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 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2018 11:36 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
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This series is shaping up well, partly due to personalities and partly to tasks.
The day began with a row. Tomasz had been snoring again last night and kept them all awake. Finally, a desperate Lewis F went and prodded him to turn him over. They all laughed as the noise didn’t decrease. Anamelia decided to make something of it : the public might think that Tomasz was being bullied; she shouted; she dramatised; she silenced everyone by raising the pitch of her voice. Tomasz, in his black nightie with roses on the front and lacy straps sliding on his shoulders, insisted that he hadn’t been bullied but Anamelia knew better. She and Lewis F slugged it out. She reassured him she didn’t bear grudges.
I’m sure that was a relief.

The task today will become legend. The first part was simple enough – in pairs and wearing Velcro vests, HMs had to avoid having a large killer coin affixed to their vests. They ran around avoiding whoever had the coin or catching someone else to stick it to. The game soon grew hilarious with shrieks and giggles and the coin being ripped off and reaffixed to someone else. Tomasz and Cameron hid in the bathroom, anxiously peering out and running to hide whenever anyone came near.
It was an important game though – because whoever was left with the coin when it was time up, would lose 20% of their banked coins. Anamelia and her partner Kay lost – Anamelia blamed Kay, a classy looking woman with lovely manners and a sweetly grave way of approaching people. More of that later.

The second part of the task was the legendary part, on a par with the old box task when BB was stunned that HMs would not surrender and stayed in the boxes for hours. This time, the pairs had to balance on small boxes while holding a stack of giant sized coins between them, using only one arm each. Lesser mortals dropped out pretty quickly, even boastful Isaacs who thought it was too easy a task. Soon, Akeem and Kenaley, and Anamelia and Kay were the only pairs still standing. Anamelia was fiercely competitive but Kay, after 5 1/2 hours on the narrow box with one arm extended was suffering. Anamelia would not let her concede defeat. Eventually, after 7 hours, the pairs agreed to drop the coins simultaneously and present BB with a tie.
But who said they could make such a decision? BB merely reviewed the footage and announced that Akeem and Kenaley had held the coins fractionally longer and were therefore the winners.
Seven hours. It was unbelievable.

While the pairs stood and stood, the others lay around and chatted. Brooke discussed her sexuality (what else) but was trumped by Tomasz’s tale of coming out in the Polish (Czech?) military. 4 of his fellow recruits pinned him down and simulated rape. He had a rough time. Brooke wept (or tried to) in the DR for his suffering. She had learned so much about abuse from that sweet man. Sweet?

The oddest conversation took place between Cameron and Lewis F. They had been discussing Brooke and lesbianism. Lewis asked Cameron if he was gay and Cameron refused to answer but went on to say he felt safe and protected with Lewis, and comfortable in his company even if they weren’t talking. All the while Lewis kept assuring him that he was always ready to listen and understand…So odd!

Kay approached Anamelia with something to say but before she finished a single sentence, Anamelia began talking over her, occasionally stopping to instruct Kay not to interrupt her. She shrieked and windmilled her arms, insisting that God had made her full of passion and competitiveness and that she would not change for anyone. If Kay didn’t like it she did not have to be around her. Poor Kay – she had forgotten that when Anamelia was born there were prayers going on all round the world and the voice of god and true spirituality had entered in to the infant Anamelia.

Lewis G, whether by accident or design, put Anamelia in her place, dancing behind her chair and rapping a taunt about her. For once, Anamelia was silent.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2018 11:53 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
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ANAMELIA was still banging on about people trying to change her. These people 'don't really like her, they like a version of her that exists in head. Her analysis of herself went on for some time, becoming more and more convoluted.

In the garden, TOMASZ wanted to rub sunscreen on all the guys- don't think so, TOMASZ! Meanwhile, Isaacs is convinced that Kay has her eye on him (leer,leer from Isaacs). Must Be something in the water.

ZOE had a weep on Lewis F's shoulder lover not knowing how to deal with ANAMELIA 's steamroller approach to her fellow HMs. Lewis consoled her with the thoughtthat Anamelia is a narcissist without any remorse. But what does Lewis know? This is the HM who won't eat an egg because it has dairy products in it.

The task tonight offered the opportunity to 5 HAs to earn more coins in a quiz. Akeem chose four HMs to join him in quizzing based on their current poverty. Each HM had five questions to answer. An error lost all the gains they made. Questions were not taxing but by the end, only Tomasz had earned any points - a measly 75 coins out of a possible thousand. Akeem, Cameron, Brooke, and Zoe earned nothing.
I did enjoy a good snigger.

Anamelia pounded on her favourite subject - herself. She was very popular at school but all the same girls talked about her behind her back. She made herselfva smaller personality so as not to attract jealousy but then decided it was the girls who should make themselves larger. the back. All her life she has had this problem - she doesn't understand why.

Yes, well...

Lewis F is increasingly anxious in Anamelia's company but unlike Cameron, he is afraid to tackle her. Cameron took the direct approach and confronted her about yesterday's row over Tomasz being bullied. She claimed genuine concern for Tomasz but he accused her of being manipulative. It was good to see someone tackle her but unfortunately it gave her the chance to analyse and explain herself yet again.

Brooke felt the need to explain her sexuality again - she has had boyfriends in the past but not now.
We are all enriched by that information, I'm sure

Tomasz questioned Anamelia - something about her vagina (I'm pleased to say I missed the question). Then he stated that a vagina looks as if it had been hit by an axe and never healed. He is a loathsome little man but give Amelia her due she struck some come hither poses and he looked rather silly for parading his neurosis in front of the men who enjoyed the show.

In the garden, apropos of nothing, he repeatedly proclaimed how much he missed d..k. He is a bit of a sleaze, is Tomasz.

In the DR, Lewis F had a melt down about Anamelia. Cannot stand her. She's intolerable. He feels like going home to escape her.

When Anamelia came near Lewis, HMs started singing her name. They kept that up for ages. Poor Lewis nearly had a breakdown. Even her being alive and next to him annoys Lewis.
Oh, dear.

