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 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sat Aug 06, 2016 11:42 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
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Something Is Rotten In The State Of Boreham Wood


James and Bear were sent to jail, James for nomination talk, Bear for eating the Human/s food. While they were in jail, Frankie entertained them with kissed and little girlie dance steps. I expect that was why Bear broke out and headed for the kitchen to have a cuppa He refused to return to the cell until BB threatened to punish the whole house.
BB should take lessons in behaviour management from a Special Unit – Bear needs that kind of treatment.

The elusive Ricky went into the DR to complain of Bear’s filthy habits. He grew very heated as he discussed thrown down fag ends, coffee cups emptied on the lawn and so on. Bear’s behaviour is disgusting.

The mystery of Biggins ejection from the house was solved – sort of. He was being expansive on the subject of gay history. By the ‘80s the gay community had won respect and then the AIDS virus appeared, entirely the fault of bisexual people. Renee interrupted that she had been told by a man in the CIA that the AIDS virus was manufactured to cull the populations of the Third World. Biggins blundered on. The virus was spread by bisexual men who had sex in the Third World and then came home and spread the virus to their families.
Conspiracy theories – dontcha just love them? Now which is worse – to blame bisexuals or to say the virus was state sponsored?

Biggins, a pompous old pontificator, was sent for by BB and had former warnings for offensive talk regurgitated.
He had upset Katie. Why or how BB did not say. And we didn’t get to see it.
(But there are allegations circulating that anti semitic comments were made to Katie who is Jewish)
He had been warned before about anti bisexual comments.
In the light of comments about bisexuals being behind the spread of AIDS, he has to leave the house.
Very unsatisfactory outcome. I am left with the feeling that there is more to the story than BB is letting on but of course a feeling isn’t proof. But considering the appalling and offensive things that go on in that house, Biggins’s remarks are merely ignorant.
And what about Renee’s remarks? She went right along with him.

Marnie and Chloe gave Lewis and Bear a massage, a rather erotic massage. They behave as if they were slaves in a haren, there to serve their masters every whim.
They make me sick.

Renee declared that she would never put herself in a BB situation again – the young ones will do anything to get 15 seconds of camera time. I think Chloe took that to heart.

In the DR, Lewis received a lecture from BB. He had encouraged dares in the house that were intended to upset and humiliate other HMs, namely Heavy and Saira. This, BB said, was a form of bullying. Lewis was quick to agree. How glib he was, smooth as butter. As he reassured BB that Saira was now close to the group.

All the HMs seemed surprised by Biggins’s eviction. Ricky even prayed for him, saying it wasn’t right.

After Grant had been evicted Bear was furious at being cursed with eternal nomination. He threatened to behave worse than he had done before. And has forbidden Frankie and Katie from talking to him ever again.

Lewis reassured Frankie that he is now the biggest boy in the house and that he will stand by Frankie and protect him – just in case. He must be trying to impress BB after his warning.
Lewis, you will never be anyone’s hero and I know 15 year olds who could take you and your mate Bear on.

Renee ticked Bear off for an obscene drawing he had put on Aubrey’s picture when he nominated her. He tried to shrug it off but Renee wouldn’t let him, insisting that he was disrespectful. She comes closest to penetrating that moronic young mans thick skull.

Saira maintained that Bear was capable of making strides in his personal development which made the others laugh. Renee pointed out that only yesterday she had claimed to be afraid of bear’s violent outbursts…

In the DR, Aubrey claimed that Bear has none of the kinder virtues and in fact is the school bully that everyone is afraid of.

Throughout Aubrey’s rant and Saira’s conversion, the camera kept cutting to Bear and Chloe getting frisky in the garden. For once I was glad to see some action – it’s the only time he shuts up.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sun Aug 07, 2016 10:41 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
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Ten Seconds

Bear repeated his vow to please himself from here on in since he is permanently nominated anyway. He’ll have steak for breakfast if he feels like it.

DR – Frankie saw how things were going to go with bear and is ready to do attle.

Saira also foresaw trouble ahead and advised Bear to show his fun side rather than…whatever it is he shows. She went so far as to say that she loved him when he showed his positive side.

Aubrey asked Marnie how much she makes and was told that is a rude question in the UK.

Bear decided to make a cocktail for HMs – cornflakes, ground coffee, apple and orange juice, pineapple…Frankie was furious to find that there was no coffee or milk left in the house. He was all geared up to do battle I thought, but he only went and told Renee.
Bear called him a pussycat more than once and kept repeating that he was only making cocktails, Frankie called him stupid and .reminded him that there were people starving in the world Bear was unrepentant and repeated that he was only making a cocktail,
Poor Frankie – he’s not much of a battler.

Nominations were made tonight. Lewis was heavily selected, principally for his association with Bear. Saira too was a popular nominee because of her argumentativeness and her flitting between groups.
In the end, Bear will be accompanied by Lewis, Saira, and Heavy on eviction nightThe best thing about it was the expression on Lewis’s face when he was nominated. He truly couldn’t believe it. How dare they! How DARE they nominate Lewis!

Saira confided in Frankie that it was hard work being a strong woman. Frankie advised her to stop hammering home her arguments and let time prove her right.

James quizzed Renee about her mobster relatives. All she would say was that her fater was a wonderful man whose name was blackened by the government. She would say no more because the last time she gave an interview her father didn’t speak to her for two years – and only spoke to her again after she’d had the last rites and he thought she was dying. All must follow the code of omerta. But she doesn’t know any mob business anyway.

You know, I’d far rather her about this that hear the cursing of the young Brits.

Ricky is full of foreboding about what the night will bring – Lewis has not taken his nomination kindly, In fact he blames Bear for it – guilt by association.

Heavy accused Saira of having her beak in everywhere at which Saira took massive umbrage. Heavy had a real go at ther but Lewis came to her aid now that she’s on is team.
In the DR, Lewis said that Heavy was spoiling for a fight. Heavy is a lazy, ill mannered greedy person, he said.

