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 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sat Aug 29, 2015 11:46 pm 
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What's A Boy To Do?

Daniel opened the show by condoling with Natasha over her row with Farrah. He is very subtly letting people know that he doesn't admire the lads of Amaerica.
Meanwhile, Farrah was in the shower for 20 minutes while Scoop waited his turn. It's the little things thatcause most trouble - Austin was regaling HMs in the living room with tales of gun happy Americans who can buy handguns at Walmart. Why, he himself never even goes to the Post Office without his Smith and Wesson.
I thought he lived up in Yorkshire? Do they know he's prowling the dales with a loaded gun?

Jenna, probably weary of being asked about the porn industry, told an incredulous Scoop that male porn stars are useless in bed. They have no passion or skill. It's all in the editing. All that is required of them is automatic erection on the command 'Action!'
There, you learn something new every day.

Tila was - and there is no other word for it - harrassing James. She wiggled, paraded, giggled, teased,lay on the bed with him (much to his discomfort) while Scoop provided a running commentary. When she finally left after being gently pushed away, James admitted that hem didn't know what to do with her or how to manage the situation. Scoop advised that if James went near him she'd eat him alive.
Poor James - he didn't respond to Tila's calls for Action! He's British. He was mortified by her overtness and persistence.

In the kitchen, HMs discussed sex tapes. Scoop is the only man in America who doesn't have one. Hulk Hogan made some unfortunate remarks about race in his tape. But Scoop says the 'n' word is a mentality not a race. He went on to express the different ways of saying it and the varying degrees of offense given.
Where all this came from I don't know but the other HMs were stunned into an uncomfortable silence. Finally he was summoned to the DR for a little chat about it.
So there we have it - the American obsessions - porns, guns, and race.
It's going to be a difficult season.

Tila returned to tease James some more. More giggling and parading and wiggling her assets at him. She taunted him and even tried to grope him.Clear case of sexual harrassment and the giggling was intolerable. Come on, BB...
Poor james - he really didn't know how to handle this. While Tila was in the garden describing to the others how she once resisted an alien abduction, James complained to Jenna about Tila's persistence. By the sound of things he would have preferred to be abducted by aliens. Jenna agreed there was something not quite right about Tila, and warned James that she could take James's face off with her vagina.

But he was saved from this awful fate when BB removed Tila from the house. Actually, you could see relief on several faces that she had gone.

Janice admired CJ's dress and asked how she and Stevie met. She didn't wait for an answer but launched into a speech about how everyone is beautiful and everyone is an angel. Except jenna, who foolishly tried to discuss Janice's autobiography. Jenna was interested in her true Confessions (the sex ones) butshe was soon put in her place.

Austin isn't an angel either. Janice pulled him up for liking living in the UK and talking with a Brit accen, which she equates with trashing America which she will not tolerate. This led into a row about who was the greater supporter of gay rights - Austin or Janice. I reckon Janice won because all her friends died of AIDS and she has therefore raised her children in a homophobia free household and because of this they actually go round doors on behalf of AIDS charities.
Poor Austin - a gay man who lives the life outdone by a domineering straight woman who knows better than he what it is to be gay and oppressed.

The drama of the evening wasn't over yet. A drunken Farrah went to bed but lay there applying lipstick. It was an odd thing to do (such messy pillows in the morning) and she caught James glancing over at her. Well, that started the row to end all rows. She accused James of staring at her and began shouting at him. Four letter words spewed forth until finally Austin intervened. She called both men vulgar names and then leapt out of bed to prowl round them and harrass them. Her language was aggressive and foul and reduced the HMs yet again to stunned silence.

James followed her to the kitchen to make peace. He was polite and reasonable but was shouted down by this screaming harridan, had his mother brought into the row, was insulted in colourful language, was followed when he tried to leave, was even poked in the chest. Finally she let him go with the taunt that he was immature. I don't know how he kept his cool. She was appalling.

In the garden, she complained to Janice and the others about James. She was beginning to rant again but Janice handled her by telling her she was giving away her power and energy. She should imagine wearing a Joan of Arc suit of armour. Farrah obediently crossed her arms over her chest and assumed the Joan of Arc position and saintly expression.
I'm telling you, these American dames are collectively and individually insane.

Later, in the DR, Farrah inssted she would not be made to feel negative by losers.

Poor James.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 9:58 am 
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 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 4:02 pm 
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American Fishwives

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 10:33 pm 
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Kosher Celery

Prime Minister Bobby's task is to get the HMs outside whenever the National Anthem is played to salute the flag. Not easy first thing in the morning and when Farrah doesn't want to salute. The flag salute was followed by a full English breakfast and a hearty hug between Farrah and Jame who have agreed that they don't want to fight. James was so relievedwhen farrah agreed.

In the DR, Janice proclaimed that her role in the house is to help others and be a friend and confidante.(I noticed that last night when she counselled Farrah to wear a Joan of Arc suit of armour) To assist her, she has enlisted the help of Gail and Sherrie.

Chris and James were astonished to find Gail and Sherrie unpacking Janice's suitcases for her, all six of them, while Janice snoozed. She finally awoke and remarked that sea seagulls were different from inland Boreham Wood seagulls.You live and learn. But thinkingg about it, I suppose everything is a bit different in Boreham Wood.

Jenna, James and Austin were outraged that all their beauty products had been removed from the beauty bar, dumped elsewhere, and replaced by all of Janice's armoury of bottled potions. They took up the whole bar. But it has to besaid that her need is greater than theirs. However, they swept her stuff to one side and put their own back. Janice has yet to notice.

In the DR, Daniel explained that Janice is Hollywood trained in a sense of entitlement. Give him his due, he did seem a bit embarrassed by her.

Gail described her career history to Farrah and Jenna. Farrah was mightily impressed by the Houses of Parliament stunt (was she thinking of something similar, say on the White House walls?) but utterly appalled by Gail's alopecia and her refusal to wear a wig.

The task today involved spinning round and round in a chair ( I was giddy watching this) while Big Brother presented some facts about HMs. Contestants had to race to a podium when the chairs stopped spinning and say who BB was talking about. We learned that,amongst other things, Bobby Davro's father was an Olympian and that Chris Elison is a painter and that Sylvester Stallone paid for Janice's breast surgery.
In the end, the USA won the game.

Janice missed dinner and raked through Jenna's fridge to find something to eat, in spite f being told that the fridge was jenna's special fridge containing her special kosher food. Janice seized a head of celery and began munching, saying she ate kosher too. When told, Jenna threatened to eat Janice's CENSORED face and sallied forth to challenge her. She asked jenna to respect hereigion. Janice coolly took a crunchy bite out of a celery stick, right in Jenna's face. Who would have thought there could be so much provocation in a munch of celery? A screaming row ensued, during which neither lady listened to the other, and ended once more with a reqest to respect her religion. Janice was even more provocative in returning the kosher celery to the fridge and in wondering how she was going to srape the kosher butter off the kosher bread.

