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 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Fri Aug 25, 2017 12:19 am 
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With a heavy heart I have to ell you that ex0HMs returned tonight with the express intention of causing mayhem Surviving HMs were not allowed to hog the show the night before an eviction – evicted HMs did. Just not fair!

Karthic didn’t do much damage – he just woke them all this morningvia the intercom. He certainly liened up the house – am became playful and did a boys’ boarding school trick of flinging things into the shower while Jemma was in there. She of course had to come out f the shower with not a stitch on except her ghastly tattoos.

Marissa took revenge on Shaun for his killer nomination on the first night of the series. She made him dress as a dog and live in a kennel. ‘Today you’re my bitch,’ she said and ordered him to bark.

While making toast, Sam was overjoyed to hear Jordan’s voice once more, this time over the intercom. Sam leapt and capered in ecstasy. Jordan ordered him into the DR so that they could talk privately. They’ve missed one another, they want to hug, they are delirious with excitement even to be talking to one another again.

Jordan had a mission for Sam – to go on a date and follow Jordan’s commands. They were what you would expect from Jordan – some saucy remarks; to shove a cake in the girl’s face; to tell her he likes her and wants to kiss her; to admire her feet and then suck chocolate from her toes (the chocolate came from the cake on her face).
The poor lass was bewildered by all this and she really didn’t like the cake shoved in her face but eventually twigged it was a task. She was a bit hurt by it all.

Jordan continued to advise Sam in the DR. He felt that |Sam spent too much time flirting . Sam hadn’t realised he was coming across like that.with Jemma.
Someone should tell him that at 25 he’s too old for boyish naivety.
He also explained to Jordan that he wasn’t ready for a relationship yet and sought Jordan’s advice - being with Amelia and her plans made him think of ortgages and joint bank accounts. Jordan advised telling Amelia gently…
Sam put himself in Shaun’s doghouse after the conversation.

Chad and Jemma had another row over mince. He had appropriated another small portion to have with eggs. She called him selfish (add your own expletives) and sia that he should wait for dinner. She slammed raw mince on his plate and put it out for him. Chad was astonished at the obsession with mince.

Brandi’s job was to read out bitchy comments made by HMs about other HMs (this again? AGAIN?)
Sarah had to guess who said that she and Chad had about two weeks and a couple of magazine deals and then it would be over? And disapproved of the cheating? It was Sam – he was abjectly humble and apologetic
Jemma had to wonder who said that she was a bit of an idiot for her age. Sam again His defense was that she had called him the C word.
Not so much of the naïve young schoolboy he likes to pretend to be in those remarks.

Paul commanded HMs to laugh and point at the person they thought would be evicted first. Jemma and Amelia both pointed at Chad, calling him selfish. The mince again. Chad exploded at jemma who was very unappeallingly self=righteous. ‘If you were a Spice Girl.’ He said, ‘You’d be Shit Spice Girl.’

Surprisingly, Jemma shut up.

Finally, the exHMs were allowed to enter the house. Sam and Jordan capered like puppies at being reunited and had a lovely chase about in the garden.

Brandi warned Jemma against being too flirty with Sam because the viewers could see that Amelia was hurt and this made Jemma look bad.

Amelia and Sam were trying to have a chat but Jemma showed up and sent Amelia out of the bedroom so that she could have a chat with Sam – what a nerve she has! It wasn’t much of a victory to make Amelia slink away. They both related that Brandi and Jordan had issued much the same warnings to them about Amelia. And so unair = they were like brother and sister! It was all innocent between tem! They had never kissed or touched!

Paul remarked that Sarah and Chad had sex in the toilet which they instantly denied. In fact they denied sexual contact at all/ Psaul correctly reminded him that she’d been in bed wth Chad minus her knickers and had been seen groping him. Sarah denied this too. She said she only rubbed Chad.

Oh, dear, It was like hearing Bill Clinton denying that he had sexual contact wth Monica/

Paul advised Amelia not to hang around for Sam outside the house. She should be more proactive and insist on a quick decision about her status. Hen Brandi came and told Amelia that Sam was laughing at her behind her back. She repeated some of the things Sam had said with the result that Amelia wet and challenged Sam. He gabbled explanations for his mocking remarks. Amelia went all passive/aggressive instead of being angry and took the blame for it all on herself – she’s so negative about herself!
Anyway, they finally ended it.

BB announced to assembled HMs that there was to be a back door eviction. The resut was a surprise – Shaun! And because he left by the back door he didn’t have an interview and I would have loved to hear his impressions of the BB house.

Final tomorrow. I hope Sam doesn’t win. I hope neither Sarah nor Chad wins. Certainly not horrible Jemma.
I suppose that only leaves me with dear old Derek. He doesn’t seem likely, does he?

 Post subject: Re: Big Brother
PostPosted: Fri Aug 25, 2017 11:15 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:46 am
Posts: 3232
The Carnival Is Over

No house action tonight, only the running order and interviews.

Imagine my joy when Jemma went out first in her nearly-a dress slashed to the nave and open down the sides. The most interesting thing she said was that she was working on self-improvement and had, in fact, toned tings down while in te house.

Chad followed, trying to persuade us all that he had been himself in the house. His difficulty had been deciding whether other people were fake or real.
Oh, and the attraction to Amelia had been real but he found that he culd talk more easily to Sarah.

Derek came next and gave a genial good natured interview. He seems genuinely to have enjoyed the house and the housemates,, especially Amelia.

Sam, cocky as ever and still playing the charming schoolboy, could give no explanation for his treatment of Amelia..

Amelia was runner up and came out nearly having a panic attack. She was another who genuinely loved her visit to the house. Interestingly, she never had a singe nomination.

Sarah was winner – she swore climbing the staircase and wept at the interview. What else?

It wasn’t a bad CBB – I mostly enjoyed it. But they must do something about the standard of hMs. Get rid of the reality TV contestants for a start.

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