Lewis and Marnie got into the storeroom and pilfered several beers and a bottle of wine. (Who’s the greedy person again?) Heavy discoered that Lewis had two beers and that there was no wine. Graciously, Lewis said he could have a beer if he asked nicely. How he loves to belittle people!
Heavy managed to track Marnie and catch her n the act of going to where she and Lewis had hidden the beer and wine. Heavy told the others and Lewis and Bear tried to make a fool of him. He responded by making his booming noises and assorted weird catcalls. Lewis was in the poll and getting madder and madder, threatening to sort out Heavy in ten seconds. He mentioned the ten seconds several times before he rushed out of the pool at Heavy.
I could hardly make a note for laughing – what’s this ten seconds? Why was Bear making a show of holding him back? Why was Lewis so easily held back? Big grl’s blouse!

BB intervened before Lewis died of cold standing there dripping wet. In the DR, he made a great point of saying that he was man enough to stand up to Heavy.
I hadn’t noticed that – in fact, I’ve have gone so far as to say that he would have wet himself if Heavy had come after him

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2016 12:08 am 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
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Not By The Federal Government

A very good show tonight – when did I last laugh at BB? And it all stemmed from a petty silly task. Renee and Saira were outstanding/ I wonder how outstanding they have ben on other ocsions which have not been shown becase BB is obsessed with the Sleazy Gang?

He evening started off with Saira giving Bear yet more advice – she said he will not win if he continues his current behaviour. He gave her the same answer he always does = that’s me.

Renee had some sharp words for Chloe. She called her intelligence into question by pointing out that Bear’s soft hart is all an act and she tod her to stop bouncing around like a jack-in-the-box. Poor Chloe – she understands nothing but going along with whatever it takes to please a man, in this case Bear, but it could have been anybody.

Heavy believes that his chances of surviving eviction are good against Saira.

Bear, when asked about his girlfriend outside the house, stumbled and stuttered through an explanation that she is not the one. He thought she was but she isn’t…
Load of drivel. I’ll leave it at that. He has the empathy of a flea.

For tonight’s task. HM were issued with a giant balloon each which was attached to their chest. They were instructed to take care of their balloon and if it survived intact, they would be going to a pasty. Unbeknownst to them, Saira and Marnie had been charged with bursting their balloons. They were to choose six HMs to attend the party and burst their balloons to secure an invitation.
They fell to arguing right away because Saira pleaded that Bear not be invited because he would spoil the party while Marnie felt it would be disloyal not to invite him. Saira eventually fell to her knees and begged her not to invite Bear – she could choose the other five if she didn’t ask him. To no avail. Marnie burst his balloon.
HMs took care of their balloons as if they were precious babies, cuddling them against the chest and stomach. Spiteful Bear, who was not in on the secret mission, burst Katie’s balloon and made her cry. After that, no one would sit next to him for fear of their balloon being attacked. Frankie and the other Americans, plus Chloe, locked themselves in the pod to keep Bear at arm’s length. Bear tried to lure them out by saying BB wanted them, then he kept trying to get in, but Frankie manned the door. Renee shouted and swore at Bear, then saw the ridiculousness of their situation ‘We’re imprisoned and not by the Federal Government ‘ she said.’We’re held by a monkey!’ She ranted at full volume although she had to ask Aubrey to remind her what she meant. And all the time, Bear was trying the door and the prisoners were nursing their balloons. It was hilarious. Bear accused them of ganging up on him but Renee told him they just didn’t want to play with him and his stooges any more.

Sara managed to burst Sam’s balloon and was duly trashed by Sam and Bear for doing so. Marnie popped Ricky’s balloon and he lost his temper (boy, did he lose his temper!) and called Bear an ugly human being. In the DR, he told BB he wanted Bear out of the house – he can’t stand his voice and doesn’t want to be around him any more.

Meanwhile Saira had cornered Heavy on his bed and hovered over him and his carefully preserved balloon with a pin. Heavy pleaded for mercy – he really did look scared. He called her Sara and she brought the pin nearer his balloon.
‘What’s my name?’ she said.
He got it wrong again.
‘What’s my name?’ she asked again. And waved the pin. He writhed in nervous anticipation trying to shield his balloon.
Five times she asked him her name.
Then she asked him what he really thought about her deep down inside and he had to sing her praises.
Then she burst his balloon anyway.
But all was forgiven when they HMs found out about the secret mission. Bear had his invitation rescinded for bursting Katie’s balloon.

Renee accused Lewis of not being his own man, of following Bear’s lead like a puppy. Lewis always reacts badly to being challenged and reminded Renee that he had held a door open for her he other night. But she got worse – he responded by trying to be patronising, calling her darling and princess, with a real edge to his tone. He was wasting his time – the company Renee keeps in New York is far tougher than anything he can muster. I was half expecting her to make him an offer he couldn’t refuse but she merely rose to her feet and told him he wasn’t worth his time and attention. And he was floored by her – he can’t be menacing to her or charming or belittling – nothing works on Renee. I think she makes him feel insignificant.

And what does a Lewis do when he’s feeling insignificant? He reasserts himself by getting in the shower with Marnie and having her perform a sex act on him. Can’t Marnie see her function in his life?

In the DR, Marnie said that was the most romantic shower she’d ever had. Is she kidding?

Bear, not invited to the party, also had to reassert himself, and demonstrated a sex act on Frankie accompanied by graphic descriptions of how to do it. He then got Chloe behind a concealing door and engaged in some sex act or other with lots of nose. After all, there’s no point in sexual acts if the whole house doesn’t know about it.

In the DR, Chloe said Bear could sometimes be sweet. She called him a naughty teddy bear.

These girls need their consciousness raised. They really do.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2016 10:43 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
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Darkness Outshines The Light

Apart from the occasional comments, CBB is all about muck and profanity now. If an HM is not being appallingly gross or explicitly sexual then he or she has little chance of being anything but wallpaper in the house. So it was that we barely saw James or Sam or Katie or Renee or Aubrey tonight, but there was time to broadcasr Bear, Lewis and Heavy talking dirty. Heavy narrated his BoomBoom fantasy of a woman tattooed with his name n her pubic arch. Lewis came in bragging smugly about his encounter with Marnie in the shower, and then all three settled in to compete with crude remarks and dirty sniggers about the girl. These people are so gross…

Katie did get some air time in the DR but only because she was commenting on Bear and Chloe’s sexual antics which she embellished with hand gestures.