She later went to Jenna to apologise but shouted her down instead, screaming that her kids are half Jewish and her boyfriend is Jewish, and one of her exes was Jewish. And she hadn't had anything to eat all day and was old and hungry...

Now, I may be wrong, but rabbis bless chicken and meat and the butcher slaughters in a certain way to make them kosher but surely that doesn't apply to vegetables and butter. Neither lady seems to know much about religious practices. In short, a fight over nothing.

An upset Janice wept on Stevie's shoulder, whimpering that she's very famous. She's quite a sight up close - all that plastic surgery has left her face a ruin. She certainly shouldn't cry in public.

An upset Jenna went to the DR and proclaimed her toughness but managing to put a little break in her voce and sqeeze out a tear.

CJ and Stevie were the subject of some discussion. Co-dependant, in the opinion of Jenna and Farrah, and embarrassing in their public displays of affection. I shall pass over Farrah's more crude comments.
Janice, that sympathetic old romantic, told the loved up pair that they should have sex in the house if they felt like it. CJ and Sevie could only stare wistfully at one another and declare they couldn't do that on TV. What they did do was go the the tower to be alone and reminisce about how they first met. CJ felt Stevie's pain and loneliness at first sight...There was more of the same - I almost prefer Farrah's foul mouth.

Bobby, for no apparent reason, brought up the subject of Bill Cosby. Wouldn't you just know that Janice is one of the complainants against him?
Funny coincidence that Bobby should raise that topic...

James protested loudly that Janice is a diva when he found Gail changing her bed for her. Gail smiled like martha and carried on working. Is this real?

Austin is getting frisky with James. They were in the bath together and he asked James to rub his hamstring for him. James wouldn't but Austin insisted it was all right because they both had their speedos on. Austin repeated his request when the pair were in bed. He lay there, all naked and inviting, persisting.James was only saved by Natasha who jumped on the bed. Austin asked Chris if he would do it for a mate Chris gave a DI Burnside gravelly chuckle and siad yes but we all know what that chuckle really meant.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 11:09 pm 
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A Pit Of Vipers


They lie there coiled, in wait for the unwary, then dart like lightning and strike. Vipers and the American Contestants have much in common. Perhaps that's why Natasha, Sherrie, Chris, Bobby, CJ, and Gail hardly ever come out to play, and when they do, hardly ever speak. The Americans are hardened Reality TV stars and know how to play the game: rows, screaming, swearing, and constant sexual references get camera time, this being CH5, and basically I think the British team is too decent to keep up with that. Or possibly they're just too stunned to try. As far as the American contestants go, CH5 have scraped the bottom of the barrel - there are much nicer Americans around than what we're seeing here. But they all seem to be Jeremy Kyle candidates.

They like to stir up trouble, over nothing mostly, and then take offense. For example, James and Austin kicked off the mornig by discussiing their friendship which is not sexual, no never, no no, they're just hanging out. But the 'ladies' discussed their friendship too with much innuendo. In response, James showed an interest in Jenna's rear which was on prominent dispay (she's proud of that rear and it cost her a fortune). Austin asked Farrah if she'd had work done, which apparently he'd asked her about on another occasion. Janice immediately interpreted Austin's question as a provocation and took offense on Farrah's behalf. She went at him like a terrier.
It was all over nothing. A row was sought and a row was got.

In the DR, Austin took offense at the teasing about James's sexuality. After all, James has moisturisers and creams although he's from Yorkshire, and he hasn't told Austin not to try any funny stuff. Probably because he's cool with his own sexuality.
Talk about equivocation.

Meanwhile, James was being quizzed by the girls about Austin's behaviour (you know, the massage my hamstring caper last night). Farrah said it was a slip and slide scenario (an Americanism of coarse origin) and James became very flustered. He insisted that if Austin had tried anything on, he'd have fled to Bobby Davro's bed. Like a viper, Farrah uncoiled and struck and soon the two were engaged in a foul mouthed battle which ended with Farrah strorming out declaring James is immature (her fave taunt when she's not cursing or talking dirty).
Jenna coiled herself up and gave a snakey shrug 'it's just their storyline,' she said.

And that's what it felt like. A storyline rather than a real situation. I could write the script - gay man and straight man/are they or aren't they/will he or won't he? And the Farrah storyline of taking offense at everything and shouting people down.
I don't know that I can stand 4 weeks of this.

James, obviously upset, told Janice and Austin about the row with Farrah. He also told them that arrah had said she was the Queen of Reality TV. Janice was incensed. They obligingly escorted James back into the house because he was too nervous to go by himself. Janice was loaded for bear. She announced that there were to be no more remarks about people's sexual preference. Farrah took Janice to mean her (which she did) and loudly protested her innocence. Austin made some very coarse remarks about Farrah's various enhancements and before you could say hissing snake, they were off again, shouting and swearing. Janice managed a hiss of her own 'I am the Queen of Reality' she declared venomously.

Janice, the champion of gay men (remember her children are being brought up in a homophobia free household as wella as being versed i matters like kosher celery) took the matter to Prime Minister Bobby who had hitherto stayed out of the way. She wanted something done about jibing about sexuality. Reluctantly, Bobby tried to reason with puff adder Farrah but was shouted down for his trouble. She just kept shouting, even when Austin protested that he was a married man and that James was straight, so they weren't up to anything.
Austin got nasty with the curse words too. Farrah swore some more at full volume until finally Scoop pulled her away.

BB sent for Austin to cool down and he ranted about Farrah winding him up.
She does of course but again, he is easily wound up. Like Fararh herself, he goes looking for offense.

Jena is a subtle serpent. She told James not to feel uncomfortable with Austin and to ensure that Austin didn't get wound up to the extent he did something crazy.
Silly Jenna - Austin is quite in control of himself, driving other peole crazy
She also advised James nt to make himself the entre of the drama. Actually, it's Farrah who'sdoing that.

Farrah made peace with Austin wh said she'd disrespected both James and his own husband with her insinuations. But they hugged in te end - until the next time.

CJ (the first appearance all night) confessed that she feared being evicted. Unfortunately, Stevie practically guaranteed eviction by going to the bath with Austin and james wearing tiny pink briefs and 20 pounds of flab. Farrah and Jenna were there to, Frrah wearing the huge pendant earrings which she never seems to take off. The other girls wondered f CJ wasn't jealous of Stevie being in there with them. This had the desired effect - off went CJ to check up on Stevie. (I don't imagine the ladies at the bath would look twice at Stevie but he is precious to CJ, I suppose). They had a very quiet British row with things left unsaid rather than bawled out and Stevie left in no doubt that CJ was not pleased. The others must have been so disappointed.

Janice complained to Prime Minister |Bobby that the men were hogging the bath and she couldn't have one. Bobby went to sort it out and discovered that there was no more hot water. Janice tackled Austin about this and , I'm sure you've guessed, sparked another row. the recipe as before : lots of shouting and swearing.