ISAAC and Lewis G sat in the garden leering at the girls. Kay's attractiveness was brought up. Both men thought she was his for the asking even if she's a good girl - good girls turn bad for bad boys. Lewis reckons Anamelia is nuts but that he can gett her. First thing tomorrow in fact.
I shall look forward to that.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, 2018 11:33 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
Posts: 3347

Kenaley danced/exercised around the bathroom, aiming her rear end at Isaacs like a missile. Isaacs took notice.

DR Tomasz imagined stealing coin while lusting after Lewis G, all of it done in a hideous affected drawl.
He is wasting his time lusting after Lewis – he was busy praising Kay’s lovely smile. He actually has some charm even if he is a buffoon.

In the DR, Lewis F expressed how touched he was by Cameron’s declaration that he saw Lewis as his big brother.

Kay made a healthy drink from the house garden’s berries, then a medicinal potion for Anamelia’s upset stomach. She should have brought Anamelia her spiritual crystals to mend things.

Kay and Zoe had an intimate conversation. Zoe likes sex but it has to be all about one person.Kay wanted to know if Zoe was open to exploring her sexuality. An embarrassed pause followed.
Do these HMs actually have any conversations about anything other than sex?

In the garden a flock of HMs had decided to discuss their sex lives and accessories. Lewis G has steps up to his bed. Tomasz has a six wing. That’s what I thought he said anyway– but my sister informs me that he said he had a ‘sex swing’. What frightful and ludicrous images that conjured up in my mind. I mean, really…
Like sensible persons, Cameron and Lewis G played a game of chess, overlooked by Akeem.

Lewis F chatted with Isaacs about Anamelia (he’ll have to be careful not to become obsessed). He says her spiritualism, crystals, psychic powers are an invention she developed to hide her personality.
The defences of a powerless person perhaps?

Anamelia was also talking about Anamelia. Some of the girls were talking about their mothers. Poor Anamelia never had hugs like they did, she only had being shouted at. She practically had to raise herself her mother was so indifferent to a child she never wanted. Anamelia reckoned she ruined her mother’s life. They were homeless when Anamelia was three years old; she vividly remembers being so hungry that she picked up a lump of read from the street and ate it, even though it was covered with ants.
The story was so dramatic it was hilarious; as if a bell had rung, the HMs rushed to her side to give her consoling hugs in best BB fashion. After all, one must be seen to care or perhaps they really are dim enough to believe all that.

Today’s task was the Blood Money ceremony. The room was dark, the podiums a sickly pink, the Blood Bowl full of sinister crimson gloop. HMs, dressed in black with red cloaks over their shoulders were selected to plunge their hands into the gloop and pull out a Big Coin. On it was an instruction. It might be to go to another HM and take his money from the bank, or else give him money from someone else’s account. It was a tense game as HMs waited to see if they would make a loss or a gain. It was important as the three with least coins on Friday face eviction. The highlight for me was when Lewis G got a card with the instruction to declare one HM bankrupt. He skipped and danced, grinning, to Anamelia and emptied her account while taunting her with the Anamelia song. He rose a little in my estimation then – last night it was chanting her name, tonight emptying her bank account. She doesn’t challenge him about his behaviour – perhaps something to do with the unnerving grin he wears all the time. As for him, he just doesn’t care.

At this point, Lewis F, Sian and Anamelia have the lowest number of Big Coins. Tomasz told Anamelia that he would pray for her.

HMs played Truth or Dare . Anamelia was challenged to tell an embarrassing story about herself. She went to a sex party and chose a partner there. The pair went into a glass walled room and had sex there with everyone looking on.
The HMs looked sceptical.

Anamelia and Kenaley were in conversation and Anamelia admired the way that Kenaley allowed herself to feel. She added more spiritual stuff and Kenaley’s patience snapped: she felt patronised by the other woman. Good for her.

The women convened a meeting to discuss Anamelia. Everyone had hard luck stories in their lives but don’t broadcast it to the world. No one else got a chance to speak when Anamelia was pontificating about herself.

Kay slipped away to the toilet to tell Anamelia what was being said about her. She did this, she said, because she really likes her and is Anamelia’s friend. Some friend. Anamelia decided that when she was feeling good, it made the others feel uncomfortable.

The others confronted Anamelia with Kenaley taking the lead. In essence they are tired of all conversations being about Anamelia and that she comes across as patronising and intimidating. Anamelia kept trying to take control of the conversation but she couldn’t beat Kenaley. Her response to mild criticism was to be passive-aggressive.The others noticed that too. In the end, Anamelia objected to being told how to react.
And little Kay, who egged her on in the toilet, sat and said nothing at all.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 11:22 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
Posts: 3347
There’s Gold in them Thar Hills!

What a wonderful end to the Big Coin task! Tonight was the last chance HMs had to win more coins for their accounts. HMs were sent down the mines – a dark place with galleries dug out of rock, skeletons of dead miners, nuggets of gold and diamonds and glittering gold dust. There was a scroll too telling them that they would be mad to send all their hard won gold to the office as they were supposed to – who would know if they didn’t?
The first team in was led by Cian. When time was up, he had to go to the weigh in for the gold. Big Brother told him privately that the Black Market was next door and he could take his nugget and the team’s gold and swap them for cash. It would be BB’s secret. Tomasz in the next team did the same. Sian in the third team refused the offer – at the last count she knew of, she had plenty of Coins so didn’t need to cheat.

Cameron decided to try and strike a deal with mine officials and went to the offices. For sufficient \Big Coins, he would tell them a secret. They let his offer lie because they were suspicious of him.

Meanwhile, Sian and Anamelia were clearing the air after last night’s confrontation. Anamelia complained of being confronted by all the girls at once and of being stared at when she came into the room. She has a point.
She sadly predicted the future should she survive eviction – the same outsider status. It’s just that other people aren’t able to stand me, she wailed.