Bear offered to make pancakes for everyone but came out into the garden carrying the eggs and deliberately fell over – twice- and broke them all.
Saira complained about the mess on the artificial grass while Ricky fumed about the waste of the eggs.

Lewis explained to Bear that while he thinks Marnie is amazing, he has too much to do to be falling in love or getting serious.
Meanwhile Marnie, lovestruck she says, raved about how happy she is with Lewis and it was fate that hey should meet in the BB house…

Ricky and Katie complained about Bear – Ricky insisted that Bear’s darkness outshone his light.
Well, we knew what he meant.

Lewis told Marnie that he wants to be with her but…they slobbered noisily over one another.
Chloe gave Bear an increasingly erotic massage in the bathroom. Sam noticed their reflection in the glass window and that Chloe checked to see if they were all watching. Doesn’t she mind that her family are seeing this? Sam said bewildered.
An interested little crowd of HMs gathered to view the show, a gogglebox audience commenting on the performance. It feels like being in a soft porn film, they thought. Eyebrows soared as Chloe bounced more and more enthusiastically on Bear’s lap, her boobs having to be held in case they launched themselves into outer space. Poor Frankie was quite overwhelmed by it all and said he hadn’t seen a man and woman in action for years. Gradually the HMs were reduced to hysterical laughter as Chloe bounced and bounced and hung on to her boobs…
The thing is, she didn’t seem to realise she was being funny. This was supposed to be raw, untrammelled passion.

Marnie had a box of false eyelashes and as it turned out, the model on the box was an ex of Lewis’s. Marnie fell into despair, thinking of Lewis with girlfriends outside the house. They squabbled and Marnie fled weeping to the DR. She said that Lewis had been too perfect, too good to be true. Maybe it was all an act after all.
When she returned to the house, she found that Lewis had moved beds. This was their idea of heartbreaking drama, their counter to Chloe the bouncing bombshell.

Saira, in the DR, was scornful. What a coincidence that on the night before an eviction, Chloe and Bear put on a performance of Deep Throat and Marnie and Lewis had a bustup.
She’s so right but unfortunately the public seem to be buying it and Saira was evicted.
As so often happens, she came across much nicer in her interview than she had in the house.

Emma had an announcement about tomorrow night’s show – the 3 saved HMs, that is Lewis and Bear and Heavy – will make face to face nominations tomorrow night. I hope Heavy has the sense to nominate Chloe or Marnie.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2016 10:38 pm 
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The Biggest Snake In The Joint


Heavy roamed the house booming ‘I’m not f******* leaving tonght’
Bear shook his fists at something invisible and screamed ‘I’m not leaving.@

We’re all delighted to know that Marnie and Lewis have patched up the eyelash quarrel.

Saira recounted what Chloe got up to last night – she was very amusing describing Chloe’s fly away boobs. And her bouncing action. Renee told a story about a brothel going on fire and all the prossies coming out on the street.
Unbeknownst to them, Chloe overheard it all.

In the DR, Chloe complained about what was said about her. She had such a look of injured innocence as she asked why a bit of hasppiness was such a problem for some people. Thery all watched her like old people peering through net curtains.
Chloe, you would die if no one was watching.

Back in the house, Chloe, all upset, told Bear that Renee had called her a prostitute. (she didn’t although I expect it was Chle who brought the prostitute story to mind – a sort of word association) He shiouted after Saira that some people were just jealous. Of what I’m not sure but Saira had her revenge. She donned one of Chloe’s bras and padded it out to Triple H size and offered to give Heavy a massage just as Chloe did Bear last night. She then proceeded to bounce energetically on Heavy’s big belly. The sight of that slender little woman on Heavy’s big frame was priceless. The two of them were riotously funny. I didn’t know Saira had it in her!
Bear commented that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. He just didn’t get it.

Chloe was still upset at being called a prostitute (she wasn’t) and tried to take on Renee. Renee said she’d have called her a hooker rather than a prostitute and tried to pin Chloe down – had she actually heard those words exactly? she asked several times. Chloe, realising that discretion was the better part of valour, then moved on to Saira and called her a snake. Renee exploded. She said that the biggest snake in the joint was Bear and she should know having known so many self centred low life degenerates.

Marnie and Chloe agreed that Saira was a social idiot – this from a couple of socially retarded brats who should have been slapped more often when young.

The task tonight was about HMs accepting dares from BB. They were handcuffed together, made to eat strange things, receive electric shocks – the best one was to slap a custard pie in someone’s face. Sam got Bear and, boy, did she let him have it.

It was cathartic.

Lewis and Marnie had a romantic chat – a great deal of boring drivel which we know he doesn’t mean but he did say one laugh-ou-loud thing: when he looks in the mirror he sees a good man and all because of Marnie.

Saira was evicted and Bear and Lewis bounced all over the furniture in triumph. Then they had to give their killer nominations which would definitey put those nominated up for eviction. Bear nominated Renee, Lewis chose James, and Heavy chose Marnie.(well done, son).
Renee refused to be comforted with hugs. It’s a game, she said, ad if she went, she had come to the house, got paid, and then went home to see her kids.
In the DR, she called Bear an evil little man.

Marnie, Lewis, Bear and Choe got right royally drunk and soon Marnie and Lewis were putting on a show in the shower again Not to be outdone, Bear and Chloe did the same although more noisily. The 4 of them shouted and swore and sighed and groaned. The rest of the HMs sat in misery. They must be wondering what planet they’re on.
The fun transferred to the garden. Marnie decided she wanted a show and Choe obliged by letting her dress fall down and bouncing her way to the pole to do a sexy dance on it. There was little injured innocence about her now. Bear and Lewis were in their element. Marnie played coyly sexy by peeping round palm leaves. Lewis set off in pursuit, running across the furniture and shouting. He missed his footing and knocked over the potted palms, crushing them.

They went to bed late and woke everyone up with their drunken effing and blinding. Chloe lay vulgarly splayed on the bed throwing cake around the room while Lewis pranced naked round the room. Heavy remonstrated but he might as well have talked to the wall.