Meanwhile, Bobby was trying to get the bath hoggers to clean up after them, only to be told that Gail was already cleaning it. Janice blew up at Austin again on Gail's behalf, perhaps forgetting that she had Gail unpacking her suitases and making her bed for her. Austin didn't forget and war broke out again. More shouting etc and the repetition of 'bitch' from Austin. This time, Janice spat at Austin, actualy spat, while poor Bobby tried ineffectually to make the peace. The Americans weren't having it, especially Jenna, who resents his authority and called him 'Dogface'

In the DR, Janice described Austin swearig at her and denied utterly that she had spat at him. She said she only made a spitting motion.

Back in the bedroom, Jenna was looking for an argument and tackled Janice for calling her selfish in the matter of the bath. I couldn't be bothered following the argumant because it was like allthe others - mist and vapours and lots of offensiveness. Far more interesting was Jenna's attire. Does she reaqlly go to bed in her jammies, tattos anda baseball cap? Janice finally bedded down in the living room to get away from that ranting creature.

In the DR, Austin shouted and swore about Janice and complained officially that Janice spat at him. He demanded consequences.

BB duly sent for her after reviewing the incident . I was expecting her to be evicted. People have been evicted for less. But she only got a warning. That isn't right. Spitting isn't acceptable behaviour. Of course BB has already lost an HM after evicting Tyla.
Anyway, Janice said she's very sorry.

This house is out of control. Nearly half the HMs are never seen and the other half are behaving appallingly. Time to do something, BB.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Tue Sep 01, 2015 10:21 pm 
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Royal Command Performance

The first thing I noticed tonight was that James had moved to Bobby Davro's bed I expect he feels safer there.

Janice made a most humble apology to Austin first thing this morning. He refused to accept it as he'd only just woken up. Very dismissive he was. Very peevish. Very graceless. Especially when it transpired that BB had reviewed the tape and discovered that Janice had not spat in his face at all. Whether that meant she spat in his general direction, or as she claimed, that she'd only made a spitting motion, I don't know, but he complained to BB that he'd had to listen to a Janice monologue this morning. He threatened to spit in her face and was warned by BB not to whereupon he got up and walked out of theDR.

If BB thinks he can exert some kind of control over this very unpleasant young man, he can think again. Austin's not quite stable.

CJ was still in a pet about last night's bath incident. She had Stevie reassuring her and telling her he loved her and promising not to upset her again...

The biggest drama of the evening came from Janice when she dived into the DR saying she'd been bitten by a bee. She showed her hand and how blackness was spreading from there up her arm and she needed medical treatment before the blackness reached her heart. I fell about laughing at the drama queen until she fitted and was carted away in an ambulance.
I was consumed with guilt for laughing until I realised she must have a medication for such eventualities - Somewhere in her six suitcases she must have those little needles that get plunged into the flesh when someone suffers from anaphylactic shock.
She returned from the hospital, pathetically grateful to hospital staff for their kindness, and bravely decided not to lie down and rest but to enter into house life as if nothing had happened. Perhaps nothing did. Perhaps something did. The Queen of Reality TV is a riddle wrapped in an enigma.

Chris made a visit to the DR. I had forgotten he was there at all. He didn't say much, just that Janice had always been nice to him but I feel I have to mention it since it has been his sole contribution so far.

Austin discussed Janice with Daniel. He repeatedly called her a bitch and said he loves to see her cry. What a nasty he is. What a spiteful creature. Even when Bobby gave up his premiership and spcifically mentioned that the HMs were all glad she's returned to the house, his lip curled. Yeuch!

BB delivered some refreshments which the Brits quickly nabbed as apparently the Americans have been hogging all the wine. Jenna objected, of course, saying that she had shared out her kosher wine and now had none. One word borrowed another and in the end, Chris gave her his wine. Then Gail appeared and gave Chris hers. She looked very anxious. I think she was trying to stave off a row. She clearly doesn't thrive o arguments the way the others do.

Farrah, as usual, lowered the tone even further by remarking that james does not wear briefs and eveything is showing through his joggers. leer leer.
BB, what were you thinking off putting tarts into the house?

In the DR, Daniel said he didn't come into the house not to win, and unlike some people, Jmes and Astin for example, he didn't show off his assets to appeal to to the female audience.

Honestly, Daniel, I assure you that James and Austin are very unappealing to this woman anyway. In fact, their posing half naked is ludicrous, as Bobby very cleverly demonstrated. He appeared at the bath and slipped off his robe to reveal wobbling flab spilling over red speedos like the ones the Dynamic Duo wear. he shook it all about and everyone, including James and Austin, laughed. But I don't think they understood thathe was sending them up when he shook it all about!

Farrah and Jenna are convinced the British girls don't like them. They know because of the sidelong glances they get. Farrah doesn't care what anyone thinks. Jenna doesn't care asshe gets on better with the boys.
We know, jenna. It's a career with you.

BB has decided to make the Brits more prominent and has made them the House Royal family. The Americans will be their loyal servants, trained to regal service by Paul Burrell, the world's greatest butler.

Booby and Sherrie are King and Queen and the rest are kes an Coutesses and Lords and Ladies. They appeared two by two dressed in a dazzling display of medals and sashes and glittering tiaras.
Paul ahs appointed janice the palace cook since she won't even make a slice of toast. Farrah is to be housemaid and get her hands dirty. And so on.

I hope Paul ahs been given some sanctions to apply to disorderly palace staff, else the whole task fails.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 10:48 pm 
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Toddlers And Tiaras

The HMs managed to get through most of the show without too many rows/ It was nomination time and so perhaps they wee being careful.

Janice and Austin cleared the air yet again - didn't their mothersever tell them that if you don't stop picking at it it will never get better? Anyway, it was sweet th way he accepted her apogy this time and hugged her and then went straight into the DR and nominated her. He also nominated Farrah because she has no depth - he wouldn't recognise depth if he fell down the Mariana Trench.

Farrah, Janice and Jenna were popular nominess, mostly on the grounds of their unpredictable explosiveness, plian bad manners nd self obsession. Those who nominated Chris did so not for what he does in the ouse but for hardly being there at all. Stevie is liked but CJ is not and some HMs regretted not being able to vote just one of them out.
In the end, Farrah, Jenna, Janice, Chris CJ and Stevie, and Daniel are all up for eviction.

There were one or two little snippets of conversation which I enjoyed. I enjoyed Janice's tale of her acting career. A few scenes she did with Jim Carrey in 'Earth Girls Are Easy' were unbeknownst to her, edited out. She found out when she brought friends to see the film. Hollywood also wanted her for 'Pretty Woman'and Raiders of The Lost Ark' but she couldn't learn the lines.

CJ is a sly puss, teling Janice about a joke Daniel had made at her expense. That caused a little flutter in the hen coop and cost Daniel a nomination.

