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Author:  George Berger [ Tue Jan 20, 2009 9:41 pm ]
Post subject:  PLUG FOR A BOOKSHOP

I'm plugging a fine bookshop, not a book. Yesterday I visited the UPPSALA ENGLISH BOOKSHOP, a cozy store in my new home town in my New Country (Sweden). I can recommend a visit to any booklover. It's an old-fashioned place stocked with the latest books in literature (which includes SF/F/H), history, biography, and no doubt other genera. The shop reminds me of the low-tech places of my misspent youth in The Big Apple. The selection is generally excellent and the enthusiastic staff is friendly and courteous (typical for Sweden). The customers ENJOY hanging around while someone is leisurely chatting with the bookseller. It's a great shop. Being a bookseller was one of my career choices of long ago: high school teacher and academic were the others. I wish I had wound up in a similar bookshop decades ago. But then again, I might well have become unemployed in NYC, when my little paradise was squeezed out of existence by the big chains that people seem to prefer these days. They don't know what they missed. (see

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