In the end, the other HMs have had enough. They went into the DR and said they were going on strike (Renee wasn’t there – no idea why not ). They weren’t going to do anything from now on.
I wouldn’t have stopped there – I’d have been thinking along the lines of firing squads.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2016 11:18 pm 
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Dumb or Stupid?

At last it will be safe to go into the shower or toilet – Chloe was evicted tonight. O frabjous day - my faith n the Great British Public has been restored.

Aubrey was sent to jail today for her nomination rule break last night. Marnie instantly started whingeing about how two faced Aubrey is – pretending to be a friend and yet influencing nominations against you. Aubrey called her over to the jail to discuss the matter and my heart sank. Marnie doesn’t know how to discuss – she shrieks like a hysterical seagull, her pitch getting higher and (she literally batters at my ear drums) as she tries to shout you down. Sure enough, both Marnie and Chloe joined forces in screaming at Aubrey, Are there two more unpleasant voices in the UK? Can anyone else attain their volume? Renee came in on Aubrey’s side and ended it all – Renee is good at that.

Lewis and Bear were smug about not influencing nominations. Bear tried to talk to Renee about it – she told him not to talk to her at all. But he kept at her, repeating himself, until she finally asked if he was dumb or stupid and a shouting match commenced. He really does drive her insane.
In the DR, she protested that he was a slime, a worthless degenerate and lots more creative insults. Never in my life have I heard so many four letter words crammed into one sentence. I notice that when she’s angry, her New York accent gets broader. It got really broad when she brought up Chloe’s underwear, fourteen days of which have been left lying on the floor. Chloe does look clatty - kept thinking about the state of her knickers underneath her sparkly white gown tonight.

Aubrey tried to broker a peace between Bear and Renee and sparked another row. Renee refused to talk to him or listen to him – he sat with his hand in the air like a kid at school. His insolence it outrageous. It ended with Renee refusing to be disrespected and rushing to the bedroom in tears. All my life, she said, she has forgiven eouple only to have them repeat their offences. Her friends all gathered round and hugged her till she said she couldn’t breathe. Then she went back to making the dinner.
How real was that? Couldn’t say. But it did take the limelight off Bear & Co so it was worth t.

For the last part of the shopping task, two teams were formed – those who wanted to play for themselves and those who wanted to play for the house. Each team had to find 3 golden dice hidden in boxes. Marnie’s team won in the shortest time and earned tickets to BBs Big Festival. Marnie shrieked, full volume, several times.

Lewis and Marnie had a row, a very silly row, about Lewis electing to play for the house. One of the prizes in the playing for yourself game might have been a save ticket and he didn’t take that chance of saving her. He looked somewhat bewildered unsurprisingly. She got louder and louder, screeching him into silence, the Chloe joined in; Lewis walked off in disgust and took refuge in the storeroom where he could be along for a few minutes. It wasn’t to be – Marnie followed him in and battered him with more of her swooping shrieks. He couldn’t get a word in edgeways and eventually left, puching the door as he went.

Later, Lewis and Marnie went into the toilet for a chat. We all know what that means. Script by Mills and Boon and then some rolling on the floor.. Sure enough, he told her how he loved her, how he still wanted to f*** her, and need her to teach him to love properly. Really romantic stuff which ended in slurping on the toilet floor.

All unawares, James and Sam discussed his allotment where he and his wife grew vegetables. I promise you, it was more interesting than Lewis and Marnie.

Marnie went drunk to bed and wanted up to the loo. She was nude and didn’t care - she was actually quite anxious to show herself off – but Gentleman Lewis went after her to cover her with a quilt and see her safely to the toilet. They were in there for some time, making their presence known, while Chloe and Bear did similar noisy things in the shower.
Renee opened her eyes and listened to it all and wondered where she was, in the shower.

James and Bear had the most public votes (James had most) and so were saved from eviction. Which left Marnie and Chloe to go head to head in a game of chance to determine which of them would be evicted. The other HMs had to put their photos on a wheel of fortune, James had to spin it, and whoever’s photo was on the pointer was the loser. One by one the HMs came and put the photos on the wheel – all but two chose Chloe. And then the pointer came to rest on her. I don’t think she could quite believe it was happening to her on such a monstrous scale. But there it was. Dim Triple H Chloe who has no morals whatever was evicted.
Her interview with Emma was a disaster – she oved looking at her sex scenes and didn’t really understand why she was in the situation she was in. Renee could have asked as well as Bear ‘Dumb or stupid?’

Well, she’s gone. The only question is, who is going to pick up her knickers off the floor?

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2016 11:36 pm 
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It Is What It Is

That must be one of my least favourite sayings. And Lewis says it all the time in an effort to conceal that he doesn’t really care about something, or sometimes because he’s baffled by his own inarticulateness – thought and words won’t form up and march together. So – it is what it is.
He is not the only one afflicted in the field of communication. Chloe hums and haws and pauses for thought but nothing happens and then her mouth hangs open, gaping; Heavy gets drunk and forgets what point he’s trying to make so he says anything that comes to mind; Bear cannot talk consecutively so he just repeats the same phrase over and over, driving Renee insane and to great gals of insult which signify nothing.

The reason I’m chatting on is that most of the show was taken up by last night’s eviction. It is not interesting to hear HMs predictions about who will go – we already know; it is not interesting to see the entire eviction process again 0 we already know the outcome; even Chloe’s gelid globes are not interesting because we already know they don’t fall out of her eviction dress.

First thing in te morning, Lewis, Heavy and |Bear composed their own rap and performed it in the kitchen. It was extremely loud and extremely irritating especially since they kept staring straight at the camers. I could practically see their fllings.

The final part of the shopping task meant HMs standing with arms outstretched holding heavy money bags. Lewis’s time was the only one to be counted but oddly enough, Frankie held out the longest, He beat Bear by a country mile, he whom Bear has christened Pussycat. He will not be forgiven.

In the DR, Lewis prayed to God to save his Marnie from eviction because he’s so much in love.
Why, it was only the other night she was his dirty joke!

Renee was alarmed when Chloe painted a Joker face on Bear – she sees it as a signal for trouble, even war.