CJ and Stevie had a couple of arguments. They always end up with her weeping and him declaiming that they're getting married next year. It's so sweet - they huddle together in the toilet for private rowing, apparently unaware that all the HMs can overhear them. They are exceptionally tedious. One laugh at their expense though - he accused her of looking at James overmuch. I would look at James too if Stevie was my partner as he's rather dashing in his miltary uniform and cap whereas Stevie is not.

The big row of the evening came when he servants were expected to work for the Royals. Jenna reckons the Americans are being punished by hard labour in spite of Paul's assurances that that isn't so. He's a worker/she's a worker and they must all work together, as a team. He must be kidding. Farrah refused to shake hands with Paul or even to say hello. He has made the mistake of trying to oil his way into their favour by flattering. They ain't buyin' it.

Things came to a head when it was tie to clean up before bed. Janice declared that she was too spent to wash dishes. Farrah immediately responded with a threat to break all the dishes and then there woudn't be any to wash. Austin barred the bedroom door to Janice so that she couldn't get to bed (unseemly somehow - a young powefully built man physically blocking a 60 year old's way). Jenna threatened to strip Janice's bed so that she can't go to bed. Oh, not nice, toddler tantrums and wild juvenile threats.
Janice was last seen buzzing at the DR door while Gail sat weeping because as a royal, she wasn't allowed to do the dishes.
Paul is rather out of his comfort zone dealing with these strangely egalitarian but spoiled Americans.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Fri Sep 04, 2015 11:56 am 
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Gross and Grosser

Apologies for my late posting but I had surprise visitors last night and had to lave CBB till this morning. That was a mistake. The sights we saw last night should not be viewed so soon after breakfast.

HMs, servant class, were awakened by strident bugle calls this morning; HMs, Royal class, awoke to pleasant Vivaldi while the servants prepared breakfast. However, they are in for a surprise (apart from the incredibly ugly poached eggs Janice prepared which King Bobby somehow managed to eat.) The servants' real task, acting like paparazzi, is to disgrace the Royals and catch them in compromising positions.

It was with a growing sense of unease that I saw Daniel in the DR, oozing about the honour of being on TV along with Burrell who had once been butler to Princess Diana,and how he hoped that his fellow Americans would be respectful.

Respectful of Burrell - yes, of course. Aren't we all?

Meanwhile, Burrell was holding court in the garden telling cutesie stories about the Queen. The ironed £5 note she carries, carefuly folded into squares with the Queen's head showing, was lovingly described. And Diana's need for Burrell to be there, his overfamiliar dropping of Dodi's name, the last phone call from Paris... utterly tasteless. Just when you thnk Ch5 can't go any lower, it finds Burrell.

CJ and Stevie are still trying to inject a little drama into their relationship while nothing is actually happening. Stevie's insecurities were brought up again but CJ tried to dissolve them with the heartfelt declaration that if he only had half a face and was in a wheelchair, she'd still love him. After a pep talk from James who managed to look totally uninterested while motivating Steie to have more self confidence, CJ and Stevie embraced. A little later, they went off for a romp in their bed as Stevie was quite overcome with passion.
We've seen romps done better on BB, but what made this one gross was that Stevie, afraid that no one would notice his inflamed passions, kept up a running commentary about what was going on under the quilt. Oh, dear, gross, gross, gross. But CJ had kept her tiara, which appeared to be glued to her skull) on so that made it classy..

Daniel, meanwhile, was indulging in passion himself - Janice was sampling the Royals' food and put the spoon she had licked back in the bowl. Daniel was outraged, I think genuinely outraged. Other people have to eat from that, he yelled.
I like a man who is passionate about hygiene. Jenna also had words with Janice (four letter ones but, hey, Janice gives as good as she gets so that's ok). They were sent to the Tower to peel potatoes as punishment.

But the purpose of incarceration in the Tower wasn't really KP. They were there so that that they could hear James and Natasha being interviewed by Royal Correspondent, Jenny Bond (I'm surorised she lowered erself to this). It was the usual BB tactic of causing dissension. Natacha was asked how she felt about being called a washed up has-been by all but one of her fellow Brits. Both James and Natasha were led into speaking disparagingly of Jenna, Farrah, and Janice.
When they were released from the Tower, Janice and Jenna rushed to spread the gossip.
We've still to see the fall out from that one.

More grossness from Burrell - he had his shirt off inthe bathroom revealing a nice par of breasts. Scoop, ever the gentleman, thought his main problem was grey in his hair. He applied a lotion that black people use in the States to conceal grey hair. It just made Burrell look as if he'd b;eached his face. He kept repeating 'Now I'm a little black boy ' as Scoop crowed about helping him out with an American product.

A Ball was held for the Royals that evening. Discrediting the lords and ladies could now begin. he and Daniel set them up tp be photographed in fake compromising positions,such as Austin being in a clinch with Stevie. In the DR after, Austin claimed to love being conniving and scheming. But not on this show, he hurriedly added.

Scoop decided to mediate between Farrah and james when he discovered that James had been doing some deep thinking about Farrah and concluded that her toughness was just a hard shell she'd developed after a tough life.
Is he kidding? The woman's a barracuda!
However, Scoop brought Farrah over to James so that they could reach an understanding of one another. Embarrassingly, James tried boyish charm on her. She was instantly suspicious and looked murderous at his clumsy attempts to let her know that he truly understood her.

They did make up, sort of, and James now reckons that Farrah fancies him.
Poor James - Farrah knows what he said about her in the interview. We've still to get her reaction to that.

The grossest sight of the evening was at the end. Jenna stripped off to get ready for bed and gave viewers a thrill by displaying her surgically enhanced rear end. It is huge: you could display all your china knick-knacks on that shelf of buttock and still have room for your mother's wedding china. She cannot even walk properly because it's so huge. To think that she paid to get that done. there's nowt so queer as a porn queen!

Eviction night tonight. I am not thrilled by any of them as yet so I don't really care who goes. It mgiht be a kindness to let CJ and Stevie out so that they can sate their passions, I suppose.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Fri Sep 04, 2015 10:43 pm 
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Teacups and Tears

Queen Sherri and King Bobby went for a stroll round the garden. Queen Sheerie tripped on her cloak and fell into a bush. That's the first time she's actually done something on the show.

Farrah and Janice had another of their juvenile spats over food hygiene. This time Farrah was the offended and Janice was quick to criticise. They did that thing that children do - repeated the insults flung at them. Oh, really, they even called one another Toots.

Janice allowed herself to be found crying in the bedroom. She wouldn't say what was wrong but nly fled to the toilets where thay all crowded in with her offering condsolation. She wails that she can't be Janice in the house as the Brits don't understand that she doesn't mean to be cruel.
Oh, we understand all right, Janice.