The gold miners met their targets and survived the Boss’s inspections by concealing their nuggets at the weigh in.

At the table afterwards, Zoe had to show her power necklace and decide whether to swap her money for someone else’s. She decided not to and at once a clamour arose as people insisted she should swap. This is where things got a little confusing – unless it was done off camera, people’s totals of Big Coins were not revealed so the swap was meaningless. In the end, Zoe chose to swap coins with Lewis G who had to comfort her when she’d made the decision. The HMs with the lowest number of coins were Anamelia, Kay and Sian.
How did that happen? Sian has had a fortune all along and suddenly she’s at the bottom of the ranks and up for eviction. She thought she had a goodly sum and was in no danger which is why she didn’t go to the Black Market.

Isaac and Lewis F fell out about how Zoe was pressured to swap coins round the table. Lewis G is Isaac’s mate so he was very angry that he was chosen. When Anamelia mentioned Lewis G’s name, he cut her off by calling her a snake. Don’t even know what she was going to stay.

In the DR, Lewis F had a massive rant about capitalism, pointing out that all the money was going to the bosses instead of the workers.

I enjoyed this evening. So much better than CH5’s usual psychological quizzes and fake tweets from the public, designed to start them quarrelling. This season, division comes naturally from their own natures.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sat Sep 22, 2018 12:18 am 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
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It was the night of the first eviction and nerves were strung out to the point of vibration. Each of the three nominees – Anamelia, Kay, Sian – tried to make herself interesting but only Anamelia succeeded. In the DR she explained that she had a hard shell but was very sensitive inside. (I think we can take that with a pinch of salt) and challenges people to review their thinking. Sian, a most beautiful young woman, was hard put to it to make herself interesting. Perhaps when you are so beautiful you don't have to be anything else.The best she could come up with was that when she was pregnant she liked drinking washing up liquid – you know, fill the sink and scoop a handful of bubbles; use Fairy liquid in the bath and you can dip your face in bubbles. Kay was rather nondescript and seemed happy to accept whatever her fate was.

Zoe’s decision not to use her power necklace last night, then to use it under duress, still played on her mind while Lewis F was tormented by the fact that people change when things don’t go their own way.

In the DR, Isaac too was considering both Zoe’s problem and Lewis F’s. He hadn’t liked the way Zoe was shouted at across the table because LewisG was his best mate and got his money swapped. As for the way he spoke to Anamelia last night, he doesn’t like her because all she talks about is herself.

HMs discussed the age old question – should a man pay a meal when on a first date. . Anamelia wanted to feel like a woman so I guess he pays; Zoe, on the other hand, didn’t think a man should have to pay for her company. The group never did resolve it but the men were notably silent.

Perhaps they were silent because the subject didn’t interest them; what interested them was the tale of Cian’s penis which had to be surgically removed from a sticky sweet it had got stuck to when he was a little boy. He assured the house that he had fully recovered and that he had a very pretty penis now.
I’m so glad!

Kenaley gathered up her waist length dreadlocks and piled then on her head in coils and whirly bits – she looked just like an illustration of Medusa and the snakes. They looked so much better hanging down her back.

Isaac hung on Lewis G’s every word and never took his eyes off him. He must have the patience of a saint to listen to Lewis who can barely string a sentence together and is subject to hysterical giggling. As Isaac watched and listened, Lewis G suddenly dropped to the floor to do press ups. That’s how he communicates.

Cameron tried to bring a little excitement to the house by claiming to have seen a ghost climbing into someone’s bed and that the house was therefore haunted. No one was much impressed.

All three nominees gave voice to their nerves and fears and prospects. Lewis F went to the DR and sang Kay’s praises’ Lewis G took a more practical approach to Kay – praised her lovely smile and then hugged her.

The girls dressed for the eviction. Anamelia was the most spectacular of course in a black feather boa, a black thong cutting into her unmentionables, and a tiny lace body vest. She claied to have become Talia, her alter ego. She appeared in the bedroom and slowly dropped the boa to the floor, revealing a huge backside and everything else. Poor Lewis F , lying innocently on his bed, was like a rabbit caught in headlights as she approached and lay across him, posing to give him the best views. She’s not subtle, is she? Poor Lewis looked VERY uncomfortable.

The display of sexiness must have inspired Tomasz because he spoke of men he’d been to bed with who thought he exaggerated but he really is that loud. He then proceeded to give young Cameron some sex tips. He was rather coarse and embarrassing but give Cameron his due – he wasn’t that impressed. Tomasz had no business talking to a boy just out of school like that. He really is repellent.

Lewis F and Kay tried to persuade Cameron to give up meat as it is, they said, worse than smoking. He responded that plants grow better if you talk to them.
It was an evening for off facts – Lewis F told Cameron that the body loses three grams weight at the point of death which is the weight of the soul as it leaves the body.

Lewis G dropped to the floor again, this time rolling about and giggling hysterically over a pot of mince. One of these days he won’t be able to stop giggling and they’ll come and take him away.

Anamelia was evicted which was a pity as she was very entertaining in an original way. Who else do we know who can claim to have eaten an ant sandwich?
She felt that she had no friends in the house because she wasn’t good at negativity and backstabbing. And by the way, Lewis G relished other people’s misery; she herself wasn’t like that.

HMs nominate on Sunday – so do the public. Might be interesting.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 11:48 pm 
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Tomasz has been seen by a BB doctor abut his snoring and diagnosed with sleep apnoea. He and all the other HMs went into the bedroom to view this wondrous machine – it as a face mask and a panel with dials on it. I’m quite sure everyone will be very relieved if it works.

In the DR, Lewis F assured BB and the public that he was a gentleman in his treatment of Anamelia.
Behind her back he was rather different.

Cian talked of past relationships – in particular with a 17 year old boy who he thought was older. He also has a gay brother and sister and knows lots of people who are way back in the closet. I’m not sure what he’s trying to say – Tomorrow Belongs To Me? Or just an encouragement to come out? I hope he doesn’t go all activist on us: these people are always a bore and he is likeable just as a person.