We were subjected to all the HMs opinions about who was going and who wasn’t – I stopped listening when Chloe droned on and on and on.

Then came the eviction and Chloe’s exit. Bear swore and claimed the credit, saying she was evicted because she’s been knocking about with him. He really does think he’s the centre of the universe.

Bear attacked Frankie of course. Said he was cowardly and two faced, too eager to please Renee. He had been Chloe’s friend and yet nominated her (as did nearly everyone else). Frankie tried to defend himself bt Bear kept repeating over and over the same accusations = two faced, cowardly; cowardly, two faced.
You shouldn’t have beat him at holding the money bags, Frankie.

Bear refused to give Aubrey one of the house beers because she nominated Chloe. Once Renee got involved, he handed over. Helen Woods used to do the same – refused to share food and drink with those who were not in favour. Bully trademark.

Bear got drunk and is threatening the house with getting a hard time over the next couple of weeks. What does he think he’s been doing up to now?

Marnie wanted to talk to Lewis about how upset Chloe had been but he won’t listen – he talks over her and insists that it is what it is and that the important thing is that they (the public) chose them over everyone.

And on they went – everyone talks about his or her self. What tedious people they are.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2016 10:46 pm 
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Talk to Jesus

HMs were woken by a series of screams and grunts from Bear and Heavy. It sounded like the monkeys in a zoo enclosure.
Poor Ricky took it hard.
Bear then ran around bragging that he’d been saved twice by the public.
Poor Ricky took that even harder.

It got worse – Bear insisted on having his share of the budget for himself and ordered up condoms (Chloe’s gone, Bear) and 7 manicure sets. Renee and Aubrey reminded him that if he’d taken his share of the food money to spend on that, then he wouldn’t eat. But Bear felt he was being unselfish in providing French manicures and condoms for the HMs.

Aubrey complained that Bear’s gang left their underwear everywhere – she found some under cushions in the living room, on the floor in the bedroom…

The first row of the day was sparked off by Heavy complaining that Renee didn’t wash up after herself. Now, as we all know, Rene cooks big Italian meals every day for the whole house. She also cleans and tidies. Naturally she took umbrage at what lazy messy Heavy said Heavy said and soon the two were gong at it hammer and tongs with Heavy getting a little help from Bear’s constant chipping in/ The two manboys laughed at Renee’s fury and taunted her even more. In the end, she fled to the bedroom in tears. She was, she said, being picked on by a clown and his goon, as she had been all her life. Even Aubrey couldn’t calm her.

In the DR, Heavy complained that the house was like Cuba under Castro in the 1950s but that he wasn’t afraid of Big Mama or the Mafia.

Heavy became a lot more civil when Renee served up the next meal.

Bear came to assist Renee in chopping vegetables – he was taking his life in his hands getting near Renee and the chopping knife but he always treads where no one ese would dare. Renee called a truce – Bear was indifferent about t but she made concessions and he agreed in his supercilious way..
The chopping knife must have been so tempting.

Nominations came next – played into the house of course. Heavy and Lewis garnered the most votes, principally because everyone loathes them and their mess and their noise and the fact that they encourage Bear. Bear kept up a running commentary when people were making nominations – they couldn’t even be heard.

The most surprising nomination was James’s of Aubrey. He says she’s bossy and tells him hat to do. Aubrey finally lost her cool and challenged him on this. He tried to wak away but she went right after him. For once in his life ,James was flustered and didn’t know what to say.

In the end, Bear, Lewis, Heavy and Renee are up for eviction.

After commiserating with Heavy, Bear took a big bottle of olive oil and poured it on to the plastic grass. Then he poured tomato soup and a can of tomatoes all over the bathroom floor. Heavy saw what a jolly jape it was and scattered cereal (cocoa pops) all over the living room.
What the point of this was I cannot say but the rest of the HMs were ready for murder.

BB sent for Heavy who said that he was only having fun and that Bear did it too.
The man is in his mid forties, living proof that you can get older but yet not necessarily grow up.

BB ordered him to clean up and stay away from the HMs he was provoking.
Bear was next into the DR. He said that he had forgotten that he wasn’t in his own house when he poured out the olive oil.
He was sternly warned of a health and safety hazard and also ordered to get cleaning.

Katie was beside herself with anger and yelled at Heavy/ But it’s water off a duck’s back – Heavy and Bear believe that they are hilarious.

In the DR, Aubrey called James arrogant and two faced, a long winded bore, and accused him of having issues with women – he should talk to Jesus abut that, she said, except that it would take an hour and a half to get past ‘Hello, Jesus.’

It was good to end the show with a chuckle.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2016 10:45 pm 
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The Brinks Van

HMs awoke to Britney singing ‘Hit Me One More Time’. Frankie was out of bed like a shot, dancing like the hair tossing pop start, writhing sexily. It was actually quite disturbing. But not as disturbing as Heavy trying to do the same thing.

BB aimed to teach HMs some lessons by sending them back to school. Aubrey did look cute in her school uniform and with her hair in gigantic bunches. Ricky and Aubrey were made head boy and head girl with Sam and Frankie to be prefects. The first thing they did was make some rules 0 no disruptive behaviour, no talking over other people, no noise (especially Boom Boom) and apologies to anyone HMs had offended.

Bear and Heavy instantly screamed and yelled Boom Boom in protest at the favouritism shown to the Head Boy and Girl. They were sent to stand in the corner as punishment.

Other HMs, under the influence of their school uniforms, went winging into the past remembering things from playground days. It might have been interesting to hear more of their stories but Bear stole the limelight. Aubrey made him and Heavy wash up their breakfast thing and in revenge, Bear deliberately dropped all the House coffee on the floor. A box of eggs went too. Sorry,sorry,sorry he kept repeating.
Can’t he think of something else to do? He has thrown food more than once already. He and Heavy continued to make strange noises, the sort of things you hear coming from a safari park in the night.

BB, the headmaster, sent for Bear but he pretended to have misunderstood the rules – as in, it was OK to make noises. He left the DR after swearing that his future behaviour was going to be good.

In the house, he offered to help with clearing up – he was willing to help everyone – but in fact did nothing.

Marnie asked Lewis who was the braver. In the end, he decided she was because she was willing to swim with sharks.

