only remembered for Sven. Mind you, Jonathan is famous only for being part of the Karashian entourage as he never tires of telling us.

Jeremy asked about Megan’s saucy past and aild exchange of compliments took place. In minutes se was lying on him. Love is magically rapid in the House – Abracadabra! And passions are roused.

Gemma had a busy night getting along with everyone – she praised Scotty for making breakfast and rubbed the spiky-natured Jonathan’s coccyx for him, and tried to mend fences between Jonathan and Angie (we didn’t get to see what they rowed about but Jonathan said she had a witchy face) and gave advice to Christopher about having a chat with Danniella about their past relationship (‘We even had twin dogs,’ he wailed)and tried to reorganise the beds to everyone’s satisfaction. Whew! She must be exhausted!

Stephanie, Scotty, ad Jeremy, having found the keys which unlocked the house, were rewarded bya demand from BB that they should nominate for Friday night. The men nominated Kristina and Nancy (women they just can’t handle, out of their league) and Stephanie nominated Winston. Winston deserved his nom for being boring again, talking about the indigenous population of Britain. During the bed reorganisation, he told Nancy he would not share with a man – it’s against his principles. Why,he wouldn’t even share with his brother. His solution was to bed down with Nancy who wasn’t having that, even if she could sleep above the sheet and he below. Wise woman – when he went to bed, he enticed Tiffany over and leered and tried to get her into bed with him. She informed him she had no knickers on which drove him to frenzy. Gemma rescued her from his frisky hands. He was actually rather horrible and creepy. Bt Tiffany has leaned a lesson – never go near a man who wears sunglasses to bed.

Kristina felt that she was nominated because the others wee young and wanted to stay up al night. Nancy said she intimidated the boys. Both are probably right.

I think Winston will go tomorrow night. I hope he goes at any rate.

Author:  des2 [ Fri Jan 08, 2016 9:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Brother

Yes, I hope Winston goes tonight. And indeed Danielle does look rough in the morning, but she had been sleeping inside a box.
I caught a glimpse of a very strange and suggestive newel post that the camera focused on for a few seconds. I see my role is in noticing such things, while Marion unpicks the relationships that are quite beyond me.
Gemma had 'Hello Weekend' between parallel lines on her T shirt.
And there are sea-shell designs that look like grasping hands on the beds' bars.

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Sat Jan 09, 2016 12:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Brother

Morality Play

Big Brother is many things and tonight it was turned into a mediaeval morality play for the 21st Century. BB doesn’t really suit the form possibly because they didn’t actually burn the messenger of Satan at the end of the show. All shall be made clear.

Angie had an interesting conversation. Apparently when she couldn’t find a job after she and David Bowie split up, she called her gynaecologist about her heroin addiction and had him inject her with valium for days. So many non sequiturs, so little time. But of course the entertainment world is different, they do things differently there.

We saw David performing his toilette combing the few hairs he has to make them stand up. Perhaps he thinks they look thicker that way. Certanly his scalp looks as f it has been oiled.

Gemma told the group that Winston ogled Nancy in her negligee and that Nancy wanted to change beds to get away from his prying eyes. So it was musical beds again.

In the DR, Nancy was asked about Winston and she admitted that he made her feel uncomfortable.
I wouldn’t worry, Nancy – all the other women feel the same.

In the meantime, sleazy Winston was on the floor with Tiffany, telling her that she’d fall in love with him if she followed his exercise programme and worked on her body. Personally I was in no doubt that it was he whowanted to work on her body. It’s the way he says things.

Danniella and Christopher have had their chat about their falling out six months ago. She blamed him for not talking, he said he didn’t have her number and that people had lied about him. She said put it behind him. Really, it was tantalising not knowing what it was really about – and why didn’t they think of the twin dogs more?

Winston was summoned to the DR and mildly chastised for making the women of the house feel uncomfortable.
He blamed Nancy, and the other girls, for taking off their dressing gowns and going to the toilet. Utterly charmless and self righteous.

He returned to the bedroom complaining about the way he had been treated. Watching Nancy undress had only been a laugh. All the young girls rallied round saying he didn’t make them feel uncomfortable. But I distinctly recall that Tiffany, Megan and Stephanie had a good deal to say about his sleaziness last night.
Tut tut – the viewers don’t admire those who coo over HMs to their face whilst stabbing them in the back.

Kristina announced that she was expecting a little one. I’m so glad it isn’t a big one.

David, like so many American HMs, dazzled the others with the stars he knew – Glenn Ford, Bob Mitchum, Bette Davis etc etc How sad t was to see him bask in their reflected glory.

Another silly task tonight: HMs in two teams had to guess which fact belonged to which HM. Since they are never done talking about their addictions and their plastic surgery and their sex lives, the game wasn’t too difficult. The revelations were scandalous: the one who had had six boob jobs; the one who nearly arrived late to her own wedding because she and her husband had been having a threesome beforehand; the one who had slept with over 400 people…I thought that they were a bit more trashy than last ear.

Johnny had a wonderful part to play. Winston related that he considers gay adoption as child abuse. Johnny stood like a martyred saint, hand to forehead, pain etched across his face. A classic moment. Because he said nothing. Of course he didn’t have to as all the others jumped on Winston. He got barraged by questions and statements about his beliefs from all corners. I don’t like Winston – he’s an ignorant man – but the HMs were like baying wolves. There was a feral enjoyment in going on the attack. Not pretty.

Angie was particularly unpretty in the garden, venting about Winston’s views. She cursed and swore about all the work she’d done for gay rights over 45 years being undone and was extremely vituperative about straight people. David tried to calm her down but her self-righteousness swept her along to nastier and ever more excoriating statements. I am left with the impression that she is more than a little unbalanced. Perhaps the injections the gynaecologist gave her were not what she thought they were.

Kristina was the first to be saved in the eviction. That left Nancy and Winston competing. BB announced that Hms would make the decision about who left the house. And it was brutal and excruciating. One by one they had to stand and say who they wanted evicted and why. All bar one chose Winston. All bar one gave the same reason. They found his views on gay adoption disgusting. Perhaps the vote told us a little something about them. None of the girls who had complained about Winston’s sleaziness gave that as their reason – they merely chanted the mantra about his views as if they were an eleventh commandment.
Fight your own corner, girls.

Angie, who had been so vitriolic about Winston, said she’d evicted him only to save Nancy. Another one without the courage of her convictions. Jeremy alone voted to evict Nancy. Apparently there had been a row about wine which Nancy had put under her bed to keep for dinner. The youngsters found it and drank it. A row followed between Nancy and the girls, Stephanie finishing it with ‘You can’t think you’re better than anyone else’ (she’s a bit of a brat is Stephanie). Jeremy later approached Nancy to discuss the matter further and she wouldn’t talk about it any more which is why he voted for her eviction. His ego was bruised.

Anyway, Winston had to stand there and take all this. I’ve never liked it in the past when HMs were treated like this. It s unnecessarily savage. However, the right man left. In explaining to Emma about his attitudes to women, he accused Nancy of flaunting herself. He explained his views of gay adoption as Christian. You’re not allowed to say that, Emma responded.
Yes, he is Emma, and other people can challenge him, but he can say it.

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