BB decided to treat the Royal Family to a spiffing afternoon tea. The staff were allowed to elect 2 of their members to join them. Of course it was a secret task. Farrah and Austin had to make the Royals angry to complete the shopping task. Farrah took to being provocative like a duck to water. She immediately attacked CJ over her relationship with Stevie while Austin wanted to discuss the remarks about natasha being a has been, all this before the Roayals had even taken a bite out of the cream scones. The Royals were stunned by the rudeness of it, and it got worse. Farrah acused James of beng a gay homo and made some very coarse sexual remarks. James told her off (he did well tonight, tackling tht appalling woman). The Brits sat in disbelief as Farrah's crude onslaught continued. James reminded her that she's a mother (bet she isn't raising her child in a homophobia-free household) and Natasha said she hadn't heard anything like what she said since playground days. So Farrah accused Gail and Natasha of being lesbians. Gail had been close to tears surrounded by strawberries and cream and the tide of sewage from Farrah's mouth but it got too much too bear and she left the room. James told Farrah to shut her filthy mouth and went to comfort Gail. CJ started to cry and so did Natasha. It really was a deeply unpleasant scene. I couldn't help remembering the days when CBB was fun.

Farrah and Austin went about the house bragging about their success in the task. In the background, a still furious James decided with Gail that there was no point in trying to get on with Farrah. BB sent for Farrah in the middle of her goating an warned her about offensive language. She insisted it was a task and made a perfunctory apology.
When she came to the house to explain the task and make her apologies, all lit up with her own cleverness, she got a very flat reception. Gail told her straight that there were other ways to make them angry that weren't so offensive and ignored her apology.

That might have been an amusing task but farrah doesn't know when to stop or what the boundaries are. It was actually quite horrible.

BB reveaed the nominaton results. Jenna noted that the bug USA characters were all nominated. That's because the Brits felt threatened by them, she said.
No dear, it's because you're ghastly. But in the DR, she said that the publc would save her because she still has much to give. She wants Farrah saved too.

As soon as they knew they were nominated, Stevie and CJ hit the duvet. The sound effects this time were fabulous.

Austin and Janice had another row about the bath. He shouted and swore at her - he really is foul. Janice wept.

In the garden, Gail vented about the rows and arguments. She pleaded for HMs to work together to make the show work. She had a go at CJ for all the duvet acrobatics - they are in the bed next to hers and she has asked them before not to make her feel uncomfortable. CJ whined about being in love but Gail stood her ground. She's fed up with seeing them mount one another and all the noise.

The task over, Burrell left the house. Glad to see the back of that unctuous creep.

Daniel was the evictee tonight. That did surprise me. But he gave a good humoured and very gracious interview. It is this series tragedy that the harpies are hogging air time. I think we maywell be missing good people.
I did learn something from Daniel's interiew. Apparently inNew Yrk f you eae you cigarette packet ling open on the table, it's an invitation to others to have one. Natasha nominated him because he took one of hers!

Anyway, two brits shonetonight: James for tackling Farrah and Gal for doing some straight talking and refusing to play the gae and accepet an apology that was never sincere.

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The Day of The Harpy


They loom over the house, the harpies Jenna and Farrah, striking at everyone, hissing gently to themselves as a warning to the others. Harpy Jenna even has a wax figure of herself in Madame Tussaud's, much to Farrah's envy, but whether she's there because she's famous, or in the House of Horrors because of the freakishness of her behind, or alongside Dr Crippen for the nastiness of her nature, I cannot say.

It was back to Eviction Day again. Last night's fights were forgotten and combatants reconciled. Gail came to CJ to take her orders for breakfast and in between the sausages and bacon laughingly referred to last night's row. Laugh. Sorry about that. Laugh. Really. Laugh. And I still don't want to see you and Stevie dry humping al over the house. Wild laughter. I suppose it was a reconciliation of sorts.

In the DR, Austin blasted Farrah and Janice and then faced them smiling.
See? Peace at last.

The task today was set for Stevie and CJ to test how well they really know one another. It was as usual framed to cause dissension. You don't ask CJ who the most attractive male is, or vice versa for Stevie unless you're hoping for an insecurity meltdown. It was so disappointing - all the couple managed was a mild half hearted bicker Also included in the quiz were very personal questions about their intimate lives. That was just embarrassing.

Paul, at his creepy best, oozed over farrah insisting that she fancies James. She denied. He persisted.
What age is he? 57 going on 14?

For winning their task, Stevie and CJ were awarded a luxury picnic in the garden. She sat there in evening dress and jewels feeding him titbits while he declared his love in a !,000 ways.

Farrah unsheathed her harpy claws at Gail, saying she admired Gail's courage in not getting dressed up for the eviction. 'Someday,' Farrah trilled breezily, 'I'll be down there with you.' Pause to adjust hair and lipstick. 'But I'm still young.'

Jenna confided Farrah that she fears the public will be disappointed in her for not going round like a hooker.
Not to worry, Jenna, your coarseness and vulgarity are unmistakeably a mark of your hooker-ship.

Jenna and Farrah also discussed Austin's wavering allegiance. He seems to spend more time with the Brits. They think he nominated them too.
And they're surprised?

Jenna was in a foul mood over Daniel's eviction. She cursed and swore and anted to facepalm his nominators.
Poor Show, Jenna.

Austin and Jenna had a spat about breakfast. Even in this argument she managed to find something crude to say. Later in the bedroom, Farrah and Jenna attacked Austin for his suspected disloyalty. Also for not showing Daniel enough respect at his eviction - he joked apparently. The fact that Daniel was the cook in the house seemed her main concern.The harpies tried to influence his future nominations - he should stick to his own, they said.

Austin made his escape but Farrah followed him, screaming he was a backstabbing CENSORED. Her rant was like a stream of molten lava flowing round the house, full of expletives and disgusting references. She kept turning to leave, then caming back to heap more abuse on his head. She got right in his face - I don't know how he resisted thumping her. Jenna joined in on the subject of national loyalty.
The pair of them were absolutely horrible.
In the DR, Bobby complained of the confrontational style of the American women. He said they were aways looking for fights.He went on to forgive Farrah as she's a lost soul.

James could have tod him about forgiving Farrah. He told her that he didn't want to fgt with her, e would rather be friends, but he was just about gving up on her. She asked again if he'd noinated her. She and Jenna laughed at him but once he'd gone, Jenna went all coo-ey and said that he liked Farrah a lot.

Farrah is just vain enough to believe her.

The HMs shared out Daniel's empty wardrobe space. Bobby offended Jenna by offering her some - the edtors must have cut a bit out because how she could possibly take offense at that I cannot understand. Anyway, she hurled insults about his legs and his arse (this is Jenna of the Great Protuberance behind her) out of left field.

Bobby ignored her more or less, and farrah, always ready for a fight, came after him. She was extra vicious because she was doing this on behalf of her friend Jenna. Same as with Austin - a stream of obscenities and expletives directed at a man old enough to be her father. Bobby let her rant, occasionally inserting an objection to her filthy language, occasionally laughing at her. He told her she was letting herself down but he kept his cool. She jsut doesn't know when to stop. On and on she went till she had exhausted herself. Sitting on her bed beside all this was Natasha, looking suicidal. Farrah is ear shattering.

