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 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Fri Sep 11, 2015 11:38 am 
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Thanks for that last bit, Marion. Intriguing.
I do cast my eye from time to time at your reports, as entertaining as ever.
I hope others are enjoying, them, too, with the thread's viewcount remaining as exponential as ever!


 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sat Sep 12, 2015 12:17 am 
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Ah, Des - good to hear from you! I should have guessed that the swan would attract you! Here's hoping he appears again, perhaps hand in hand with Nikki, perhaps silently observing. perhaps plotting the overthrow of the repulsive Farrah and Jenna!

I Really Like Her But...

So said Jenna in the throes of trying to be reasonable and measured but unnable to contain her venom. It oozes from her. But to our tale...

HMs were woken up by the siren and had to ruch to the garden to dance to Scoop's music. A dreadful thing to expect anyone to do first thing in the a.m. Perhaps if Scoop met an awful fate the situation would not arise again.
Sherrie, Bobby and Janice were all late for the dance and scored no points but since their points don't count it hardly mattered. The dance did give an opportunity for those who like to show off - that is, all of them - a chance to do so. Janice was actually quite good. Austin posed a lot, as did Farrah.

CJ, much to Stevie's alarm pretended to embrace him in a Public Display of Affection. She giggled a lot. He actually looked angry.

In the DR, the couple was allowed to sit side by sde, wiht Stevie insisting he didn't have his arm round CJ, he was merely resting his arm on the chair.
Oh, you wild rebellious boy, you!
They were asked what kind of contact they were missing. Stevie did his best to be sensual and spoke of kisses and skin to skin. She tried to be lovelorn and said she misses the human being. She just looked around and he was gone.
They've only been separated for a day!

The last part of the task tested self control. HMs were told that their friends and raltives were calling on the phone, but that if someone ansered it, their team would lose all their points. Unsurprisingly, no oe answerd the prolonged ringing of the phone.
BB's idea of entertainment - watching people not answer a loud ringing phone.

When points were ttalled, Jamie had won the task for Team GB and earned a luxury budget. Team America will be on basic rations.
I would like to see Farrah and jenna suffer the pains of chickpeas and lentils for the rest of the week.

The task over, CJ and Stevie were released from vows of celibacy and celebrated with lots of noisy kissing and breathless cries of Iove you! I love you!

In the DR, Jenna talked of how tough the task had been, especialy the ringing phone. Then she got on to the subject of Natasha. She really likes her, would like to hang out with her, but she's two faced and not trustworthy. She should not have nominated Jenna for no good reason...but she really likes her.

The Brits squabbled over their luxury budget. CJ said she woud rather have cigarettes than food which led an anguished Stevie to a frightened protest.

Scoop, James and Austin had a best sixpack in the house competition at Scoop's suggestion. The three posed like haddies showing off their rippling muscles, but when Scoop's turned out to be nestled in flab, there was more laughter than admiration.
It was nice to have a little moent of playful fun. So rare in BB these days.

Stevie and Bobby had an unpleasant encounter with a spider in the Tower which reduced themto squealing wrecks. Gail came along and briskly and efficiently removed the spider.

In the kitched, Farrah had to be instructed by Jenna on how to work the kettle. It was as wel for Farrah that Gail wasn't around. Her scorn over such helplessness is legendary. Natasha lay limpid in a chair in the garden, emotionaly drained by the events of the day.

In the DR, Austin wept as he told the tale of a dead brother.It would have been his brother's 30th birthday today.
I shall make no comment on that till later.

Austin, recovered from his overwhelming grief, told James that he thought Jenna was being a bit nicer. James was quite biting in response. 'She 's a reality TV star for being a cow.'
And that was the end of that conversation.

BB sent in drinks for the HMs with the same results as alst tme: each team accused the other of snaffling all the booze. I can't say who was in the right as the scene was fast cut, the camera lingering only on the backbiting. Annoying.

In the garden. Austin took centre stage to tell of his brother's demise in a car crash after honourably serving his country in the Forces.He cried a bit but was brave and led the cheerleaders in chanting for his brother.
Bobby commended the service and then said 'Well played.' which is all that needs to be said really.
But it wasn't well played. Not using a brother's death to get attention the night before an eviction.
Bad form and all that.

Meanwhile, after complaining of the Brits snaffling the booze,Jenna told fFrrah that she's an awesome person and not to let such trivia get to her. She praised her lavishly for being tough enough to handle people and not let them walk over her. In fact, she said coyly, Farrah reminded her of herself at her age.
I don't know that I'd care to be thought of as Like Jenna the porn star but Farrah seemed to like it

In the DR, Farrah almost despaired of winning the game (almost because she's plucky and a fighter and wants to win) because so many people - fake people - in the house, and on the outside, were against her.
No, really farrah, people inside and outside the house genuinely detest you.

Jenna told Scoop that she thought things were going to pop between her and Natasha soon.because of Natasha's attitude (all she did was nominate you, Jenna). There had been SO many times when she wanted to smashthe bitch up. She was in a battle for the position of alpha female.

As I have remarked before, she is competitive to the poit of insanity.

She said much the same thing to Farrah, this time blaming Natasha if she should e voted out. \but before she went...

IN the DR, Jenna predicted Booy should go - he isn't right for the house. She loves Gail to death but she's not right for the house either. Also loved to death are Stevie and CJ but...
Jenna has strange ways of loving people. And the constant repetition of 'love to death' was more that a bit creepy.

|In trhe end, it was Farrah who was evicted but as we knew all along, she's actually going to a secret house. |THis has amde her believe that she is popular.
Second to be evicted was Jenna, ditto.
Interestingly, the Brits did not rush forward to embrace either of them and wish them luck when they eft.

BB told the witches that from the secret room they could spy on their fellow HMs, that they themselves were immune from nomination, and they they would do all the nominating, starting right now. They chose to nominate Austin because he's a fire starter and heartless.
But of course there's a twist.
Are you paying attention?
Anyone they nominate will in fact be immune from eviction. And what's more, the HMs will be told this so that they will act up to get themselves nominated.
Are you with me? Good. Because my head's spinning.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sat Sep 12, 2015 11:43 pm 
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Ho Hum!

