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PostPosted: Mon Oct 08, 2007 6:50 am 
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Thought I'd post some comments from the Murky Depths' Forum in regards Issue #1. No crap comments yet!

GDJ: "Wow! Terry, you truly have created a work of art! I'm so proud to be in this magazine. It looks (and smells) fantastic!"

Sylvanus: "Excellent! Stories and artwork are amazing. I particularly like Ed Norden's "I Bleed Light". The quality of this magazine is superb!"

Kate: "I agree. I'm really impressed. And I just love Maria Taylor's artwork that accompanies my story. It's a strange feeling seeing my characters brought to life like that."

Richard: " Congratulations to Terry and his team for coming up with the fascinating idea of a comics/fiction hybrid magazine, and then carrying all through to publication. A hell of a business, putting a small-press magazine together -- I doff my hat to you!

On a more personal level, I must say I'm looking forward to seeing Luke Cooper's 'Dark Gospel' ..."

AWS: "I got mine today. It's gorgeous, and I'm thrilled with Christian Ward's illustration that accompanies my story. Congratulations to the whole team!"

Luke: "Murky Depths #1 looks gorgeous, a very professional piece of work all round. I am honoured to have my work share the same publicaton as so many talented writers and artists.

Richard, I hope The Dark Gospel lives up to your expectations. I have just put the finishing touches on part 1 and am very pleased with it. It is humbling to know that an established and popular writer/artist such as yourself is interested in my work. In turn, allow me to say that Death and the Maiden was intriguing and visually stunning and I look forward to reading part 2.

Thanks to everyone who bought and read Murky Depths #1 and my little contribution, Empathy."

Pike: "Though I've only read a few of the shorts and comics... WOW! I know the word itself is a little underwhelming but issue #1 has been a delight. I seriously thought about challenging Terry on this book as a first issue from a fledgling magazine because the production quality and content is too damned top-notch. Serious congrats to all involved."

m.j.sellars: "I've finally finished reading issue one of Murky Depths and it's quite an acheivement. It feels like a 'bedded-in' publication that's really hit its stride rather than a debut.

Douglas Warrick's story is a real stand-out for me. There's an easy, folksy quality to the writing that brings to mind Stephen King and Joe Lansdale. I popped into his MySpace page and discovered he's only 22 years old. Definitely one to watch.

Anne Stringer's tale was memorable, too, very neatly constructed. I loved the way it unfolded, revealing itself by small degrees.

Luke Cooper's 'Empathy' looked great, reminiscent of Jae Lee.

Thanks to Jag Lall for his illustration to my story, 'Today is Not'. It had an oppressive, strangulated quality that really complemented the writing. I couldn't be more pleased.

Looking forward to issue 2."

Hannah: "I bought issue one of Murky Depths and then put it in a pile of ‘stuff’, moved house, started a new job and then picked it up last week. I have read most of it now and am rambling my way through it in no particular order.

I read a story and end with a huge grin, everytime, the grin makes me want to go and write, make my stories as good as these. And the quality makes me feel, so, so privileged to be accepted for issue two (and slightly surprised, if I’m honest). I LOVE it. It has the perfect balance of gore and gruesomeness and gorgeous speculative words and happenings that I love and try to make in my own stories. There’s a unique cross-genre mix too, but the content holds the stories together thematically.

Gareth D Jones’ Looking In, Looking Out nearly made me cry. Which was the last thing I expected from a double page, diary-style piece, told from the dispassionate and innocent viewpoint of an alien, that can’t have been more than a few hundred words. I read it on the bus and hastily had to pull myself together for fear of losing face in front of the village school kids. It’s not what he says, it what he doesn’t.

Jon Courtney Grimwood’s State Your Name, was inspired, humanity in the face of inhumanity. Anarchy in the face of desperate measures that ecological disaster inevitably brings.

And I loved Eugie Fosters interweb stalker story it was great.

I have more to say, but want to get this up on the forum, so that it hopefully makes more people read Murky Depths."

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