In the DR, Cameron was disconsolate. He is frustrated with himself for not coming out as gay (I think that’s what he meant).
He certainly had both ears flapping at Cian’s tales. The winner of BB is there in the DR if he comes out during the show. What a journey!

At 2 in the morning, Lewis G, after a few drinks, decided that he was hungry. So he made a salad and scooped some mince into it, then dumped the lot in a frying pan.
BB tasked Akeem with getting rid of it because of the possibility of cross contamination from the raw meat. Akeem duly binned it. Lewis g went around shouting ‘Oh, my God’ over and over and cursing the HMs. Akeem kept telling him that it was contaminated but nothing got through to Lewis who roamed up and down the kitchen and bedroom screeching at God and accusing everything of being contaminated. BB sent for him and he refused to sit in the DR chair in case he contaminated it. He was also warned about barging into the toilet when he knew Akeem was in there.
The thing is, he was a very unconvincing drunk. The whole scene , I am quite sure, was staged. In the morning, he was one of the first up and banged on a metal bowl to wake everyone else. He will wind up being murdered if he is not careful.

Brooke confessed that she dreamed she had sex with Philip Schofield. I wished that she had kept that quiet because any mention of sex provokes Tomasz to join in the conversation. He can be very wearing on that subject. But perhaps he was too thrilled with his apnoea machine to be bothered with sex: he thanked BB most graciously for a deep refreshing sleep, the first he’d had in years.

In the kitchen, Lewis G turned vegan on the spot so that he won’t be contaminating any else in future. He apologised to the house for his behaviour last night and promised to make a vegan curry for everyone’s dinner.

In the DR, Cameron was scornful of big macho Lewis with the body builders physique making a fuss about lettuce leaves in his salad.
He nails it down, does young Cameron.

Lewis F stood at the patio doors and screamed at random intervals.
I have no explanation for this but felt it should be reported.

Isaac was rather surly with Lewis G. He is someone, he says, that he feels he could be friendly with outside but Lewis G didn’t even acknowledge Isaac’s efforts to calm him down when the lettuce disturbed him. That he couldn’t get through to Lewis clearly rankled. I think Isaac likes to see himself as the alpha male, a leader of men, the king pin.

BB saw the HMs one by ones to let them know what their bank balance was. Akeel was at the top with 1,167 and Kay at the bottom with 348. BB then held an auction where they could spend some of their money. (is this wise when BB warned them on Friday that money might still be important?)

Anyway, three mega donuts were up for auction, a date for two,and a party for everyone. BB kept pushing up the bids until Isaac got the donuts and Cian the date for two. And Akeem made himself popular by bidding for the party.
Cian took Zoe on the date for two – they had rose petals, champagne, strawberries, condoms and chocolate but rather spoiled the effect by laughing outrageously and exposing teeth clogged with chocolate.

Isaac cursed because he didn’t get the date that he could take Kay on.
In the DR, he said she was a nice girl with nice attributes (leer leer) and that he would try his luck with her at the party.
Lucky girl!

At the party, he lap danced Tomasz for some time. This was not a lovely sight, especially when Tomasz twerked and slut dropped. Cameron was appalled he may go right to the back of the closet with the shock of it all.Kay was deep in conversation with Lewis G – Isaac said he was playing the listening card. Why, only today Isaac made a comment about the crap you have to listen to from women. I suppose every human interaction is a tactic to Isaac.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Tue Sep 25, 2018 1:08 am 
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It was an odd sort of evening. No doubt, nominations affected them. Kay the vegan hit the HMs with info about gelatine in jam. utterly revolting.I hate the way some vegans think they can s
wean others off meat products by sickening them.

Nominations were surprising - the men largely nominated men as did the women. Lewis G was nominated by practically everyone after the mince and salad scenario last night; Lewis F was nominated for isolating himself and not fully integrating. Cameron nominated Kay for questioning his ethics and morals because he's a meat eater.
In the end, both Lewis G and Lewis F are up for eviction and Isaac won the people's nomination.

In one of his bizarre random acts, Lewis G threw a plate on the table and then begannsnapping hiismfingers and singing a slurred rap. Hugely irritating. Isaac decided that LG was messing with his head and that outside the house he'd have given him a slap. It was clear from his taut body language that there would haveebbeen more than a slap.
Kinsley challenged Lewis G about his selfishness and lack of consideration but this was water off a duch's back - Lewis continued wandering aimlessly, snapping his fingers and rapping at people.

In the DR, Isaac backtracked tried to explain away his 'slap' threat be case he feared that it would affect The impression he was making.

Lewis F told Kay thay she encouraged the other Lewis's behaviour by laughing at him. She became very emotional and fled to the toilet saying she couldn't handle Lewis G. It was an astonishing weep in, much to Cameron's disgust. She sobs that Lewis G doesn'tt mean to provoke people but Cameron says he does which sends her into a paroxysm of weeping.

Meanwhile I in the DR Lewis G shrugged and said he wound people up when things got boring. He regrets offending Isaac his best pal.

Kay tried to leave the house by the emergency exit but was prevented by Lewis F and CIAN.

In the DR she babbled brokenheartedly that she couldn't do the house any more and that she is too pure and nice to get involved in the backstabbing because all she knows is love. Was Lewis G a monster that she could not laugh with Her melt down was worthy of Anamlia.

Cameron in the DR said that whenever Kay was in the wrong or in a bad situation she turned on the waterworks - she isn't nearly as nice as people think.

However, Cameron made a tepid apology to her and, being pure and nice, and only knowing love, she forgave him.

Lewis G and Isaac also made up. As it turned out, Isaac was deeply wounded when Lewis called him an acquaintance last night. An expression of affectionate ridership was all it took to mend their relationship.
After all, what else have they in the house?
Up for eviction Isaac and the two Lewises. Interesting.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Tue Sep 25, 2018 11:40 pm 
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Game Changer

Cian slept over in Cameron’s bed. Cameron retained his sunglasses and kept one hand on the floor, like they used to do in Hollywood except it was one foot on the floor in a bedroom scene, just to prove that nothing happened.