First half hour of the show was a tedious reshowing of last night's evictions. Jenna and Farrah were still on about the wine situation. They were still calling everyone else 'fakeass' whatever that means. They were still congratulating one another on their superiority to everything that creeps, crawls, flies or swims on the planet.

It was a relief when the camera switched to James in the DR , to where he had been summoned straight rom his bed wrapped in a duvet. He was told by BB to drop the duvet. He was only too delighted to do so and display his magnificent physique and a tiny hankie of a pair of briefs. He's a well made boy and it's the night before an eviction and he's looking for votes, but really...
BB told him that on no account were the Americans to share food from the luxury budget.
He had to go and warn Team America that there would be dire consequences for the whole house if the Americans touched the luxury food. Jenna's reaction was to claim that Janice would have to be muzzled but I'd say Austin was more likely to be a rule breaker because he sat opposite James, plainly lusting after his fry up.

Stevie and CJ are no longer under love restrictions, sowhile James wolfed down his bacon and eggs, they exchanged vows of love and saliva in the garden.

In the DR, Farrah complained about all the other HMs. The US team, she declared, were happier and more forgiving than the Brits.
Well, the Brits are shortly to be much happier than the Americans.

Jenna , the night before an eviction, threatened to wreak four letter havoc in the house if she stayed.
Her constant threats and tough talk are tedious in the extreme -especially when it never amounts to anything. She displayed an excessive rancour (four letter varety again) towards Austin who she says is insensitive. The mere mention o his name brought Farrah hissing to her side to join the the chorus of hate.

Once they had been evicted to the secret room, they relished te prospect of hearing what everyone said about them.

They say eavesdroppers hear no good about themselves and so it proved. Bobby and Austin danced on Farrah's bed sigig !Ding dong the witch is dead' and Natasha and James gave them eir character.
Oh, the HMs were all so HAPPY to be minus both of them. That was quite funto watch; less interesting was the abuse (four letter variety) they hurled at their CTV screen. It's wearing to hear them sayig the same thing over and over and over.

James was abused for saying that he had to walk on eggshells round Farrah; Austin for singing and dancing and practically being a traitor to America; and Natasha, poor Natasha, was advised (from a safe distance) to have a baby by another man. (Her children have different fathers).

Now I really object to this. No one in the sex trade should be making moral judgements on any other women. She may not sneer or be self righteous because all she can achieve is the title of hypocrite. Farrah called Natasha a whore - Farrah, the sex tape queen/
This pair of tarts are unbelievable.

Gail and Stevie had a little chat about CJ. Gail is trying to make amends for her harshness towards her. They agreed that CJ is a great girl, that Stevie is a great guy, that Gail is great too.
Farrah and Jenna, on hearing this, were ready to vomit. I was too until I remembered Jenna praising Farrah extravagantly. That was much more vomit making. But thse are woman who label everyone else fake and a weirdo. I have never seen such lack of self awareness in HMs, apart from in Helen Wood and Stephen.
Perhaps self delusion is neccessary in their chosen field of work.

Dancing in the house went on for some time. From comments made by HMs, Jenna was delighted to infer that they were all nervous of them.

Austin was sufficiently euphoric to add a black lacy bra to coordinate with his fetching little gray and black briefs - hankie sized like James's. Anyone would think they were in a gay sauna. Please, no more Austin.
But there was more - Austin does tend to go over the top. He played footsie with James under the duvet and breahed alluringly on him. James turned away but Austin was persisent.
Poor Austin - I guess James isn't in to black lace bras. Jenna was morally outraged again as she considered Austin's husband who might be watching the show.
There she goes again, she who has done much worse in her films than footsie and breathing and never considered applying a moral judgement.

Bobby advised CJ and Stevie that they are sometimes a bit over the top in their PDAs. He was surprisingly kind and tactful.

In the secret room, Farrah and Jenna laughed their heads off, gloating over the prospect of crushing them all.
Well, if 4 letter words can cush, they might manage it.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sun Sep 13, 2015 10:51 pm 
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[u]|I'm Famous For My Vagina /u]

HMs were still rejoicing in the absence of Farrah and Jenna. CJ wondered if Stevie might like to sell Jenna's underwear on
eBay. Austin recalled how uncomfortable he was whenever Farrah was in the room. Scoop scolded him and defended the two witches.
In the secret room, Farrah and Jenna beamed with pleasure. Other HMs. however, drew their spite and their limited collection of swear words. The sight of Bobby and Sherrie having their breakfast was enough to draw venom to the surface, although that was as nothing to what CJ got heaped on her head for the way she smokes which is weird.

Sherrie and Stevie were much mocked over their heart to heart about his relationship with CJ. He has now realised that he doesn't have to be with her 24/7. Much rolling of eyes from Farrah and Jenna.
The trouble with this pair in the secret room is that they are a duet sung on one note. They aren't clever or witty or entertaining; all they know is malice and vituperation seasoned with expletives.
There are moments of humour though - the wicked cameraman took a saideways shot of Farrah and Jenna on their way to the DR, focussing on Jenna's huge behind, then on Farrah's slight smaller but still protuberant rear. Their next nomination was of course Natasha who was cruel and nasty after their eviction. 'We don't backstab like that.' they claimed without batting an eyelid.

The task tonight was the CBB talent show. Natasha sang, James gave a rather boring talk on being an entrepreneur, CJ and Stevie sang (badly), Austin psed and flexed his six pack (embarassingly), Sherrie read some Shakespeare adding in emotions as directed by BB. Janice talked of her modelling career. All were subjected to sneers and malcious remarks which was probably why I laughed to much at Bobby's performance. He impersonated Jenna by sticking a pillow down the back of his trousers and donning a pink bra and blonde wig: she's taller sitting down than standing up because of her rear; he became Farrah, 16 and pregnant, and ridiculous. Chloe and Stevie were mocked in a love scene complete with Stevie's pleas for fulfilment. But Farrah and Jenna hardly noticed that, so enraged were they by his impersonations of them.
Bobby , according to them, is weird and a pervert and a psycho, evil and cruel. Farrah didn't hold back - Bobby is Satanic! Yes, Jenna agreed, he's going to Hell.
All this for pointing out that Jenna has an enormous bahookie, of which she is well aware since she probably paid for it by the square foot. Anyway, they nominated him next.

