A free collection of French SF/Fantasy stories
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Author:  Jean-Claude Dunyach [ Sat Jul 18, 2015 7:32 am ]
Post subject:  A free collection of French SF/Fantasy stories

Dear all,

To celebrate my birthday (17th of July, 58 years and counting), I've decided that my first collection of short stories "The Night Orchid, Conan Doyle in Toulouse" (Foreword by D. Brin) will be FREE to download in kindle format through Amazon during five days, starting the 17th...
Some of the stories were published in Interzone - I really should start submitting new material again :-).
* Arthur Conan Doyle takes Professor Challenger to the South of France to meet Professor Picard, Irene Adler and a horror from the ancient past. ("A treat... read it and grin," Tangent Online)
* What extraordinary secrets lie in the weave of an ancient carpet? (Voted Best Story of 1998, Interzone; "particularly strong,"
* A young boy accidentally swallows a fairy. ("An intriguing glimpse into a different world,"; "A disturbing fairy tale," Strange Horizons.)
* Mysterious cocoons fall to Earth, bringing alien revelations. ("Vivid and engaging," Tangent Online.)
* What do corpses do to other corpses at night? ("Gripping... disquieting," Tangent Online.)
* In cyberspace all intelligences are edible. ("Worthy of Philip K. Dick," Mauvais Genres.)
* In a time when murder is punished by total memory wipe, a man sets out to create a cadre of assassins.


Jean-Claude Dunyach

Author:  Pete [ Sun Jul 19, 2015 8:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A free collection of French SF/Fantasy stories

Many thanks Jean-Claude for that kind gesture. I hope your birthday went well.

And yes, you really should start submitting new material again.

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