In school, it was time for the Art Class. BB had found them two models, nearly naked, to paint. The male model was extremely vulgar in his presentation – was that really necessary?
All HMs fell quietly to painting the models except Bear – he scribbled nonsense on his paper and then went round disrupting the others. He constantly apologised though. He was put in detention for that.

In the DR, Ricky and Aubrey thought Bear had been a little quieter, obviously benefiting from art therapy.
As Head Boy, Ricky at long last got some air time and was revealed as being a charismatic and sensible presence. Such a pity we’ve hardly seen him on the show.

Heavy was sent to stand in the corner again for shouting ‘Boom Boom’ 65 times at the school disco.

The School Year Book proved to be a revelation. On the page ‘most likely to…’, Katie was named most likely to make people laugh and the HMs were in full agreement. We haven’t seen that side of her – in fact we’ve hardly seen her at all. Ricky, who is well thought of by the house, was named most likely to have done himself proud in the house – as noted above, we have hardly seen him. How much good footage has been sacrificed for coffee throwing Bear?
Marnie and Lewis were named most likely to make a million – Lewis piously pointed out that he would take love before money.
Just so you know.

Marnie. Troubled by her relationship with Lewis, sought Renee’s advice. She feels the love affair has all happened too fast – can it be real? Renee was of the opinon that it could be – love at first sight is something she believes in/ She got engaged to her future husband in just a couple of week after he got out of prison – he was the first man convicted of knocking off a Brinks security van.I love Renee’s stories. Why do we have to listen to dreary Marnie and Lewis droning on endlessly about themselves?

At night, Lewis decided to put on a show. N the bedroom (eviction night tomorrow). He paraded in skimpy briefs and showed himself from various angles in a number of stages of arousal, in spite of Renee’s shrieks of protest.
Are we supposed to be impressed?

In the schoolroom, Bear had got hold of the Year Book and was busily vandalising the photos in it with strawberry jam. ‘Leave him,’ sad Sam from the garden,’at least he’s quiet.’
Then they discovered why he had been quiet and the balloon went up. Bear insisted that he had only been writing his opinions of the book.

An outraged Lewis and Marnie complained to BB. Lewis carefully dissociated himself from Bear. He must avoid guilt by association and it’s eviction night tomorrow.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2016 10:28 pm 
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You’re Lovely – So Am I

Bear claimed not to remember what he had done last night, the laughed like a drain when reminded of the destruction of the year book. Lewis said it had been a sour ending to what had been a nice day and proceeded to tick him off, mildly, while swearing eternal loyalty, fervently. Bear looked at him coldly and then taunted him with being up for eviction.
Best Friends Forever, eh?

Lewis was helpful to Marnie, telling her to set clear goals and life and then go for them. He wouldn’t say Marnie was a normal person, but she is lovely – ‘so am I,’ he added.

Rick and Sam discussed the reality of the Lewis/Marnie relationship. He reckons she is quite keen but only because of a succession of men in her life who had been wasters. Ricky looked quite sad as he said that Lewis was probably the best guy she’d ever know.
It is sad, isn’t it?

Aubrey is coming to the foe – when Heavy D got her name wrong yet again, she informed him that he should remember the names of people who have bigger careers that him.

Aubrey, mischief on her ind, quizzed Marnie and Lewis about their future. Would they move in together? Would they work on the same TV show together? The questions came hammering in – Lewis fumbled for reasons why they couldn’t work together and couldn’t find a reason at all for him not wanting her to move into his house.. He was vague and uncomfortable, Marnie tremulously hopeful. He got up and walked off eventually. Aubrey went in for the kill and told Marnie about a girl she’d seen Lewis with whom he is keen to see again.
When challenged, Lewis was left fumbling for an explanation again – all he could come up with was that the other girl didn’t get to stay at his house either.
Heavy had been listenig into the conversation and began mocking Lwis – ‘it’s all about me, me, me’ he taunted ’Lewis’s world!’
He laughed and boomed and chortled till his face was scarlet. ‘Shut up!’ Lewis yelled but Heavy kept mocking. Lewis sprang at him and threw a drink in his face.In the DR, Lewis explained that he had been provoked and intimidated by a big person. But he’d stood his ground in front of his girl.

BB issued a final formal warning about his behaviour. I thought BB had forgotten how to do that. He has forgotten how to throw someone out of the house.

In the meantime, Marnie and Heavy had a row. She was at her ear=piercing screechiest best yelling at Heavy for winding Lewis up. She also reproached Bear for not standing up for Lewis. Why, he’d laughed along with Heavy!

Back in the DR, Lewis was refusing to sit down. He also monkeyied with the cameras.
It’s been done already by Bear, Lewis.

In the end, it was Heavy who was evicted. He was nigh on impossible to interview. He laughed maniacally throughout and made his strange noises. Emma was quite shaken!

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 17, 2016 10:35 pm 
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My Grandmother Is More Famous Than You!

Pre- Eviction

In the DR, Frankie called Bear the root of all evil in the house and as proof, he presened the Heavy?Lewis row rom last night which he says Bear engineered.
Might be better if he said this to Bear’s face.

Lewis spent the night in the s[are room and returned to the house this morning sporting a fetching alice band. Bear told him that Marnie had stood up for him – getting his side of the story in before Marnie could tell him that she’d torn the strips off him.Marnie still managed to have a go at Bear – she told Lewis that she was disappointed in Bear. Lewis admitted that Bear would destroy anyone to win.
Idon’t think he destroyed you, Lewis – he laughed at you.

It being the night before eviction, drams and a starring role are necessary. Heavy picked Katie to be in his drama. He told her he didn’t lke her. Mocked her x-factor efforts and hee-hawed in her face. She replied that she was glad to be significant enough for him to have an opinion of. He carried on – she does nothing in the house, why is she here? In between shouting and swearing, she told him that she was better paid than he was which infuriated him. Again he referred disparagingly to X factor which led her to remark he’s not famous for much – in fact her gran was more famous than him.

That’s true – her gran in the UK’s oldest prostitute at 86. In fact, Granny was annoyed that Katie’s fame put the spotlight on her business. Even Renee was impressed with this.