They selected Scoop as the most talented performer for roaring a song out. Bobby, of course, was the least talented and had to wear a funny hat. Jenna and Farrah made vulgar gestures and gloated.

BB, at last, announced the twist and told HMs of the secret room and how they have to work at being nominated because nomination actually means they're immune for this week.

CJ and Stevie can't think what to do to incur the wrath of Jenna and Farrah. They went to Bobby for advice because beig nasty isn't their public persona and it's too difficult for them.
He and Janice were a bit ratty with them, saying it's a game they have to play or get nominated. Janice assured them that the public would not evict them so they could be themselves if they wanted. They;re a bit too sweetie sweetie those two.

Neither Scoop nor Gail will rise to the occasion either. They'll take their chances and what will happen will happen.

I wonder if the refuseniks were affected by Natasha's speculation that there was a secet room? Or if they're just nicer than the others?

Natasha and Sherrie got stuck into Farrah and Jenna in the Moral Dlemmas game. Jenna and farrah cursed and swore etc etc

HMs fell to discussing Realty TV which James didn't think was as worthy as the Apprentice. After all, what had Farrah actually achieved? Nothing credible.
Austin agreed. Ater all, you can't model your vagina on TV. (she actually did that apparently). Jenna was outraged. 'I am famous for my vagina' she said. Farrah agreed 'yeah, we are famous for that.'
It's true the world and his neighbour knows what they are famous for..
Which was the laugh of the evening.They take themselves so seriously. And they gave James the desired nomination. They also put up a sterling defence of Reality TV. Lots of businesswomen do Reality - Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian and...and...lots of others.

The two hags are looking forward to going back nto the house to crush the other HMs.
Oh, dear! BB has sold them down the river.
I'm so glad!

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Tue Sep 15, 2015 4:03 am 
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Work Harder

Tonight may have been a defining moment in the history of BB. I fell asleep during the show, a very deep long sleep, and had to watch on record. The voiceover at the start of the show promised us aggressive confrontation, constant highly offensive language. But even the protagonists are weary of that routine. The twist within a twist that was to rock the house to its foundations failed to deliver because of that weariness.

The most genuine scene of interest was Janice singing Happy Birthday to Bobby in the DR. She had on her wonderful transforming makeup, a Marilyn Munro pout, and the sex siren's breathless voice. She was very amusing.

In the secret room, Jenna and Farrah kept the insults and threats going - James and Natasha are going to get what's coming to them. Sherrie is a fat senile alcoholic bitch and will get what's coming to her too.

( Yawn.)

Stevie, meanwhile, was alone in the Tower, enjoying the silence and the sound of the water. He kept saying he was enjoying it in case we missed it the first time. He was fragile after a searing row with CJ (searing in their case being more like a damp squib) over Janice, and Stevie's fondness for her. He actually spoke quite sharply to CJ and n0w he was sitting in the silence enjoying the sound of the water feature. CJ approached but he managed to shoo her away so thathe could continue enjoying the silence etc etc
Oh, the drama!

CJ went to her corner of the garden and , heartbroken, lit a cigarette. I've only just noticed that she does't inhale but uses her ciggie and lighter as a way of showing her feelings (otherwise we'd never know what wasgoing on with her). Her head twisted down to her shoulder, she lit up and gasped that she's lost her fun man and didn't know where he'd gone.

You've lost him to a water feature, dear. Oh, the drama!

Jenna in the SR was on one of her think positive rants, telling Farrah that she was sure they'd get to the final. She peppered her speech with expletives and rude gestures but somehow she lacked conviction. Especially when she went on to talk about her hurt feelings over things which were said on eviction night. She picked over them one by one, repeating them in case viewers had forgotten.

We've heard them every evening since Friday, Jenna - we haven't forgotten.

BB must have sensed a weary routine was setting in, so he actually despatched HMs to the Tower with the clear instruction to provoke Farrah and Jenna into nominating them. Bobby was sent too to help out those who could not think of provocative insults. The best he and Stevie could come up was 'Ugly Sisters.' Farrah was duly incensed and threatened to p*** on Stevie's head.
But her threat lacked conviction somehow, a learned and automatic response. Sherrie, under Bobby's tutelage, managed to get herself nominated at last

Stevie engineered a little drama of his own and told CJ they might benefit from a couple of weeks apart. She collapsed like a wet tissue.
Oh, the drama.

HMs selected James, Gail and Sherrie to answer viewers' questions, but you will have guesed already that the questions were asked by Jenna and Farrah (or rather BB) and designed to elicit more insults and wind up yhe tenion in the house (yawn). The only interesting questionee was janice who had pinched Farrah's lipstick and tauntingly applied it.

I could have sworn that Farrah was repressing a laugh.
Came the moment for the Dynamic Duo to re-enter the house. They announced their nominations and then were duly flabbergasted to discover that their nominees were all immune.
Scoop, Gail, Janice and Stevie/CJ are the real nominees.

Farrah and Jenna went round the house starting rows with people, going over the same ground we heard inthe SR and every night since eviction night - even the wine row was rehashed. But somehow it all lacked tension. Austin did his best tosold,Farrah to provoke, but still it canme across as fake.

Bobby had a moment at his birthday party when he made a speech and broke down (apparently). Farrah forgot herself and gave him the 'sanction of evil' as she had caled him,a consoling rub on the arm.

They are all acting in there. I wouldn't mind so much if they were any good at acting.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Tue Sep 15, 2015 10:12 pm 
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Disappointed and Disrespected

The show opened quietly enough with Jenna telling Scoop that Farrah fances him, with CJ and Stevie in a clinch, with Natasha and Jenna making peace again, with Jenna blaming Farrah for all the rows and dissociating herself, with Stevie in the bath in a mankini and a blonde wig. (is he looking to be evicted?)

Austin disapproved of the skimpiness of the mankini while parading in briefs so brief that they were hardly there. He was a general pain in the neck tonight, actually, picking pointless fights. His first was with Chloe who didn't want Stevie drinking while she was around. Austin exploded at that. Why? Who knows? Chloe claimed to be an alcoholic and had to avoid drink but this explanation only infuriated Austin further.Bobby tried to intervene because he was shouting and swearing at Chloe who looked like to die of fright. Bobby got screamed at too. Stevie tried to defuse the row but was unsuccessful. Well, nobody takes blonde wigs and mankinis seriously.

