TTACon 9!!!
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Author:  Jetse [ Thu Feb 07, 2008 6:13 pm ]
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It's basically a come-together of kindred souls. Maybe some serious discussions about IZ/Black Static and publishing in general early in the afternoon, and lively chatting, drinking, and partying later on.

Dinner is optional... :roll: (actually, that's why I try to eat a heavy lunch): sometimes the group -- or what's left of it in the evening, as some need to get home earlier than others -- goes to have dinner, sometimes not.

Just very informal.

Do bring a camera, although some of us might not like to be photographed (not me, obviously, just image google my name). We'll work that out.

Do bring beer money! :mrgreen:

Author:  Dave Mathew [ Sun Feb 10, 2008 9:52 am ]
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That was a good do yesterday. Thanks for Jetse for arranging and being the M.C.! It was nice to meet faces old and new. Looking forward to the next one.

Author:  Paul Raven [ Sun Feb 10, 2008 10:01 am ]
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A good time was had by all, I think. Nice to meet some people and put faces to the email addresses! Super little pub as well.

Author:  friendlygun [ Mon Feb 11, 2008 10:08 am ]
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Apologies for my non-appearance... I thought the gathering was on Sunday. Sigh. This is why I shouldn't be trusted to organise anything, including myself... ;)

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