In the bathroom, Brooke shaved Sian’s legs for her Cian and Kenaley her simulated sex. Poor Cameron kept his eyes on his chessboard and planned dark strategies.

Tomasz and Zoe went for the pity plea and described how they lived. She lives on the carer’s allowance while looking after her son and gets accused of skiving; Tomasz put an empty bottle in someone’s bin and was told to get back to his own country.

The results of the nominations were passed on : Lewis F, Lewis G, and Isaac. Caeron was quick to tell Isaac that he was nommed because of guilt by association with Lewis G.
Clever boy – the chessboard has done him good.

Neither Lewis G nor Isaac think they deserved to be nominated. Lewis F wants to know the reasons. In the DR, he announced that he hated sharing a name with Lewis G.
But what’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Cameron is bored by the topics of conversation in the house. They are repetitive and he knows what everyone will say.

Kay heard all this and decided Cameron was quite bitchy and really sticks the knife in. She challenged him about the topics of conversation and how upset his comments made her. News for you, Kay – he doesn’t care if you are upset. He knows you’re a drama queen. He told her that the only thing he could say to her was not to listen in to other people’s conversations.
Cameron pointed out to Thomas that Kay wanted him to snap.

BB announced the Game Changer which will take place tomorrow. HMs, including the nominees, will play the game. The richest HM will always play and select the other payers. The winner of the game will have the chance to save themselves or any other HM.

HMs decided to play at dressing up. I wonder whose idea that was? But Cian skipped about like a lamb, clearly loving his floaty red chiffon frock. Isaac went for sophistication in a black cocktail dress. Cameron emerged covered in coloured sequins. Tomasz was indescribable.
It was a disturbing sight.
In the DR, Lewis F accused the HMs of acting like children and refused point blank to wear a dress. Or to put – he had just seen Cian teaching Cameron to pout.

In the bedroom, Brooke asked Kay if she is straight, bi, or lesbian. Kay said she’s straight but does feel some attraction to other girls. The look of triumph that Brooke bestowed on her made Kay beam.
Dear girl, you are not called upon to seek the approval of a gay woman.

Cameron thinks that the game changer will mean more alliances being made and friendships broken as they will play it every week.

Lewis G was being annoying again, rapping a tuneless composition. Isaac and Sian grinned, loving it.

In the DR, Lewis F was reprimanded by BB for talking about whom he had nominated. It looked as if Lewis really hadn’t realised historic nominations were also not to be discussed.

Cian, in a bid to be interesting, teased Zoe with a secret. She played along until she guessed what his big secret was – he fancies someone. Possibly Cameron.

Cameron went to Lewis F for a heart to heart about how afraid he is to come out – he has family, friends and he doesn’t know how they will react. Lewis assured him that the people who love him will still love him. And he will be a free man and not care what other people think.
He should sleep on it.
Well, he didn’t get much hope of that –Cian was romping round the bed again.

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2018 11:07 pm 
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Game Changer

Akeem has to decide who will play against the nominees and perhaps save one of them. Everyone is very anxious about who will be chosen. Lewis G snapped his fingers in time to his racing heart beat. In the end, he chose Kenaley and Cian to be in the team. Cian simpered.

Tomasz and Isaac discussed Akeem who wants to be Daddy of the house, according to Tomasz. Isaac says Akeem is all fake: hugs you and smiles at you then gets you to do whatever he wants while he sits back.

Cameron raises the subject of the house ghost again. This time it touched him. He thinks it is a poltergeist because things fall out of the fridge and ceiling lamps sway whenever he mentions ghost. Some of the HMs think he’s joking – Cameron says he wishes he was.

Meanwhile, Kay and Lewis F discuss sexuality. Lewis says he’s comfortable with himself and embarks on a long rambling analysis of I’m not sure what but Lewis was pleased with it.

At last it was time for the game changer. The six players have to retrieve pieces of a puzzle from the ball pit then run back and assemble the puzzle. On completion, they must retrieve the golden dice as proof of finishing.

Isaac got off to a flying start while Keneley was afraid to break her nails. Akeem won. But alas, the game was a shambles. Some people had an extra puzzle piece while others were missing bits. BB reviewed the footage to ascertain exactly what had happened and in the end, decided to run the race again. This time Akeel was disqualified for reaching out for the golden dice before he had completed the puzzle, as did Lewis F. In the end, Keneley won and had to decide who to save or else leave things as they are. At first she thought she’d let things stand and the three nominees would all face the public vote. But other HMs put pressure on her and she changed her mind – she saved Isaac. Lewis F and Lewis G will now compete for the public vote. Lewis G smirked and said for the umpteenth time ‘There’s only room for one Lewis.

Lewis F reclined in the bath while Cameron in a red skirt lay on the floor and talked to him. Tomasz told Kenely that Lewis G would change now – come out of himself because he’s happy.

Kay had a go at Lewis G because of his remark about the one Lewis. That was hurtful, she said. He reckons he doesn’t are what she thinks about him. She slipped into Anne of Green Gables mode again and said it was too hard for her to see Lewis F being made to feel bad. The woman is a saccharine saint. In the DR, she was pleased with herself for standing up to Lewis G and for not feeling the fear she’d felt before.
I think this must be an attempt at going on a journey and becoming a bigger better person.

Other HMs hadn’t noticed Horatia at the Bridge and discussed how awful Lewis G would be if he wasn’t evicted by the public – he would think that his bizarre behaviour was a winning tactic.
I fear that they are right.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2018 11:36 pm 
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Chook Chook

For the shopping task, the house and garden was overrun by 591 chickens – pictures of chickens and little toy representations, that is. HMs have to count them all and have a margin of error of 35. Akeem had a notebook and studiously he went round counting – other HMs were not so assiduous. Kay was busy telling Brooke that if she fancied anyone in the house, she was most attracted to her. Cian told Sian about Brooke and Kay. Sian has realised that Kay attaches herself to people to get by. She can’t read Kay or understand what she’s all about.