Austin decided to have a chat with CJ who had decamped to another room but took exception to Janice trying to protect CJ. Eventually he got CJ on her own but there was no chat , only more shouting and swearing. It turns out he was dsappointed that she had not attended his dead brother's memorial day and felt that he and his dead brother had been disrespected. She explained that her alcoholism prevented her and that Janice had advised her, which brought on another
explosion. I'm sure she said too that she is manic depressive and was having one of her bad days.
At any rate, dragging your dead brother's corpse on to a cheap reality show was crass the first time; to produce it a second time to make a scene was unforgiveable. I was reminded of Mad Juana of Catile who carted her dead husband's coffin with her everywhere she went. But I believe she had a certain dignity.
Having reduced CJ to tears, he switched off the raging torrent of vituperation and left the room, gratifed.
What an appalling young man he is. This is what he was like the first week of the show - I find myself wonering if he has been like this all along and we haven't been shown it.

Bobby pulled Austin up fo swearing at him, quietly. Austin blustered that he shouldn't have interfered but Bobby wouldn't entertain him. Austin was petulant and insisted he wasn't ready to apologise so Bobby said that he wasn't ready to forgive.
Mistake, Austin - Bobby has a mean streak a mile wide and he's far quicker that you are. The thing is, Bobby is not a neurotic girl who can be intimidated by you.

The first evictee was Scoop which came as no surprise he having no story line in there. He left the house minus his shirt and regrettably sporting his flab. In his interviiew he was pround that he had not joined in the slagging off of Farrah and Jenna (didn't have much option since they all share the same agent). He sees himself as the peacemaker in the house, the glue that holds everything together. He thinks it will get really nasty in there.
He is somewhat delusional about the importance of his role in the house.

The second evictee was Gail. And what a surprise she was: hilarious. lively, and witty - nothing like the way she was in the house. She says it's crazy in there and she should know, she's been sectioned. She duid a killer impersonation of Farrah and Jenna and it was clear she was intimidated by them and glad to get away tonight.
er favourite HMs were Sherrie and James. She had a lot of praise for Sherrie in particular. How strange - we have hardly seen Sherrie for the entire series.

All the attention has gone to those two witches Farrah and Jenna. Seems the louder you shriek, the more attention you get from BB. And that's a shame.

All HMs are up for eviction this Friday and the first four saved are safe for a week. The others will battle it out for a place in the house. Who knows what that means. But I'd like Austin out. The Mad Juana of Borehame Wood is a tinpot bully.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Wed Sep 16, 2015 10:35 pm 
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I enjoyed tonight's show. The spectacle of Austin choking on self righteousness was ludicrous but fascinating. He's still on about the Memorial Day for his dead brother - he entered the circle of HMs in the lounge, dragging the skeletal corpse behind him and used it to bludgeon CJ and Janice into guilty pulp. At least, he tried to. CJ's reasons for non attendance at the tribute were gone over again (how he loves to repeat himself), particularly her wish to avoid alcohol. Janice copped it for advising CJ to stay away. Worst of all was the fact that his reproaches were larded with his pain, his sentimentality, his choked reminiscence of that special special day, not even a special day, just three special minutes out of 24 hours in which CJ could not spare him. JIt was all deeply unpleasant to see CJ hectored and bullied. Janice defended CJ who was weeping by this time, while Stevie sat silent. When Stevie left, he told Austin he didn't like confrontations but the anger was building inside him. However he didn't want to go there and release these feelings. He's like the Hulk, he said. Austin merely smirked at the veiled threat. The rest looked somewhat embarrassed.

In the DR, James was not happy with Austin's aggression. He also noted Stevie's reluctance to stand up for CJ.
James was embarrassed to see Stevie put up such a poor show because he ended up feeling sorrier for him that he did CJ.

Stevie clearly felt it too because when he returned to the kitchen he addressed the HMs on the subject of his philosophy - he liked to be chilled out although he would always defend his fiancee. No one could look him in the eye except Austin.

James got Austin on his own and gently chided him for his aggression. Austin was not CJ's psychiatrist or an expert on alcoholism. I like James a lot.

Because they were in the Secret Room, Farrah and Jenna did not participate in BB's talent show and so they were given the pportunity tonight to rectfy that by displayig their unique talents.

Please no, I thought, we all know what their talent is.

Jenna read some erotica with HMs in starring roles. She claimed to have wrtten it herself but I don't believe it. Some scriptwriter was sending her up.
Farrah ran a sexual health seminar, wearing glasses to make herself look intelligent, and with a condom and a banana she drenched the house with innuendo.

Together Farrah and Jenna rapped a mildly risque song, and then romped together with their hair in schoolgirl bunches, jars of speading chocolate, and much pouting at the cameras.
The men seemed to like it. But it was all rather unbecoming at their age and considering the unnatural swell of their posteriors. They took up nearly a whole segment of the show with this. No one else gets that much camera time.

The effects of Scoop's and Gail's eviction were ramatic. Jenna and Farrah wept becuase they felt responsible for Scoop. James was driven to shed hot tears and had to hise in the toilet to cry away from the others. CJ wept uncontrollably and had to be comforted by Stevie but she did mange to locate the camera and stare into it, mascara unsmudged.

In the DR, CJ and Stevie were ever so grateful that they had been saved by the public but shocked that Gail and Scoop had gone.

In the kitchen, HMs toasted the dear departed (not Austin's dead brother - Gail and Scoop) and Austin got back on the subject of Memorial Day) by pointing out that CJ wasn't minding the presence of alcohol this time, unlike the day she failed to attend...
Belt up, Austin. Bury the body.

CJ wept helplessly in the Tower. Faithful Stevie came running to comfort her again. She said she was scared. But what of?
Austin? The ghost of Austin's dead brother? Or the prospect of Stevie turning into the Hulk at any moment?
The cameras cut away and we will never know.

Sherrie and Jenna were discussing CJ's fragility, Sherre sypathetically and Jenna not. Unfortunately, CJ overheard jenna and wept some more in the DR because she doesn't want to live in fear of walking into a room where people have been talking about her.
Au contraire, CJ...

FFarrah and Jenna were discussing nominations. Jenna would like Janice gone because she's a liability to Team America. I
I hope BB has put this illegal talk into the black book.