In the DR later, Natasha dripped venom about Farrah's consistent abrasiveness. Then admitted she just wanted to punch her.
Later, she and Bobby discussed the American women and were joined by Jance, who admitted embarrassment and shame at Jenna and Farrah's behaviour. She asked to be allowed to hang out with the Brits.

Watch yourself with Janice, Bobby and Natasha. Just watch yourself.

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“It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done..."

You'll be pleased to know that Farrah and Jenna have graciously forgiven James and Bobby for their bad behaviour last night. Doesn't that make you all warm and fuzzy inside?

Gail too was on a lighter note, in charge of the kitchen at long last, units to clean and meals to make...She was quite wound up about which to do first but that problem disappeared like snow off a dike when she discoverd the irty toilet someone had left for her to clean.

The Task tonight was a silly one involving HMs getting dressed up as hot dogs and sliding down a giant slide thick with mustard and ketchup gunk. Team USA went the furthest and so won the game. After Janice screeched out the American National Anthem, the HMs found out what that foolish game was worth: Team USA got to elect a President (fulsome and saccharine praise of Scoop whom they elected) who had a killer nomination to make, and the rest of his team were declared immune from nomination, although they can nominate.
Team Britain are floating like ducks in a barrel. I guess that's Farrah and Jenna safe then.

In the DR, Scoop had to decide on his nominiaton. He did it very quickly, saying he had to take it like a man. Actually, it was Chris, his nominee, who had to take it like a man: Scoop nommed him because he doesn't like him and because he contributes nothing to the house.

Chris was very gracious about all that was said, agreeing that he's a non contributor and rather reserved.
I felt rather sorry for him. He actualy shook hands with Scoop!

The whole house was punished for Janice, James and CJ's nomination talk last night. They are without hot water for the foreseeable future. Farrah, still covered in hot dog gunk, was furious at Janice and expressed it in her usual colourful style. As did Jenna. But why blame only Janice? CJ and james escaped without censure.

In the DR, Austin declared that Janice didn't exist for him any more. She doesn't care about anyone else and is a toxic presence.

Scoop was bowled over by his election and the things his fellow HMs said about him : wonderful father, good frid, peacemaker, fair...he repeated them to Natasha, wonderingly. He's never been elected to anything before.

HMs partied to celebrate the inauguration of their President. Even Chris got up and danced and then licked the salt from supine Austin's navel and took the lemon slice out of his mouth with his teeth. A novel way of making tequila. Sherrie ahd to do this too. I think that's the first time we've seen her move apart from the time she fell into the hedge.

In a quieter moment, Gail conided in some HMs that she felt uglt. She said that since losing her hair, she sometimes for abuse and rcounted the tale of a van driver who taunted her. Austin listened closely, then told her thatshe was an amazing personality; that there were beautiful women in the house with great figures and beautiful hair, but who were real btches. hair didn't matter. All agreed with that but Gail glumly said that if they wokwe up next day with no hair, they'd think differently.

Austin immediately insisted she shave his head which Gail duly did, half laughing half crying.

Genuine gesture of solidarity? Or game plan? Funny they happened to have a set of hair clippers to hand.

Gail sat with Natasha and Sherrie and said thatfor all the shouting and screaming in the house, which made her afraid, there were great people as well, adorable Natasha, adorable, Sherrie, amazing Austin...

In the dR, James was moved by Austin's gesture. Austin is 10 times the man he'll ever be.

Later, he told Austin much the same; also how he had changed his opinion from the first night in the house...Both men were all choked up by the time he'd finished praising his idol for being a very special guy.

Special guy or clever game player? He is after all a professional reality person. In the DR, he was obviously full of his own wonderfulness as he told about helping Gail. He wept and milked it some more. Through tears, he said the USA team was only out for itself (unlike him) and that his heart was with the Brits. Hmmm...

British dramas were small potatoes compared to this. Bobby went sleepwalking round the bedroom. The trouble was that t was hard to tell the difference between Bobby sleepwalking and Bobby awake.
Natasha threw a tiny hissy fit because she's Gail's best friend in the house and was only called adorable like all the others.
Oh, dear - go shave your head, Natasha.

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Fix My F****** Flipflop

I needed to rest awhile after the show until I felt strong enough to post. It was a draining evening. I should have known it would be, of course, because the voiceover at the start of the show has upped the alert to 'torrents of abuse'.

DR Scoop bragged of his skill in handling Janice. People are enjoying his Presidency, he said.

This was ironic in the light of what happened next. Although everything looked peaceful enough as Janice gave Stevie yoga lessons and her philosophy of life. Her priorities in life are her sobriety, her familyand her community. She never had nannies, you know, and resigned her crown to Cindy Crawford.

BB cleared the lounge of Brits so that the Americans could discuss who they would like to nominate. The discussion consisted of Jenna and Farrah getting their way, not listening to anyone else, and talking over them. Auatin was singled out for his attachment to James which has been diverting him from the right and proper attitude which is to follow Jenna's lead. Gail, Stevie/CJ were dismissed as not worthy competitors. After shaving his head for solidarity with Gail, Austin quite happily nominated her for solidarity with Jenna and Farrah.
In the end, Bobby, Gail, Stevie/CJ and Chris are all up for eviction.

Gail was despondent, homesick and paranoid. CJ/Stevie took refuge in the toilet and comforted one another. Bobby told Scoop it was just a game but that Gail crying had upset him. Scoop responded that people not built for war should leave the house.
These Americans are competitive to the point of insanity.

In the DR, Jenna felt that Scoop was a poor President, unable to make hard decisions.

I think the problem is that he can't get a word in edgeways, Jenna. But sometimes it's good to let Jenna rattle on. She actually said 'the game is not about feelings, it's business'. Well, I'm sure she's said that many times in her career.

Scoop had to call the house together to explain that they were facing food shortages and to get their cooperation in accepting rationing. Jenna was instantly defensive of her food policy although no one was blaming her, I think. But she went on, and on, and on until finally a weary James pointed out that past was past and that they concentrate on what they had to do now. She still went on and on and on. A pity there is no off switch. No wonder Janice carried on with her yoga in the DR.

BB delivered a supply of alcohol - ber, vodka, and one bottle of wine, Kosher. The Brits, who likw wine, opened the botle and started drinking it. Farrah was outraged on whiny Jenna's behalf, of course. Jenna is very good at lighting the blue touch paper and retiring to a safe distance.Farrah launched into another trade. Even quiet Chris was moved to swear and say that he was tired of American voices.

In the DR, gail was still upset a being nominated. It had been a long day. A cry day. A nominated day. She doesn't know what she's done wrong.

Jenna was still on anbout the food supply. I don't really understand what she was on about, but on and on she went. No one else got to say anything - this is her tactic. She just talks over anyone. An exhausted James departed. Natasha tried to have some input but was shouted down. Scoop tried to exercise some reasonable authority but was also shouted down.
An exhausted Natasha joined the others in the garden where they had all taken refuge from Jenna and Farrah. She reproached them for not backing her up.