Akeem moved to the dining room to continue counting. Tomasz sneered at his efforts because he doesn’t like him and can see through him. I don’t know what it is he sees in Akeem, but this is the same talk he uses about other HMs he’s targeting.

The pictures of the chickens upset Kay – too much meat in the house. They make her cry and she asks the hose collectively ‘Would they still eat chicken if they were beautiful little fluffy chicks?’
Ah, yes, I had forgotten how she has a compassion and an ethical stance which is superior to everyone else’s.

Akeem was by then counting chickens which kept appearing on the house screen. He was an object of derision to Tomasz and Isaac who were sitting smoking. They never once got up to help count the birds. Of course we hardly ever see Tomasz do anything but recline; he is quite happy to let others do the tasks for him.

Cameron and Tomasz discussed taxidermy. For what reason I cannot tell except that Cameron fears both burial and burning.

Brooke likes Chinese burns and Lewis F was willing to oblige. Is it sexual, he asked hopefully.

In the DR, Cameron admits he doesn’t like chickens. He’s scared of them BB had put toy chicken at the top of the DR chair and made it go up and down above Cameron’s head. When it squawked, he nearly jumped out of his skin – chickens are worse than ghosts. Outside the DR door, a large person in a chicken suit lay in wait. Cameron could not bear to go past it. Finally, he ran past and the chicken pursed him – poor Cameron! He fled like a bat out of hell.

BB gave Lewis G and Zoe swimsuits and visors. Their task was to be tied down in a pen and have molasses smeared on them and then bird seed scattered on top. Then the chickens arrived…they pecked and squawked while the HMs screamed and giggled. They kept reminding one another to count the chickens. But they kept moving around! That was a funny task.

In the meantime, Tomasz daringly massaged Isaac’s temples because he knew that Isaac would be comfortable with it because he was comfortable with himself. I think he was saying that only a closet gay would object to the contact.
Does anybody believe that nonsense.

Tomasz had to serenade the chickens in the pen and count them as he sang.
Cian and Brooke simulated sex. Why, I don’t know because nobody was watching.

Brooke, Kay and Cian were tasked with counting chickens coming out of a coop. The count was interrupted by, ‘Don’t count the turkey!’ ‘Those are ducks!’ and then they would have to start again. They didn’t see for ages that there were five people in chicken suits waltzing through the house swigging wine out of glasses.
It was a good task!

Lewis G staged an event. He asked for some Weetabix from the bowl Lewis F was eating. I think he stole it. Lewis F didn’t want it back after that and reuses to rise to the bait because it will only encourage Lewis G to do other things to provoke a reaction. So he sat with Akeem and played chess. Lewis G was sort of left hanging with the weetabix in his hand. He began one of his tuneless meaningless rants and kept it going for ages. Finally, Kenaley blew up in his face and harangued him. He laughed at her but that was bravado. She laid into him and it disturbed him. Eventually he retreated to bed, putting on a laugh to show he didn’t care but he did care as Isaac had just distanced himself publicly from him.
He stared at the mirror by his bed and decided that he was a bit of all right.
Cameron came in and said that he was making himself a target; Zoe told him that he was out of order. And was coming across badly. He doesn’t listen.

I’m still laughing at the chickens.

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 29, 2018 12:10 am 
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Mangetout and Almond Milk

Eviction night and everyone is showing signs of nerves – some fear going and others fear that a certain one won’t go.
Outside, the tall chickens sit catching the sun wearing bikinis and swilling alcohol. They fled when the HMs emerged. Pity – they look like a good crowd.

Cameron thinks Akeem has got too big for his boots – he acts as if no one else in the house has an opinion worth listening to. Isaac agrees- he thinks that being top of the leader board has gone to Akeem’s head and made him feel like Boss of the House. Cameron should not tie his fate up with Isaac’s who is jealous and spiteful of a man who is very self possessed and charismatic.

The task today was to get plastic eggs from a vending machine and find the chickens hidden inside them. Akeem organised the HMs to get the finance to use the vending machine. He will contribute 100 Big Coins, Zoe 50, and everyone else 25. He allocated amounts quickly, efficiently and fairly. Isaac made a sneering comment about Akeem having put a 100 in the kitty but still retaining his bigger bank account. Akeem followed him into the bedroom and calmly asked what was wrong. Isaac instantly claimed to be in a bad mood, blaming Lewis G for it, and was happy to go and romp in the pool with Akeem.
Plain to see who came out best in that encounter.

Kay prepared a large vegan meal for herself, intended to last her all day. Cameron was angry at the waste of food when so much was cooked for one person. That it was meant to be for more that one meal was dismissed out of hand – Cameron told her that she could get food poisoning from reheated rice. Kay reminded him that she doesn’t eat dairy, meat, eggs and so on…Cameron was still angry.
Akeem came in and asked what was going on and was told not to butt in when he hadn’t heard the whole conversation. He accused Akeem of being arrogant.
Oh, dear – someone really has rattled Cameron’s cage this morning.

I suppose this is an object lesson in how bullies function – they find a grievance and spread it to their henchmen and then can’t hold back when they address the victim. Tomasz, Isaac and Cameron are forever picking at Akeem behind his back – like the three witches cackling and plotting catastrophe for unwary humans.

In the DR, Tomasz was sent on a task. He has to count chickens in a separate room and will be given the chance to earn some Big Coins for his back account. There is money in a large chest and chickens in another; Tomasz can help the HMs or he can help himself – his choice. If he counts only the coins, they become his. If he counts the chickens, they add to the HMs total. Tomasz wasn’t much troubled by conscience and won himself 89 Big Coins, returned to the house, and lied to the others like a trooper about how he came by them.