CJ and Stevie cuddled in the garden and declared undying love between smooches. Then they headed for the garden pool. Aparently they'd promised their fans that if they survived eviction they would jump in the pool. Which they did. She in her party frock. He protesting every inch of the way.
Austin and Jenna were not impressed. CJ and Stevie lacked respect for those who had just been evicted. And to be celebrating so soona after CJ's crying jag made CJ look fake. Both resented the fact that Scoop was gone and CJ/Stevie were still in the house.

In the DR, Jenna claimed there were only three Americans left - herself, Farrahad Austin. They didn't count Janice who is Switzerland not America.
I am baffled by Switzerland.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Thu Sep 17, 2015 10:50 pm 
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Clap Hand, Stevie loves CJ

A quieter evening tonight but none the worse for that. What is hapening is that tensions ae building and malign portents are appearing. Stevie detected pure evil in Austin's eyes whenever Austin looked at him and CJ. Jenna, as if to appease the gods, vowed not to say anything nasty to anyone today. Jenna and Austin brooded over the popularity of CJ and Stevie and have decided that the British public must be seeing something they're not. James told Austin he was geting too big for his boots. Austin tried to deflect the criticism and make jokes but James was serious.
He does not care for the way he treated Janice and CJ and wouldn't like him to come across as a bully.

In the DR, Natasha described the atmosphere is the house and was fearful of an explosion from Austin who is particularly
wound up.

James mourned his old friend Austin - he agreed with Janice that he's a bully and can't thinkwhat's got into him.

Under the benign influence of James and the thought of a tarnished public image, he went to Janice and apologised for his rudeness when she didn't put the milk in the fridge. Janice graciously accepted. But Austin isn't entirely a reformed character. He called a meeting to complain that some people weren't tidying up as they went along. He pointed the finger at CJ and Stevie. James intervened (am liking him more and more)and said not to single people out. Perhaps James dreaded another public humiliation in the offing. Austin knows Stevie is a wimp and that CJ is easily reduced to tears which he seems to enjoy but James headed him off at the pass. Austin grumbled that people should be called out when caught being messy - I have a feeling that he would love to do the calling out. But the others wandered off. He was left wth Bobby (I think) and said that he was exhausted because he had to say things 9 times before anyone listened.

In the bathroom, CJ and Stevie played a clapping game and vowed eternal love. Then she sat on him. Presumably it was intended to be sexual but really it was just sitting on him.

Funnily enough, it was Janice who first called an untidy person out. She found the jacket which she lends to CJ in a heap somewhere. CJ and Stevie were in the toilets applying facials to one another. Janice barged in and reprimanded CJ.
Too right - Janice's wardrobe is worth a fortune.

Serrie too has sensed the evl atmosphere in the house making everyone tetchy., Austin most of all.

Austin offloaded his dislike of CJ to James but was smartly put in his place and told not to interfere with people, especially Steve who doesn't know how to handle confrontation
Mr Nice |Guy? Or an HM who has realised the youg couple must be popular when Scoop and Gail were evicted over them?
I think James is nice which doesn't mean he isn't upping his game.

Austin called another meeting, this time to make a public apology to CJ. He ppraised her lavishly, her cheerfulness and her positivity and her compassion (????). He made only a passing reference to Memorial Day and to his departed brother.

Janice didn't believe his apology (neither do I - he can't stand CJ). She called him a bully who goes after the weakest i the house.
She's a game old girl - she swept across the room and got right in Austin's face. He didn't quite know how to handle this.
She told him to respect his elders, respect woemn, and respect the other men in there. They had a real Hugathon to celebrate the peace. It made Jenna all warm and fuzzy inside.
Go, Janice - that's him told.

The most interesting part of the evening was a conversation between James and Austin.Austin mentioned their friendhsip and remarked that

Presents were distributed to HMs - some got treats and some got punishments. \Austin got a card instructing him to be invisible to the others - they could neither speak to him or touch him nor he them.
Sometimes we cach a glimpse of the humour BB used to show often. Stevie got a romantic dinner date with Bobby. That was quite amusing - Bobby courted Stevie the old fashioned gallant way. Unfortunately Stevie could oly have cold slop to eat.
All the HMs got something and we will see them in action when their turncomes. Farrah is a foot masseuse, and James, who
has been given power over the others, ordered a massage.

HMs had a ouija board and could conjure up Austin's spirit - they should be careful he doesn't brng his dead brother along.

HMs were informed that they are all up for evction this week which cast a long shadow over htem. hey were also told that Jenna and Farrah had been discussing nominations and that therefore the hot water was being turned off. BB played back the bit about weeding out Janice, so that went down well. Farrah denied taking part in nomination discussion even when they had all seen her on the playback. She's like a child.
Jenna made a cursory apology but was hard faced and defiant.

Austin contined to apologise to and hug CJ. Overkill, We all know you don't like her, Austin. In the DR, he managed to turn Jenna and Farrah's misdemeanour into Janice's faut. He said she was a complete waste of oxygen. After all that hugging and apologising too...

The most interesting scene tonight took place when James and Austin sat up drinking into the wee samll hours. Austin claimed that they knew one another really well having spent three weeks together 24/7, more time than they had spent with anyone else. James refuted this - 3 weeks wasn't long enough to know anyone really well. His real friens were people he had known since primary school. Austin was wounded to the bone and reminded James that he had told him things that he had told no one else n the house. James, he said, was bang out of order. James persisted - they had a good relationship but didn't know one another well. And then he walked out.
The odd thing was that Austin has always seemed the leader of the two. But it was he who got hurt. He clearly felt locked out of the intimacy he had assumed he had. And James, in his cups, shot him a glance of intense dislike.
Austin came running after James, rapping on the window trying to make him respond.
I almost felt sorry for him.

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That's Good, Baby

I hardly know where to start. There was all sorts going on in there tonight and a twist that really did shake the house/
The show began with Austin and James in bed, still squabbling about how well they know each other. James assured Austin that he hadn't wanted to hurt him and rubbed his head. They cuddled and made up.