Heavy, aided by mocking noses from Bear, picked at Katie again. By this time she was seething and in very colourful language told him to shut up. He just hee0hawed again. Katie ticked him off for the way he talked to young women – after all he had a daughter himself. Heavy stopped laughing them and was hurt that his daughter had been brought into the row.

In the DR, Katie laid into him while in the house, Renee had a chat with Ricky about his tactics. She wanted him to stop sitting on the fenee and speak up more. He said he had a terrible temper and had had to learn other ways of handing things than confrontation.
Won’t win you BB though, Ricky.

In the DR, Bear relished a lovely eviction night and crowed about how he survives them.
What wouldn’t I give to see that cocky so-and-so kicked out!

Post Eviction

Nominations, face to face, were held immediately. James and Lewis topped the nomination table by a country mile although Sam and Ricky got a couple each. Sam was not pleased to be nominated by Bear and Lewis and said so. Bear decried what he called a song and dance about it. Sam was moved to describe how popular she is in Britain = called ‘Our Sam’ and much loved everywhere.
It was a bit cringy

In the DR, Lewis said that Sam couldn’t take the pressure of being nominated. It was easy to be nice when in comfort and convenience but the test of a man or woman’s character was in…and so on.
I’ve heard that before. It a quote from someone famous. It’ll come to me.
In addition she crumbles like Sand under pressure.
She was just ticked off, Lewis, not losing a war.

Renee, Aubrey and Bear actually had a proper conversation, with sentences and laughs. Bear can be charming when he likes,

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 18, 2016 10:37 pm 
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Not an enthralling night tonight. Bear ran round the sunbathers in the garden carrying eggs and then deliberately tripped and dropped them.Oh, what a bad boy am I, his expression seemed to say.
His xpression si=aid it again in the DR while BB chided him and made him promise not to waste any more food. He promised.
BB, don’t you realise that he says what you want to hear and then does what he wants to do anything.

The Task tonight was the Distraction Task. HMs had to perform a variety of taks and avoid being distated. Of course BB had built in distractions. The first task was to balance doughnuts on their head – Renee was gifted a stripper pretending to be a window cleaner (or a window cleaner pretending to be stripped) who writhed about at a dizzying rate and peeled off his velcro fastenings at high speed. Renee didn’t look impressed =she didn’t even look pleased.
Sam’s distraction was a visit from her Mum, kisses and hugs, and not a dry eye in the house. She lost her doughnuts. Bear’s distraction was his GF Lilli who reproached him with his behaviour= he had humiliated her and her family, he wasn’t the Bear she’d known outside etc etc
The trouble was her acting was wooden. So was Bear’s when he gave a couldn’t care less shrug.
In discussion with Ricky he said that he couldn’t show his feelings in front of all the pople but in theDR there were tears in his eyes and a declaration that it was all for the best in the og run and that she wouldn’t be so hurt this way.
He also said that Ricky had been great talking to him but was secretly judging him.

Lewis expounded on his favourite topic ie himself, being a nice guy, his heart knows where it’s at, his 5 year plan (which includes Marnie), his ruling of Marnie’s world, Marnie’s heart…he went then and simulated sex with a pillar and gave it a lick.

Ricky and Aubrey had to count sheep. Aubrey was distracted by a video of her BF and her do; Ricky was not distracted by a video of his best friend repeatedly asking him if he knew what time it was.

Franke must have been got going by the stripper because he went full Monty on us as well. I wished he hadn’t.

Renee and Aubrey continued to pour poison about Lewis in Marnie’s ear. He talks too much and she should be more aware of what she deserves.

Her friend Sophie was brought in to distract Sophie from her task. Sophie could not resist overstaying her welcome and shouting a lewd remark at Lewis. He semed to enjoy it.

In the DR, Bear tried to break out hearts – his long, awful day. Sophie. He just wants to be by himself. Hangdog look.
He didn’t even crack my heart

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O Frabjous Day!

Bear was unnaturally quiet tonight, brooding silently in corners, eating alone. Such a nice change!

The Shopping Distraction Task continued. Katie, James and Frankie had to press buttons when they thought 15 minutes had elapsed but were distracted from keeping time by a cage full of Labrador puppies, two very well behaved llamas, had a visit from James’s dog, Daisy May. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house at that reunion. Even James shed a tear.
They all failed the task though.

Lewis had to take telephone messages – loads of telephone messages – while trying not to be distracted by a delivery at the door and a delivery by pigeon, and a visit from his Mum.

All through tthis, Bear sat disconsolate.

Lews brought Renee the message delivered tohim – a letter from her son, very affectionate. More tears were shed.

Bear was twice as disconsolate. He just wants to be alone. Marnie said he had completely changed – I suspect he’s going to talk about the journey he’s been on and how BB has made him a better man. We can only hope not.

Lewis delivered one of his long stammering incredibly boring pieces of advice to Katie. In essence he called her a puppy following the Americans around and advised her to find her own identity.

In the DR, Bear griped about not getting any message. He thought it was because no one cared about him, the bad guy.
He oozed self oity. It was cringy to watch.

Sam and Frankie exchanged their coming out stories.. They agreed they didn’t believe in labels, only love.

Katy, having considered Lewis’s puppy remarks, and decided to take offence, approached Lewis. All she did was give him another opportunity to make a motivational speech, full of fulsome flattery of Katie and self regarding remarks. The one thing that rang true was his advice to start each day by looking at erslef in the mirror and saying ten times ‘I like myself.’ Well, we know Lewis can never pass a mirror.

In the DR, Aubrey made it clear that she doesn’t like Lewis. She won’t be giving him her phone number when she leaves the house/

Ricky was he first to be saved. He’s likeable but hasn’t done much.
Lewis and James were next to be evicted. Emma spent most time on Lewis and Marnie and the showmance. Lewis declared undying love for Marnie.
James did say that he was glad to be out.

O, frabjous day – Lewis is out!

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Stupid, Ignorant and Eating Pasta


Lewis condemned Sam as not being worthy of her place in the house – like him.
To prove himself worthy he headed straight for Marnie and commenced a discussion about their relationship AGAIN! And their future together AGAIN! His tentative reservations AGAIN!
Then there were quotations from third rate films or books written in fervid purple ink:

We’ll respect our differences and treasure our similarities.