However, he could not bear that no one else should know of his cleverness and so confided in Cameron, who was duly shocked. ‘The shopping task ,’ he said. ‘You screwed the shopping task for the sake of winning 89 Big Coins!’ Tomasz snuffled and giggled with glee, saying that he wanted to take Akeem down by having more money than him.
Cameron was even more shocked. The whole house will go on basic rations, £2.50 a head per day, for the sake of Thomasz’s spite if they have lost the task. I think he could have cheerfully punched that wheezing, chuckling creature on the sofa.

The HM gathered to discuss the shopping. Mangetout and almond milk seem rather extravagant…

Emma announced that Lewis G was being evicted, much to everyone’s relief I thought.

His interview was rambling and irrelevant. Just to give you a taste of what he said:
Lewis had fun, he did what he wanted to do at the end of the day, and it is what it is.

We won’t have to listen to that any more!

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2018 11:39 pm 
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I Feel Free

Pre Eviction

Akeel had some concerns about food supplies in the coming week and had some suggestions to make: all food shared, 2 square meals a day, and no snacks or midnight foraging in the fridge. Cameron sniggered at him. Lewis G and Isaac laughed. It was an unpleasant little scene.

In the DR, Kay was performing another drama. She feels, she says, as if she is in the wrong body. She is being eaten alive, surrounded by shepherds who will eat her like lambs.
(What? Surrounded by shepherds who are not vegan? )
Anyway, se wants to go home again.

Lewis F and Akeem were playing chess when Kay came and sat down beside them. They notice that there are tears in her eyes but she insists that she isn’t crying; it’s just her eyes that are sad. The boys told her to take deep breaths but kept watching the chess game. Akeem played on.
They all readied themselves for the eviction; Lewis G said that he felt safe. He should have cried ‘bad rice’ to the Heavens. He left the house laughing and Isaac shed a tear.
In the DR, Lewis F said that he hadn’t expected to be saved. Now that Lewis G is gone, he feels free and lighter somehow. He can’t celebrate too much for fear of upsetting Isaac but nevertheless he is buzzing.

In the living room, Tomasz comforted weeping Isaac.
Funny that – only the other night Isaac was dissociating himself from Lewis G. Isaac went to the DR and told how when the house was dull and boring, he could always go to Lewis G for a laugh.

In the bedroom, Lewis was getting changed and stripped right off with Zoe and Kay looking on and laughing. I don’t expect that he anticipated laughter. It must have hurt when he compared it to the reaction Isaac had when he stripped off. His ‘ahem’, a delighted Brooke shrieked, was HUGE. Isaac preened and took care in his orange boxers to let everyone see what a magnificent specimen he possessed. He spent some time in those orange boxers! Brooke was moved to remark that he needed his own zip code.

So we’ve had two thrills – Lewis’s peachy bottom and Isaac’s massive equipment. BB just keeps on giving – the third thrill of the evening was a game of Truth or Dare – Akeem challenged Tomasz to give him a lap dance. He tried his best to be sinuous and sexy but only succeeded in falling over. He got up and tried to sit on Akeem but fortunately, Akeem was spared that.

Kenely felt that anyone who got into Big Brother should appreciate it properly – she didn’t like the fact that Kay wanted to leave for a second time. She and Cameron and Thomasz discussed this, reminding one another that Kay is an actress and that her actions may be a performance and not the genuine article.

Thomasz understood Lewis’s distress at the loss of his friend. After all, if he lost his little Cam-cam, he would be devastated. However, Isaac began to recover when Kay moved on to his bed and cuddled with him.

New positions on the leader board were shown – Isaac was the wealthiest HM, followed by Akeem and Tomasz. Cameron had dark thoughts about this – how did Thomasz get from the bottom of the heap to near the top. All the HMs pondered the leader board because of the power the top position gives to the boss.

Kay treated Lewis to the drama of her anxieties about being in the house and got short shrift – she shouldn’t have come into the house if she felt like that.

Tonight’s task would cause HMs even more anxieties about the leader board. They were to go alone into the task room and were confronted by upright rods with discs slipped on them. Each rod belonged to a HM and his/her tally of Bit Coins was there too. HMs had 90 seconds to remove discs (worth 50 Bit Coins each) from the rod of their choice and place them elsewhere.

Lewis robbed the rich to give to the poor, as fairly as possible. Cameron took so long deciding what to do that he ran out of time (so he said anyway). Isaac was remarkable for his greed because he took 7 discs for himself from Akeem’s rod.
Well, all of them shifted wealth about and HMs just about drove one another crazy trying to decide how wealth had been distributed. Finally, BB announced the wealthiest HMs in order – Cian, Zoe and Tomasz came out top.

Brooke had a word with Kay about wanting to leave. Kay denied attention seeking as she isn’t that kind of person. She had the grace to look a little embarrassed as she said this.

The last game of the evening was another auction. This time Pizza, gym membership and an Extra Life for use in the Game Changer, were all up for grabs.

Cameron had one last heart to heart with Thomasz. He told him that the others didn’t trust him entirely (the amount of wealth he moved to his own rod shows they are right not to trust him)because they didn’t understand what game he was playing.
Just a word to the wise, Thomasz.

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Black Lipstick

Isaac and Lewis shared Akeem’s gym membership. Thomasz studied the closely then heaved himself up from the sofa and did a workout with a couple of cushions. This is the first time I have found Thomasz remotely amusing. The amusement did not last long, however, when Thomasz tried to draw Cameron into his game plan by running Akeem down. Akeem is clearly Thomasz’s next target and Cameron is expected to nominate him. But Cameron is a lot cleverer than Thomasz sees and he spoke to a group of girls about how he is being put in the position of hearing plots and plans when he doesn’t want to. The girls were all a –buzz with this and decided en masse that they no longer trusted Thomasz. Well played, Cameron.

Nominations took place tonight. HMs nominated as usual and the public voted for their favourite HMs, the two with the lowest number of votes to join the nominees. Thomasz clearly felt it was a special evening and so rearranged his hair, applied black lipstick and armed himself with a fan. He was a sight to behold. Kay received 6 votes, Akeem and Isaac 4 each. Brooke and Keneley were nominated by the public vote. The nominations were the usual accusations of ‘He’s got a game plan’, ‘She’s playing to the cameras.’and so on. Isaac stood accused of being bad tempered, aggressive, and having no manners. Akeem of having a fake laugh, Kay of negativity.