Janice was called to the DR to fix her microphone which wasn't working properly. But actually it was. The summons to the DR was so that the HMs could be instructed about a secret mission - the Deja Vu Task. BB gave them roles to play which they would perform when Janice returned. CJ and Stevie were to go into a clinch, Austin was to call for James etc etc Nothing too outlandish. Then Janice would return to the DR to fix the still not working microphone, and wen she returned, the same scenes were to be repeated. Three times they did this to give Janice a feeling of deja vu. Interestingly, she made no comment, only looked a bit confused. Then BB explained the task. Did I detect a hint of relief in Janice's reaction? Perhaps because she was pleased not to be suffering from rapid onset Alzheimers?

In the DR, Janice, who has frequently complained of being cold in the house, was given 4 sweaters which her BF Rocky had sent in for her. Janice cried.

Weeping, she returned to the other HMs and launched into a bizarre speech about knowing and respecting others and how generous and kind the other HMs are. Each HM was given his/her character and was praised for love, honour and dignity. The HMs were shell shocked into silence. James reckoned you get a feeling when someone is being sincere - Austin, Jenna and Farrh nodded cynuicallt. Sherrie and Natasha were bewildered about where the speech had ome from and what it all meant. Austin thought it was bizarre.
Perhaps Janice was still recovering from the deja vu task.

BB threw a Hawaiian Party because it was both Sherrie's and Stevie's birthdays. Stevie got right into party mode, dancing wildly and drinking among the grass skirts and hibiscus garlands. He was having a great time. But, alas, CJ was not. She slipped out to the garden to cry, unable to stand beig so ear to drink again. Janice came to comfort and support her in resisting temptation. She eventually took refuge in the DR, refusing to tell Stevie what was wrong.
Janice stood guard like a pitbull, fending off Stevie's queries.

I guess that was one party spoiled, as Farrah pointed out in the DR. And what was wrong with their relationship, she added, that CJ would confide in Janice but not Stevie, the implication being that CJ ruined the night for Stevie.
Farrahwasn't wrong.
When CJ, Stevie and Janice talked it over later, Janice spoke for CJ and took a confrontational approach to defending her. Perhaps she behaved this way because she is an alcoholic herself, but she really should butt out.

Natasha had a birthday surprise for Sherrie. Austin and James appeared in their briefs (and oddly their sunglasses) and lapdanced Sherrie. It was funny at first, but Austin as usual went to far. Farrah declared that he was making the party all about hm.He had her oil him, pretended to beat her with a belt, and lay across her lap naked. I don't think she knew where to look as he and James wriggled and pushed against her. They finished by doing the end scene from the full Monty. I suppose I shoud have laughed but it was all so inappropriate really. They should have done this to Jenna or Farrah.

A tipsy Sherrie lay in the bath talking to herself, repeating that it was the best birthday ever.

Stevie and CJ, not to be outdone by the strippers,his in the toilet and made sould effects again. 'Oh, that's good, baby' 'That's great', 'Oh, it's got lipstick on it'.
Is anybody actually buying this pair?

Well, Austin and James had to top that in the swimmng pool. Instead of cooling off, they raised the temperature by hauling one another's briefs off and throwing them about with much giggling and laughing.

You'd think it couldn't get any worse but in bed Austin started wrestling James and getting on top of him to simulate sex.

It was like the fall of the Romam Empire, the final orgies tonight.

It came time for the eviction results. Emma entered the house and the HMs stood behind podiums (podia?) to hear the results. There was real drama in this eviction. Austin, James, CJ/Stevie,and natasha were all saved by the public. They all had to stand at podia (podiums?) and each chose one of the remaining HMs to save. The only one left after that would be evicted. Sherrie, Janice and Bobby were saved, leaving only jenna and Farrah left. It was Austin's choice. eam America was to be weakened by one of their own.
It was a genuinely tense few moments, genuinely dramatic, and Austin was clearly suffering. Farrah finally told him not to stress - she knew perfectly well he was closest to Jenna and was fine with being evicted. So Austin evicted her.

Farrah's interview was ghastly. She defended her behaviour by saying that she was proud of standing up for herself. Even when probed by Emma about her constat aggression, even after she was shown a montage of her most memorable rows, she stood by it all. She was pleased to be herself and not a fake unlike others in the house. She was bored with peope in there anyway.

What I'd like to know is who voted for CJ and Stevie?

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A Two Swan Evening

Des, if you are readig this, there were TWO swans in the show tonight, one at each end of the bath. I think it's a portent - HMs were unravelling tonight and behaving very oddly as ther swans emitted their influence.



CJ and Stevie were still under the duvet this morning when everyone else was up and about. Everyone noticed them; they even gave Austin ideas. 'You were looking really sexy last night, ' he told an uninterested James. Trying to prod James out of his early morning stupor, he told him he had feelings for him, that he'd leave his husband for him. Jenna asked him what he'd do were James bsexual - Austin came over all prim and righteous and said that he wouldn't be in the same bed as him, that he wouldn't disrespect his husband.
Who's he kidding?

An astonishing row broke out during a silly game set up by BB. The HMs were given hypothetical situations and, in their teams, had to decide which fitted a HM from the other team best. Then the other side had to guess who their opposites had chosen. All a bit overcontrived. Anyway, Janice accidentally gave away one of Team USA's answers. Jenna and Farrahtook to swearing and shouting at her while Austin roared at her, taunting her about her confusion, telling her to STFU, and finally throwing a pillow at her. The two 'ladies' joined with him in wishing they had old Sherrie in their team instead of old Janice. Absolutely appalling. Austin would not let it go until a very dry Janice asked if the furniture was still speaking and told him to shut up.

Then came that lovely tense eviction of Farrah = that was worth seeing twice.

The fallout was massive. James caused the eviction of Farrah by saving Janice. Austin picked at him for having positive things to say about everyone but Farrah. He and Jenna seemed to think he owed some sort of loyalty to Team America and that he should vote to suit them.
Of course James engineered the eviction of Farrah to weaken Team USA - he wants to win. That doesn't seem to have occurred to the Americans because he's generally polite and quietly spoken. Anyway, Jenna takes some satisfaction from knowing that James will have to live for the rest of his life knowing that she thinks he's a douchebag.
Her ego is f staggering desions.

James and Jenna talked things over - or at least James tried to. He was expaining why he'd done what he'd done but she kept interrupting and talking over him. She reckons if she behaved like a baby, like a piece of s*** she'd get special treatmet too. If he knew whatshe had gone through n er on and on and on.
She just can't understand that he's playing to win, for himself and his team.