Later, Farrah had a go at Natasha for being negative towards her. And towards our president Scoop 'Shame on you,' she declared several times, her screechy voice rising higher and higher. Curse words fell like autumn leaves in a gale. Nobody else was allowed to speak or reason, not even the President - he was just shouted down. She flew across the room and got right in Natasha's face. The men moved in closer - she was certainly about to attack Natasha. Bb saw it too and sent for her to come to the DR. Farrah woudn't go. She just kept on screaming and cursing. She turned on Sherrie too and then on BB himself. She wouldn't sit down in the DR and wouldn't listen to BB. She had a flipflop in her hand and kept insisting that BB fix her f****** flipflop and telling BBto f*** off. Then she left.
She was soon back the DR, tirading about her fellow HMs being f****** scum she wanted to kill.

Jenna, in the mean time was browbeating the other HMs, still on the subject of the food supply. Bobby said she should be more sensitive to other people's feelings. She reckoned those who were sensitive should leave the house. Jenna, the Queen of Porn, tattooed and ludicrous in her navy playsuit and her enormous bahookie thrust out behind her, laid down te law.

Meanwhile, Farrah was still raving in the DR until BB finally got her to do some deep breathing exercises.
It's a dose of largactyl she needs. And a strait jacket. And a gag.

The Furies, Jenna and Farrah


Scoop tried to reason with Jenna but got nowhere. She had not finished trying to bludgeon everyone into submission. Janice criticised Scoop's efforts, and the next thing you know, he was shouting and swearing too. And finished by proudly declaring that he was 'Presidential as f***'

I shall close on that note.

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Process that, Toots!

A jaw dropping episode tonight, some suprises o tel of. I pretty near spontaneously combusted at some points but mellowed inthe face of real courage at others.
Where to start?

Why, we'll start with hot water which has been restored already. Some punishment, BB?
Then we'll move on to the hot water Scoop has foud himself in. In the DR, he complained that he's getting it in the neck from everyone: Farrah, Jenna, Janice,'s tough at the top.

Farrah complained loudly about Sherrie (who pushed her towards the DR last night) and said that she was ot the sort of person to put up with someone pushing her.
She appears to have forgotten that she had been ordered to the DR and that Sherrie helped her along before she killed somebody. Jenna, ever ready to add fuel to the flames, reminded her that Bobby and Chris helped Sherrie too. Suddenly, Farrah saw that she had been attacked by a gang.

Scoop assembled the the HMs to deliver a lecture about what went down last night. They do love picking over the bones in this house. He pointed out that they were all going to lookpretty stupid making such a fuss about ood when there are people out there starving. He warned them to cooperate because image is everything. You could see that last comment struck home with Farrah and Jenna.

Farrah and Jenna had a confab when the meeting broke up. The Porn Queen and the Sex tape queen agreed that the other HMs didn't understand what Scoop said because they can't process stuff. Never ones to give up having their version of events accepted, they collared President Scoop to go over last night again and fill in moe details. Farrah complained about Natasha's profanity (yes, she really did, Farrah who never uses any word that doesn't have four letters). Subtly, Natasha became the foul mouthed harridan of the drama. Jenna agreed, encouraging Farrah's grievance.
I must have been watching a different show from the one they were in. They see themselves as the victims of injustice.Jaw dropping.

Scoop approached Natasha for a little chat. She said she couldn't take any more of Farrah getting in her face and that Jenna and Farrah had a pack mentality.
Poor Scoop - every word she said was true ut he has his loyalty to Team America to consider.

Bobby told Scoop that he couldn't believe the venom of the Amercan women. Scoop cracked - he ain't seen nothin' yet, he sighed.

The moment of courage I referred to came from, of all people, James. He entered the den where all the Americans are to speak on behalf of the Brits and of the great gulf that lay between them and the Americans in styles of behaviour. He came under instant attack from Jenna and Farrah who informed him that they would do things the American way. He told them how aggressively they come across and that they were intimidating.

Scoop backed him by saying that James wasn't used to the way they talk. James agreed and said they were disrespectful. Instantly Farrah jumped in with the idea that she would respect people who respected her. But james, politely and firmly, pressed home his point about her confrontational attitude and language. She denied utterly that she ever cussed (really) but he did get to her for a little while - she was almost tearful saying that she was working on these things in therapy and that she behaved in a way she was taught by her parents, her dad.

This might have been one of those revealing little gems BB comes up with sometimes, but all it became was a Farrah tactic to deflect criticism.
Hasn't her therapist told her that anything she does over the age of 21 is her own fault? I guess she doesn't process anything that dents her ego.

Jenna is a two faced creature. She fans the flames of Farrah's inner rages, backs her to the hilt, but agreed with Natasha's assessment of Farrah when in private conversation. Natasha was so pleased!
Silly - Jenna is a fake through and through and is very adept at manipulation.

Farrah, to show that she really is a good person, sought out Sherrie to apologise to her for last night, while making it perfectly clear that it was all Sherrie's fault. Sherrie looked confused. Small wonder.

Janice, for some reaso known only to herself, whispered a litany of loving praise to CJ/Stevie while they were hiding under the duvet. An odd little moment.

Predictaby, it was Chris who was evicted tonight. I never saw an HM so happy to leave the house. He said in his interview that it was crazy in the house with all the arguments and shouting and screaming. Conversation was dominated by loud Americans who never listened and that he had found it hard to stay sane. He singled Farrah out for special mention. Again, predictably, his best bits showed Chris participating and laughing etc which never made it on to the highlights show.

Emma has announced the latest twist. The next eviction on Friday will be a fake double eviction (secret room time) but this time the HMs will be aware that they are being observed from a SR although the SR inhabitants won't know this.

I am having a hard time processing this so I shall leave it there.

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Satan's Banners

HMs tonight revealed their true colours; according to Farrah, the Brits are agents of Satan, especially Bobby. But I'll come to that.

The show started off quietly enough. Gail had a minor spat with CJ because CJ didn't know where the pots and pans were - well, after 12 days in the house... CJ, that pallid princess, was upset by Gail's remark, quite tearful in fact, and Janice came to her aid, reprimanding Gail. Gail then made an apology to CJ, saying sorry like a slap in the face. But CJ seemed satisfied and came for a hug.

Janice was very glam tonight in a Hollywood style catsuit. She looked years younger with all her makeup on - remarkable for a woman her age. She was almost kittenish. You could see what she once was.

CJ was frightfully worried about eviction and cried. Austin mocked her again, and Gail got angry. I think Gail and her anxiety are getting to them.

Chris was evicted. Jenna and James both felt that he was ready to go. Jenna told James that Gail was a beast and that she wouldn't like to be in her line of fire.
She's so unaware of her own impact. Gail is a bit of a nippy sweetie, but hardly a beast. Yyperbole is Jenna's middle name.

In the DR, Gail was so grateful to have been saved by the public. But she is being driven mad by CJ's many little collapses of nerve.