He brings out the woman in her and she the man in him

Here’s one for you, Lewis:
Thy love did read by rote and could not spell.

Marnie did little in this scene but admire herself in the mirror.

The Task tonight was called one-upmanship. HMs had to outdo one another in a given scenario eg eating, drama, outrageousness, bravest. The most interesting one was probably Ricky and Frankie having to demonstrate how outrageous they could be using honey and feathers. Frankie did another Full Monty, drew areas on his body and then poured honey and feathers over his body. He loved it (he’s never been the same since that window cleaner was in the house) and put on a bravura performance. All Ricky did was draw a little BB eye on the palm of his had.
Don’t do anything Ricky, just stand there.

Bear and Lewis had to outdo one another in bravery using a razor. Bear shaved a portion of his scalp. Lewis also did a Full Monty and shaved his pubic hair. In front of everyone. At least Frankie was humorous. But Bear won.

Bear decided to console the losers in the task. He targeted Sam for his wind up, insisting that she needed comforting and had taken the hump because she lost the marshmallow eating contest. Affronted, she denied that she was in a pet about such a silly thing, but as usual, he kept on and on. She was actually reluctant to go into the garden smoking area in case he kept at her. Ricky to the rescue – he escorted her there and sat between her and Bear.

There was a lot of drama after James and Lewis left the house. Bear was in despair, head on the table, fulminating about the hypocrisy of HMs who had fussed over Lewis’s departure but yet were the ones who had put him up for eviction. Marnie joined him, weeping wildly/

Frankie and Ricky were quietly happy.

Samantha complained about Bear winding her up to Renee but was stopped in her tracks by a bored Renee who couldn’t handle Bear any more (wasn’t it Sam who comforted her when Bear and she clashed?). Sam also talked about Marnie’s distress but Renee dismissed the fake romance. Sam protested a bit but Renee’s scalding scorn silenced her. She even went so far as to say that Marnie could now be her own person.

Meanwhile, Marnie sobbed hysterically in the bedroom. She soon stopped, however, when she got no sympathy.

Bear found a new sidekick in the wooden dog in the living room. He talked to it.
So entertaining.

The Americans are ruthless players. Renee is working on Ricky t turn him against Sam – is she driving him crazy too with her constant talk? Ricky predicted that Sam would be Bear’s next victim.
No, Ricky – Renee’s!

Bear and Marnie became playful in his manic way in the garden/ He encouraged her anger about Lewis’s eviction and she was prompted to pull down a palm tree and start pulling it apart. Bear joined her.
Don’t they remember that’s already been done? By Lewis?

BB sent for Marnie. She was ticked off for being rude to BB but she explained that Lewis should still be in the house instead of the ones who were left and that she was very angry about it. She snivelled and whined that the other HMs were stupid and angry and eating pasta!
How very dare they!

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Jingle Bells

A brilliantly funny evening tonight. They had something to do and B is always better when the HMs have something to do. HMs awoke to Christmas morning and a Christmas tree and decorations everywhere and snow in the garden and a Ho Ho Ho Santa delivering a sack of presents. HMs were very excited about all of it. Bear was moved to say that he would get each HM a present costing at east £2. Renee, asked to recall her best Christmas ever, declared it was the Christmas her |Dad got out of jail; thworst ever was when she discovered her husband’s girlfriend was pregnant. Renee’s life has been colourful. They all went out and had a snowball fght – not a lot you could say to Renee after that.

HMs were divided into Elves and Reindeer. When their music = the dance of the Sugarplum fairies - played, the Elves had to run to Santa’s workshop and dance till Santa shouted Ho Ho Ho. When the Reindeer music played, they had to rushto the sleigh in the garden and dance and sing Jingle Bells.
Their costumes were superb, particularly the Elves – green tunic and striped kneesocks and outrageous stocking caps. Bear Reindeer, with villainous looking antlers, disrupted the Elves dance rehearsal, much to Renee’s annoyance. There was something hilarious about seeing the Renee Elf trying to evict
Bear Reindeer from the Elf Corner. Bear was hysterical with laughter, real laughter.
He decided to abduct Elf Marnie to prevent the Elves from completing their task. This led to a brawl in the snow and Renee almost imploding.
Frankie complained to Renee that his ribs were sore after the snow brawl and the attempted abduction of Marnie.. Renee blew a gasket and gave voice to her most spectacular rant to date, a magnificent rant, which reduced Bear to helpless laughter. He recalled being removed from classrooms for disrupting lessons, Renee fumed.

Elf Frankie made peace with Bear and hugged him, much to Renee’s chagrin. She warned him that she would not come to his defence again if he kept giving into Bear. She and Bear squabbled again – the Christmas decorations on her cap wobbled furiously – but Bear said she was embarrassing. Aubrey reckoned that Frankie had cried wolf once too often.
I wonder if they’re lining Frankie up for eviction?

The Christmas Pudding Rodeo was comical. HMs had to ride a giant Christmas Pudding which bucked and revolved at high speed. The Elves won this part of the task.

All through this, Elves and Reindeer music sounded and everyone scurried to their allotted place.

The next bit of the task was a board game – HMs could step on a red square and face a festive challenge, or a green square where they heard viewers ‘ tweets being read o and guess who they were about. The most apposite tweet was one which compared Ricky to a blank white wall.
He proved this when he refused a festive challenge – to drink century old egg nog. He just refused! Same as he refused to do the honey and feather challenge. Makes you wonder why he ever came on BB – he must have knownthe kind s of things he would be asked to do.

The Elves won this task too. Santa had left presents in the garden, one for the Reindeer and one for the Elves. And they were presents worth having. The Reindeer were given the right to nominate one person each; but the winning Elves were given the right to nominate two people each. That could be very interesting.

In the DR, Aubrey described her Christmases at home. Dickensian Christmases. She is estranged from her family and so spends Christmas day at the homeless shelter, spreading good cheer. She returns home to her pet dogs and chats to them while she unwraps their presents for them.
Such a mischievous look in her eye as she described the scene.
I had to laugh.

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