Austin also challenged James about his choice and the next thing you know, both Austin and Jenna were talking over him and shouting. Finally James got up and left.

But Austin followed him to the bathroom to harangue him again. James conceded nothing but did complain about both jenna and Austin having a go.

Needs must when the devil drives - Jenna decided to change tack. It was an extraordinary scene - ranking with the most extraordinary ones in the BB files. They were discussing the Farrah issue again when she suddenly softened her hard tinny voice. Has he ever had sex wth an American girl? she teased. It's a different world.
Yeah, all the porn stars are American, he said drily.
She didn't get the irony. English girls are not porn star material, she cooed.
You mean they're not as forward?

Oh, she was all eyelashes lowered and eyelashes raised and cooing voice and meaningful pauses.
In the end, she got into bed between Austin and James and cuddled up, still running a narrative laden with innuendo. The script must have been from one of her porn successes and she was certain of being successful as she started stroking his chest. After all, she is the queen of porn - they have even made a rubber inflatable doll with her features.
The show ended there so we'll have to wait to get James's reaction.

But I wonder if she can see herself as James might. She must seem quite old to him, quite freakish after all her surgery, quite a has been. And he's smart enough to know that she's practising a seduction to win him over because Team America have only two members now - she has to get someone onside.

Oh, Des, those baleful swans!

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Thanks for the swans, Marion. Beautiful but strong creatures.


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Fantastic Inches

Tonight was an object lesson in the manipulation of a very domineering man by those whom he considers lesser mortals. Poor Austn got his and didn't even know it.
The Task tonight was to win their letters from home. HMs had to stand on boulders round a volcano in a post apocalyptic world for an unspecified amount of time. Anyone leaving the boulders would lose another HM's letter.
Austin was at his bossy best, showing leadership and authority, much to everyone else's annoyance. So when BB said there was a special prize hidden in a canister, he started barking orders. Janice disobeyed, of course, and left the rocks. Her prize was a cup for the Biggest Quitter. She apologised to a furious Austin but he wouldn't accept it. Janice cried. The Brits rallied to her, telling Austin that it was only a game and that it might have been a good prize. Austin was not to be appeased - he specailises in bad form, dirty play, and is utterly graceless.

Bobby was defiant and said he would consider opneing another canister should the opportunity arise. Austin shouted and scolded and said Bobby was as thick as pig -s***
Janice now had to sacrifice another |HM's letter from home. Guess whose she chose? Austin's. Because he hadn't accepted her apology. Austin reacted with fury, telling her to F off three times. Someone ought totell that brat that swearig at an older lady is not a good look. Nor is snatching his letter from her hand and tossing it across the room. Nor is weeping or putting his head in his hands and wailing that it was all very well for the Brits who didn't live far away but the others were 5,000 miles from home. It must have slipped his mind that he lives in Yorkshire.

I think Janice found it very satisfying. In the DR she said she was not proud of upsetting Austin but seemed rather smug.
After all, she'd played him like a violin. Well done, Jance\!

In the DR, Austin heaped foul abuse on Janice's head, including the C word. Another not-good look.

So that's two HMs who pushed Austin's buttons tonight - Bobby and Janice.

James tried to soothe Austin by offering a consolatory cuddle but Austin demanded that he say if he still admired Janice's warmth and compassion. James reminded him that he had offered to sacrifice his own letter home for Austin's sake but nothing would satisfy the American except an assassination of Janice's character. Jenna joined in the browbeating - she's never far from where the trouble is. In the end, James very firmly told Austin that he ddn't like the way he spoke to Janice - just as well he didn't overhear Austin in the DR - and walked off.
Jenna was quick to work on Austin -now he knew what all the talk of 'real friends' was the other night. looking for Austin to nominate the chief rival for the win?

So that's 3 HMs woking on Austin - Janice, Bobby and Jenna.

James and Austin had another heart to heart. James said he was straigtforward, honest and fair and always had Austin's back. He reminded him again that he'd offered to sacrifice his letter for him but that he got no respect from him. Respect? From Austin? Austin refused to continue the conversation because Janice was lurking near. But he did mind how he spoke to her and he did look a bit guilty for offending James.
Well played James - you can join Janice, Bobby, and Jenna.

The lighter side of the evening came from James and Jenna. They stood on a boulder together, James at her back with his arm round her waist, which given the peculiarities of her anatomy was no mean feat. I was glad to see that James had survived night abed with both Jenna and Austin (he's not feart, is he?) but saddened to see this sudden intimacy. jenna entertained him with tales of her career in porn, (she realised early that she could easily take over the world) as you do. He finally asked her a burning question - what did she consider small in an intimate area of a man's anatomy. From her vast experience,she gave the calibrations. Four inches, she said, was small. 6-8 inches was large. Bigger was fantastic.
She did add that shape mattered more.

All the men were listening avidly. Stevie admitted he was a 4 inch man and that sex with CJ was like going in the Dartford tunnel. She was not amused.
But never mind - it's the shape that matters!


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A draining evening tonight when tempers and emotions erupted. There is no pleasure in this, no entertainment - just badly damaged ear drums and a deep sense of affront.

Things started out quietly enough with Austin leering over James in bed, holding is hand and calling him 'my lttle cherbub'.
Nauseating, but not damaging yet.

Bobby took it into his head to counsel Stevie about CJ's reliance on Janice. He should put his foot down.
He later counselled CJ against getting too close to Janice who is a professional game player and won't be the same out of the house as she is in it. She should lean on Stevie.
CJ lamely replied that Janice is a mother substitute.

Austin asked James to ask CJ what she was doing with allthe eggs in the house. He won't ask thepoor little alkie himself. James clearly didn't like the terminology. He doesn't seem to have caught on yet that Austin despises all women. And anyway, eggs don't matter.

Nominations were actually made in the privacy of te DR tonight. Then BB played them back for the house which promptly went nuclear. The nominations which caused most trouble were James's - he named Jenna and Austin. Jenna got to work on Austin right away - James wasn't his real friend, James a bullshit artist, James showing is true colours.

They practised nastiness on Natasha first, challenging her about her nomination of them. She protested about having to defend her opinons but the two of them sat in front of her, goading. I thought she as clear enough in what she said : Jenna talked about her behind her back and Austin is loud and aggressive. Both denied the charges of course.
And insisted on their right to challege.