Stevie and CJ shared a moment in mutual admiration of her gorgeousness. Meanwhile, Janice was in the DR railing against Austin who had upset CJ by mocking her accent.
Well, it is a very strange accent, somewhat affected.

BB announced that Scoop's presidency was now over and that the house would be nominating immediately. Face to face. And what a round of nominations it was. I don't think we've ever seen anything like it. The Brits came out gunning for Farrah. James nominated her because of her aggression. He'd spent time with her but nothing changed. True.

Farrah began rocking from side to side - hypnotically, mesmerisingly, alarmingly - as he spoke. Yes, it was alarming.

Bobby was next to nominate her and he didn't pull his punches. He said that, although she looked beautiful, she was the ugliest person he'd ever had to share time with.
She rocked even harder in her chair.
He referred to her unattractive venom and foul language. She rocked and rocked.
Jenna instantly interrupted him and he had to shut her up.
He went on to say that Farrah's attitude caused rows in the house.
Farrah rocked some more and congratulated him for trying to bring a woman down but that she was a happy, glorious, praise the lord kind of woman and he couldn't.
Bobby's second nomination was Gail for the reason that she was being constantly upset by Farrah.
Farrah began cursing and shouting. BB warned her to be quiet but she would not and actually got up and swore even more. BB told her to sit down and she refused screaing that Satan should sit the f*** down (I presume she meant Bobby). Her abuse of Bobby was dreadful to hear but also incoherent - the only recognisable words were Satan and F***.
She sat down at alst but continued her torrents of abuse.
Natasha had the gumption to nominate Farrah, then Austin. She interrupted him as well after he said she wasn't nice. Cj and Stevie also nominated her.
In the end, Bobby, Farrah, Gail, Jenna and Stevie/ CJ are up for the fake eviction.

Imagine the horror of being locked in a room with Farrah! Because I'm certain that she will go there.

Jenna cursed and swore when she heard that she ad been nominated - sore losers these women, aren't they? She was also angry that Jance had let the Aerican team down by nominating Scoop.

But Farrah kept her venting for the DR. The Brits have Satan inside them, she said. Natasha nominated her because she's jealous of other women. Bobby's negativity can be withstood because it's against God's will...

OK, Farrah.

Outside the DR, James and Austin agreed that Farrah needed to be told, Austin adding that it wouldn't have happened in America.
Jenna tried to get James onside by telling him that Farrah had gone through Hell but James could barely contain his impatience and she sort of trailed off.

Back in the DR, an hour and 20 minutes later, Farrah was still ranting. No one, accordng to her, has to handle as much sh** as she does but she will pray for the Brits. She refused to return to the house and said she would stay in the DR all night.

Back in the house, Austin was chuckling over the fact that Janice was the only HM not to get a nomination. He half admired her craftiness.

Farrah was still babbling in the DR. BB should talk to trashy people full of Satan, not her. And still refused to return to the house.

You can see all the things she's tried to quell her inner rages: the therapy speak;the feminism; religion. She spewed them all out at BB. But they provide her with no comfort and she cannot face the house because she is seeing herself through their eyes.
She should try a little Milton:
"the mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heav'n of hell, a hell of heav'n."
The woman is deranged.

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Plots and Conspiracies

Farrah and Jenna think that they are clever But thay are not. They are smug and content in their cleverness. But they understand nothing.
They haven't noticed that James is walking away with the win right under their noses. They don't see that having the last word isn't a sign of victory : Farrah's grandiosity about her own wonderulness and her chippy last words make her ridiculous - and make James the victor.

Farrah and Boby arn't seaking to one another. He's still bleating about her wounded psyche.
Do I detect a foreshadowing of a journey for Farrah, a journey where her defences are finally cracked and her inner beauty revealed? To take place in the secret room with Bobby? Hmmm...

Only Farrah's and James's points counted in tonight's shopping task although the other HMs didn't know that. Consequently, they all suffered for nothing. For the first part of the task, each had to sacrifice somehing dear to tem - Jaes, for example, had togive up his hair products, Farrah her lipstick, Natasha her son's bracelet, Gail her cleaning, and so on. The big drama came when Stevie and CJ were asked to sacrifice Public Displays of Affection and sleep apart. CJ wept and had to be comforted. As a token of good faith, CJ had to surrender her engagement ring. She wept hysterically (dry-eyed of course) and accused Stevie of not caring so much because he didn;t seem to mind. It's all an act but a very tedious one.

The Americans gathered together and decided on how best to play on the Brits weaknesses. Farrah and Jenna went round the kitchen, noisily cleaning, to upset Gail's OCD. Jance sang a love song near CJ to upset her again. Austin switched beds so that CJ and Stevie were even further apart.
In the field of plotting and conspiracy, they are weak sisters. It all fell predictably flat.

Janice has decided to make er peace wth Austin by braging about he non-homophobic children to him and then offering to have a baby for him and his husband. Austin froze. For once he couldn't think what to say. She insisted that she meant the offer, turkey baster and all. He froze again and turned 40 shades of green.The second part of the task involved HMs

You know, these American women are batshit crazy.

The second part of the task involved HMs in having to rushinto the garden and dance to Scoops music every time a klaxon sounded. There were some bold views of Jenna's outsize rear; that was as interesting as this task got.

No task is complete with out a gungin - congealed vegetable soup, fish guts, rancid cheese - all were poured over the hapless HMs heads. James was actually physically sick more than once and went to the DR to ask fr soe hair products back because he couldn't get rid of the smell
with just water.
Jenna also suffered. She claimed to have the rotten cheese in her vagina. She has nerver douched so much in her life, she said, and that was saying something.
Never said a truer word.

The last segment of the task was one of those horrible 'Which HM is the most...' varkety pf tasks. Predictably, Farrah was voted the most untrustworty, the most boring, the least popular, the least talented, the one most likely to be evicted next - you get the picture. The most interesting thing about it was that she argued back every time, declaring that she was awesome and funny and happy to stand up for herself.
Natasha got it right - in one ear and out the other.

Jenna, thinking she's subtle, told Janice that Natasha was making faces behind her back whenever she spoke.
Jenna is 40 plus but thinks on the level of the third form common room.
I wonder will that crafty old lady Janice fall for it?

Jenna, in the DR, was boiling over with anger at natasha, who is fake, sour, a cancer in the house, and above all, not a good girl.
Says the Queen of Porn.

Farrah and James had another spat - the usual, her swearing and cursing, him reasonabale and polite, she smiling sugly and hurling insults as he left, he eaving her looking like the trash she is.
It is getting tedious now.

Outrageously, Jenna attacked Natasha for nominating her. Foolish Natasha was driven to defend herself. Why didn't she just say that everyone gets nominated? Jenna could start a fight in an empty room.

And now I wish Des was with us - the white swan from last series appeared at the side of the bath. What it portends I cannot say. But Des thought it was to do with the Illuminati last time.

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