After the nominations were completed, Akeel gathered everyone together to make an apology about the discs on the rods task. He appeared to be apologising for removing discs which was the game and which everyone did. I am at a loss to explain why he felt the need to apologise. Thomasz was quickly demonstrating anger, however, snarling that he knew why Akeem had done it after the nominations, implying that he was trying to make a good impression on the public.
This was he first time that I thought Akeem was a fake. The down turned eyes, the humble face – well, all a bit overdone.

Thomasz came to the bath in which Akeem was soaking and accused him of game playing. He was nasty in his approach and Akeem could hardly be bothered, but the ridiculous creature in the ghastly lipstick persisted in haranguing him until Akeem exploded. Thomasz chose to scuttle away as best he could and headed for the DR. Once in there, he ranted about Akeem being a game player. He twisted and turned in the DR chair and folded himself up to lie in it. The twisting and turning was a physical manifestation of Thomasz’s mind, full of plots and manipulations, never at ease with himself.

Lewis planned a prank on Cameron which involved the ghost which Cameron thinks haunts the house. Cian, however, disliked the idea in case Cameron was really frightened. Kindly Cian must be the only person on the planet who thinks Cameron actually believes in the ghost.

Kay, having nominated Lewis, felt obliged to row with him. She accuses him of being negative and unstable. He said that she was a hypocrite and other things. I said ‘other things’ because Lewis is incomprehensible when he’s angry and he gabbles. In the DR, Lewis ranted about Kay. He’s crazy and he knows it – she doesn’t know how crazy she is.
She then tackled the other man she’d nominated – Cameron. She asked him a simple question designed to spark a row but she should have known better than to think Cameron would give a simple answer. He rambled on digressing, over analysing, referencing until my head was spinning. Her only response was to patronise him, calling him immature. He was not distressed by his opinion, not in the slightest. She fled to the DR where she told BB that she was tired of living with toxic people and troubled HMs. And guess what? She wants to leave.
BB gave her the stock answer: seep in the house and BB will make the necessary arrangements. She smiled that unnerving smile of hers and said she would break down the fire exit to get out.

The cast of BB this season really is excellent. Will she be gone tomorrow to escape the dreadful Cameron and Lewis who do not defer to her? Or will she stay,bravely suffering, because her public demands it?

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Kay has left the house to escape from toxic persons
I wonder if she had to break down the fire doors to get out?
Ah well, she was ever too pure and nice, as she told us herself, to be comfortable in the house.

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Will She Stay Or Will She Go?

What an evening! Kay seemed to be about to take flight; then all seemed to be resolved and she was putting down roots in the house. Then, suddenly she was on her way (although no one believed it;Thomasz reckoned she’d cried wolf too often)after the longest goodbye at the exit.

The whole evening was devoted to her shilly-shallying and HMs perspective on events. The girls , for example, told Lewis that he went too far in his row with her last night. He was moodily reticent in response. Cameron felt that she should apologise for calling him brainwashed. In the DR, she was telling BB that she had too many drunk people in her face. She wanted no more of it. She spoke of leaving again but decided to return to the house for breakfast and some relaxation.

She was warmly greeted by the others and then she went and sat in the garden by herself. At that point, it seemed as if she was prolonging the moment before she caved in and admitted she was saying.

In the DR, Thomasz admitted that he was seizing every opportunity he could to win. He told of a harsh life and then a move to the UK to start fresh, and how these things combined to make him what he was; unlike him, Kay had a privileged life and could not cope with reality.

Nominations were revealed and shocked the house. Thomasz immediately began to plan for the Extra Life he has been given and to consider how it might be used to save Isaac if needed. He apologised in advance to the girls: Isaac was his close friend and saving him was not a comment on the girls.

Lewis apologised to Kay and hugged her. She was so relieved that she wasn’t in the bad books any more. Mind you, he was just as solicitous about a fly he found trapped in the storeroom.

BB threw a ‘last day of summer’ party for the HMs. Everyone was put into sequins – Cian in tiny sequinned shorts and a black see through top, Thomasz and Akeem had rabbits ears, Cameron wore a floral arrangement on his head and a unicorn’s horn. Akeem thinks there’s a catch to the party (and he ‘s right – The party features in tomorrow’s Game Changer Task).

Thomasz confided in Cameron that Akeem had been trying to pump him for information (I didn’t see that), but Cameron told him he reads too much into things which prompted Thomasz to say he really loved him. Cameron can’t read him sometimes, he said. But Thomasz merely grinned and said he was obsessed with Akeem.

Kay was in the bathroom when Lewis wanted into the toilet. In passing, Lewis appeared to be trying to build bridges with Kay but in the process crossed over to quarrelling mode – the same quarrel they had last night and which he had apologised for. I won’t go into it all again - it is enough to say that he launched into an appalling rant. She suddenly looked very defeated when she said she just wanted to be left alone. Lewis stalked off then declaring that she was impossible.

Back in the DR, she said that Lewis drained her. BB suggested that she stay another night in the house but she tried that last night and will not stay with unstable people any longer. She made a dramatic announcement about her imminent departure. HMs queued to hug her goodbye – Cian, bless him, had tears running down his face as did Zoe.
Through all this, Lewis continued to eat solidly and Kay continued with her prolonged exit.

In the DR, Kay wept and left.

Cameron was plagued by guilt as he felt responsible for her departure – he keeps doing the right thing and it blows up in his face. But Lewis was there to comfort him. He was defensive and aggressive, talking 120 words a minute, and Cameron soon revived.

In the bathroom, the girls were upset but felt that it was for the best even if they hadn’t particularly liked the way it was done. That sums it up, I think.

I wonder who Lewis will target next?Anamelia was first, then whatshername, and now Kay.

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