Austin, who was trained by the military to read body language, told the HMs that James couldn't look the camera in the eye when he was making his nominations. This proved something to Austin but what it was I could not say. I'd have thought that any reading of James's body language over the last few days should have warned Austin that he was on a sticky wicket there. Perhaps he wasn't paying attention.

Janice, speaking to Stevie and CJ, said that she did not interfere with their relationship; she only wanted to help CJ with her sobriety. Then she launched into one of her amazing speeches : CJ was a point of light, a hummingbird, a feather in the breeze... and she was going to protect her...
Right on, Janice.

the DR, Janice explained that CJ had rescued Janice's letter from home from the bin and that she wanted to return it to BB. Smooth as butter, BB told her she could read it if she wshed, in the DR, away from the house. Janice acted like Jesus being tempted in the wilderness by Satan, but i the end, surrendered to the blanishments of BB and read out a slushy composition from Rocky.
Let's hope BB keeps it between him and her.

Jenna decided to challenge James about his nomination of her. She tried to guilt trip him by questioning his loyalty (does he owe her any?) and went on and on and on reproaching him. Austin soon joined the party and claimed James had been brainwashed. The two of them were like a pair of attack dogs, shoutng over one anoer, over james, and over Bobby who tried to intervene. Austin left the room and Jenna started up again, relentlessly badgering James for an explanation whch he tried to give but she kept talking over him. Austin returned and on and on and on he went in a jarring counterpoint with Jenna. Austin even went back to the Janice row and when ever James tried to speak, they shouted him down. It was horrible to watch the pair of them in action. Evetually James left the room to the sound of jenna shouting 'Bitch' after him. He complained to Natasha that they just wouldn't listen, they just shout.

Then Austin turned on Janice. I think he was jealous that James had saved her. There was no clear reason why he exploded, but explode he did. He screamed abuse at Janice, F-words, C- words, her failures as a mother, her modelling, her sexual promiscuity, the fact that she has breasts...BB should have brought in the strait jacket because he was totally out of control and shameful in the things he shouted. Everyone else left the bedroom and Janice hid under the duvet, leaving Austin screeching at the empty air.
When je joined the others, James told him he was an embarrassment and Natasha freaked out. 'We've had enough!' she yelled. Austin merely repeated his foul abuse of Janice down to the last C-word. He also told James he was a bitch with no balls. BB sent for him then. I really thought he was going to be removed from the house - he should have been - but BB merely purred soothingly.
Austin hadn't finished ranting yet. Janice should be tied to a mast and lashed, he screeched. He himself was honest and truthful but no one understood his pain. The dead brother was resurrected to explain his outbursts and the fact that no one was on his side. He cried hysterically.
And he claims to be a military man.

On his return to the house, weeping, he said he was sorry. But he asked why no one could see what he was going through, why no one saw his pain. He slumped in a chair. If he's not angry, he's sad, very sad, he claimed. He ramped up the crying and apologised some more.

Not a word of apology to janice or his fellow HMs who are all clearly at the end of their tether with him.

Later, James showed true courage. Austin said he was feeling a bit better although he still went on about James's nomination. James said he didn't think he would be evicted on Tuesday. Austin tried a guilt trip again.'Whatwill you say f I go up those stairs on Tuesday?
And James looked hm straight in the eye (read that body language, Austin) and said 'Then you'll have deserved it.'
Now that was brave.


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Bye Bye to The Proud Vagina

Not much House action tonight as theshow was mostly taken up with interviews and reciting phone numbers. But there were one or two little scenes.

James awoke this morning to Austin still banging on about the nomination, his hurt feelings, and his demand for an apology. He didn't call James his little Cherub this morning so I guess he was serious. James always manages to turn it all into a joke though so yhey had a little cuddle.

Bobby and Stevie were discussing Austin and how he doesn't even try to control his rages. Sorry after just isn't enough, Bobby said.

Janice also made peace with Austin this morning in her own inimitable way. She jumped astride him and sang a crazy song. She refused to hear an apology too, saying it was all water under a duck's back bridge. Ths reduced Austin to helpless laughter so the day began well.

Jenna and Austin went to work on Sherrie trying to turn her against James. He's just trying to make himself out to be the better man, they said. Jena called him a pissant and told Sherrie to watch her back,. Austin urged the same.
What happened to his little Cherub then?

Stevie and CJ were swimming in the pool when she hurriedly left. He came running after her, afraid that he had upset her by splashing her. She said that wasn't it, she was just feeling insecure about herself. Cue the 'You're beautiful, babe'.
But as she confessed in the DR, te real reason she left the pool was thatHMs were drinking, and so was Stevie. She could smell it off him. She sighed and declared she wasn't his priority right now.

BB played music into the ouse and theyall got up and danced. James put on a spectacular show of rippling muscle and sicked back air in the poolside shower. Bobby or Stevie (we only saw him from the rear)put on a spectacular show sending James up by dropping his briefs. I'd rather the camera had stayed on James though.

In the DR, Janice said that she was fine with being up for eviction but reckoned she still had work to do with Austin.

At bedtime, Austin started on about the nomination again (I suppose we should be grateful it wasn't his dead brother) and hinted that James should beg for frgiveness. James took himself off to another bed, but Austin played Tarzan and hauled him back. Ther giggling and laughing seems quite genuine. Hard to work that pair out.

Jenna was evicted first to a very hostile crowd. She spent the time bigging herself up, praising Farrah and Austin, and putting Janice down, saying she was a freakin' psycho who should be committed.
Nice to the end. Bye, Jenna.

The second evictee was Janice. She made a Gwyneth Paltrow- style oscar acceptance speech, thanking everyone, the fans, the studio bosses, her fellow HMs, Emma...
She had special words for CJ who she loves and who is fighting the fight of her life in the house. And it was bye, bye Janice.

Back at the ranch, CJ and Stevie were having a little squabble about something. I coudn't quite catch it because of the noise of the crowd, but he seemed to be saying something about sleeping apart that night.
Oh, no! Is the Great Romance truly over?
Can he have a beer in peace?
And CJ has no Janice to confide in! Catastrophe!

I cannot believe that Austin is still in there.

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